Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mono-mode and Myrtle Beach

Mono-mood, mono-mode, mono-tone, mono-vision..... whatever it is I'm in a funk.  I can't seem to see outside my own box.  Lots of stuff running through that space between my ears lately.  Some of it Tom (who am I kidding - MOST of it....) and some of it J-O-B related whether it be the current position or trying to organize my future.


Anywho, on to the pictures.

Tuesday Miss T and I rode down to Myrtle Beach to be with the family a bit.....the handsome dude coming out of the water is my step-brother from LA.  Yes, he's single, yes he has a job.

We lounged on the beach.  I had my new camera with me (LOVE MY CAMERA) so I'm trying it out.  Most of the beach shots I took from 50 feet away while sitting under the umbrella.

After sand in our toes, we showered off and headed out to eat at Chuck's steakhouse....not too bad.  Steak needed some flavor, at least some salt and pepper and it was a bit dry for me and I ordered it medium.  Mr Chase had not napped much that day at all so on picture is of his mom scolding him.  Another one you see her running behind him as he trys to catch up with Grammy (in the blue bathing suit with white hat).

Out back of the restaurant we spied a rabbit through the window.  So the kids took off to the back.  We found them and I got a shot of the lil guy, then step-bro chased him off.  The couple in pink is my Mom and step-Dad.  They were taking bro to Carolina Opry for his birthday (24th).

Miss T and I headed to Broadway at the Beach so she could Make A Friend at Build-a-Bear.  What a crowded place.....I'm not used to it being so crowded since we can slip down here year round.  I forgot we were in the middle of the summer tourist season LOL.  The Alligator is directing a little jazz band as they headed over to Celebrity Square (from the shopping side of Broadway) -- the part where the nightlife is....nice bars and great music, places like Margaritaville, Key West Grill, Senior Frogs, smaller clubs and bars.  I particularly like the shot of the sunset over the fountain.

My new camera.  It's nice.  I thought I wanted the new Kodak Z712...bought the Z710...took it back and bought the PanasonicDMC-TZ1.  Awesome lil camera.  Not so little inside because it has a 10x optical zoom, image stabilization AND loads of settings for different scenarios.  Even has one for "food"....yep you can take a pic of your food and not have the plate or food colors mixing in with each other.

The "beach" mode is what I shot DUH on the beach.  It has party, candle light, fireworks, starry sky,!  Still playing with's soooooooooooooooooo nice!

Enjoy your tour.


emabecmar said...

love the pics, especially the one of the sunset. hope you get out of that funk mode. ((((((((hugs)))))

barebytes said...

Want out of the box???? Find something to laugh about and then let yourself go!

mumma4evr said...

great pics!!!

ktkamanski said...

At time I feel like my box has no sides (Like I have lost it completely). Thanks for sharing your day with us! Smile, it's gonna be ok! Take care,

lifes2odd said...

Great photos! I can't believe you're in a "funk" too! Everyone keeps saying that lately. Am I the only one that's not? I suppose that'll be coming soon enough -- one more day left before it's back to work time for me, grrr!

dondieroy said...

great pics.. thanks for sharing..
Hope you get out of the funk you are in..  take care.

quiltsnroses said...

Looks like it was a fun day!  Good pics!

julydarby said...

I used to go to Myrtle Beach every summer... I wanted to go last summer sooooo bad to go to the Pavillion one last time. *sigh*... guess it's changed a bunch. I haven't been since 1985.
Great pics... what kind of camera do you have?

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((HUGSTOYU))))))))))))))))Have a nice evening.

queeniemart said...

Great pics...that beach looks very inviting. Love,lisa

newsworthy822 said...

love the pics. Hailey just got a new camera much like yours. It's much better than mine. LOL!  Hey, i forgot to thank you for nominating me as a rockin' blogger chick! that was cool. I need to tag peeps now, right? I am a little slow, I haven't had time.. but thanks... it made me happy.

nhd106 said...

Great pics!   You made a VERY wise decision about your camera.  I got the Kodak Z612 and have not been happy with it all.  It is "in the shop" as I type....


randlprysock said...

Wow what great pictures!  They are so clear and the beach looks so beautiful!  I love that sunset!

eml625 said...

Great pictures.....I want to go back to Myrtle beach, we had such a good time there!

chat2missie said...

Love the beach pics.  I need a beach vacation real soon.

nay0114 said...

Guess what I have a Panasonic DMC-LZ7 that I just bought and I love it so far. I think it's a cousin to yours. Yours is the higher one because this one is 7.2megapixels with 6x zoom and it was under $200. Mine broke and I needed something ASAP because we were headed on a day trip. I can't be missing my pics. Those pics are awesome. I haven't printed any yet so have no clue how the color is holding, but I'm sure it's fine. I'm still learning the buttons.

Loved the pictures of the beach. I'm looking for somewhere to go in October. If you got any good advice email me. The whole time I was married my husband would never take off and let us all go to the beach. So now that he is no more, I'm planning and trip and taking my children with me. Hope I can swing it for fall break, if not I'll have to wait until spring break. This is my daughter's senior year so don't want her to miss school.

Take care, Chrissie

springangel235 said...

That is a great camera...takes awesome photos...loved all of them!
Hugs and love,

am4039 said...

love all the pictures and oh yep he is handsome, lol.