Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Broken Table


Tom fussed this morning because I have his medicine planned out....he has 3 for today.  Not getting anymore until a doctor tells me it's ok.  His reactions are so much like that of an addict.  Scarey how easy it is to pinpoint.    The anger, the irrational mood, always someone else's fault, everyone's out to get me theory.  Sweet.

Something/someone broke  the side of my kitchen table.  Pushed in the frame and splintered off a piece of the moulding.  It wasn't like that last night when I put the meds by his chair.

Wasn't me.

Wasn't Miss T or Roomie.

Mr Man got home from "work" at 2pm today and read the note I left (nice, table is broken) and said "what makes you think I broke the table?"

Well for starters, it's right where he sits; he's been slamming and banging and cussing and fussing right there at this particular

I dunno.  I must be crazy right?

Crazy is that it is 3pm and he's in bed.  Pouting I'm sure.  He'll probably still be there when I get home.  It's his M.O. these days.


Mom met me half way to pick up Miss T so that I could get her to dance.  We're here at the j-o-b and she'd doing homework.  She has ballet technique today.

Did I mention that yesterday Miss T had a bug bite "you know where"?  Yikes and Ouch!  A bath and a little A&D ointment on it overnight, she says it feels better.  I wouldn't let her wear a leotard or her tights to dance yesterday because of it....not today either.  Need to let it heal.  Poor baby!!                            

Speaking of dance.....she's doing tap this year but HATES it.  It's one reason we quit doing it years ago and just went to clogging for 5 years.  But the studio owner wants the lyrical and jazz competition classes to also do tap....Miss T is hating it.  Plus I don't think it's fair to MAKE her do a competing company when she is not up on the steps.  Plus.....she's stressing over it.

I'm going to have to tell the owner NO MORE.  Just say No. ROFL!!!

Time to head to dance.....................


chat2missie said...

Enjoy your evening.

ktkamanski said...

Maybe him resting is the best thing for everyone. I never liked tap either, don't blame her! I hope your evening is quite and remains peaceful for a good nights sleep. Take care of you and enjoy!

garnett109 said...

My name is John I'm an alcoholic , plus I was addicted to vicodin es .
Sharon he has to want to quit.
Pills are hard to quit.
Trust me I stick up for no man who would let his evils over take his life.
Tom has a bigger problem than you can fix.
Hope Miss T gets better.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Oh i hate when the "not me" ghost shows up.  He lives at my house too. haha.  Poor Miss T.  Not a tap dancer huh?  I bet she's good at dancing though. : )  love ya, Shelly

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))I dont know if I told you this before,but I was very,very addicted to Tyonal 3,still want one this day.Let me tell you,I would take 10 to 15 in 2 days.I know,it is scary.My Sister N law told my Mom I was taking them,the Doc just kept prescribing them to me and finally cought on.i hope things go right for you.Nite Nite.

queeniemart said...

sorry to hear that Miss T has a boo boo...yikes and also that she is doing tap and hates long does it last?
Tom needs to fix the damn table.

imgr8phil said...

About your bitchmode yesterday . . . I wouldn't call it bitching, just concern over someone you care about.  Unfortunately you cannot make him do what you want, he'd be better off if he did listen to you.  At least you have Miss T to make you proud.  Take care and have a good Thursday.  


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

OH...boy...I so know what your talking about...and that is what Mark does if we don't have beer money or if I have pain meds and wont give him any...goes to bed and pouts...LOL...well...better to have them in bed then in our faces! Hope things get better..will be praying for you!  Hugs,TerryANn

cuteallison1980 said...

Sorry to hear about Miss T.  Naughty bug!  Sorry to hear about your table.  Luv ya!


eml625 said...

Stay strong hun, your doing all you should be doing. He's adding to a problem he already has, not good.
big hugs,

randlprysock said...

I always wanted to do tap.... it must be hard.  Sorry to hear she isn't enjoying it.  I think dance may be where I am headed with Courtney.  Cheerleading can be so dangerous that I am not sure I want her to continue with it.  So sorry to hear of all this stuff you are going through with Tom.  I know it must be great relief though to be able to write it in your journal.  I love coming to my journal and putting down these rough things in there that happen... friends like you and others surround me with love and support.  I just want you to know we are here for you.  Hugs,