Monday, December 31, 2007

Home Sweet? Home


Wonderful to see my own home!

And Roomie!!!!!

Homemade soup and yeast rolls waiting on the stove OMG! PLUS cake. 
(Do you think she missed me?????)

Open the fridge and there is Champagne & Blackberry Merlot chilling too.  Hmmmmm who's glad to see who?????

Angie, Martha & Shelly ---- what a great time we had.

I'll post more tomorrow.....long drive home has whipped me!!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ahhhh Florida

It's very different this trip.....I'm not "happy" or in the mood to "shop".  Tom almost made himself sick to his stomach on the way down.  Worried.

He hasn't told his Dad yet, but both his brother and his sister noticed he was "acting very quiet". 

Actually scared is more like it.

Guess he will tell him before we leave here.  I'm sure his Dad has noticed the iceberg affect going on.

I'm staying out of the way.

Bethe, I drove down to Palm Harbor and I'm pretty sure I was basically in your front yard.

Miss T and I drove into Tarpon Springs, rode down the road of Sponges.  Seems Tarpon is "famous" for those loofa type sponges.

Shelly, I wanted to go to Jilly's.....but I feel obligated to hang here at the house at night. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll head over to Hudson Beach....Sam's to be exact.  And of course I have to hit a couple of Beall's Outlets and such.

It's 81 degrees and beautiful.  We drove in rain through most of SC and into GA.  I drove ALL night because Tom refused to do any sleeping.......grrrrrrrrrr.

And when he did drive (all of 5 miles) he nodded off and ran off the road a bit and of course I screamed "get off the road now".  Lovely.  I drove on into Dad's.  Took a short nap.

Tonight I feasted on BIL's Lasagne....I feasted a bit too much.  Miss T helped Grandpa make Canolli's.  We'll be having them soon with coffee once the pasta settles some.

Tom tries to get close to me, but I'm not receptive.  I'm just so hurt right now that he did what he did.  Of all times too!!

I've taken just a few pictures...not as many as normal.  Guess I'm just not in the mood.

Thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement and love.  It helps to know that I'm not crazy by expecting some kind of "normal". 

Don't get me wrong.....he's not bad all the time or each and every weekend.  It comes outta the blue sometimes.  But I should have seen this one coming in.  But I also thought I was having confidence in the season too....who'da thunk he'd mess up at Christmas time.  Too many bad memories of when my Dad did that stuff to us kids.

Love you all!!!!

I'm off for some dessert.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Going with a vengence!

First of all.....

Santa made it to our side of NC.....Miss T got her American Girl doll and some accessories, the Pirates III movie and CD, new Heeleys, games, money.

Miss T gave me some perfume and shirts.  Tom and I don't exchange gifts.


We went to my parents home for lunch...turkey and all.  Yummmy!!!  Even my nephew was there, up and full of himself.

Mom and StepDad came through with the Christmas cash YAY.

So with that added cushion YES I plan to come to FLORIDA.......but I'll certainly be on a mission. 

I've asked Mr Man "how could you" give away my Christmas to some losers.  Where was MY Merry Christmas?

Not so merry for me.  I'm still angry.....have not cried yet but I am on the verge.  I cannot fathom how he figured that just because I was not at home Sunday afternoon, that gave him the right to leave and do the things he did.  KNOWINGLY! gave away OUR Christmas.

It has been 5 years since I had a "bad" Christmas and that one involved my Father.  I said words that day that I never thought I would on such a Holy day.

And today, it is de ja vu in a way.

Tom says he doesn't want to go.......... I said "then you call your Dad and tell him EXACTLY why" and guess what he started to say.................

"No, cause I don't want to upset------"  That's when I laid into him.

I said "Why is it OK for you to ruin MY holiday and Miss T's too and NOT OK for you to upset your Father!!???!!"

Oh Hell No!  We're going....and I'm going on a mission.  I said "you will sit at your Father's table and tell him why Sharon is so pissed off and WHY we almost didn't will watch your Father as his face falls in disappointment AGAIN".

I also said "why should I let YOU ruin my plans?".  Even Miss T said "Mommy, I think you should go and go to the beach and be with your friends."

What a wonderful kid. 

So there!  Shelly, Martha ..... I'm coming!

But Tom won't be having any fun......(hehehehe).  I may just leave him at his Dad's while I run off for fun!!!

Lord, please forgive me for being so angry on Your special day.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wierd and quiet day


Tom showed up at 2:15am.  Notta word.  Nothing to be said really.  I have already explained to Miss T that he spent quite a bit of money (and not all on booze - - ahem) and that there is the possibility that we may be staying home instead of heading to Florida.

She was very understanding.  She actually offered me her $105 birthday money that she's been saving.

What a great kid.     

We'll have to see what "Santa" can come up with.

Most of the day was lazy......Tom made meatball's for the dinner at Nanny's.


We all went....and of course my SIL was "waiting on" my nephew to wake up from his nap  ...... again with that.  Every holiday. 

So we began without them. 


My ho hum Uncle and his daughter (38) showed up....boring.  Weird group.  Roomie went with us too.  Lots of finger foods, pigs n blanket, crab cakes, quiche, ham pinwheels, cheeseball, sausage balls etc, the like.



Once back home, I let Miss T open 3 gifts, saving one for in the morning.  Tom didn't bother to join us.  His loss.  I think he's in bed now (10:15pm).


Well......according to the Santa Tracker, the Big Guy is in Joao Pessoa.....the easternmost tip of South America.  Right on time too! 

It won't be long until he hits the East coast of the Great USA, so I'm outta here like a fat kid playing dodgeball!

Nite all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Near tears.

Recently I transferred $$$ into Tom's account....the one he has the ATM card for.  I told him it was FL money. 

Today he goes to the bar to watch the Giants.  I always make him leave the ATM card home and he leaves with about $20-25 in hand .... I said "come directly home when the game is done" and he agreed.  As a matter of fact, he's been saying this week "I won't disappoint you this Christmas".

I knew last night when I said "imagine us...being together 10 years" that I could be jinxing the run of luck he's been having.

For sure enough, he did come home after the game (4pm)...talked to me on the phone (I was taking Nanny into town to see her son)....but then Miss T called asking "Where's Tom?" at 6pm.

Seems he left the house..........and took the ATM card.


So I've checked online.....sure enough, he's hitting it.  And keeps hitting 9:30pm.

Why now?

If for some reason we don't take the FL trip this year, rest assured TOM will be calling his Dad to explain the REAL reason why.

Ho Ho Ho!

Friday, December 21, 2007


I dunno.....


I think I may be getting the Spirit now.  Christmas is upon us.  My shopping / wrapping is done.  One of my last items was to put some cash in my lil brother's picture frames I'm giving him.  He's a tough one to buy for a lot of times.  He recently fussed because I gave him some pics without them being in a frame!

Maybe it's the chill in the air....we've had rain for 2 days.  But we're expecting to be 70 this weekend...haven't checked on Mon or Tues' temps yet.  Cool weather is good at Christmas....right?  At least it isn't snow!          


I am LOVING all the Christmas cards we've been receiving from Y'all.  It is facinating to see the many different styles....and not one duplicate in the bunch.  How amazing is that?


Tom and I hit the grocery store today.  He's making meatballs for Christmas Eve ... I'm making a cheesecake (brother's are begging) and I think I may make a small cheese ball too.


I asked Mom what she wanted me to bring for Christmas dinner...she said "just make the brocolli casserole".....she's trying to keep it easy for me since we're leaving later that night for


I need a vacation!  So bad!  I'm booked in the Hampton Inn on the 29th for the shin dig with the girls. (Shelly - you can crash with us!  I can totally agree with you too on the homeless roommate thing.)  I hope we have great weather.

The good thing about going to FLA is that I can pack now for the most part.....capri's, short sleeves, flip flops! and a light jacket.

I am hoping to run by the AFB area and have a drink with Robin - that trashy trailer park princess!


I'm a bit worried about the $$$$ this trip....I'm not as comfortable as I would like to be.  I've transfered some cash-ola, but I'm still hoping that Santa-somebody will come through with some after Christmas shopping loot!!!  I'll be alright, I'd just like a good cushion.

And, by the way, I've turned off my alerts due to the season and travel.  If there comes an emergency just email me.  I will be checking in from time to time.  I don't have a laptop, so I'll be on my BIL's computer when I can....when he's not working on it.

OK, enough rambling.......I need a snack!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007


That's about as merry as I can get right now.

I was doing good.  Pretty good.  All gifts are wrapped and placed gently under the tree......

I've only got the $$$$ cards to do next (yes I have the cash).

I have reservations made for my overnighter on the 29th in VENICE FLORIDA to meet my gals.


Then today I picked up Tom's new Rx's...6 of them.

Wanna guess???


I was in shock.

Lemee 'splain:  Tom went to the doc on Monday for bloodwork.  Doc called, said all was good except his triglycerides were a bit up.  Plus I had said tell him that you're getting up all night to pee again.

So I'm thinking "all is good" as I'm picking up these meds.....until the final answer.  Now Tom is bummed about it too!

I would have liked to have been more prepared for this.  Geeesh....forget any after Christmas sales now!!

Worse, I may have to PUSH the family truckster to Florida now ROFLMAO!!!!

Sure hope Santa remembers that I'm on his GOOD list.

We've got Christmas Eve figured out now.  My Nanny's house with heavy hors n' doovies...fingerin foods.  Noon 30 dinner with Mom on the 25th.

My Fra-ra-ra attitude came on me, oh about last Friday.  Mom and I are talking it over about the Christmas festivities and how you "can't do this" because "so and so" can't or won't....and has to take a nap ... and so on.

See, we can't go to Florida pre-Christmas and be there on the 25th because (as Tara said) "Santa won't know where I am" (yes, she's a believer still).   I was thinking make a long week of it, you know, going ahead....then it occurred to me that my Nanny has always said she "wants everyone at her house Christmas Eve".

So here I am thinking:  Can't disappoint Nanny;  Can't disappoint Miss T; Do I really wanna be away from my own home at Christmas?

It got to me........why are we always worrying about "so and so" and how it will affect "their" day?  Why are we always trying to please someone else??? 

I gotta get into the spirit!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Cards

Finally ---- you're all addressed and stamped.

Yes you're getting the American Flag.....have you seen those ugly stamps they have out for Christmas?  The Knit ones.  Geeesh, how festive is that?

  If you're not on my NICE list and want to be just email me your address!

The tough part about cards this year was when I got to Penny's name.

I had to do a double take.

It's not easy realizing that someone is not here anymore and you can't send a greeting....I see her name in my sidebar or in my fav's under my J-Land folder.

But I'm sure that Penny is having a Merry Christmas in Heaven!!!


This morning my Mother and I are having a conversation over what to do for Christmas eatin and visitin.....she wants to visit each of our homes and bring over gifts AFTER we have lunch at her house on Christmas Day.

OR she may put the birds in the oven and head over to my nephew's house to check out his loot from Santa before lunch!

My Nanny insists that her family all gather at her home Christmas Eve for dinner.  Last year was soup if you remember.

I told her NOT this year!!!  That's NOT Christmas.

So Mom and I have decided on heavy finger foods etc.  I know who will end up cooking most of that!

I don't mind at all.  Just wish the SIL would help out more.  (Did I say that out loud??)

Today is the 10th Anniversary of Tom's Mother's passing.  The entire family is sad of course.  I never had the pleasure to meet her.  (if you remember an entry on this was that Tom stood me up on our first date and blamed it on his Mom's passing later - what an excuse!!)

Earlier today Tom was watching a home movie -one made in August before his Mom died.  She was on dialysis, had other issues.... I guess she "knew" she was handing Tom over to "good hands" by leaving this world and leaving him with me!!

(Gee thanks Mom)

So, here's to Betty!  You raised 6 and taught them well!  I wish we could have had the chance to meet! 

Monday, December 10, 2007

Jibjab Snowball Fight


I hope this link should be able to see me, Tom, Miss T, Lil Mr Man and My Nanny....too cute!!


Been quite busy.  Tis the season ya know.

End of the year junk at work; co-worker really leaving - Thursday is her last day on the job.  We're having a send off lunch for her on Tuesday.

Finished the house decorations OUTSIDE (I think)...I'm always wanting to add more.

Come to think of it, I don't have any lights on the 2 trees!

Made my list of things yet to get for Christmas gifts.  Easy stuff....if you've got the money, gift cards n such.


I'm so sick!!!  I cannot find my address book with all ya'llz info in it.  I have cards......if I don't find it soon, I'll just have to do a virtual entry!  LOL!!!

Thing is right now Roomie picks up stuff and neatens it for me.  So I'm not so sure it's not in a pile somewhere.

Watch it turn up January 2nd!!!!!


Friday, December 7, 2007

The Golden Compass Review, Good or Bad??

Subject: The Golden Compass, a new movie coming Dec. 7<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

   There is a new movie opening this Dec. 7 that will be heavily promoted as a children’s film that everyone needs to be aware of.  It is called The Golden Compass, starring Nicole Kidman.  It is based on a series of children’s books written by British author Philip <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Pullman called His Dark Materials.  Pullman is a dedicated atheist, and his books are intended to be the antithesis of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles, which Pullman professes to despise.  World Magazine reviewed Pullman’s books in 2001, in which they stated “His Dark Materials is a direct attack on Christianity, the church, and God Himself.  Never has an overtly atheistic theme been so successfully peddled to young people.  His Dark Materials (a title borrowed from Milton) purports to recast the story of Paradise Lost, but in this version Satan, with his principle of cosmic rebellion, is the hero.”

For more eye-opening information about Pullman, the books, and the upcoming film click on this link:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Welcome December!'s official. 

The shopping NUTZ were out yesterday!

Cars everywhere.  Going nowhere fast.

First of the month payday recipients....military, corporate america, elderly... all trying to be first.

All I wanted was a festive blouse to wear or maybe even a cute dress.  I think I've decided on jeans for the boss's hurrah!  That posh country club would roll over!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the dreaded office party. 

Not one person enjoys going.  Boss has a food and beverage minimum in the gated community he lives in, so he "spends" it on our Christmas Gala.  Whooooopeeeee.

Today (Saturday) Miss T had solo practice and for the first time she actually seemed to enjoy the song.

Maybe that's because we had a talk before going.

Now that the choreography is done, it's time to "clean it up", work on the technique and emotion.  The teacher looks so wonderful demonstrating it.  I've pointed that out to Miss T that she could WOW the audience if she would put the emotion into it.

Later she was invited over to a dance friend's birthday party from 6 - 10 pm.  Tom and I dropped her off and headed for the Chinese restaurant.

I had not planned on him joining me on this outing.  He had worked all day on my stepDad's plumbing in the new building --- who'da thunk he'da wanted to spend 4+ hours with me? shopping or whatever???

He didn't!  ROFLMAO!!!  We ate; went into AC Moore for a new holiday flag; then TJMaxx----that's where he pooped out on me!

I said "from now on just sit in the truckster while I peruse the stores".  After TJMaxx, I had him take me over to BooksGazillion; then to Baskin Robbins for an Eggnog Shake!

Then Walmart!  He came in with me here...needed a towel bar for his bathroom ....I needed some hairspray and I picked up some candy for T's stocking.

Have I mentioned that Santa is only ONE item away from being finished with Miss T's goodies? 

You KNOW it's the Pirates of the Carrib DVD which comes on sale DEC 2nd!!!

She has asked for the Webkinz animals that she doesn't have, but I'm so sorry....Santa just can't see bringing her anymore.  She is the owner of about 15 already.  She also wants an American Doll or 3.  LOL!!

Kirstin, Elizabeth & Emily, and the Just Like Me one and some accessories.  Trust me, she's only getting is on order with 3 extra items.  It comes with a book.  If she wants another one, she'll have to take her birthday money and any other money she gets for Christmas (my Mom usually gives her some) and buy it herself.

That, a CD and the movie is precious plenty for one Fat Guy to have to deliver.

Now her Mom and Dad have her some new Heely's; the movie "Hairspray"; a fleece throw and the Scene It POTC DVD game.

We are still undecided about going to Florida for the after Christmas season.  I'd like too, but.........well, gas is $$$$; and I don't want to be with the FIL long cause I'd like to get to "tour" a little some things I want to instead of my vacation being "all about HIS family". 

(Selfish me!)           NOT!

Tom says that since he's going in June '08 on the cruise (and us girls aren't) that he doesn't want to go and spend the money at Christmas on getting there.  He wants some spending money for his cruise, plus he needs to pay for the cruise.

Miss T wants to go.......and she doesn't even want to go to Disney or anywhere like that!!

She must be sick!!

OK, I've rambled long enough and I've got the yawns....time for my beauty rest!  Ciao y'all!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mrs Grinch

Boy oh boy have I been in a mood today!!! home.

I need a happiness pill.

It seemed EVERYTHING irritated me.

From the boss nickle n diming a subcontractor to just a simple question asked me by Miss T.

The funny of the day was when Bossman was leaving he said "Sharon do you have anything you'd like to show me?"

I couldn't resist.

I smiled and he said "what?" and I said "I was just thinking of mooning you, but I'm not so sure that's what you wanted to see!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Busy - Attempt #2

Was almost done when.......BLINK went the power!!

So as I was attempting to say, I've been busy.

Thursday was of course cooking, cleaning and eating at Mom's.

Friday, Mr Man got up a 4am to get me a MP3 player that was on megga sale, but he wasn't fast enough.

Later in the morning I had TnT put together the tree.  Then Mr Man said "Let's go to the Mall!!"  At 3pm we headed out, just to "watch" people.  That's always funny.

Once home I put on the lights - no one else is allowed that job.  I have at least 1000 lights on the tree.  I also have some special ornaments that only I can place. This of course aggravates the family.  Miss T finished the ornaments.

On Saturday I was messing around in the house thinking I'd put up decorations and maybe lights, but Tom was quite aimless - lost acting.  He announced he was bored and wanted to drive somewhere.  Miss T suggested Raleigh.  At 3pm we hopped in the family truckster and took off for our state captial. 

We stopped for dinner.....Tom's steak was first burnt, then the 2nd one was rare....finally the 3rd attempt was perfect.  Got that one free.  After dinner we headed over to the Crabtree Valley Mall just because.  Macy's was having a sale (of course) so Miss T picked up some ballerina ornaments for herself.

All in all we were home by 10:30pm.

Sunday was going to be MY day.


Roomie had dyed her hair a bad red.  She wanted me to help fix it back to blonde or at least a strawberry blonde.  So I whipped up the bleach.  Called my Nanny to see if she wanted hi-lites since I was mixing.

No....she wanted to go shopping!!!  And when I said I didn't want to go, she of course rolled her eyes at me.  Which meant "guilt trip" and "poor pittiful her"...........yeah right.

So here I go again at 3pm (what is it about 3pm??) heading into town so she can find a certain string of lights for a small tree.  She only has SEVEN trees in her house.  No luck on the lights.

Mr Man had headed down to the sports bar to watch his GIANTS lose.  He had a bit too much to drink and called me to come get him!

WOW!  That's a first.  I was proud and pissed at the same time.

Once home, he was wobbly.....I sent him straight to bed.  He got up, bounced around, went back to bed; got up again and CRASH.

He fell into my nightstand --- OUCH!!  It's just a little table, but nonetheless it broke 2 legs.  I said YOU BROKE MY TABLE and he said WHAT TABLE.  I smacked him across the butt with the leg and said THIS ONE!!

Monday morning I noticed a HUGE bruise in his lower back at the kidney level.....and a slice.  I don't know what he hit to cause that.  Maybe the bed frame.......


For once, I was glad for Monday to come around so that I could get some peace-----at work!!