Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All My Gals ROCK!!

I've been thinking on this award.......I couldn't narrow it down to 5 and just FIVE.  So my mind is saying the "previously awarded" does NOT count as one of my five.

According to the Rules of the Award, I'm to pass the Award on to 5 other "girls" whose blogs I read and enjoy.  And they, in turn, pass it on to 5 girl's blogs that they enjoy.

Last week, I was honored by Missie of MissiesUpsideDownWorld  as a Rockin Blogger.  Well, she encompassed 4 of my fav's too (Cindy/CindysLife ; Penny/ Penny`s Pieces of Ohio; Lisa/Adventures From Florida and Lisa Jo/ Damaged Goods Too ) plus she was nominated by another goodie Sonya/ My Southern Home - Sonya . is a hard decision.  I have been thinking about my first entries. 


My very first entry was from Dwana  Moonlight Drive - now there's a Rockin Gal if there ever was one.  She has taken a hiatus from blogging lately but I still check in on her from time to time.  Great gal married to the love of her life.


Then I went on a search for Florida .....that's where I found Lisa.  Then I found 2 great gals Martha Just Visiting  and Shelly XX Roxy Mama XX  (previously awarded) who I dare say would probably get me in lots of trouble if I lived near them.

Then came Chris A Day in the Life  (previously awarded) and Joyce  Treasure ChestFull of Life (previously awarded) totally great gals very deserving of the award.  Both make up adorable graphics that I've snagged from time to time.


One day I ran across Melissa  Melissa's Motivation who has overcome an addiction to alcohol and is raising a beautiful girl.  She is a Rockin Gal for sure and has a love of people.  Many thanks to her for her great words of wisdom.

And I could not forget one of my most favorite voices in J-land, Barbara, Confessions Of An Angel Waitress (previously awarded) who will one day surely be a star!  I'm so jealous because she has a SON who is a professional chef.

Rockin Gal Robin....hey -- there's a new name for her!   Robin-Days of our Lives This gal is a hoot.  Living the life of a Trailer Park Princess while traveling from home base to home base (hubby is military) and mother of a beautiful girl. 

Another previously awarded fave is my gal Ellen New York State of Mind Too who I barely missed meeting face to face on a trip she made through NC. time! 

If you like sun and coffee (and need a boat) go over to see my gal Tracy Latte' Dah ..... there's lots of fun going on in her world.

Gee, I could go on and on, Amy, Angie, Terry Ann, Noelle, Rayne, Sharon C, Jan, Sugar, Allison, Mosie, Donna, Angelique, Gretchen, Barb, Dee, Lisa, Katie, Monae, Chrissie, Christy, Faye, Mandy, Louise, Shay, Denise, Mary.........................previously awarded of course!



robinngabster said...

Thank you and what a very nicely done entry!  You rock in my book too!

barebytes said...

Oh man, I feel so "out" the rock club hahaha Congrates on the award. Now put your clothes back on before you get sunburned. hahaha Hugs Lanny

nhd106 said...

Lots of great women to go check out...thanks!


onehenn3chicks said...

I'm definitely gonna check out these links.  :-D


jckfrstross said...

all great pics:) have a good thursday


eml625 said...

Thanks for the mention Hun!! I still kick myself for not hooking up with you last summer....there's always next time...and there WILL be a next time sooner or later.
Hugs and love

lifes2odd said...

I got an award! I got an award! ::jumping up and down:: Wait, I think I got an award -- did I get an award? LOL! You're going to have to send me an email and fill me in on how this award thing works. How do I know who already got awards? Remember I'm just getting back in the swing of things here!
Martha :-)

ktkamanski said...

Just lovin your reads and your pics! Thanks for the smiles!

nay0114 said...

I love Rockin Girls that's how I found you. My list was three entries.
Take care, Chrissie

emabecmar said...

congrats on getting the award. ((((((((Hugs)))))))))

luddie343 said...

Very nice to see people you have a special care for being told how dear they are - great idea this., good for you!   CATHY

lisa41076 said...

Sharon, thanks for the mention !!!!!!!! You rock !!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

katie39041 said...

These awards are Brilliant at introducing different journals. I will be paying a visit to all your friends that i have not already been to.
I hope your having a lovely day
love and hugs

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((HUGTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))Congrats to you.Thanks for adding my name.Have a nice day.

queeniemart said...

OMG, i totally forgot about this.....dealing with my dog.
i love you, its that simple. I am so glad all that i care about have been nominated....i can see you making a big party for us to celebrate this honor!