Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm still here.....

I've been peeking in on y'all from time to time....not too many comments though, just having fun at work----NOT!  Lots of drama.  Boss 'n his wife (no she doesn't work here), his daughter, their boys.  Drivin me nuckin futz.  When I'm pretty sure SHE'S not reading any aol journals I'll spill about it.

Melissa sent me a video of her presentation re: alcohol recovery.  I haven't even gotten a spare moment to view it.  Nutcracker is beginning to go full force (Oct) and Miss T is starting her Jazz solo practice this week. 

I did receive the sweetest magnet from DEBBIE in INDIANNA thank you thank you thank you....I promise, Robin, there will be a picture.  I've a lot of catching up to do.

I did get our vacation pictures in an album, well most of them, I still have a roll of 35 film to develop.  It's in the bottom of my pocketbook, what makes you think I look in there???????

Hubby finally gave up some "between the sheets" and hugs etc ---- guess my reverse psychology began to work on him.  Only problem is I think Miss T may have walked in right at the ending...OMG!  Of all times for her to have a bad dream....she'll REALLY have bad dreams now, LOL!  All I know is there was a light "tap" on my naked back and an "uh oh" going through my head....................

Oh well.....I never said mine was a boring life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Miss Abron is COMING HOME!

I came back online to check on Abron (the little girl who received the kidney transplant last Tuesday) and here is what her mother wrote:


Tuesday, September 19, 2006 8:39 AM CDT

I gratefully report a very good night. Abron slept through most of the night and woke up in a very good state of mind. She has smiled and spoken pleasantly with the many physicians that have rounded this morning. The plan for the day is to remove the drain from her incision site, flush the peritoneal port (they leave it in for a period of time until they are comfortable that it will not be needed), remove her IV lines, and drink, drink, drink. Also on the agenda is filming. The Duke Children's Miracle Network thought that this would be a wonderful ending for the video we made in August. We are very happy to assist them and so very grateful for this chapter.
The concensus is that she will be discharged tomorrow. Can you believe it??? Got to go Abron is calling.

Peace to you all.


I am so happy.  God's time IS best.  Thank you ALL for your many prayers and thoughts for this special little girl.  When she comes home, I'm gonna get her autograph!!!!!!

Tuesday Toodles

Well, thanks to Mudder Nature's cool front closing in and yesterday's stress I had one of those thumping headaches today and stayed in bed till NOON.

I would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for all your comments, each one!  I love you all!  (and NO I don't offend very easily if any were wondering)

Tom and I had a chance to talk over the events of Sunday night.  I am one for details....he gave me an outlined version.  When I told him the account was gonna show a negative $300 he was surprised.  HOW?  You can get the "available" balance with the ATM card.  But ya know, booze always fogs the brain.....tells it things that just aren't so.

I never did get to the bank or get a call back from the lady mgr about how in the world they decided to give away money that wasn't there.

A friend has posed some good questions to me about Mr Man's behavior.  He and I discussed his desire to please his father...I reminded him that this was just not possible.  The "Don", as in my FIL, (think mafia here) has to control "the family" and therefore is always pointing out what is wrong in YOUR life.  I say it's time to put "Don" in his place and quit trying to please him.  I'm not saying be a bum or anything, but just be who you are.  It was a tough lesson for me...but one I had to embrace regarding my parents.

Tom is in constant pain....because of his accident in 85 (he was hit by a car as he was walking across a street while on duty NYPD) he has had multiple knee surgeries...broke both legs and busted the right knee.  2 years ago he had a total knee replacement...that didn't go well.  He's still in pain.  So he drinks to dull the pain, smokes to forget it.  I can understand that theory.  I remember back when I was having my own troubles (late 80's early 90's) that all I wanted to do was sleep or zone out.  That way I didn't have to cope.

Is Mr Man always honest with me?  or himself?   I think he is with me, because he has learned that if he lies, I will always find out the truth.  (Just ask my brothers LOL.)  With will say outloud "I don't want....or I won't...."  but he let's that voice within talk him into things.  I like this comment "constitutionally incapable of being honest with themselves" true in a lot of cases.

Never a dull moment........

I did get Miss T to dance......she will finally begin working on her solo for this year...that's gonna be cool.  The Lyrical group routine is coming along great.  She and I had Taco Bell (ugh) for dinner, I'll suffer later I'm sure!

My bestestfriendinthewholewideworld Cindilouwho has finally seen the light and has left the boyfriend....she will be moving back home (again) and is seeking employment nearby.  She misses her granddaughter and her family and friends.  All for a stupid man.  I told you so!  It will be nice to have her home again.  She's so funny and I miss her alot.  People ask me if we're sisters.

Are the mosquito's bad in your neck of the woods?  They are horrible here.  As soon as I step outside, WHAM, half a dozen are on me like I'm a buffet!  There's a question for God when I get there.....what's up with the mosquito????????

And.......we have a huge black lizard on our deck.  Hugh I tell ya...with blue stripes....dunno what he is, haven't looked him up yet.  I'll have to make sure my .380 is loaded,,,,ok, ok, I'll use the BB gun.  Now if one of these guys gets in my pool...................

Speaking of my pool, Tom laughs at me when I say I want a solar blanket for it or a heater......hey, it was upper 80's today outside, it would have been nice to take a dip but Noooooo, the pool is at 72 friggin degrees.  Maybe next year.


Monday, September 18, 2006

I shoulda been a detective!

If you would like to know the answer to the last entry, just re-read it again.  But take out the impounding of vehicle and smashing of glass and all.  That was the worst case scenario.

About 7:30-45am I hear the truck, then the back door.  Wide eyed like he's had sleep and says "I'm sorry, I was drunk as hell and I wouldn't drive".  (Didn't know Hell was Drunk)  I said "yeah, right".  He changed into sleepwear (shorts) and wanted to crawl in bed and I said OH NO....out.  I guess he went into the den where he always goes.

Then he's up in about an hour for a shower and off to the Doctor visit.


From the looks of the internet list of transactions, he hit the bank 4 times.  By the time the bank finishes with the NSF fees, I'm figuring it will be close to $300 in the hole.  Gee thanks a lot.

Of course once I get home, there's no conversation about this, no why's, or what's.  What he doesn't know (but I'm sure he's expecting) is that his times are about to get tough.  I've already confiscated the ATM card.  Oh the joys of babysitting a grown man.


On a lighter note, Miss T spent today with my Mom and my nephew...they went to a local jungle gym place with lots of over head climb in things and plastic ball areas.  Had a blast.  Miss T of course never wants to come home when she's with Gramma.

I hurt my eye this morning while washing my face.....stuck my finger right in it and scratched the inside of the lid.  Been bothering me all day.  Plus my eyes are very tired from lack of sufficient sleep.  (No tears.....beyond that a long time ago.) 


Thinking back to what may have started Tom's demise this time.....his Dad always seems to be at the "favorite" son's home around the time of this brother's birthday.  This year was no exception and when Tom talked to his Dad it was "oh we did this and that and more of this and plenty more of that, the new house is beautiful......" 

I could see the expression all over Tom's face when he hung up, and he wouldn't talk much about it.  He's been in this funk every since then, sometimes climbing out of it, but I see him slip back in.  When I ask "what?" the answer is always "nothing".

He says he spent the night at a friends house....but this friend is known for having "fun" too.   I don't understand.....why "escape" only to return to a worse feeling for doing whatever it was you did??? 

I'm ready to run away................... you know where your hubby is?


This is an all too familiar scenario.......up at this time of the morning.  Wondering if Mr Man snuck in the house...well after a quick scan of all rooms and outside, no such luck.  I know what he's doing.  The bank account is getting worse and will as time goes on due to overdraft fees etc.  Why do they allow that to happen?  All I can say is once he's home, the ATM card will once again become mine.  Available Balance: -$154.00

I wake up frequently when he fails to come home, as one would imagine.  This night was no different.  About 4:14am I am awake, and it hits me ---- he was wearing his jewelry, gold rope with cross pendant, heavy bracelet and watch.  Now normally he won't part with these, let's hope that remains true.

However, I do have visions of the truck, windows broken, portable dvd player gone.  It would not be the first time.  It makes me extremely mad. 

I used to stay up all night.......crying, looking out the window each time I heard a car coming, hoping.  Then I would get angry, and not just angry, I mean REDNECK MAD.  I don't like me like that.  I say and do things that are very unbecoming of a Southern Belle.  Although right now visions of Scarlet are running across my mind. 

Well when I get ready to leave & take Miss T to my Mom's (school's out) he will probably have arrived home and be asleep in the truck in the yard...another familiar trend.  (He has a urologist appt at 10:30am - I doubt he makes it.)  OR.....he will wait till I'm gone before he gets here, then call me to tell me he's home and "I'm sorry" (of course).  He will know by then that all hell is about to split open and consume his life.

He has come so far...........why backslide now?  Why risk going to jail?  Impounded vehicle?  (again - lost the caddy 2 yrs ago)  The truck is about 6 months from being paid off..........I love that truck.  (Grey '02 GMC 4dr 4x4 w/lid)

Anyone wanna take bets as to how close I've come to calling this episode?

Been here done this the Tshirt, worn it out and replaced it many times. 

It makes me sad that he allows this to keep a hold on him.

I've taken a benedryl and will head back to bed now.........thanks for letting me get this out.  Love to all! Sharon

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A very bad feeling.....confirmation


Well, as I said in my previous entry of today, Tom's in a funk....see the above?  Earlier there was a good positive balance.  The Giants game was at 1pm; they were losing, but came back.  It is currently 9:30pm and Tara has been calling his cell phone many times only he doesn't answer it.  That means he's left it in the vehicle.  She even made the statement "I'll bet he's in jail"....she gets that honestly.  She's been through this enough herself to know the signs.  How sad.

For a couple of days now he's been acting "distant", in a fog --- a sure sign of unrest in his own mind.  Mind you now, he's just been given an umteenth reprive with the courts, this time it won't be let go.  Sept 1st marked a new beginning --- the courts will not allow cases to be "dismissed" without justified reasons, publically and privately (newsprint & phone call to the accused).  And with Tom's track record, well, all I can say is


Especially if he's, what am I saying "if"....especially drinking, out this late, driving and possibly "the other stuff"..........See?  I don't trust him right now, because I've seen this coming for a couple of days yet.  And if it's the other stuff.....I get to go back to my old ways of babysitting a grown man.  I'll snatch all the money outta the joint account (the SS $ will hit Wednesday & his retirement $ on the 30th), put it into my personal account (at a different bank of course) and have to pay bills from there.  Oh joy.

My 9 year old has more responsibility and respect than this soon to be 55 yr old.  It's always the same old story too.  "Well, you know, we just, um, got to talking and...lost track of time".

He forgot that
1) the 1pm game is LONG over;
2) um, it's DARK outside ??? 
Yeah right!  I wasn't born yesterday.



sunflowersunday.gif  Well, it's about time.  I don't know what my home computer is thinking these days, but sometimes it let's me in and sometimes it won't.  I know, I know.....time is coming real soon to get a new one.  I'm not afraid to......I just hate to spend the money.  I'm sure once I do, I'll be kicking myself for not getting it sooner.  The one I use at work is slowly trying to wear out.

Little Miss Abron is doing - abronkelly   she's a "bear" according to her Mom...she so does not want to be in the hospital.  I don't blame her.  But this is great -- Tuesday the kidney, today is Sunday, now let's count, 1,2,3, 6 !!  that is awesome!  Kreatin levels down to 1.5 (from 12)....just a little longer and VOILA!!! 

Saturday Miss T & I played hookie from Nutcracker.  Initially we were going to head out of town, but he wallet said, howz about we stay close????  So I had my nephew & Miss T get their pictures made together --- they are such natural camera hogs. 

 Too many pictures to chose from - that's the trouble with these places.  At least they weed through them with you.  Out of 61 shots, we were down to 24, then 12, then 9.  The reason for this photo session is, well, these are the only great & grandchildren in our family right now.  And if we keep waiting, they'll have children of their own.  LOL!

Mr Man has been in a funk lately....dunno what's up.  I hope it's not a relapse.  He's probably just bored and that's not a good thing for him.  School started back so Miss T isn't around.  I tell him there is precious plenty he can do in the house.  I think it's time to shut down the pool,so, he can work on that and extending the deck. 

                      He's out to watch the Giants game with da fans.....bunch of loud mouth yankees watching NY Football Giants.  He just called saying "we've just come back from a 17 point deficit and we're in OT"....whatever.  He also told Miss T that the Panther's were gonna LOSE......

....that set her off and now she is clad in her cap & Delhomme jersey.


Did I tell you that I accidentally made a gumbo spread?  It started out to be a cheesecake..........

yep, cheesecake.

I have these packages of ingredients that are simple and delicious.  Only this package had the label torn off and it looked like the Tiramisu Cheesecake package, from the outside.  SOooo I set out 2 pkgs of cream cheese to soften, and opened the pkg of cheesecake and dumped it in the mixed up cream cheese.  Only, I noticed that what I thought was chocolate or coffee was actually GREEN and flakey.  One sniff and I knew it was the gumbo mix .............

Actually it tastes delicious with Ritz or Wheat Thins or a bagel.

Lesson learned: 
Smell & taste first before dumping.

And I really wanted cheesecake   


Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Far So Good!

Wow.....Lil Miss Abron is moving from ICU today.  They are taking her IV's out and she's whining about a little pinch of the pains from that...sissy baby!  Geesh, looks like she'd be more whiney about the incision than the removal of silly bandaids!  LOL....She's still my hero!

When she got to Duke her creatinin (sp?) was at with this kidney & meds it's down to 3!!!!!!!  BUT.......she is not out of the woods yet.  Even 3 months after the body could still reject it, that is the biggie.  So I guess my fingers will be cramped from keeping them crossed that long!

Here is a link to the local TV broadcast.....
so many people here are pulling for this little girl and I want to personally thank each one of my Jlanders for your support.  You have been 'simply mahhhvalus' -- love you all

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No news is good news

I have not personally heard from our super since yesterday, but I am told Abron DID receive the kidney last night and is out of surgery.  It's just a wait and see right now.  Nothing was posted on the Caringbridge website this morning. - abronkelly

Thank you for your support.....I know the Kelly's appreciate it.  The next couple of days are critical....we must hope and pray Abron's body does not reject the kidney.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Please PRAY

I am so excited.  I just received a phone call from our superintendant that his little girl may be receiving the kidney she so desperately needs.  OMG, I have chills, real chills.  This would be an awesome answer to many many prayers.

Unfortunately, the kidney that seems to be a great cross match for Abron came from the result of a 16 year old girl dying in a car accident last night.  I know her family is in pain and our prayers are also with them.

Mom & daughter are on their way up to Duke now.  Dad is tying up some lose ends at work and will be on his way! 

If I've never told you the story before, I apologize.  Mom donated a kidney for the daughter only it would not take.   They've just come back from the Mayo Clinic and Dad can donate IF he keeps his blood pressure under control.  That is what they were aiming for unless something else came up. - abronkelly  This is a link to Abron's site.  These are very sweet people, good as gold.  Abron deserves to be able to live a normal, healthy little girls life.

Cross all your fingers and toes, say your prayers and light your candles, whatever works for you..............thanks.

Monday, September 11, 2006

We remember.....




Richard David Rosenthal, 50, of Fair Lawn, NJ, vicie president of finance with Cantor Fitzgerald. died Sept. 11, 2001, a victim of the coordinated terrorist attacks against the United States in New York, Washington DC, and elsewhere.

While I was deeply saddened by the news of Rich's passing, I was happy to hear that he was happier in his career. Rich always worked hard and was always someone you could turn to in difficult times. All he really wanted was to be there for his family. He worked hard to provide them with a nice life, but working hard took away his time to spend with them. I will miss Rich's sense of humor, his genuinely good nature, and his integrity.
Joe Rice, former co-worker

I knew Richard when we were both children. We went to elementary school together and Sunday school. I am so sorry to have learned that he passed away and to have died on 911 makes it only worse. He was always a kind sweet person. 
Posted by Arleen Hafetz (Tatz) on 2006-08-11



Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 Tribute to Rosenthal & Henry


Here is a sweet tribute sent to me by my friend Garnet109

It is not an easy view.  It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since the world woke up to the 4 tragedies of that day.  We're focusing on the Trade Center Twin Towers in NY, but we should not forget the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania incidences too.  I have a friend whose son was at the Pentagon (working) that day.  Luckily he was not in the affected area.  Still, his voice surely shook as he told his Dad, "I'm OK".

My own friend John, remembers watching a low flying aircraft that day in PA.....only to learn that it crashed just minutes later.  He was looking at the last moments of their lives...I hope they felt that someone below was praying and wishing and hoping.


In the 2,996 web site I was assigned Richard David Rosenthal, age 50. Place killed: World Trade Center. Resident of Fair Lawn, N.J. (USA).


What a beautiful, happy man.  I'm sure his family was very proud of him.  To the Rosenthal's, THANK YOU for Richard's service to his people.  May God continue to give you His peace that passes all understanding. 

I think we all have grown to a deeper respect and value of our Police force, Fire Fighters & EMS teams since the 9/11 attacks.


My Hero that I picked to Honor is our very own:  Joseph P. Henry, age 25. Place killed: World Trade Center.  9-11-2001  Resident of New York, N.Y.

Now as Tom puts it: "I remember Joey and my daughter going to school together PS-212 and playing in the playground in the neighborhood of Waterview Towers.  (Joey's sister would also babysit for Tom's daughters)  Tom's family along with Joey's family and others from the area would spend summers in upstate NY,  the kids rode their bikes, went swimming in a creek and a was such freedom to the kids to be out of the confines of the city and the apartment co-op.  Big Ed (Joey's Dad) was the youngest Battallion Chief in the fire department at the time of his promotion.  Joey and 2 of his brother's followed their Dad and Grandfather by joining the team."

Tom called his daughter that night after the towers were hit.  She told him "Dad, Joey was there".....his heart dropped.  Tom was already in tears because 'his city' was being attacked.  Imagine his pain having found out one of "his kids" had given his all.  I must also mention that my Tom is a Retired NYPD--so this truly was "his city" in all aspects.  It could have easily been him, had he still been working, and even if he wasn't working, I'm sure he would have felt it his duty to respond.

Joey.jpg This is Joey in his probation hat (on the job training).  To YOU Joseph P. Henry we remember you proudly and fondly.  Edward "Big Ed" & Alice Henry, Eddie Jr, Michael, Danny, Mary & Kathleen, the LaRocca's say God Bless YOU and thank you for your service to the people.  NYFD & Ladder 21 lost a great American.  May God continue to give you His peace that passes all understanding as you remember Joey.   

Love & peace to all the families, Tom & Sharon.


Saturday, September 9, 2006

Nut-buster Day!

Today was day ONE of Nutcracker practice.  Started off with the Parents Meeting, passing out the information packages and the schedule.  Lots of new faces this year and the regulars were there too.  I have been dethroned as Frau Silberhaus this year, which is fine with me....that's a lot of pressure.  This year I am Mrs. Snooty and boy can I play that part well!  I have 5 children in my family and so far I am without a husband....don't understand it, I'm filthy rich, kinda cute, so what I'm a bit snobby.  I'm worth it.  Hopefully before the performance I can find a man.

Woah, I'm getting into my new part a liiiiittttle too good here.  LOL. 

There is always a kid (or 2) that is the cut up, the one you sit back and say "oh no, why?????"....well this year is no different and the trouble is they are brothers!  I already threatened them with the broomstick!  The rest of the kids are awesome - listened well, and learned very quickly.  YAY!

Well, on to the 9/11 stuff......2,996: A Tribute to the Victims of 9/11

I have asked Tom to help me with the 2,996 tribute.  Since Joey Henry was a friend of his daughters, I thought it would be nice to add a personal touch to the story and have him give me some inside information.  That's a tough one though, to have known this kid, watch him grow up and become a man, chose to follow his father & grandfather's career, then this tragedy takes his life.  Brings the reality a little too close to home for my hubby.

(I hope they don't play this 9/11 up too much in the elementary schools.  I don't want my Miss T coming home all worried up about it.)  I do however think that it needs to be a part of the History books and studies of High Schools....we all leared about the Civil War, 1812, I & II etc.....history is history.  They've already made a stink over flying the Confederate HELLO, HISTORY here.  It happened, it didn't happen to YOU, but it is a part of history.  They still hold re-enactments at certain battlefields

Sometimes my Tom starts in about that war...I have to say "Hold it, wait a minute!  Your people were not even HERE then, so shut up".  (His Gpa came over from Italy)

Anyway, off that subject before I get speared! or slapped on the wrist.

Y'all have a good night now ya hear?!!!

Friday, September 8, 2006

OMG! Thank YOU Barbara

Would you just take a look at what my dear friend Barbara Confessions Of An Angel Waitress found for us

Is that not the most awesome thing?

I have faxed it to my home and Tom is reading it now.  I hear sniffles and "wow" and "that's nice".  It has an origin of

Barbara you are awesome THANK YOU!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Where Were You Sept 11, 2001?

What were you doing on September 11, 2001?

John's Weekend Assignment #128: Share your thoughts about 9/11. You can remember back on what you were doing on the day or give some thought to how we think about it today. Thoughts personal, political or philosophical are all up for consideration. Tell us all what you think about when you think about September 11, 2001 .... Write it up in your Journal or Blog, and then come back here and leave a link ...

Wow I remember that day so clear.  I was at work.  My boss yelled out "NO!".....his wife had called to say that a plane had crashed into the tower.  Co-worker and I headed upstairs to see what he was watching (CNN of course or FOX News).  We got up to his room and said "what's up?" and he tells us and points to his TV (he's always watching the stock channel). 

As we watch a replay we are astounded and THEN BOOM the 2nd plane hits.  OMG!  My heart fell, my insides began to shake.  I suddenly felt a wave of panic for my own safety.  I mean, if it could happen there, why not here?  We have Sunny Point, and old artillery base from the Vietnam era with lots of stuff still burried.  One hit and BOOM, bye bye 3 counties.  Also a nuclear power plant near this base. We also have Camp Lejeune to our North some 30 miles.  I am sitting on a bullzeye.

We could only just watch the clips over and over and over.  Who?  What?  Why?  They specutlated terrorists.  But why mess with us?  Why the USA?  We weren't provoking anyone were we? 

I picked up Miss T from daycare (she was 4 -1/2).  I didn't want to say anything to her about this.  I didn't want her to worry.  But then in the car she brought it up!  WHAT!??!  They had put the TV's on in the daycare and these little people were hearing all of this!  I was dare they make a decision to share this with these children.  That should have been MY decision as to what I wanted her to know.  I gingerly told her "yes" a plane had crashed......but I didn't want to tell her that a bad man (or woman) was being mean and coming kill us (possibly ALL of us).

Tom, OMG, Tom was beyond livid.....they had blown up HIS city.  He was a mess, emotionally.  As a native NY'r and retired NYPD guy this was to be expected....he was concerned for the police as well as the fire fighters and others in the towers and surrounding areas especially his turf.  (My own brother is a fire fighter here in our town.)  As it turned out Tom knew one of the firemen that perished in the towers.  Joey a kid he was friends with Tom's daughter and was as all kids in and out of their home.  Tom was there when they attempted to bomb the city before.  This was real for him, very real.  I cannot imagine the fear he was experiencing.

(I tried to find some "memorial" something in honor of Joey, but I couldn't come up with anything without calling the FD directly.  Didn't want to go there!  If anyone reading knows of anything please let us know.)

All I could do was watch the the papers....listen to the reports of who/what/why.  Then the Pentagon....I have a friend whose son was THERE when the Pentagon was hit.  (I love DC)  You talk about a nervous parent.....luckily the kid was not near this point of impact.  (I'm not convinced it was a plane though.)  Then the PA plane....Tom's niece lives in PA, luckily not near the wreck.  Wow, this was all hitting a little too close to home!

I watched the Chaplin's funeral.  Heartwrenching, yet heartwarming.  The love, the bond.....these people didn't only just work together.  They had become a family unit, extended of their own.  You had the feeling that these perished loved ones were your own family too and in some respect they were.  They were a family of protectors whopromised to protect any one that came in to their area and that meant my step-brother (who was performing off Broadway and in various TV spots), Tom's girls and his cousins that still live in the NYC area as well as me a potential visitor.   My parents had just come back from a visit there the year before!!  Yikes!

The number one fear for me was that these people had come to my homeland and destroyed so much so fast and on purpose....  right under our noses (yet hadn't we been warned during previous administrations that this was a possiblity ???).  Trained near my SIL's home in Florida.  Could have been living next door to her or to me for that matter.

Some people did not make it to work that day.  I know that they are thanking GOD everyday because for some reason they became sidetracked --- their alarm didn't go off; they spilled something and had to change; their car broke down or they missed the bus/train; someone called at the last minute. 

The grace of amazing gift.

I have a new respect for law enforcement and fire fighters after this.  The extent to which they go to protect not just the structure, but a life....amazing.  Like I always say "I'm not running into a building that everyone else is running out of".  But these people do and for that sacrifice I say a heart felt THANK YOU and may God watch over you and keep you safe.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Hear Ye!

I've been ALERTED!

I have journal alerts.

Wooooo hoooooo.  Hope you do too or at least hope you're next!!

AOL Hump Day & Post Cards Too

Well as I hear it AOL is "aware" of the humps from these non alerts and are "working on it".  So we'll just have to let our fingers do the walking and go through our sidebars or favorites to get there!  I didn't have everyone in either of these spots so I've been "clickin and savin" and rearranging.

I decided to finish the last 5 days of my Rx for this sinus mess....good thing too, cause now my cough is down and I'm not so congested.  Yesterday though I was about to get a migraine--nipped that in the bud.  The thing with taking the anitbiotics is they sure drain any energy one may have, and these days I don't have much.

Took Tom to Dillards yesterday while T was dancing.  They have great sales this time of the year.  I bought him 3 pullover golf type shirts $9.50 each and was gonna wait till his birthday (Oct) to give them to him.  But I couldn't stand it.  He had picked out a pair of pants and a shirt to match and picked up a red polo shirt.  All dressed up and no where to go this guy...........I'm going back to do some Christmas shopping for some of the men in my family while selections and prices are good.

Times they are a changing at my house.  I can see it happening in Miss T.  No, she's not growing "those" yet, but there are references and questions and just the normal things growing up brings.  (Deodorant, shaving etc)  We read through the book "All About Me" which is put out by American Girl.  It is awesome.  We stopped at's just before the Aunt Flo section, but we have skimmed through the whole book.  Just one chapter/section at a time.  I will tell you she is NOT looking forward to some of the changes.  Boobies yes, blood NO!

She used the phrase "man bag" Monday.....I bout fell over!  She was refering to the messenger bag one of her Bratz Boy dolls was carrying.  I said "no, that's NOT a man bag" at least not by my definition!

So about the post card tour.....I still have some from NC if anyone got left out and still wants to get in.  Shelly, yours is on it's way!



Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Christmas (Yes) Cards

Found this great idea over at Sharlene's place
and thought I would share it with y'all.


Fun with the ACLU...... Wanna have some fun this holiday CHRISTMAS season? Send the ACLU a *CHRISTMAS CARD* this year.

As they are working so very hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS part of this holiday, we should all send them a nice, CHRISTIAN, card to brighten up their dark side, sad, little world.

Make sure it says "Merry Christmas" on it

Here's the Address, just don't be rude or crude.  (It's Not the Christian Way, you know!)

125 Broad Street
18th Floor New York, NY 10004

Two tons of Christmas cards would freeze their operations because they wouldn't know if any were regular mail containing contributions. It's sure to hit the national news. So spend 39 cents, and tell the ACLU to leave Christmas alone. Also tell them that there is no such thing as a "Holiday Tree". . . . It's a Christmas Tree even in the fields!!

And please, pass this on to your email lists. We really want to communicate with the ACLU! They really DESERVE us!! And a very Merry Christmas!


Sunday, September 3, 2006

Hmmmmm AO???


No alerts since Friday.  Is it me?

Do I smell?


It's AOHell again.

That's OK, that's what we get for FREE.

 It's been a quiet day in NC.  Tom cleaned all the leaves outta the pool yesterday and today his back is hurting.  I went bowling yesterday.  Tara went too.  I must say I was surprised with myself especially since it's been a long, LONG time.  My first game was a 167 - 4 strikes.  My second game was a shocker 212 - 6 strikes!  Then I blew it.....Tara almost beat me the last 2 games LOL.  I was getting tired and my pinkie finger was getting stiff.  go figure.

  I made my spaghetti sauce today and stuffed some shells with 3 cheeses.  I haven't done this in so long since Tom is the Italian cook of the family.  Turned out pretty good.

TnT played 2 games of Disney Scene It...she won of course, being the Disney Nut that she is.  Boy is she quick and she remembers every detail of each movie.

Flamingo RainWe may have a cookout / pool party tomorrow, just the family.  The pool water Saturday night (after Ernie came through) was a cool 74...brrrrrr....I'm sure today's heat warmed it up some and it should be good on Monday for my lil nephew to swim IF they come over.

Well, that's about it.  


Saturday, September 2, 2006

New Site Pimpin & Saturday!

Our very own MISSIE has put out a new journal featuring her graphics (Yay - bout time!) so click on over and check her out

-- you won't be disappointed when you get to know this lady!

  Well Ernesto came and went like all the guys....dumped a LOT of rain here in the Wilmington area...I noticed yesterday that AOL had it featured on the news section.  The good thing about this guy is that even though he did gain speed and strength, he never really made it to the Hurricane status.  Lots of limbs and leaves down...some roads flooded due to the deluge of rain.  My parents had a bad roof leak and they are working on that.....but why?  Aren't they suppozed to tear down there home and rebuild????  Now would be the perfect time, they could stay at the beach house this winter since the tourons will be gone.

Mr Man is getting the leaves outta the pool this morning.  We ran up to Lowe's to get the leaf skimmer...looks like a butterfly net.  Miss T is singing in her room to a Bratz CD.  She's trying to come up with the perfect song for her Jazz Solo.

th_bowlingballpins.gifI have decided to join a bowling league....again.  Many years ago I got into this sport.  I do have a bad taste about it was where I met the dead X, but prior to that I was having fun.  So that's what I will focus on.  My friend Teresa and I bowled this past March...she's good and I was still recovering from my hysterectomy.  She said "you used to bowl didn't you?" and I said yes....she said "I can tell"  (???? I was drinking and she could TELL???? WTF???)  Yes, I was trying to concentrate.....on my game and not falling down in my new shoes!  I HAVE to have my OWN shoes....I do NOT do bowling alley shoes, sorry, it's a thang I have!

Ernesto Aug 31 2006 That is Tom's last name...just thought I'd share that with you.  Before we were married I had changed T's name to my maiden name, so I just thought it would be easier to keep my maiden name.  Besides changing it for women is sooooo much trouble, prove this and that.  Fuggetit.  His Dad had a slight issue with it, but I explained how it would be easier for Miss T this way.  Now she wants to change her name to this LOL!  Just my luck!

Guess I'd better get busy with the "you know what" - laundry!  Whadda ya think Tom would say to this?