Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dis'd a friend and feeling like Kah-Kah for it.



I do love my cindilouwho to pieces......

She is getting married in 2 weeks....this weekend was to be a combined "Batch" party (never heard of one) and we were all going to meet for dinner in the city...then head back home to the Island to hit some "joints".

Now, a little history first....

Last Thursday night I came home looking for a bit of peace n quiet.  Called Cindilouwho to discuss her pictures...uploaded some to print locally; black n white'd one for her blah, blah, blah. 

While I was on the phone, Miss T sits by me working on homework and asking questions;  Roomie comes over and sits with me telling me of her recent inquisitions for a new boyfriend or two and dates she's lining up; Tom is at the top of the hall waiting for me to help him change the sheets.  Phones are a ringing all around me; computers are a buzzing.

I yelled "CAN'T I GET 5 MINUTES TO MYSELF?!?!?!" 

and cleared the room.


My Nanny called and said she had taken a call from my dead X's brother and that I HAD to call him it was important! 

Of course THAT pissed me off #1 that this brother was calling #2 that he called my Nanny #3 that she was telling me what to do #4 acting like I was the bad guy.

Seems that they can haunt you from the grave after all.

The man's father died 5 years ago just 4 months ahead of my X.  (Hey I am HAPPY about thisOK?  So don't go offering me condolences....long story!)

They had sold the property and since the X is dead, of course Miss T is the next heir and it seems they NEED me to sign off for her so that they can "settle" this matter.  Yes, it means that she will inheirit a small amount.  Nevertheless, I HAVE to call the lawyer taking care of this matter.  FINE!  I'll call him, NOT the X family member.

Can you feel the love yet???

Oh I was pacing the floor as I was talking with my Nanny.....herattitude that I NEEDED and HAD to do things and she didn't understand why I was so against it all and .............grrrrrrrrrrrr.

FINE!  Friday I called the attorney and he filled me in; I faxed him a copy of the birth certificate and SS card;  he said if he needed more, he had my number and address and he would contact me.

Easy.............I knew it would be.

My Nanny shows up on Friday to apologize to me.  Hoping that she had not done something wrong.   I assured her that she had not.  Also that they know my address and they could have just had the attorney drop me a letter.


Saturday I am actually home alone!  (Well Tom is here too but...)  Miss T went to a friend's for a sleep over and Roomie was off on a date.  I was busy cleaning out my spare bedroom and doing laundry and cooking Martha's shrimp recipe (yummmy) and just bobbin along.

Not wanting to go to this dinner.  Really not in to going at all.  Hear me, I love my friend, but I think overkill is well, overkill.  She wants all perfect.   I want/need time to myself ALONE. 

Tom says "sure wish we'd gone to Myrtle Beach this weekend"......

I began to pack and said "Let's go!"....he didn't think I was serious, so he laid down.  I said "Come on!" as I was folding some clothes. 

Off we went.........shocked him!  He said "You know, you need to get away and SMILE again and have some fun."

I agreed.

My time is being overrun by lots and lots of miscellaneous stuff.  Job, dance, wedding, pageant, family etc.

Sunday I am meeting and DID meet with the little girl I'm to do her hair and makeup for an upcoming pageant.  The pageant is NEXT weekend.  The Next weekend is the WEDDING of which I am expected to be at the bride's mother's home to prepare for this garden event AND the rehearsal of Friday night.  And of course be back Saturday morning to prepare for the 4pm event.


I called the daughter of my friend and said "I'm running away, let your Mom know I won't be making it for the dinner tonight...I'm stressed!"

Friend calls me OH SO PISSED!

Gives me the "of all nights, you pick TONIGHT to run off KNOWING how much this means to me and you ARE one of my bridesmaid's and I was EXPECTING us ALL to ........I am so disappointed."

Stab, stab, twist.....I'm feeling the guilt.

I said "Please don't be mad at me, but I'm so stressed over this and that .... I just need a break."

Oh she was not happy.

I feel like Kah-kah!

You have to remember - she is not one that likes her apple cart upset.  When there is a kink in the plans, she reacts, and it's not always in the rational way.  I mean, come on, this is her 4th marriage (her first "real" wedding and his first) ...... are we making just a weeeeee little too much over the little details?

Me?  Well....I'd at least try to understand, but I didn't get a chance to tell her my WHOLE story...she still doesn't know about the dead X's brothers call.  That in itself set me off.

(Ya still feeling the love?)

It isn't like I haven't done ANYTHING for this wedding.....we've been bridal dress shopping twice (taking pictures); returning once; flower shopping oh about 8 times; I made her bouquet (only to have her decide to use REAL flowers instead); I took their pictures on the beach, resized and cropped them AND uploaded them for print AND paid for them.  I have agreed to help set up the decorations; bought 2 dresses and shoes (one for me and one for Miss );  Tom had to get a new suit (he left his on the side of the road in Jacksonville FLA, ok really it was stolen from our truck...another story)................HELLO?

I'm not complaining.....and I haven't complained.  Even when she sent me a venting email about how "no one" was helping (????)......

I bit my tongue and did not reply to it....just let her vent.


All this from a woman who has only been to 2 weddings in her life; only been an attendant in one - MINE! and she's tellling us what's what.

Come on.........she's having us all dress "formal" and we're having a "pig picking bbq reception" and the DJ is going to play the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide.  Not to mention that this is the 3rd revision of the same wedding; dates and places have been changed more than my socks!

I may not have any hair left soon.


And YES, Tom and I had a nice evening away....stayed at Broadway at the Beach and listed to the band at Margaritaville. 

Peace and Quiet!

Now I remember what that is............


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beach Stroll

Wow, it's been a week since I've been here?

Life must have been uneventful in my neck of the woods.....lemme think on that a second.

Enjoy the 40 pictures I took tonight while I was waiting on my pizza order....I couldn't let the beautiful scenery go to waste so I just snapped away.  Surf City, NC nearing sunset.

Since I was here last....

Had lunch with Miss T at school last Friday.
Took pictures on the beach of Cindilouwho and her fiance' on Sunday.

Work, dance, work, dance, work, dance, work....PTA meeting which I only walked in, wrote a check and left!!  I hate PTA meetings.

That's when I decided to call my favorite pizza joint and order.  The weather was awesome so I decieded to stroll on the beach for pictures......Enjoy!!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's In Your Name?

Does Your Name Fit ??
A: Hott
B: loves people
C: great friend
D: can kick ur butt
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: wild and crazy people adore you
G: very outgoing
H: crazy
I: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet
K: cute
L: good kisser
M:can be funny and dumb at times
N: easy to fall in love with
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: good boyfriend or girlfriend
R: has a smile to die for
S: makes people laugh
T: very good kisser
U: is very sexual
V: not judgmental
W: very broad minded
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: is very sexual
Z: makes dating fun
S: makes people laugh
H: crazy
A: Hott
R: has a smile to die for
O: has one of the best personalities ever
N: easy to fall in love with
Should also add:
X: never let people tell you what to do
D: can kick ur butt

NC's Jon Reep WINS!

Last Comic Standing!  The Boy from Hickory NC was the WINNER of NBC's LCS and many thanks to all of y'all who voted for JON!  I know I entered a vote for every email addy that I had and then some (shhhh, don't tell!).  Funny, in the country when we say "Bless His/Her Heart" it usually is implied with a smart remark of something "not so nice".  For example, "Just look at that baby, bless his heart" usually means...."look at that kid's big ears or nose"

 Check out his websites.

Known to millions as the redheaded hillbilly in the Dodge Ram commercials who leans out of a beat-up car and utters the now famous line: "That thing gotta Hemi?"'s nice to see that people appreciate well rounded humor.  I think that this guy explored all areas of comedy in his routine.  Yes, he joked about family and being a redneck; he joked about sports and living in California.  His expressions and movements were a hoot!  In my opinion, the best man won!

The runner up was good too....only in my opinion he had one too many fat and food jokes....yes he was a fat man.  He was funny, quite funny and possibly the best runner up option. 


Wednesday morning I made the comment that Mr Man had been "decent" of late, no incidences....well, we all know how that goes.  Once you make a comment like that you've jinxed the situation.

On the phone to me he sounded "tipsy"....said all he had done was taken 2 of the oxy's because he was in pain from being at work.  I said "well you sound drunk"....he said "not drinking".

Once home he admitted to having a glass of wine. 

I pointed out to him that it was unacceptible and he handed me the Oxy's.  I've gotta keep an eye on this.  If he's taking the extra's just for the buzz, that's gotta stop.


Miss T...sigh.....she begins assisting in a tap class tonight to help her brush up on her steps.  Maybe this will ease her anxieties over the Monday night class.  I still say she shouldn't take the Monday class because it is a competition class...lots of stress there.  We'll see how that goes.


Roomie is perking up in the dating department.  Me thinks she has given up on the boyfriend ever materializing anytime soon.  He's off playing cowboy chasing the bad guys.  She had a date last weekend and has one this afternoon...a meet for coffee and maybe dinner.  I so hope she finds some happiness soon.  The guy she's been with for many years just isn't cuttin the mustard anymore.  What started out as a couple of weeks lodging has turned into several months because of the boyfriend.  That's ok with us.....she's a keeper.  Miss T likes her and she keeps Tom in line too!


Today is my FRIDAY!  Woohoo........bossman said yesterday that since things were so slow for us we'd close the office on Friday's for a while.  Hurt my feelings will ya!?

NOT.....yes, I'll miss the $$$ but I am looking forward to having a day to myself......ME.......MINE!  ALONE!!!!!!!!!  Maybe now I can get my head together on my business venture that I've let go to the wayside.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Mad Itch!

What is Pityriasis rosea?  A rash.

The rash often begins with a single, round-to-oval, pink patch that is scaly with a raised border (herald patch). Its size ranges from 2 cm to 10 cm. The larger size is more common.  Days to weeks later, salmon-colored, 1 cm to 2 cm oval patches appear in batches on the abdomen, chest, back, arms, and legs. Patches sometimes spread to the neck but rarely to the face.

How is it treated?

Pityriasis rosea will usually go away in 6 to 8 weeks without treatment. If the rash itches, you may wish to use skin lotions and lubricants to soothe itching. If symptoms are severe, anti-inflammatory medications such as corticosteroids may be used to relieve itching and reduce the rash. Some people may try other medications, such as antifungals, because the rash looks like ringworm. However, because pityriasis rosea is viral and not caused by a fungus, these medications are not effective.

Quite simply put THE MAD ITCH

At first I thought it was Poison Ivy since I went with Miss T on a school Nature Walk at Poplar Grove on a Saturday morning - September 1st to be exact.

The next day, I noticed little bumps, slightly red in color on both arms and in the crook of my elbows and a terrible urge to scratch.  I began to treat this as if I had Poison Oak, Ivy or such. 

Just as the arms began to heal, last Thursday (Sept 13th) I noticed it on my chest.  It was moving up my neck as if to crawl behind my ear and over to my shoulders.

Looks better today......I figured the bra straps were "carrying" it over to the shoulders.

I put toothpaste on it!  Yep toothpaste.  That Aquafresh Extreme White with the peroxide in it....boy did that feel tingled AND smelled minty fresh!  It seemed to dry it up.

But by Tuesday (yesterday) I had had enough.  18 days of the Mad Itch was more than I needed.  So my friendly Doc looked at it, asked me questions and said "Pitysomethingorother Roses"........HUH?

Luckily she wrote it down for me and gave me a script for Prednisone.

Lovely!  Just lovely.

The worst part of the doctor visit?

Weighing in!

I am swearing off FOOD forever!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Preacher

There was a preacher whose wife was expecting a baby so he went before the congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed a rule that whenever the preacher's family expanded, so would his paycheck. After 6 children, this started to get expensive and the congregation decided to hold another meeting to discuss the preacher's salary. There was much yelling and bickering about how much the clergyman's additional children were costing the church. Finally, the Preacher got up and spoke to the crowd, "Children are a gift from God," he said. Silence fell on the congregation.

In the back pew, a little old lady stood up and in her frail voice said, "Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too much of it, we wear rubbers." And the congregation said, "Amen."

Friday, September 14, 2007


Last Comic Standing is on at 8pm EST this Wednesday and it's down to the final 2.

Go vote for my NC Native Jon Reep!!!!




Mr Man had made an interesting phone yesterday, so I was told.  So when I got home I checked and sure enough he had called his pension office to request a form......just incase he needed to change the EFT to a different account.

Say what?

Without talking with me first?

Tom and I took a ride over to the Island and stopped at the park to sit and talk.  On the way there I told him he had to "grab em" and be honest with me.....WTF is going on? and why did you call PBA? and what are your intentions?  (I think his Dad was behind that one.)

"How did you know" and of course I reminded him that I know all (lol - uh, the redial button).  He said he was just holding his options open in case he needed to make changes.

So I said "you gonna default on the mortgage? because it is also on a direct draft from our joint account and changing the EFT will cause problems."

Is not sure of his intentions......depends on us, whether we are moving forward or moving on .

See why we need to communicate?  DUH!

He said he was tired of being "in the dark about things"?

What things?


"Excuse me, but you are aware that we have a mortgage, auto payment, utilities, what's the problem?"

I reminded him how much the deposit is; how much these living expenses were along with gas.....he's filled up twice this week, first fill up was $64 and the 2nd was $50.

He just didn't do the math and he couldn't see the big picture overall.  If you have $$ and pay bills and eat and buy household goods or a new pair of shoes and pay for a prescription or 2 and the doctor, and God forbid you have an emergency like tires or battery........................

Trouble is he doesn't do the math.  This is something I've told him all along....he doesn't keep a running balance in his head of expenses.  Is why I suggested he write things down, keep receipts......the "journal" he has is a wire notebook where he can jot down concerns or accomplishments or whatever.

Did I overreact to the medicine?

Maybe.  He said that he was not abusing it....that VA didn't have the drug he'd been taking and that he would "try" theirs and if it worked, fine, if not, he'd know. 

He has complained that the VA meds are not lasting like the Rx he's used to.....I said "well, when I read the pamplet on both meds, the one you're used to is a longer lasting med anyway, didn't you read that?"

Of course not.

So while he's been trying to figure out a good balance, he failed to communicate to me his intentions.  Which I pointed out to him, had we DISCUSSED these things instead of him acting like he was hiding something, we could have avoided the blowup and we would not have both felt like we couldn't trust the other.  Instead we attaced each other and couldn't get to the root of the issue.

I hate fighting with him...........I hate when he acts like I don't know what I'm talking about.  I read the information - he didn't.  It looked to me and others like he was "over medicating" and he may have been.....look what happend last Sunday.

Tom said that incident scared him and I agree it should have.  So I'm saying "see?"......can't mix the meds and drink and be on this makeshift diet.  But we have to communicate EVERYTHING.

Now, have I been "snowed" by an addict?  In the past he had been getting a 30 day supply and not refilling until 30 days were up, so to me that is not a sign of abuse.

Maybe I was pursuaded by outside that was watching his mood and tude and assuming he was intending to just get high.  Maybe we were overreacting.  Maybe not.......

He knows I keep an eye on him for his own sake......I told him he needed to BE and REMAIN healthy at all costs.

He wanted to "fuss" about making him see a new doctor.  Well that's just too bad.  With heart and liver issues it's necessary.  Understood.  I know he hates to hear bad news, but I'm sure they're going to suggest he take the Hep medicine and cut out the's inevitable.

We also discussed his daughter's upcoming nuptials.  He's still insisting that he is not going.  I agree.  Once home I went online to her registry and ordered some items.  I want Tom to fill out the reply in his own handwriting.....I think that is necessary so it doesn't look like it was my needs to come from him.

I'm too hard on him.....his words.  Maybe I am.  I find myself expecting alot from him, yet I don't see it as overbearing.  I harp too much.  He's home, shouldn't I expect certain things like repairs or even vacuum?  Dinner?  What's so hard about that?  I am up everyday going to work or dance...........I don't have the luxury of being a stay at home parent with ample free time.  Give me a break too please.  Geesh for crying out loud I even do the laundry, something he could do without much effort.  No brainers.

But then again, I am female.....the female brain works differently, no, change that, the female brain works BETTER!


LOVE YOU ALL - thanks for putting up with my rants these couple of weeks.  So sorry there hasn't been the normal fun and games gaiety.  Hopefully that will change soon.  You have all kept me thinking and searching and pondering my actions and reactions.  You keep me sane and laughing.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Going to Jail?


That is what I was told by Mr Man this morning. 

Because I "am in possession of a controlled substance not prescribed to me".........however, I reminded him that "I do not possess them, they are in HIS home and HE is taking them."  I am only making sure that he doesn't accidently overdose.

I said "go ahead and have me arrested for trying to keep a drug addict alcoholic from killing himself or someone else" because I am not afraid of going to jail.

1)  I know the sheriff...

2)  I am known by a couple of judges and several attorney's...

3)  I do not have prior records of drug use and dui.....

4)  The charge won't stick anyway....

5)  I look good in orange!

My attorney friend told me a couple of years ago that if I ever needed assistance with getting help for Mr Man he would be willing to go into the judge's chambers on my behalf.  So...go ahead, arrest me!!  LOL.

Mr Man states that "there will be reprocussions" in his journal entry of today.

But I have a plan too, Mr Man.  You have a Dr appt on Tuesday.  I'm going to get into a heated debate with you tonight which will result in my giving back your drugs with the statement "here, go ahead, take them, kill yourself if that's what you want"........therefore you will begin your over medication and I will suggest a toxicity report be done on Tuesday.

I did go by the new Doc's office today to pick up the medical release form.  I asked the intake lady if I could specify certain "ailments"...she said "such as?" and I had her list "alcohol" and "drug abuse".

She also gave me all of the intake papers to fill out for a new patient.  That way we'll be ahead of the game.  She got the impression that this was a very serious appointment for me.

I have every feeling that Tom is on his way out......out of my life and he knows it.

How do I feel about that?  Sad.....he has such potential.  He can be a fun and loving person.  But he's out of control and it doesn't seem that he wants to be "normal" whatever that is.

He likes his addictions and he doesn't want to change.

Maybe it's time to let him go and let him live his life.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Broken Table


Tom fussed this morning because I have his medicine planned out....he has 3 for today.  Not getting anymore until a doctor tells me it's ok.  His reactions are so much like that of an addict.  Scarey how easy it is to pinpoint.    The anger, the irrational mood, always someone else's fault, everyone's out to get me theory.  Sweet.

Something/someone broke  the side of my kitchen table.  Pushed in the frame and splintered off a piece of the moulding.  It wasn't like that last night when I put the meds by his chair.

Wasn't me.

Wasn't Miss T or Roomie.

Mr Man got home from "work" at 2pm today and read the note I left (nice, table is broken) and said "what makes you think I broke the table?"

Well for starters, it's right where he sits; he's been slamming and banging and cussing and fussing right there at this particular

I dunno.  I must be crazy right?

Crazy is that it is 3pm and he's in bed.  Pouting I'm sure.  He'll probably still be there when I get home.  It's his M.O. these days.


Mom met me half way to pick up Miss T so that I could get her to dance.  We're here at the j-o-b and she'd doing homework.  She has ballet technique today.

Did I mention that yesterday Miss T had a bug bite "you know where"?  Yikes and Ouch!  A bath and a little A&D ointment on it overnight, she says it feels better.  I wouldn't let her wear a leotard or her tights to dance yesterday because of it....not today either.  Need to let it heal.  Poor baby!!                            

Speaking of dance.....she's doing tap this year but HATES it.  It's one reason we quit doing it years ago and just went to clogging for 5 years.  But the studio owner wants the lyrical and jazz competition classes to also do tap....Miss T is hating it.  Plus I don't think it's fair to MAKE her do a competing company when she is not up on the steps.  Plus.....she's stressing over it.

I'm going to have to tell the owner NO MORE.  Just say No. ROFL!!!

Time to head to dance.....................

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


First the fun stuff....

my pool was soooooooo divine tonight.  The temp was perfect, the breeze was light and the air temp was fantastic.  I sat in my float with my head tilted back and just stared up at the stars. 

     Totally beautiful.

I'd only had one drink.  But after the afternoon I'd had I deserved it.  I was home, TnT were at dance.

We counted Tom's Rx pain 13 days he had taken 51 pills......the rx was written for 3 per day as needed.  He's only upright about 12 hours a day so that means he's over medicating.

This would explain his recent behavior.  He's OD'ing.


He is not eating much; he's mixing alcohol and the meds.

So what did I do?  I had sent an email to his Dad explaining a few things after I had sent the pics.  I decided to call Dad (lives in FLA) this afternoon.  I caught him in the middle of his dinner and offered to call back, but he said "No, what's up?"

I replied "Well, Tom....." he said "yeah I've been talking with him a couple of times."

I said "oh good, then he's told you he's doubling his pain meds...."

He started in with a "I don't want to go into this................."


This is the 2nd time he has questioned my efforts.  It willbe the last.  I do not EVER expect to talk with this jackass again EVER!

He cannot act rationally - with understanding and concern...he is more worried about his own embarassment of having failed as a father............his sister's children were "perfect", made a name for themselves.   But his children have been less than perfect.  That he cannot face.

So, sey la vie! 


Once home, I wrote Mr Man a note telling him I had counted his scripts and that it was obvious he was abusing....but not anymore.  I set them up for 2 pills per day and I've hidden the drugs.  He didn't take too kindly to that.

As a matter of fact, he balled up the note and tossed it away.  Then he got it back, smoothed it out and wrote "BullShit" on it.


I'm the bad guy...........again!  Of course.

I am really tired of this drama.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's you know where your hubby is??

Still on the back deck passed out!  ROFLMAOPIMP!!!  The fool was still on the deck!  See??? It's dark!

The girls and I took off....left him there....we went to our fav pizza/sub joint on the beach (and believe it or not Lanny, I did NOT have a sub!) and had pizza.  The wind was nice, the sky was awesome and Gabrielle was about 1.5 hrs to our North.  We only got drizzles during last night and this wind.

We went on the beach to look at the surf.  It was awesome.  Ya know, Jim Cantore is on N Topsail Beach, but we didn't see him darnnit!! 

Here's a shot of the surf at Surf City.  Look how the salt spray had gotten on my lense.


It was quite windy and the air and water temperature was divine.  Just what us girls needed.

Earlier today (3pm) Miss T and I had driven down to Wrightsville Beach.  Guess it was just a beachin day!

This is the drawbridge onto the Island.  We were on the Island side when I took this picture.

Now which one of these is mine???

This is a zoomed shot of the end of Mercer's Pier. 
To the North I could see the darkness of the storm.

That's all for now....aren't ya glad!


Name this Tune...




The short and skinny of it is.....I left at 1:30pm, he left at 1:50pm.  Picked up cash from job, had a glass of wine and proceeded to the sports bar till about 5pm.

He was very slow getting out of the truck.....walking in circles holding on and bouncing from truck front to pool side and into the bushes.  Then hit the side of the house and tried to climb the stairs....I said "you're going to fall".............

I called his friend J and said he F'n no longer can work for you because THIS is what I'm dealing with and J said to him "I don't need you"....but Tom wouldn't hear him.....Passed out!

Lovely, friggin lovely!

Friday, September 7, 2007



Friggin finally! 

Plans?  Well, yes some.

Miss T has an excursion on Saturday morning 10-12 with the science teacher.  Parents are invited along to hike a nature trail and have a picnic lunch....that is IF the info comes home today from school.  Then she has solo practice.

Otherwise, I seem to be free!

What do I need to do?

1.  Laundry roflmao

2. Clean MY room....imagine that!

3. Organize Miss T's room me Jesus!

4.  Get in my 4th bedroom aka junk / crafts room and get busy!

Guess I'd better stop by the drug store for some motivation tablets.

Hmmmmm I didn't see POOL mentioned....hopefully I can take a dip this weekend before it begins to rain on Sunday.  L99 is lurking out there wanting to be a storm I'm told.

We do need the rain.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Give a Tom a cookie.....


and he'll just want a glass of milk......or Give A "Tom a Praise" and you'd be assured that there will be a slip.  You know the drill......."proud of ya for containing your drinking this weekend - yay you!"  and "it was nice to get out, alone together for a change" or "hold hands" or......


Wednesday I have Mom pick Miss T up from school (Tom's working) with the idea of taking her to the restaurant and him bringing her on in for dance.  BUT.....he's off early, just sitting there waiting for them to show up, so I suggested they all just meet at home so he can shower and T can get her homework done.

Mr Man tells Miss T that he "had a glass of wine" at the restaurant after work  (while waiting for her).  So she calls me to tell me this while he's in the shower.

He calls back.........I ask him and he admits YES....and says "you told me if I were honest I wouldn't get into trouble".......


HELLO!   OK yes, I said "be honest with me" instead of denying it,


You still can't drink AND drive my child around.  I said "the rule is you will NOT drink and drive my child anywhere period!"  Therefore Miss T did not make it to her dance class. 


What makes this glass of wine (or any alk) a bigger problem is the heavy narcotics he's taking for the knee pain.  Combined could be very nasty.

Ya know, my mom reminded me that Ron White says it best......
"Ya can't fix stupid"

Come to find out he was going to pour himself a Tea glass full of wine once home until Miss T stopped him (roomie watched it).  He said he wasn't going to pour a drink.  HUH?  Why have an empty glass and reach for a bottle?  He doesn't get it.........we're not stupid.

He shut himself up in the bedroom....I called him the 8th Dwarf, Pouty --- maybe I should change that to Baby.  He didn't want to talk to me.  And NO he wasn't "drunk", I guess he was just irritated because he "can't do anything right". 

Trouble Miss T is asking "did I do something wrong?" but roomie and I keep assuring her that it does not have anything to do with her or anything that she did or said.

He is upset.  He has told me before that he is having a hard time accepting that he is going to have to make changes in his lifestyle...that he is "scared" of the thought of quitting the drink. 

After watching his crazy NY friend this weekend, he actually said THANK YOU to me for helping him not be a drunk and strung out on drugs.  Sooooooooooooo...................