Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ok, I'm Frappin now! 

Gotta work on the My Page stuff, but hey, it's a start!


Happy Hump Day Indeed


We are officially over the hump......


Miss T called me from school this morning on my way in to work to tell me that she got a 4 on her EOG tests...mind you that a cat 4 (like a hurricane) is the highest you can get!  WAY TO GO MY BABY!!   On to the 4th grade for you !!!!!!!  She was excited.  Me too.  She kept saying each day (there were 3 days of testing) "piece of cake".  WOW!  Can we say "Proud Momma"!!!!!!!!!  (Whew!)


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I have had a realization.....

When I was younger I'd go skinny dipping,


Now it's more like taking a chunky dunk!


And this is my home address:


Yep, I dunno either!


Back to Work & Tommy Red-belly


It's Tuesday-Mon.  That's when your Monday has been interrupted by a holiday and Tuesday becomes your Monday, in lots of ways.  Hubby started out trying to get Miss T to put on her tennis shoes this morning for PE...PE is on Monday, today is Tuesday.  Duh, he says.

We had a cool weekend.  T's friend Kassie came over about 8:30 Friday night and we didn't get rid of her till 3pm Sunday afternoon.  This was just fine with me....they entertained themselves in the "big room", made a tent, watched movies, ate whatever/whenever they wanted to.  Only a couple of times did I have to get  nasty because my little one likes things "her way" of course.  I remind her to be respectful of other peoples ideas or else.........

Friday night I sat with my nephew for my Bro & SIL to go out to eat.  Lil Mr Man was asleep when I got there (7pm) so no playing for Auntie Sharon.  I did have to check in on him one time just to make sure he was there.....LOL....he was so quiet in his room, asleep, that I just had to.

  Seeeeee.....isn't that a sweet face????  He sleeps with his butt in the air, just like Miss T did.   He just called me to say "car", the new word I taught him 2 weeks ago!  He's at Grandma's getting ready to swing.

Speaking of Grandma's, Sunday night after a delicious Baked Ziti meal via Tom, I said "let's go to the beach house".  Tom said "seriously?"  I called Mom who happened to be outta town and said "where's the key?".  We packed up quickly, taking essentials like bathing suit and drinks.  I actually talked my Nanny into going too.  At first she didn't want to, said she felt bad from sleeping too long that day (naps - when you're 83 you're entitled).  Then I called her back and said "please, please, please" so she said yes.  Off we went to spend the night.  

The next morning I scrambled fresh eggs, and I do mean fresh outta the hen's factory,  and we had sandwiches for breakfast.  Then it was off to the beach side.  Just me and Tom....Miss T didn't want to be on the beach .


Go figure, I don't know what's up with that little girl.  All she wants to do is watch movies.  Hmmmm.......  My parents showed up later about 2pm.  Mom & Miss T went for an icecream while my step-Dad and Nanny took a nap.  (?)  Geesh.....I went back to the sand.  Oh yeah, this is where Tommy Red-belly comes in. 


Mind you my DH is of a rotund shape.  So when he sits with his shirt off, most of the time it's a white Italian belly.  Well, everytime he's in the sun it looks weird, really weird cause his arms and legs will be tanned and his belly is cloud white!!!!  At the beach, he takes off the shirt, then he gets a sunburn on the belly.  Looks like a beach ball!  I even said to him one time "lift and separate" (boobie line) before you have that white line above the belly.....sure enough he didn't follow my suggestions....looks like a white ribbon tied around this red belly!!! 

So we stopped at our favorite beach pizza / sub was it packed.  I had swore to stay away from the Island this weekend just because of all the tour-ons, but it wasn't too bad.  Only a 20 minute wait for a table and the food came johnny on the spot.  The little waitress even kept the tea flowing.  I asked for a lot of lemons, which I got of course what is tea without lemon?  She said "I don't want them to see me give you these..." to which my DH chimed in "Oh don't worry about her, she'll tell Max a thing or two!"  (The owner/cook)  Hey, what can I say, I get around, helps me get the things I want/need.  I had the delicous steak n cheese sub with extra cheese, let, tomato, banana peppers, mmmmmmmmm delicous.  TnT split a pizza.


I hated leaving the beach is so peaceful.   I love to feel the breeze and hear the ocean roar.  And in my hurry, I didn't pack my camera, so darnit, no pictures.  It's not like me to travel around without my camera.  Now if only I really looked like this siggy! 


Friday, May 26, 2006

Retirement--Me Too!

Work can be so trying!!!  

My first job was working in an Orange Juice factory, but I got canned.  I couldn't concentrate.
Then I worked in the woods as a Lumberjack, but I! just couldn't hack it, so they gave   me the axe.
After that, I tried to be a Tailor, but I just wasn't suited for it - mainly because it was a sew-sew job.
Next, I tried working in a Muffler Factory, but that was too exhausting.
Then, I tried to be a Chef - figured it would add a little spice to my life, but I just didn't have the thyme.
I attempted to be a Deli Worker, but any way I sliced it, I couldn't cut the mustard.
My best job was being a Musician, but eventually I found I wasn't noteworthy.
I studied a long time to become a Doctor, but I didn't have any patience.
Next, was a job in a Shoe Factory. I tried but I just didn't fit in!
I became a Professional Fisherman, but discovered that I couldn't live on my net income.
I managed to get a good job working for a Pool Maintenance Company, but the work was just too draining.
So then I got a job in a Workout Center, but they said I wasn't fit for the job.
After many years of trying to find   steady work, I finally got a job as a Historian - until I realized there was no future in it.
My last job was working in Starbucks, but I had to quit because it was always the same old grind.



somersaults_e0.gif   weekendwelcome.jpg





Thursday, May 25, 2006






I am happy to report that the end of grade testing is over for this week.  Now we anxiously await the results!  Miss T said they were a "piece of cake", which makes me more nervous.  You could tell today after school that they had taken their toll on her.


Tara & Grammy met with the counselor on Wednesday.  It went rather well I'm told.  Miss T actually had one of her panic attacks when asked about her Dad (the dead X) and the counselor was able to access this and talk it through with her.  I was surprised at the response since T was a baby when HE left, rather was tossed out on his ear.  No contact, might as well say NO CS either (maybe I received 6 months), left town, then died some 4 years later.  So her response was "he had a heart attack & he's in Heaven, but......"  ?????  "but I'm afraid he'll come back and get revenge on my Mom."

DO WHAT??????????????  Where did this come from????  No one has ever said such a thing to her.  #1, she never asks about him; #2 I'd never say he was "evil"; #3 there is no reason to talk about this man.  For all she knows, Tom is the only Dad she has or even refers to.

The counselor said to her that we know what "death" means, right?  That means no coming back, soooo....... there is no way that this would happen.  When I asked T later on why she used the word "revenge" she said "I don't know, you know how kids are, they just get stuff in their mind"...... I guess she's watched too many Danny Phantom or Fairly Odd Parents shows on Nickelodeon!  Geesh, what's a parent to do?  rsmiley_e0.gif  Meet again!

(Still looking for the SS Calgon)  Thanks, Chris, for my tag!!



Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Too many times I have said "go to bed early" and didn't.  Too many times I say "in a minute" or "not now".  I have too many books that I have not started reading.  Too much time passes between visits with family or friends.  There is just too much else that needs to be done.  I have too little money.  I have too much junk.  Tom says I have too many shoes (not!).  Sometimes I am just too crazy.  I am too busy. 

Other times I just too lazy!  

Why are we stressing our selves out everyday that we are too busy to stop and smell the roses?  There are only so many minutes in a third is suppozed to be spent sleeping/relaxing; one third at work.  What happens to the other 8 hours???  Hmmmm, I'm on the road for an hour a day to and from work;  one hour in the am getting me & kid up and out the door; one hour for dinner;  twice a week its 3 hours total for dance;  (that's already 6 hours in one day accounted for on 2 days).  That only leaves 2 hours for recreation, bath, homework, etc.  Then there are the miscellaneous things that come into play, balance checkbook, grocery shop, go through the mail, laundry.........

It is true when we say "there's just too much to do" to have any fun anymore.  But we're gonna change that now aren't we ????

Summer is coming.....we have more daylight    more time to get outside and put something on the barbee.  Tara and I have already begun to play badmitton some afternoons.  We went fishing this past weekend.  I spent some time with my nephew and my Mom on Monday as well as my Nanny. 

I love Spring and Summer!  (I get the winter doledrums and I guess I just get stoic all set up in the house like's just too dark and cold.)  I want a trampoline.  Tom promised Tara a pool once she learned to swim (still waiting for the pool).

  We've already blocked some time for the beach house the weekend that school is out (June 9-13).  I want to spend more "family" time with my group.....gotta have some fun!  I also need some "ME" time and time with my gal friends.  We should initiate a standing every 2nd Friday we get together or 3rd Saturday...I don't care --just call me!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday & Off Today

After my fishing expedition yesterday, DH & I logged on to check out the bank account online.  Looking for a specific transaction, I was surprised to find TWO bogus debits (5-16, 5-18) from :

VISA LSM5-us-pa 866-2215391 / Pos Debit  

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

So I dialed the 866# listed here and a lady answered.  I said "what company is this?" and she replied "are you calling about a charge on your account?".  When I said YES, she said "you'll have to tell me the first SIX digits and the last FOUR digits of the card involved so that I can verify before we begin".....I hung up.  Told hubby and said lemme see if I can "search" for this LSM5-us thingy here.   Low and behold this is what it said:  Frontier Scams Again!  Huh???????? 

           madmad  mad


Well I said to hubby that he was to go to the bank first thing in the morning (today) and trace this mess.  He took my ATM card with him just in case and what do you think?  Yep....somewhere online someone had gotten hold of that number.  Now, I am very cautious when I'm online ordering and I haven't ordered anything with that card in forever.  I have my own bank card at a totally different bank.  Plus in the fraud report it mentioned American Airlines, which is the flight that Tom took to Florida last month.....only I paid for that with MY card from MY bank, so this didn't make sense.

Anyway, the lady at the bank cancelled my card and I had to sign an affidavit stating I didn't make nor authorize these charges, so we'll get them back.  It was $20.95 and $19.50.


                      be happy

Whew, now that this was done, I decided to take a vacation day.  I went over to my Mom's and played with my lil nephew for a while.  Then when we were feeding him, my Nanny shows up with fresh potatoes and onions and cabbage from the garden.  I taught Chase a new word...."car"...  he liked the "k" sound it makes.  He is walking everywhere and he's so cute.

      good_luck bear             Good Luck

Here's a little good luck bear for Miss T.   Tara begins end of grade tests tomorrow.  I think she will do just fine.  Tonight she said "oh no I'm getting a little nervous" and I assured her will all her A's & high B's she'll do just fine.  Her homeroom teacher had sent an encouraging note home to her saying "I know you are ready and will do fine".  I thought that was sweet, even if she did send the same note home to each kid.  So Tues, Wed & Thurs they will be testing in reading & math......very big school stuff, like a final exam!  Actually it is the deciding tests to see if they graduate to the next grade.  Amazing, you could make D's all year and bang out this test and pass your grade....or quite the reverse.


Thanks Shelly for making this quilt block...I can hardly wait to see the new ones!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Am Da Bomb!

Heheheheheheheheheheh!  DH likes to think he's a fisherman.  I've always told him I can't be outfished.  So they've been on the pier for about an hour longer than I have ............. I made one little move towards the end of the pier and lo and behold........ I am the only one who caught a fish today!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus I made him go get me a different type of bait.

I am da can't out fish ME!!!!  Heheheheheheh! (evil laughs)

I forgot to take my camera, darn tha luck.  Next time!

To Da Beach....Dammit!

I've been stuck in this house tooooooo long now and I keep saying that I'm gonna spend my Sunday's or Saturday's at the beach.  Now dammit, I'm gonna go get ready.  Tara & Tom are already at the Pier fishing and she has called me twice and said "but it will help your headache, it's so calm and peacefull over here"............I think she was put up to that one, but ya know, she's right..........

I'M OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday--It's gettin hot in here!

Hey J-landers.....that almost sounds like Ann Landers LOL!!  Here's some pics of the farm.  Well shoot....there was pics of the flowers and the new duck and turkeys...I'll have to go find them in my camera and download them later.  If you look closely you can see that Nanny has a lot of blooms.

Nanny called to say "I'm frying chicken, so come on".  Her fried chicken is my favorite, only she had just legs.  Not my fav.  My DH & Step Dad had took off to get a new mallard duck and came back with 2 fat turkeys!  One was so fat she could hardly walk!  Can you say "stuffing"????  I can't....I won't eat them outta the yard like that...never have been able to.  Guess that once I've named them I just can't go there!

My Nanny is cool....I give her such a hard time!  Every Spring and Summer and Fall if she can, she makes us take the "Garden Tour" of all her I don't see them everyday anyway!  Hello.....I live next door.  OK so it is 1000 feet away, but still.

Tara and Tom followed my Mom & step Dad over to the beach house.  T&T were going fishing but that was a bust.  They say maybe tomorrow.

I stayed home to put the shelves in my new bookcase; wash/dry laundry.  I even tryed to play a few tunes on the old pianny, boy am I outta practice! a/c is having to work overtime for's actually HOT in here!  Had to sit here at my puter for a while to cool down.  It's only 83 outside....gee, must be having flashes LOL!!!  No, wait, I had that stuff removed in January.......hmmmmmm. 

OK, back to the grind ....TTYL!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Here I sit at this computer tired as I can be.  I haven't slept well in a number of days.  Part of that is my fault.  I sit up and enjoy some quiet time alone while the TV is on and everyone else is in bed.  The other part is complements of DH....ya'll know what the D stands for these days.

I came home from work with a crazy headache and laid down.  Miss T was at Nanny's and when she got home she checked on me and asked if I would like an ice pack (sweet child) and of course I said YES!

Tom had left a note about his concerns about how he feels like I'm not being supportive of him in his court quest (UGH!).  And how he hates to ask me to transfer money into his account.  Hey, if I didn't have to hide it from him we wouldn't have to be this way.

So I left him a note while he was out getting our dinner (Chinese).  It said basically that we never do anything anymore (that either!); that I have to work and think and decide for everyone; I have to keep behind him and Tara about her homework; I have to be the banker and holder of funds due to his past indescretions; and mostly that when he drinks he becomes loud, irrational and obnoxious.  He said he'd work on these things.  (Same old song and dance, my friend - Aerosmith)

I had my dinner on the deck, alone, in the peace and quiet of my backyard.  It was nice, no TV noise, no kid noise, no hubby music or fartz or other noise...just me and a few birds. 

(There goes my motorcycle friend...he is on his way home and I always listen for him between 11:20pm and 11:45pm...if I don't hear him I get worried because this road is long and dark and full of deer).

Anyway, after dinner I took a ride to the mall.  I needed some Clinique so I stopped by Belk's.  Then I went into JCP just to look around.  I picked up a couple of shorts for my nephew, Chase.  Then to Target where I got him a couple of shirts to match.  It was nice to be out alone.  The day here was beautiful...not a cloud in site and about 77 degrees with a light wind.  This made the night even nicer.

Usually when I'm angered or in a bad mood, I listen to an old Aerosmith CD from way back.  "Draw the Line" and "Kings and Queens" usually get me out of my bad mood.  But I didn't have this with me darnit.  So I settled for Train.  I like Jimmy Buffet too, but it wasn't that type of night.

Saturday night I am supposed to sit with my nephew (he goes to sleep at 7:30pm - he's only 10 months old) while his mom and dad are out to eat with some friends.  I told Miss T that she could go with me.   She loves her little cousin.  I think that when he has his one year pics made in July I'm gonna take Miss T too and have their pic made together.  She'll love that and so will my Mom. Hey that could be Mom's birthday gift...her b-day is just 4 days after his!!! Wooo that nipped in the bud!

Well, the eyes have had it....and if I don't want another headache tomorrow I'd better say Adios! oops, I mean Nite Nite.

TGIF! I need Calgon!

This is my life these days.....  What a crazy week.  Miss T had her dance pictures taken yesterday afternoon, well it was more like evening when it actually happened.  We were to be there 30 mins early (4:30pm) than our scheduled time.  As always these things run 6:30 we were beginning to take the shots.  Geeez....try to keep 12 kids in make up and costume calm without smudging or worse.  Finally at 7:30 I'm leaving the parking lot and heading for home.  T wants chic-fil-a, her favorite thing next to pizza.

Once home, my DH had indulged in a martini and was on number 2.  Mind you that the martini glasses that I bought, I measured them with my chest to insure proper size.  I'm a 40D.  So that tells you what the size of his drinks are.  Tom is a heavy pourer....even his family makes fun of the "tommy-knocker" drinks.  He didn't believe me when I said this, but he called his bro & dad and they confirmed.  Nevertheless, Tom was on drink 2 when I got home. 

It totally changes his personality.  He can be fun.  But he can be ill and last night he became ill.  Growling about wanting a passport for identification purposes (since his driver's license is revoked due to March ticket and refusal to blow).  His atty is telling him since he's on such heavy meds for his knee pain that he might be able to pursuade the judge to see that it was Medicine and not booze that impaired him that night and that he always walks with a stagger because of the knee (total replacement surgery Jan 2005).  "Oh puh...leeeez, you were drunk and you know it and now you're just trying to weezle out of trouble.  You got caught and now you're whining" came out of my mouth.  That started it!  "You don't stand behind want to see me put in jail for 2 years.... " yadda yadda.  Yep .... 2 years due to his priors.  I call it habitual.  He hates that.


He hates NC.  Claims he never got into trouble until he came here.  HELLO!!!  He was a NY cop for crying out loud...they "look after their own".  He pulled his share of "stuff" up there, and it was "OK".  But nooooooooooooooo, coming to NC, well, they are just after him.  Now can't you just see that the whole state of NC is focused on just Tom.  Someone call the whaaaambulance!


Then he says that I took all his money (from the recent SS benefits back payment), says that's all I want, is to see him in jail so that I could have all his money (he has NYPD retirement income too). 

(YAWN)  Then in bed he mumbles "I'm gonna sell this house".  Oh the drama.


So the maniac calls me this morn to "see how you're doing".  He says he is sorry for getting mad last night.  I said "why were you so mad?  What makes you so mad??  Make a list and tell me why".  I think this is a good starting point for him.   We'll see how that goes when I get home from work.


I say YAY because it is TGIF and I can leave this j-o-b behind till Monday.  Dramaville, Inc. has it's moments too.  My co-worker is taking belly dancing lessons.  Trust me, she's 49 and it is a funny thing.  She is a wacko by nature, but to imagine her in this class......ew!  Our subcontractors take off early on Fridays, so I bang out early too.  Usually around 2pm.  You'd think I could go home and get a lot done, but no!  I'm so tired I usually take a nap!

I don't think I've ever told ya'll that each and every day my feet hurt.  Well, yours would too if they drug my fat assssss-piration around all day.  I have fallen arches and of course I don't wear proper supportive shoes.  I WILL NOT WEAR ORTHOPAEDIC SHOES - I REFUSE!  But I do wear tennis shoes with good support alot and I love flip flops or other soft bottom shoes.  I take MSM daily as well as calcium and this seems to help.  What frightens me is that my Granny died in 2000 and I learned just 2 days before her death that she had bone cancer.  And her feet hurt her every day (she was a hostess for a long time).  Do you think I'm going to see if I have cancer??? No way!  I don't wanna know.

Anywho, that's my beef for now!  Hope youse guys have a grand weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Just mixing up a Happy Potion for everyone in J-land.  Hope your Thursday is a good one! 

I had a short talk with Miss T last night about "worrying".  She said the therapist told her to "thump" way her bad thoughts (like the conscience good / evil guys on your shoulder).  I said this was a good idea.  Plus I told her that the therapist told me that what T had said about the preacher's comment "worrying is sin".  I told Miss T that I did not agree with this and some other things that preacher has said before.  She looked surprised and asked me "does Grammy know that?" and I said yes.  More surprised.

Tara puts a lot of faith in her Grammy and my Nanny so I guess it did come as a surprise to her that I did not always agree with my own mother.  Trying to explain to her that everyone has things they worry about, but don't do it is not easy.  We all worry.  But we must decide between good and bad worry.   It is OK to worry about an upcoming storm....if you're in a boat, not if you're in your own home that God has designed to shelter us.  It is OK to worry or be concerned about a test, or a tooth that hurts etc.  We should not be so consumed that worry causes us to become sick or overwhelmed.  Or become so obsessed with it that it leads us to do evil, backslide or "sin".  Maintain some self control.  Rationalize I guess.  It is hard to be rational or logical at 9 years old.

OK, I'm done rambling!


Now for more wizardry and magic.......Queeniemart : I predict you will receive a surprise.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Hump Day from ME


Foot N Mouth Disease

Isn't amazing how such a small mouth can hold a foot?  I mean, how many times have we had to eat crow?  or wished we could re-wind.  As a parent, we were not given a manual on how to raise kids.  Yes, we received the info about feeding and diapers and shots, but not on communication.  So many things we tell our children will be taken literally, as spoken, and held to the bone.  Other stuff they will "yes" us to death and "I didn't hear you" will come out of those mouths.  Then why do they always and I do mean ALWAYS remember "you promised......" me something?  I dunno.

I try to choose my words....I really do. 

My DH doesn't always "hear" what I meant to say.  When he tells me what he "heard" I usually say "Huh??  I never said....." .  Trust me, he goes off the deep end waaaaaaaay over there sometimes - totally different planet.

Sometimes I just try to cheer him up with an off the wall comment, but he is so defensive a lot of times.  So what can I do?  "Yes" him to death....just like the kids do parents, like he does to his Dad.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to write about here.

Miss T & I went to her therapy appointment this morning.  I met with the counselor first.  She wanted to know what church we attended.  I said None right now.  (So now I'm curious as why)  It seems that one day when Tara was in church with my Mom she heard the Preacher say (and my Mom) that "worry was a sin".  She has let this comment mannifest itself into her little world and when she has a normal worry/fear she is double worrying because she is "sinning".  HUH?  Now guess who the counselor wants to meet with MOM!  Yay!!!! 

A little history for Mom is a religious fanatic and she will tell you this.  She is S. Baptist, born and bred.  She would insist that "as long as you live under my roof" we went to church.  Sometimes the sermons were quite scarey for me growing up.  We didn't have a Childrens' Service like some do now, so we sat with the grown ups.  I resented being "made" to go to church.  I do not think that I need to be "scared" into heaven, nor that I can be.  God is love and loving yet to be respected and obeyed.  We've got the good old 10 commandments.  We have faith.  I believe in the immaculate conception; the death and ressurection.  I don't believe that God is going to doom me to Hell because I may have worried.  I resent the implication that has been made to my child and now she fears her own feelings.

And worry is a feeling.....just like happiness, sadness, excitement etc.  We all have it....we can't dispute feelings.  But there are ways to control the outcome of these feelings or the way we handle them.

The counselor says we now must begin the process of de-programing this interpretation and she set up an appointment for next week with my Mom & Tara. (hehehe - sorry, I couldn't resist)

(This is the same preacher that I wrote about in my initial journal start up here.  The one coming to "talk to me" about my living arrangements. )

I know that my Mom was only trying to tell Miss T that God does not want us to worry....God will take care of you.  But now she has it in her mind that by worrying she is doing a really bad thing.  T also worrys about being "alone"...say if something should happen to my Nanny while she & T were together like they were in Raleigh a couple of weeks ago.  But I have talked to her about what to do in case Nanny were to fall or she can't get her to talk or wake up.  Call 911 and or/ME and I'll dial 911.

See?  No handbook for these things.  "Anything you say can, and will, be held against you".  I cannot say to Miss T "stop worrying about that because..........".  It just doesn't compute that way.  I try to be rational.  Yet I must remember she is only 9 and does not understand it all.

Not like us adults do or should.  When I say "better pissed off than pissed on" I truly believe that to be true.  But I've thought about that comment today and come to realize that people who get "pissed off" sometimes feel "pissed on" as well.  So I'm here to say to J-land that I'm sorry for your troubles if you're having any (and we ALL are!).  I truly hope that God will place the best possible remedy in your path.  You may not like it but the outcome is suppozed to be the place God wants to put you. 

I am thankful for my J-land family and friends.  I value each and every comment that is offered.  Life is a learning tool for us all.....I learn from each of your experiences.  I laugh when you laugh and I hurt when you hurt.  You've been there done that, got the tee-shirt and have become an expert.  Now share some of that wisdom dammit!!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2-fer Tuesday

Hey's getting close, that famous day of the week we all look forward to.  Yipppeee!!!


I put 2 new things on my was a Birthday Alert where you can enter your birthday and it will email me and say "Yo...say happy day to _____";  the other was a little quiz I made up after I did Hadon's.  My co-worker of 6 years failed it LOL, but she didn't do too bad; actually she knows me quite well.  I do like history, but mystery is my fav...and I do like rum, so I figured if I was gonna be in a hammock I'd already have some where's the breeze???



2 more things for 2-fer Tuesday.  We've got a couple gals in J-land needing support and prayers.  One medical and one emotional.  Let's lift them up.


Shoes, now I do love shoes.  There was a 1/2 off sale at the outlet this weekend and wouldn't you know it they only had ONE pair in my size of any color...and I wanted 2.  Grrrr.  My poor lil girl now has 10 pair of shoes, mostly flip flop stuff.  Shoe fettish ...... that's me!


I would like to say a big ththankyoublinkie.gif for all your well wishes and comments about my Miss T and her panic attacks.  It really means a lot to know there are others who have been through this and come out on top.  I still have attacks from time to time, it just depends on how life it treating me.  When these happen to Tara, I try to remember how I felt and what worked for me and then get her to try those.  This weekend's attitude I believe is part of her anxiety.  We have a counseling session in the morning, I'll see what she has to say about it.  Thanks again my great J-land family.                      dabomb.gif...............Sharon