Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dis'd a friend and feeling like Kah-Kah for it.



I do love my cindilouwho to pieces......

She is getting married in 2 weeks....this weekend was to be a combined "Batch" party (never heard of one) and we were all going to meet for dinner in the city...then head back home to the Island to hit some "joints".

Now, a little history first....

Last Thursday night I came home looking for a bit of peace n quiet.  Called Cindilouwho to discuss her pictures...uploaded some to print locally; black n white'd one for her blah, blah, blah. 

While I was on the phone, Miss T sits by me working on homework and asking questions;  Roomie comes over and sits with me telling me of her recent inquisitions for a new boyfriend or two and dates she's lining up; Tom is at the top of the hall waiting for me to help him change the sheets.  Phones are a ringing all around me; computers are a buzzing.

I yelled "CAN'T I GET 5 MINUTES TO MYSELF?!?!?!" 

and cleared the room.


My Nanny called and said she had taken a call from my dead X's brother and that I HAD to call him it was important! 

Of course THAT pissed me off #1 that this brother was calling #2 that he called my Nanny #3 that she was telling me what to do #4 acting like I was the bad guy.

Seems that they can haunt you from the grave after all.

The man's father died 5 years ago just 4 months ahead of my X.  (Hey I am HAPPY about thisOK?  So don't go offering me condolences....long story!)

They had sold the property and since the X is dead, of course Miss T is the next heir and it seems they NEED me to sign off for her so that they can "settle" this matter.  Yes, it means that she will inheirit a small amount.  Nevertheless, I HAVE to call the lawyer taking care of this matter.  FINE!  I'll call him, NOT the X family member.

Can you feel the love yet???

Oh I was pacing the floor as I was talking with my Nanny.....herattitude that I NEEDED and HAD to do things and she didn't understand why I was so against it all and .............grrrrrrrrrrrr.

FINE!  Friday I called the attorney and he filled me in; I faxed him a copy of the birth certificate and SS card;  he said if he needed more, he had my number and address and he would contact me.

Easy.............I knew it would be.

My Nanny shows up on Friday to apologize to me.  Hoping that she had not done something wrong.   I assured her that she had not.  Also that they know my address and they could have just had the attorney drop me a letter.


Saturday I am actually home alone!  (Well Tom is here too but...)  Miss T went to a friend's for a sleep over and Roomie was off on a date.  I was busy cleaning out my spare bedroom and doing laundry and cooking Martha's shrimp recipe (yummmy) and just bobbin along.

Not wanting to go to this dinner.  Really not in to going at all.  Hear me, I love my friend, but I think overkill is well, overkill.  She wants all perfect.   I want/need time to myself ALONE. 

Tom says "sure wish we'd gone to Myrtle Beach this weekend"......

I began to pack and said "Let's go!"....he didn't think I was serious, so he laid down.  I said "Come on!" as I was folding some clothes. 

Off we went.........shocked him!  He said "You know, you need to get away and SMILE again and have some fun."

I agreed.

My time is being overrun by lots and lots of miscellaneous stuff.  Job, dance, wedding, pageant, family etc.

Sunday I am meeting and DID meet with the little girl I'm to do her hair and makeup for an upcoming pageant.  The pageant is NEXT weekend.  The Next weekend is the WEDDING of which I am expected to be at the bride's mother's home to prepare for this garden event AND the rehearsal of Friday night.  And of course be back Saturday morning to prepare for the 4pm event.


I called the daughter of my friend and said "I'm running away, let your Mom know I won't be making it for the dinner tonight...I'm stressed!"

Friend calls me OH SO PISSED!

Gives me the "of all nights, you pick TONIGHT to run off KNOWING how much this means to me and you ARE one of my bridesmaid's and I was EXPECTING us ALL to ........I am so disappointed."

Stab, stab, twist.....I'm feeling the guilt.

I said "Please don't be mad at me, but I'm so stressed over this and that .... I just need a break."

Oh she was not happy.

I feel like Kah-kah!

You have to remember - she is not one that likes her apple cart upset.  When there is a kink in the plans, she reacts, and it's not always in the rational way.  I mean, come on, this is her 4th marriage (her first "real" wedding and his first) ...... are we making just a weeeeee little too much over the little details?

Me?  Well....I'd at least try to understand, but I didn't get a chance to tell her my WHOLE story...she still doesn't know about the dead X's brothers call.  That in itself set me off.

(Ya still feeling the love?)

It isn't like I haven't done ANYTHING for this wedding.....we've been bridal dress shopping twice (taking pictures); returning once; flower shopping oh about 8 times; I made her bouquet (only to have her decide to use REAL flowers instead); I took their pictures on the beach, resized and cropped them AND uploaded them for print AND paid for them.  I have agreed to help set up the decorations; bought 2 dresses and shoes (one for me and one for Miss );  Tom had to get a new suit (he left his on the side of the road in Jacksonville FLA, ok really it was stolen from our truck...another story)................HELLO?

I'm not complaining.....and I haven't complained.  Even when she sent me a venting email about how "no one" was helping (????)......

I bit my tongue and did not reply to it....just let her vent.


All this from a woman who has only been to 2 weddings in her life; only been an attendant in one - MINE! and she's tellling us what's what.

Come on.........she's having us all dress "formal" and we're having a "pig picking bbq reception" and the DJ is going to play the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide.  Not to mention that this is the 3rd revision of the same wedding; dates and places have been changed more than my socks!

I may not have any hair left soon.


And YES, Tom and I had a nice evening away....stayed at Broadway at the Beach and listed to the band at Margaritaville. 

Peace and Quiet!

Now I remember what that is............



cuteallison1980 said...

I feel for you.  Life can get so complicated and stressful at times.  Seems like many things all seem to happen all at once.  I'm sure she will be ok eventually.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Let me prescribe you a chill pill and a smile and hopefully things will look better in the morning. : )


deshelestraci said...

OH. MY. Stars.  What a mess.  4th marriage and acting like this?!  Hello.  Get a life!
Good luck, hon.  

imgr8phil said...

Sounds like the evening had a happy ending with Jimmy Buffet.  Hope you have a good week, one without so much stress.


eml625 said...

OMG ! There is so much said, where do I start?
Dont worry about the bride, she'll get over it. The whole legal thing, you did it the right way, through lawyers.
I hope your de-stress yourself by next weekend.

ukgal36 said...

You do what you want's your life..sometimes we just have to say NO

garnett109 said...

hell i got stressed just reading this!

queeniemart said...

your girlfriend is so into herself right now that she isnt seeing clearly or realizing that others have lives and their own problems. I am sure when its all over you both can take a deep breath and pray she doesnt marry again.

chat2missie said...

Weddings always bring out the worst in the bride.  I'm sure she'll understand you needed me time in a few days.  Enjoy your Monday.

madcobug said...

Whew! I am tired already. I need a break for Mrytle Beach after all that. Helen

mpnaz58 said...

I know your friend doesn't understand because its all about HER, HER wedding, HER dinner, HER blah blah blah.  What about YOU??  Does anyone ever stop and listen to you and what you need, want?  So many of us spend so much time pleasing, doing, serving others, that we neglect ourselves.  It eventually comes to a head.  Looks like you finally hit the wall.  Put it aside...fulfill your obligations, then come back yourself!  You nurture so many others, even in your own household.  Who nurtures Sharon?
xoxo ~Myra

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you had a bad day,I hope you can get some Me time soon.You deserve it.HAve a nice day.