Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Friendship is like...........

Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth.

With that said I immediately began thinking of my bestest friend in the whole wide world......Cindilouwhothatswho.  As we like to say in the south "bless her heart".  She is such a warm, kind, funny person with great compassion.  People always ask us if we are sisters and we look at each other like "HUH???".  Funny though because our Nanny's lived in the same area and worked together many many years ago.  They remember each other fondly.  Cindy's Nannie says that she and my Nanny used to go around acting like and thinking that they were "THE" know the ones that kinda acted like theirs didn't stink!  In actuallity they were dirt poor and both ended up quite well off in their years.

My first encounter with Cindilouwho was at a local skating rink back in the late 70's.  She was one of those like the Nanny's...."THE" miss it!  With her white skates and yellow and white pom poms on of those miz thang girls that would wiz by you and the very wind would knock you down.   Well, she came by me that day with her blonde damn hair flying in the wind and proceeded to bump into me......

I didn't meet up with her again until the year I was pregnant with Tara.  She is a Master Hairdresser and some of the guys I was working with went to see her for their hair.  They just went on and on and on about "oooooh Cindeeeeeee"  and "you gotta go see Cindeeeeeeeeee".  I decided right then and there that this was a problem child.  Just so happens that I got my hair cut at the same place, and guess who was in the station next to me??  Yep Cinnnnnnnnnnnnnndeeeeeeee.  She talked and talked and tried to carry on a conversation with ME, I mean she was actually cutting in to the conversation I was having with the girl cutting my hair.....I thought she was a bit much. (For real, she was acting just like ME!)  So I decides that I don't think too much of this.

She changed salons......and so did I and low and behold who do you think I will ONLY let touch my hair!!! My Miss Cindy.  She is absolutely the best hair designer I've ever had.....the only one who will cut it with out CUTTING it and mutilating it.  Plus she never forced a style on me or anybody.  I don't remember just how she became my designer or my bestest friend in the whole wide world, but I am grateful.  Tara's first haircut was by Cindy's home.  We became very close.  We started exchanging stories about our lives...growing up....parents and lack of our Nanny's took and still take care of us.  We really could be sisters...our backgrounds were so similar.  And one day we were discussing skating and going to the rink and she started telling about how she used to run her cousin off the sidewalk and it hit me!  SHE WAS THAT DAMN BLONDE ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!  We laughed at this till we cried...and we still laugh about it.

I said in an earlier entry that I had bestest friend drahhhhhhma.  You gotta week???  Get a cup of coffee and sit back.  The nutshell version:  Cindy married 3x; has 20 yr old daughter and 1 yr old granddaughter.  Some 4 years ago, she had had enough of the drunk 3rd husband (1 & 2 were abusive and addicts) and decided it was time to move out.  We moved her out and helped her set up camp in a new home.  Since then she has been looking for love in all the wrong  She has her standards.  She is looking for the perfect man (boy is she on a journey - sorry Lanny & Haden, but you guys are already taken).  The first dot com boyfriend was a player, a swinger and yes I mean the kind of swinger that goes to parties to "be with" other couples. He is also a business owner and liar.  I picked up on him real quick and as a matter of fact I have a friend who is a player and knows some of his "friends".  Cindy fell in head over heels; got her heart broke and swore off men for a while.  NOT.  Dot com #2 was/is worse.  This is the one she is currently breaking it off with (Thank You GOD!).  He too is a business owner and a liar; he's a closet bi-sexual (has profiles on etc) and bi-polar (won't take his meds and it's all someone else's fault).  Bi being the operative word here, I've been after her for a long while to say BYE.   This fellow promised her he'd send her to school; she'd get a job; they'd break up; she'd quit the job and move back home.  We would let her cut our hair and clean our houses so she would have some cash.  But, she kept going back.  She moved in with him 90 miles away; left her own home (paid for), family and friends behind.  Even the new grandkid.  After some 18 months with the guy she is FINALLY COMING HOME!!!!!!  WOOOOO HOOOO!  She just needs a job here near home.  (Pray, cross fingers, light candles anything!!)  Right now she is commuting from home to work which is 90 minutes away.  We don't have anytime together because of this and I feel like she needs to be with her family when she is here. 

But we do need a slumber party with some blender drinks, popcorn and good movies.  She makes me laugh and we say and do the same things at the same times.  Our favorite saying then is "get outta my head!".  I kid you not, we actually buy the same clothes and we don't even do it together.  Same colors, everything.  I was in her bathroom once and noticed a bra hanging...I had to do a double take because I thought it was mine (both were bought at Target, same size, same color).   My hubby teases her that he knows what her unmentionables look like!  I went to her house last fall with a lime green fleece jacket on and she said "That's my jacket!"  I said IS NOT..."where'd you get yours?"  we said together "WALMART" and I said ah ha but I got mine while I was in Charleston SC....she was in Beaufort NC.  We have shown up together wearing the same outfit...jeans, boots, sweater w/turtleneck.......Oh my aching head!  It's like we are siamese or worse!!

I wouldn't trade my miss cindilou for nothing!


randlprysock said...

She sounds like a wonderful friend!!  Everyone needs a Cindy at least once in their lifetime.  You are blessed to have known her twice!  I was reading along thinking and wondering: did you recognize her at the salon????... then your entry answered later when you put it together!!!... that is too cool!!  I would love to be reunited with someone who was a good friend like that.  Far out!  Hugs,
PS Remember when saying far out was really cool.  I'm so geeky. Lol. Don't know why that hit me just now....

lv2trnscrb said...

oh to have a friend like Cindi. Seems like you have a great friendship.

enjoy the day


lifes2odd said...

Sounds like a really great friend! I love to quote too, LOL!! Martha :-)