Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to Work & Tommy Red-belly


It's Tuesday-Mon.  That's when your Monday has been interrupted by a holiday and Tuesday becomes your Monday, in lots of ways.  Hubby started out trying to get Miss T to put on her tennis shoes this morning for PE...PE is on Monday, today is Tuesday.  Duh, he says.

We had a cool weekend.  T's friend Kassie came over about 8:30 Friday night and we didn't get rid of her till 3pm Sunday afternoon.  This was just fine with me....they entertained themselves in the "big room", made a tent, watched movies, ate whatever/whenever they wanted to.  Only a couple of times did I have to get  nasty because my little one likes things "her way" of course.  I remind her to be respectful of other peoples ideas or else.........

Friday night I sat with my nephew for my Bro & SIL to go out to eat.  Lil Mr Man was asleep when I got there (7pm) so no playing for Auntie Sharon.  I did have to check in on him one time just to make sure he was there.....LOL....he was so quiet in his room, asleep, that I just had to.

  Seeeeee.....isn't that a sweet face????  He sleeps with his butt in the air, just like Miss T did.   He just called me to say "car", the new word I taught him 2 weeks ago!  He's at Grandma's getting ready to swing.

Speaking of Grandma's, Sunday night after a delicious Baked Ziti meal via Tom, I said "let's go to the beach house".  Tom said "seriously?"  I called Mom who happened to be outta town and said "where's the key?".  We packed up quickly, taking essentials like bathing suit and drinks.  I actually talked my Nanny into going too.  At first she didn't want to, said she felt bad from sleeping too long that day (naps - when you're 83 you're entitled).  Then I called her back and said "please, please, please" so she said yes.  Off we went to spend the night.  

The next morning I scrambled fresh eggs, and I do mean fresh outta the hen's factory,  and we had sandwiches for breakfast.  Then it was off to the beach side.  Just me and Tom....Miss T didn't want to be on the beach .


Go figure, I don't know what's up with that little girl.  All she wants to do is watch movies.  Hmmmm.......  My parents showed up later about 2pm.  Mom & Miss T went for an icecream while my step-Dad and Nanny took a nap.  (?)  Geesh.....I went back to the sand.  Oh yeah, this is where Tommy Red-belly comes in. 


Mind you my DH is of a rotund shape.  So when he sits with his shirt off, most of the time it's a white Italian belly.  Well, everytime he's in the sun it looks weird, really weird cause his arms and legs will be tanned and his belly is cloud white!!!!  At the beach, he takes off the shirt, then he gets a sunburn on the belly.  Looks like a beach ball!  I even said to him one time "lift and separate" (boobie line) before you have that white line above the belly.....sure enough he didn't follow my suggestions....looks like a white ribbon tied around this red belly!!! 

So we stopped at our favorite beach pizza / sub joint....man was it packed.  I had swore to stay away from the Island this weekend just because of all the tour-ons, but it wasn't too bad.  Only a 20 minute wait for a table and the food came johnny on the spot.  The little waitress even kept the tea flowing.  I asked for a lot of lemons, which I got of course what is tea without lemon?  She said "I don't want them to see me give you these..." to which my DH chimed in "Oh don't worry about her, she'll tell Max a thing or two!"  (The owner/cook)  Hey, what can I say, I get around, helps me get the things I want/need.  I had the delicous steak n cheese sub with extra cheese, let, tomato, banana peppers, mmmmmmmmm delicous.  TnT split a pizza.


I hated leaving the beach house....it is so peaceful.   I love to feel the breeze and hear the ocean roar.  And in my hurry, I didn't pack my camera, so darnit, no pictures.  It's not like me to travel around without my camera.  Now if only I really looked like this siggy! 



barebytes said...

Oh man, a sub sounds so good right now! You got the juices flowing now, I want a sub, and it's all your fault.  Hugs Lanny

eternallife23 said...

Hi, I am new to your journal. I am glad that you had a nice time on the beach. Where so you live? I live in Miami....I was just wondering what beach do you go to?
Take Care,

madcobug said...

Sounds like a fun time on the beach. Wish I could have gone too. LOL. Helen

jckfrstross said...

what a fun time:) have a good week


queeniemart said...

Sounds like you had a heavenly weekend....good for you! I like men with big bellies....i can just see your DH and his whiteness!!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sounds like a great weekend and LOTS of yummy food.  The Lil Man is an absolute baby doll and very easy to sit for...lol  Funny how guys get those weird, wrinkly looking tans with the white streaks...HUGS  Chris

daniella12800 said...

I am so jealous!!! :0)  Sounds like you had a great time at the beach house..I want one!!!

Your nephew is darling!  I love love love babies...if all my kids could stay 18 months or younger I would have 100 by now!


pennietoonz said...

Ahhhhh, sounds nice.... and what a cutie your nephew is!

randlprysock said...

I loved this entry Sharon.  Yes, I would like to look like that siggy.  LOL.  I'm not tall enough, and now my belly has a pouch from three kids and a definite curve around the whole area from drinking too much coffee with my favorite creamer which I gave up.  And let's talk about that tan.  I have started working on my tan but wouldn't be caught dead in my bikini this year.  I gained twenty lbs this yr, shhhh don't tell anyone so I'm back to the boring purple one piece for a few more months.  Sigh.  I went on my walk tonight and LOL passed out Avon catalogs.  I too love the ocean. You are a lucky duck to have a mama with a beach cabin.  Sounds like a mom who is a keeper.  LOL.  And so glad you and Tom got to get away.  Hope you had a great time!  Hugs,