Sunday, July 29, 2007

What goes around.........

 Stealing this verse from Shelly:

James 1:13-18

When tempted, no one should say, "God is tempting me." For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.


This is going full circle.  How is it that these things "pop" up in your life to make you think?

Dare I say that this is what is happening in the home of Coastal Comfort?  Tom: evil desire, dragged away and enticed.

This home is not a happy home.  I am unhappy; Tom is unhappy.  You all know why I am.........Mr Man is another thing.  What goes on inside that head?  (He did not go with me to Myrtle)

He's retired; nothing to do but be a "Mr Mom" while I work.  And normally he's good at that.  I can understand his boredom and his need to be out there....but how many times have we all said "Go! Get out there and find something to do!!!" 

Volunteer......schools are always looking for someone.
Hang out with my step-Dad.....he's always got something going.

He has a hobby:  watching old war movies or the History channel.  He is living in that past world instead of "back to the future".  Before long he is going to be an old geezer.

His drinking really annoys me because now he cannot consume as much as he used to; therefore, he is "different" after only 1 or 2.  He does not realize this thus sometimes "over indulging" and becoming obnoxious.

Like yesterday afternoon.  2 beers and a shot of vodka.  He was wobbling and loud and playing his music loud all while cooking a pot of sauce or "gravy" (E).  The eyes glazing, droopy and of course the "there's nothing wrong with me" attitude.

He flat out told the Roomie this past week that he will NOT go to counseling ever again and he will NOT attend any meetings.  Remember he had promised these things back in April.

This, my dear Lanny - I love you bunches, is why I have reservations about the cruise.  Yes, it's booked, $100 per traveler and I have till April to pay it in full.  I don't want to drop any money into something that I may not be a part of.  I've told Tom that this is why I don't want to go...he can go alone.  It's his Father.  Yes, it's "my" family too but I don't really feel like being a part of the clan anymore.

Divorce?   Geeesh....

Alone again?  Naturally.

Alone....that is what this marriage is. 
Roommates who just happen to be legally bound by a piece of paper.

Thank GOD for Miss T! and my family and J-land.

My thoughts??????  Hopefully get things together and get this dance wear venture off and running.  I need to win the lottery!!  I need to get off my butt and get some things in gear.  I could do most of the legal papers myself.  What am I waiting for?

The store could actually secure my future....pad my pockets.

I could ask my parents but I said 10 yrs ago I would NEVER ask them for anything again.

I need to call in a favor from a certain friend in high places....need a grant ASAP!

Trust me, I don't like feeling this way....I like to be happy.  But right now I am depressed....not a good sign! 

Curves.........I'm signing up this week!  Time for ME!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thurs Myrtle Beach

I went back to Myrtle on Thursday to pick up Tara.  Nanny rode with me....I figured she needed to get away too.  It is not always easy being with her on trips like this.  She doesn't like to stay longer than 30 minutes ANYWHERE and is always wanting to stop and eat LOL.  But she'll be 85 this November and I know I need to spend time with her.

Some of the pictures I took on Thursday were funny and I thought I'd share some with you.

I took a couple of shots from the balcony looking front of us there are only a few umbrellas and people......then there is the North View with LOADS of people and the pier.  I am glad our beachfront here is not crowded....very lucky to have it that way.

There is a lonely Southern view.  The condo is on a peninsula, that's the biggest reason for the diversity of people.

You see my LA step-Bro taking a last walk before getting ready to fly home.  He keeps telling me to bring Miss T to LA for about 2 months for pilot season to get her in the biz.  (He's been in movies, musicals, soap operas, commercials etc)  Says we can stay with him and he'll show us the ropes.

Tara is running into the water and you see my youngest little brother walking towards me in the same picture.  Then there is little bro doing his sexy me pictures and shots of him body surfing and getting creamed by the wave with Tara and our friend from Tennessee....we've known them for 23 years and they are always in MB the same week.  Makes it like old home week.

Then there is the lifeguard stand picture.  I like that shot and the one of T alone in the chair at the water.

The temperature could not have been any better this year for this week.  Mom was dreading going because it is usually so hot.  But it was very pleasant beachside - a nice, welcome change.

Enjoy the photos.

It helped for me to get away those 2 days.  I'm still in mono-mode.  Talking with LA bro was great....his 31st birthday was Tuesday and we all went out to eat together.  He was very encouraging about my thoughts of the new biz...said "Do it!".  I was glad to hear him say this especially in front of the 'rents.  Maybe they'll give me support too.

Now where's the money?

Where's the location?  He suggested renting a home instead of a storefront.  Ya know, that made sense with commercial rent prices these days....could be $1000 vs $5000.

Still working on the name.  My media guru specialist says "Dancer's Dream Boutique" and a "fairy tale" type of logo.  I'm not so sure the guys would like that.  I like "dream" but in more of a "cloud" or "star" motif.  She says stars are "old".  I understand the "dream" concept due to little girl's dreaming of being a prima ballerina....or the "dream" of being a star, or even having the merchandise everyone "dreams" of having access to.

I still like Accent Dancewear.  It sounds modern and to the point.  Doesn't limit me to "dreams" or "clouds". 

I don't know.

I've a lot processing inside my brain these days.


Miss T




Cindilouwho's wedding

Cruise (which I still may not go on thank you Tom)



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mono-mode and Myrtle Beach

Mono-mood, mono-mode, mono-tone, mono-vision..... whatever it is I'm in a funk.  I can't seem to see outside my own box.  Lots of stuff running through that space between my ears lately.  Some of it Tom (who am I kidding - MOST of it....) and some of it J-O-B related whether it be the current position or trying to organize my future.


Anywho, on to the pictures.

Tuesday Miss T and I rode down to Myrtle Beach to be with the family a bit.....the handsome dude coming out of the water is my step-brother from LA.  Yes, he's single, yes he has a job.

We lounged on the beach.  I had my new camera with me (LOVE MY CAMERA) so I'm trying it out.  Most of the beach shots I took from 50 feet away while sitting under the umbrella.

After sand in our toes, we showered off and headed out to eat at Chuck's steakhouse....not too bad.  Steak needed some flavor, at least some salt and pepper and it was a bit dry for me and I ordered it medium.  Mr Chase had not napped much that day at all so on picture is of his mom scolding him.  Another one you see her running behind him as he trys to catch up with Grammy (in the blue bathing suit with white hat).

Out back of the restaurant we spied a rabbit through the window.  So the kids took off to the back.  We found them and I got a shot of the lil guy, then step-bro chased him off.  The couple in pink is my Mom and step-Dad.  They were taking bro to Carolina Opry for his birthday (24th).

Miss T and I headed to Broadway at the Beach so she could Make A Friend at Build-a-Bear.  What a crowded place.....I'm not used to it being so crowded since we can slip down here year round.  I forgot we were in the middle of the summer tourist season LOL.  The Alligator is directing a little jazz band as they headed over to Celebrity Square (from the shopping side of Broadway) -- the part where the nightlife is....nice bars and great music, places like Margaritaville, Key West Grill, Senior Frogs, smaller clubs and bars.  I particularly like the shot of the sunset over the fountain.

My new camera.  It's nice.  I thought I wanted the new Kodak Z712...bought the Z710...took it back and bought the PanasonicDMC-TZ1.  Awesome lil camera.  Not so little inside because it has a 10x optical zoom, image stabilization AND loads of settings for different scenarios.  Even has one for "food"....yep you can take a pic of your food and not have the plate or food colors mixing in with each other.

The "beach" mode is what I shot DUH on the beach.  It has party, candle light, fireworks, starry sky,!  Still playing with's soooooooooooooooooo nice!

Enjoy your tour.

Friday, July 20, 2007


I'm going to try this stuff.....see if I like the products.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jamaican......a list.

The word of the week is Jamaican.
Sitting in the O'Charley's Restaurant this past Tuesday with hubby and a friend, the subject of Jamaican Beef Patties came to conversation.
So me, being me, started with the "Jamaican" jokes......
"Stop it Tom, Jamaican me laugh."
" Jamaican a fool outta yerself."
"Jamaican the pool ready for swimming?"
"Jamaican progress."
She's jamaican a mess of herself."
"Jamaican me wanna hurl!"
I was on a role................I slay myself.
Must be all this drama going on around me this week.
1) Dancewear Store
2) Dance studio drama (teacher leaving due to infidelity and talk)
3) JOB
4) Cruise (fam damily)
5) Hubby:  has a list! 
Remember way back oh, about April?  Hubby's doc said "need to be referred to a cardiologist".....still hasn't made the appointment.  Neither have I.  Same doc said same thing about the foot doctor when Tom ruptured the Achilles tendon.  If I hadn't forced him to make the call himself, we'd still be waiting.
Anyone deal with the V.A.?  Well, hubby is signed up in "Fayetnam" NC which is a 2hr drive from us.  When he visited his Dad last year (April) he made anappt with the local V.A. there and had no problem getting in and seen by the staff.
Well, it's not the same here......our town says "no, ya gotta call Fayetville and have them send................"
He did that in June......still nothing.  Lovely.
So now I've made him make a list of things and DO THEM!  DAMMIT!!!
I'm gonna have to force the cardiologist appointment arent' I?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


....more info on current ideas.  My boss will let me continue to work as normal or work less because

1) he won't have to pay me as much;
2) he seems to be slowing down in work so I will be more part time anyway.

And......after a lunch date with hubby on Tuesday, Mr Man is now all for the idea of attempting this venture. 

So.....since he's retired and my Mom is retired they can and will certainly help.  Mom has recently mentioned that she needed a "job" other than babysitting the grandson.  There is also a dance mom that wants to have some part time work and she and I have discussed this venture.

Thanks to all of your comments and suggestions.  The hard part is getting started and sticking with a name and game plan.  I'm going to list my possible choices and go through a process of elimination.  I'm liking Accent Dancewear or Elite Dancewear or Dance World or Dance Groove or...........the list goes on.  See what I mean?

My initial steps will be

1) Name
2) Set up PO box somewhere
3) Send questionaire
4) Paperwork for $$$, incorporation/LLC, resale etc
5) Website??
6) FIND Store front.

Yesterday's inquiry about a certain empty rental spot near our Target was around $5,000 per month.  Shocking!  and ridiculous in my opinion.  Although it was a great layout and a good location.

Decisions, decisions................

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Need input.......


I am so unhappy.....I've been in my job for 7 years.  It's the same old same every day.  Granted, I do have certain liberties, flexible schedule when needed and the boss is basically good to us.

My background is in real estate law, and accounting plus many years in family owned business........I need a change.  Guess I'm really just bored.

Miss T wants me to open a dancewear retail store.  There is only 1 other in our fair city.  Plus there are at least 15-20 studios in the surrounding area.

There's a lot of info on the web about grants for women, I just need to write a proposal, submit and wait........wait.

What should I call this store?  I've thought of several ideas with "dance" or "dancer's" as the lead name, Dance Boutique.. Pointe.... Appeal....World.

There is Exchange, Express, Elite and Works already taken in the area.  "Choice" went out of business....don't want to go there.

LOL I just had a thought...."The Dance Bag"  I'd be known as the dance bag!!!!   Had thought of Dance Barre...but someone might come in looking for , er, um, poles and drinks.

Someone suggested "Starmaker Dancewear".....what a long name.

I have a list of things to do if this is to happen.  Any tips??

Friday, July 13, 2007

Shelly we love you!!!

Our very own Shelly aka Roxy has had an unexpected death in the family - her brother.  I know she is needing our prayers and support.


Shelly I LOVE YOU and wish I were there with you to give you this

Hugs from ME!!



ALSO a lighter note is that birthday wishes will go out on Saturday to Sharon (boogieboo1)......21 again!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

Yep our very own BRIDEZILLA in J-land is having her what?? 22nd birthday??? Hey, I'm Engaged - Amanda



All My Gals ROCK!!

I've been thinking on this award.......I couldn't narrow it down to 5 and just FIVE.  So my mind is saying the "previously awarded" does NOT count as one of my five.

According to the Rules of the Award, I'm to pass the Award on to 5 other "girls" whose blogs I read and enjoy.  And they, in turn, pass it on to 5 girl's blogs that they enjoy.

Last week, I was honored by Missie of MissiesUpsideDownWorld  as a Rockin Blogger.  Well, she encompassed 4 of my fav's too (Cindy/CindysLife ; Penny/ Penny`s Pieces of Ohio; Lisa/Adventures From Florida and Lisa Jo/ Damaged Goods Too ) plus she was nominated by another goodie Sonya/ My Southern Home - Sonya . is a hard decision.  I have been thinking about my first entries. 


My very first entry was from Dwana  Moonlight Drive - now there's a Rockin Gal if there ever was one.  She has taken a hiatus from blogging lately but I still check in on her from time to time.  Great gal married to the love of her life.


Then I went on a search for Florida .....that's where I found Lisa.  Then I found 2 great gals Martha Just Visiting  and Shelly XX Roxy Mama XX  (previously awarded) who I dare say would probably get me in lots of trouble if I lived near them.

Then came Chris A Day in the Life  (previously awarded) and Joyce  Treasure ChestFull of Life (previously awarded) totally great gals very deserving of the award.  Both make up adorable graphics that I've snagged from time to time.


One day I ran across Melissa  Melissa's Motivation who has overcome an addiction to alcohol and is raising a beautiful girl.  She is a Rockin Gal for sure and has a love of people.  Many thanks to her for her great words of wisdom.

And I could not forget one of my most favorite voices in J-land, Barbara, Confessions Of An Angel Waitress (previously awarded) who will one day surely be a star!  I'm so jealous because she has a SON who is a professional chef.

Rockin Gal Robin....hey -- there's a new name for her!   Robin-Days of our Lives This gal is a hoot.  Living the life of a Trailer Park Princess while traveling from home base to home base (hubby is military) and mother of a beautiful girl. 

Another previously awarded fave is my gal Ellen New York State of Mind Too who I barely missed meeting face to face on a trip she made through NC. time! 

If you like sun and coffee (and need a boat) go over to see my gal Tracy Latte' Dah ..... there's lots of fun going on in her world.

Gee, I could go on and on, Amy, Angie, Terry Ann, Noelle, Rayne, Sharon C, Jan, Sugar, Allison, Mosie, Donna, Angelique, Gretchen, Barb, Dee, Lisa, Katie, Monae, Chrissie, Christy, Faye, Mandy, Louise, Shay, Denise, Mary.........................previously awarded of course!


Monday, July 9, 2007

I booked the cruise!


Lanny aren't you proud of me?

Tom's sis called and said "you're the only one we're waiting for".  So I talked it over with Miss T...she said OK after I assured her that cruise ships DON'T sink (anymore).

So I guess we'll be off next June for the big birthday bash for Tom's Dad.

Friday, July 6, 2007

....keeps coming! usual my birthday continues.  Normally I celebrate for a week.

  My Dad tried to call me all day yesterday only I was MIA...he finally caught up to me this morning.


I got a lovey card from Lisa Jo (thank you girlie - love you); there were many many emails and e-cards (thank you each and every one!!) my parents gave me some money (I want a new camera) and today my girlfriend took me to lunch at Red Robin (burger joint) and brought me an iron cross for my cross wall (Louise you'd love it!!).

When I got home yesterday Roomie and Tara had made me a raspberry lemon cake and decorated it.  Hubby cooked burgers n dogs.

Miss T has a sleep over tonight at a friends house - some of the dancers are getting together.  It would be a perfect night to celebrate "alone" but I am soooooooooo tired I feel like I could sleep for a week.

Maybe I'll just go home and hit the pool...... 

I need to have my nails filled.....yeah, that's what I'll do this weekend!  Maybe a pedicure too!

Have a great weekend guys and thanks so much.  My J-lander's are the best!!!! 


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy B-day to ME!!!



#42.....and that's age not the Nascar number!!  I certainly hope everyone had a great and safe 4th. 

What a wonderful holiday to be celebrating.'s not free! and I salute all the soldiers and family members who are helping to keep our freedom and our homeland safe!


Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes!  It is, after all, all about ME!

I began my countdown about 3pm on the 4th. 

Speaking of the 4th....Tara invited my parents over for a cookout and pool dippin.....I fixed shish ka bob's of beef, chicken, peppers, onions and pineapple (love grilled pineapple); brocolli slaw, baked beans, skewered shrimp, strawberries and fresh pineapple.  Roomie had made some killer chicken salad and deviled eggs.  Miss T made a cake all by herself.

Later we had some lounge time in the pool. 

Then we headed downtown to the river to watch the Fireworks display.  I LOVE FIREWORKS!!!!  It's the perfect start to MY BIRTHDAY!

Mom is taking meout to lunch at Olive Garden, my Nanny is joining her.  Tara would come, but she is having a friend over today cause kid's mom is in a meeting.

Still I WILL MAKE A BIG DEAL over myself ALL DAY.  I can be obnoxious about it...................oh well!     Now I gotta find my birthday buttons to wear.....................

Love to all!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Coming soon........




Yes, my birthday is Thursday..........42!

I love my birthday.....I usually have a great attitude for a good 2 weeks.....not lately.  I used to sing and dance and make sure EVERYBODY knew it was my day.

I'm still announcing it every chance I get our subcontractors.  They say "have a good Fourth" and I say "and birthday"  .....confusing them cause my day is the 5th.

Have a 5th on the 5th my father-in-law says to me while laughing.


Maybe on Wednesday, the 4th, we'll cook out on the grill and invite the family over for burgs n dogs n shrimp n such and swimming.  It was a bit cool last night (62) and the pool water lowered to around 74.  I'm sure it will heat up well for Wednesday.

I desperately need some pool / outdoor time!