Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Are we over the HUMP yet???

I stayed home on Monday to do a big talk with Tom since he decided not to go to his brother's.  The talk helped us both a lot.  Still miles to go yet.  He could not get anyone to answer at the VA to transfer any of his information from NC or FL.  So I reminded him today that he just needs to go to the local office and SIT and WAIT.  He really needs to get an anti depressant. 

If they won't give him something we'll have to talk it over with his doc.

See my fire?  Well, Monday on our way home from picking up Miss T at school, we noticed a BIG puff of smoke.   Firetrucks came from everywhere.......we had a huge acreage fire back in 1986 and I remembered well what could be next.

About 6 miles south of us and through the woods a developer had a controlled burn, well not jumped the barricades in 5 places and grew.

And grew.......

Planes were constantly circling.....I received my very own personal fire patrol.....they were with me for about 4 hours.  I was cooking a homemade Chicken Pot Pie and offered them dinner and water and soda's. 

Miss T intervied the fireman on video....I haven't watched it yet.  The fire consumed about 1500 acres and threatened the homes that are on the road directly behind my house.  I drove back there but could not get through.  One of the residences was at my Nanny's house and I was taking her home, but she couldn't get to her house. 

During the late evening and into the weee hours of the morning I could hear the heavy equipment plowing a fire line, knocking over trees.  About 7pm the Federal's sent in their big scooper plane to pour water --- they scoop into lakes, rivers and probably the ocean since we're only 3 miles from the Intracoastal.  This must have done the trick.  The smoke was very thick at one point.  Then after the big boys came in it became almost normal again.

I am going to assume that the fire was as close to my property as 1800 feet.  Scarey.......I had everyone begin to pack their belongings......clothes, pictures, movies, toys, Miss T's first solo trophy,  her baby shoes, jewelry.......just incase they came back for another evacuation.  Yes, they had told us to leave once and even closed off my road at both ends. 

I slept with my window open - afraid I wouldn't hear something that would tell me if the fire was getting closer or if they came in my yard.  I knew if I began to smell the smoke again that I'd probably wake up - I would remain that alert through the night.  Restless - you know the feeling.

My brother is Asst Chief for one of the fire depts that was on the road behind me.....he would have called me and Nanny immediately if necessary.

Thank GOD we didn't have to evacuate....I would have been a nervous wreck.

AND Guess who jumped in the pool during all of this..... that nutzo kid of mine....64 degree water.  Kids!!  They can handle it.  She's in there this afternoon.  The temp's about 70 now.  We've had an 84 degree day.

YAY!!!!  Pool weather.....BOOOOO whale body!!



garnett109 said...

I was on wellbutrin to quit smoking and anti depression it is a triple duty pill, don't tell anyone but when your on it and drink it makes you gyser puke!

dondieroy said...

glad things are ok.  Yeah ~ Glad the fire didn't get to your house. hope things are getting better with Tom.  I have been keeping you in my prayers.
take care.

madcobug said...

That is great that you and Tom are doing better. Hope he can get on the right kind of meds that will help him soon. Glad the fire didn't get any closer to your home. You should enter those two pictures with a lot of blue in John Schalzi's Photo shoot for this week. If you don't know what I am talking about check out my journal and click on John's journal.  Helen

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I am glad you and Tom are doing better,I do hope He can get on a good med.I take clonazepam for depression and I take Amatriplyn to help me sleep.They also gave me another drug to help me sleep more better.Fluvoxamaine 25 mg,will be my first night to be on it.I have been addicted to taking pain killers/Sometimes I still want one.I am so glad you guys were safe from the fire.That is just so scary.Have a nice evening.

eml625 said...

What town was that in? Your near Wilmington right? Remember my MIL lives there.
I'm glad your talk helped, keep on talking and talking it helps.

randlprysock said...

Wow... that fire is so dangerously close!!  I hope they have it all under control now.  I am so glad you got a day off to talk with Tom though too.  That is wonderful news!!  You deserve it!  Plus with that fire going on, I'd want to be close to home to keep an eye on the progress.  Sending lotsa hugs n prayers your way.  

queenb8261 said...

Good you & Tom had a great talk. Glad you didn't have to evacuate. Nice of you to feed & carry drinks to the firemen.Have a good rest of your week. We've had pool weather but an empty pool  DH is going to paint the plaster. And I don't talk about swim suit body. LOL

jckfrstross said...

have a good thursday:)


emabecmar said...

I'm so glad your safe an didn't have to evacuate your home. I hope your hubby gets the medication. (((((((hugs))))))

rayne1123 said...


rayne1123 said...


deshelestraci said...

My kids went swimming yesterday!  The water was 71.  Brrr.  They loved it.  Good luck with your hubby and his "stuff".  I hope he can get some help.  That whole fire thing...scary!

chat2missie said...

That must have been scarry!!  It does look so darn close.

queeniemart said...

Wow, drama and fear! I am glad your property wasnt burned!!! LOVE, lisa

fasttrack58 said...

How scary and exciting... glad you are safe and didn't have to evacuate!
Linda :)

gehi6 said...

Yes, this is a scary cloud and your story about the fire was scary too  One summer we were living close to our hometown mountain and at one point there were 5 forest fires on it.  I am glad you were safe.  I was interested in your Tom's problems.  I appreciated your comments to me.  I will keep in touch.  Gerry