Friday, June 29, 2007


Today is my wedding anniversary.

Whoop de do.

"Happy" is not describing it......of the past week Mr Man thinks telling me a lie about whether or not he's drinking is the thing to do.

He knows I hate lies.

Lies just make me madder.

Tueday he went fishing with his friend Jim.....the boat was docked at 5:30pm (according to my Mom - her boat); at 7:30pm they drove into my yard and parted ways, only for Tom to go "out to eat".  Claimed not to have had anything to drink.

Funny.....I smell it.

He cannot explain why he tells the tales.

He had been to the 10pm he wasn't home, I cancelled the card.


PLUS, he doesn't understand why I'm apprehensive about the cruise with his Dad next June (Dad turns 80 in May - wanted family cruise). 

I am afraid..............

...........yes, afraid.

I don't like confinement.  I don't want to experience any anxiety attacks of my own while with "the family". 

I don't know what to do.........

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poor Lil Ronnie Riches
(seems to be my MO this week)
Please refer to the entry above and you'll get an understanding of my work drama.
Work, yes. 
Boss's daughter got a job as a hostess, not too much money involved here.  It was not her first choice...she wanted a job at a small department store (she applied and was accepted and daddy made her take the other because the "money" would be better).  The smoke filled restaurant was causing her headaches etc.  So now she is working at a car wash.  She turned 18 early this year and opened her own checking account.  Her debit card was mailed to the home and daddy confiscated it.  We've (all) had a small war about "invasion of privacy" and how "illegal" it is to open an "adult's" mail.  (There is a step-Mom).
The kid is spending what little money she makes....eating out at McD's, KFC, etc.  Daddy made a comment to me that "she doesn't need to be spending her money going out to eat" and I asked WHY? when that's the way she has been raised.  (History:  Daddy's Credit Card has way too much spent on it in restaurants and not your everyday McyD's or Pizza either - I'm talking more high class style.  Step-Mom ?  Please!  Her CC is so outrageous it stinks).
Daddy made kid write HIM a report (500 words) on Poverty (go figure).  He asked me yesterday to read it for clarity and spelling.  Let me tell ya.....the first half of it was technical.  The second half was more of her Grandma's words followed by her own synopsis. 

It was so far OFF what real poverty is all about.  Which brings me to my point of reference from the entry above by DARE TO THINK.
Bossman has not allowed this family to know hard times.  He can't expect kid to write a "proper" paper (as punishment) when she has never been exposed to the real world where friends or family have actually been destitute for bare living essentials.
I have experienced food stamps and medicaid when Miss T was young and her bio-Dad was NOT paying for our home needs and then NOT paying child support. 
It actually made me mad.  And still does.....they have no clue.....the car breaks down, they CC it and we pay it; $1000 spent on a skateboard ramp (12 yr old); $1000 on a surfboard (15 yr old); both have cell phones which one of these kids swims with regularly - replaced by daddy; $1500 last month on clothes; dog grooming; (wife doesn't work) pool boy; lawn care; and the best of all............
............"I can't afford to give you a raise".................
However, we did notice that since OUR last raise 3 years ago, wifey has had a 50% increase......................hmmmmmmmm.
Time for a change.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


  It's YOUR (  sugarsweet056 ) DAY!!!


ENJOY and have a great birthday!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


................Texas Pete is red hot sauce!!!

I forget we're not all just across the street!

The Redrum belonged to the temporary roommate.

BUSTED him good fashion.

So far....he has not tasted our new concoction.  Oh but when he does.......... we are keeping tabs on this one. 

All the bottles are now marked with small silver dots.  Most of the bottles have not been opened or belong to me, not something that he would enjoy.  Like the coconut rum or the guavaberry rum straight from St Marteen; some sweet ones like Irish Creme, Kahlua, Frangelico, Peach Schnapps; and some unopened wine.

Wow, that list makes ME sound like the alky! LOL

I must be psycho!


Friday's entry about the Redrum must have been a sign........

For when I got home my part time roommate mentioned a smell of "not mouthwash" on Tom's breath....

She and I had been talking about the level of alcohol in the bottles and how we should mark them (something I've done in the past) and she noted that the Redrum was at a certain level of just under the REDRUM front label.

Well upon looking it over, lo and behold the level had dropped.  Now Tom had run down to the pizza joint to see his life long friend.  By 6pm he was NOT home, so she and I decided to go out to eat.

When we returned he was home and quite inebriated and denying it.

DUH....he must really be dumb or think I'm stupid.

PLUS he had picked up Miss T from my Mom's and drove her to get a pizza (different restaurant)



I made a point to tell him I knew he was telling a lie about drinking at the Pizza joint earlier and about what he had BEFORE leaving the home.

Guess what?  We spiked the Redrum..........

............with Texas Pete!!!!  

Next time, he'll get a bast for sure, then I'll have proof with da pudding.

 (That's a CAPTITAL "B" thank YOU!!)


  It rained off and on this weekend, we needed it badly.  Only had pool time on Saturday afternoon just before the storm.  We are going to need to get a new filter - even after cleaning it I think it is going to be the best solution to spring for a new one.



I found a cute pair of dressy, black & rhinestone sandles to wear in Cindilouwho's wedding,...I shall take a picture of them to share.  I did finally try on my will need to be altered (YAY) as it is a bit big in places....not that I've lost any weight, but in the way it is cut.


My step-Dad's birthday was on Saturday and Miss T baked him a German Choc Cake...I had bought him 3 DVD's and a gift card to the steak house.  Mom took him out on a dinner boat cruise.  He's da big 69 this year.

Saturday was an expected yet unexpected call from my friend "T" saying that her mother had passed that morning.......we had just been talking about this on Friday because Hospice was coming in the home to help take care of her.  How sad.  Funeral is Wednesday.

So I'm rambling.....must mean it's time to sign out!

Have a great week y'all!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Open Before Drinking!

Look at the directions for this delicious rum.  It actually says "Open Before Drinking".......ummmmm yeah......

I found it humorous and just had to fill ya in.  So many different warnings and instructions are on our products these days.

Shampoo:  Lather, rinse, repeat.

How many times do you repeat?  Till the bottle's empty?

How else would you "drink" this Rum?  After breaking the bottle over the head of your drunk friend?  or christening your truck?

Isn't it sad that this type of instruction HAS to be placed on the product? 

Warnings on hair dryers:  do not use in shower.  Well, isn't THAT where the hair gets wet to begin with?  Seems mute to "dry" the hair in the shower anyway.

I think I'll hit the Redrum bottle when I get home!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


   ......sorry about that......

I was in the middle of an entry and realized I had to go out to one of our job sites; a home the boss is building for himself....his wife keeps saying she WON'T move into it. 

Was a funny trip....3 story home, drywall stages.   I arrived and there were 2 south of the border's there.  I waited in my car till my co-worker showed up. 

Our mission was to get roof slate tiles.....she wanted several for her turtle aquarium and I just wanted some broken pieces as well as solids to play with.  I'm thinking PAINT on these, just for fun.

Anywho, she, being the ditzy one, was looking around the ground floor and said "where's the stairs?"

We went all around the bottom "looking" for the, I had noticed a large piece of plywood nailed in place when we entered and I remembered from the plans --- stairs.  She says "must be where the elevator goes".......remember she's the ditzy one, not to mention that she had already noticed the slant in the wall.  She says "no wonder wife doesn't want to move in...there's no stairs to the other floors....!"

After she rounded the 3rd time I said "ya know, the stairs are behind that piece of plywood.  It keeps the subs from going in and pissin and crappin in the toilets and tubs....".

    Well....I'm not sure I remember where I was going with my summertime story.............guess I'm getting C.R.S.

 I do remember summers as a youngster (under 12) were spent along the sound at Wrightsville Beach near the Coast Guard Station.  This was long before the luxury homes invaded the sands. 

      There was plenty of roadside (free) parking; we walked over and through sandspurs to our usual spot.  I dared the depths of the sound here....swimming out past one of the lengthy piers from a home (oh prob only 100') and almost making it out to one of the channel markers.

The water was shallow enough to play in, up to the waist for several feet out.  The wake was very light, no threat of being knocked down.  Once in a while we'd get a large yacht through and it would produce waves enough to body "surf" on especially if the tide was coming in.


Mom liked to grill hot dogs to take with us....chips and melons and plenty of drink came along too.  One of the worst things we had to watch out for was the dreaded touch and you were having a major hurt.  They always said meat tenderizer worked best.  I never was stung so I cannot comment.


The common thing to find was hermit crabs.  I'd find several and take them home for "pets" only to have them die after about 2 days.  What did I know about fish???

Normally I had a friend come along.  We would walk around the inlet and back up towards the then Crystal Pier.  I am amazed that we walked so far ..........that Mom let us.  There was a Jetty just past the Coast Guard Station and sometimes we'd walk out on it.  It's a wonder we didn't slip and fall or get snatched up.

We would be so hot and tired by the days end.....and no air conditioning in the car.  What a nasty ride all sandy and sticky.  Sometimes we'd take my Papa's truck and ride in the back....that was fun.  Once home a pound of sand would fall out of our suit into the tub because of so much body surfing.

  I still love to walk along the beach and pick up shells.  The crazy thing is, the beach house is empty and I haven't even gone over there since April, and that was just to ride by and check on things.  Something's wrong with this picture.  Maybe after Tom's heel is better we'll get over there - hopefully BEFORE school starts. 

Why don't we spend weekends there?????????????  You know's a lot of trouble to pack up EVERYTHING from clothes to food.

What a crybaby I have to take some comfort items and necessities.  Big deal!  I should just DO IT!!!!

(BOY did I almost just screw up this entry!!!  Hit a wrong button, but recovered!  Whew!!)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Summertime's Calling Me

It's tough.....I am in the mood for lazytown.  Summer is here in full force; the pool is beautiful; girls just wanna have fun!

Although this morning the pool filter was acting a bit funny so I stepped in and disconnected hoses to drain them out.  Mr Man came outside to help out so that I could head on to work. be continued...............

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tom, Tom, Tom......

Men will be men as we all know all too well.

About a month ago, maybe 5 weeks, he got out of bed quickly thinking he could still walk like he was 25 and must have pulled his achilees tendon.  So he's been limping around not saying anything about it until this past week.

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HELLO!  I urged him to see his doc and he did this past Monday who was going to refer him to another doc. 

Well, remember the last time he was going to refer him to the cardiologist????  We still haven't got THAT appointment yet.  So I said "Tom call Dr O'Malley when you get home Monday" and lo and behold he DID. 

Dr O saw Tom today and said yep it may be ruptured, wear this soft bootie and let's get an MRI.  He has an MRI appt on Sunday (of all times) at 9:30am.  From there we'll see if he needs surgery.

Now I'm on my way to the pharmacy to meet him to purchase the crutches.

Lovely, just lovely.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lazy Dayz & Enjoying every minute! has felt so nice just to be lazy.

Friday afternoon I got home around 3pm....Tom had taken Miss T around the corner to a friend's house for a sleep over.  It was about 94 degrees that day and my pool was very inviting.  So I obliged it and dove in.  So very glad I did.....what a delight.  The water was a perfect 80 and there was a light breeze.  I tooled around in the pool, alone....till I finally convinced Tom to join me.

 (It's good to be Queen)

It was good for us to spend the time alone.  He gets in such a funk.....we get out about 5:30pm and shower and head to O'Charley's for dinner.

The cook messed up my favorite salad, the Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders Salad....minus bleu cheese of course.   He forgot the pecan crusted chicken and I got plain tenders and NO pecans....grrrrr.  I had Mr Waiter Man go "fire the cook" and bring me my pecans.

After dinner I strolled through the local Wallyworld then over to Target.  I wanted to buy "High School Musical" and watch it with Tara (we didn't get the chance to),.....the dance recital is going to have the Finale doing one of the dances "We're All In This Together" should be an awesome ending to the 10 year anniversary of the Dance Studio.

Saturday Tom got up early to head to his Doctor's office (yes he's open till 1pm on Sat's) but they were not in the office.  So he rambled around window shopping and brought home a new 12x12 canopy.  Tara called me around 8:30am asking if she could go on the boat with the friend and her parents and I said "sure" and took her a bathing suit.


They weren't going out till later in the afternoon, so I suggested they come enjoy the pool....I had 4 little girls squealing from 10:30 until about 2:30pm.  Of course I enjoyed it myself -- it was so nice just to lay in my spring float and soak in some sun.  It was so hot.

After the 2 little sisters went home I let Miss T and her friend swim till about 3:30 and told them they had to come out and take a break....I fixed them each a Capri Sun w/electrolytes drink and made them stay inside.  Especially since they were going boating about 5.

My parents invited us out to eat so we decided on Texas Roadhouse at 6:30pm.....a very nice dinner with good conversation.

I dropped by a friend's house for a short visit to see her new grandbaby.....changed a diaper and put on little miss's pj's while her grammy ate her dinner.  Then it was off to pick up Tara at 9pm.


For some reason I got a burst of energy on Sunday.  My "roommate" is coming back for a short visit so I dove into my spare bedroom and cleaned it out....dumping out drawers, dusting, vaccum, changed linens.  I also picked up an old project and wondered why I had never finished it. 

Next I wanted to go through and update photo albums but that's an all day affair so I put it off till I have time to spread out. 

Laundry of course.........cleaned Miss T's bathroom.....made a chicken pot pie for tomorrow's dinner AND painted on 4 T-shirts for Tara's little girls she helps teach ballet and tap to on Thursday's.  2 more to do and finish up the others. 

Whew!  Who am I and what have I done with myself?????

I'm beat up!  I shall call my chiropractor for an appointment!

It's time for my beauty rest FINALLY!!!!  The dreaded W-O-R-K will come early enough tomorrow.

Nite all!!

Friday, June 8, 2007





Thursday, June 7, 2007



Green is the color of paper money in the great old USofA.  Going along with my "savings" entry of yesterday I should say that at the beginning of the year I decided to save my silver coins.

         I've been good at it.....the change in my pocket goes into a container.  One time I have rolled coins - placed them away safely.  The gold mine is in the bottom of my pocketbook....sometimes there is $15 in there.  I keep the coin rollers at work and occassionally stack and roll them.

I was hoping to have a grand sum at the end of the year.

Now I know I'll need to !!!!  

Tom's Dad will turn 80 next year.....the kids want to take him on a cruise.  So there's a minimum $3,000 needed right there.  I will NOT be in a room without a window or balcony .... claustraphobia. 

         The problem is that they are looking at doing this in May right when the kids are having the end-of-grade tests.  I'm not about to let Miss T get messed up here.  Either they go the month BEFORE or the week after.  Otherwise, it will only be Tom going.

Unreasonable?  I don't think so.  We're talking 5th grade EOG's of reading, math and science -- 4 days of tests.  She stresses out enough over them anyway.  I wouldn't want her to have to do them AFTER this vacation on the make up day.

Guess I'll just have to work reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy hard to make sure she is prepared one way or the other.

(Isn't Shelly just da best!?!?! Thanks girlfriend!!)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Happy Hump Day


Thankfully it is Wednesday and payweek!  It's amazing how a lot of our focus is on when we get paid.  Remember Mom & Dad said you'd better be saving for a rainy day?

I do have some savings, don't get me wrong.  Which is why I like it when payday comes around.  I am sticking to my plan of saving a certain amount of money each far so good except for the last "Mr Man Episode" in April.  I am also sticking to spending the available funds instead of dipping into the savings.


My newest endeavor will be to save Miss T's money from July thru December of this year.  (Remember her bio-dad is deceased :} - that's a good thing).  A lot of cha-ching is spent on her dance needs - tuition, shoes, attire, etc.  Now she wants to consider taking tap again........that will only add one more to her schedule of ballet tech/lyrical, acrobatics, and jazz.  She has also asked about another solo and maybe a duet with her friend.

OK those last statements might just kill the newest endeavor all the way around.

Nevertheless, I'm going to give it a try.


 Miss T has officially passed 4th Grade.......and is already talking about the 5th Grade Dance (!) and what to wear and who to go with......................

Which has brought up a recent question from her....."Mom, when do you want me to have a boyfriend?"

Well of course my answer was "When you're 20" but she didn't seem to think I was serious.  So I said the usual "you shouldn't be worrying about should concentrate on YOU and school and just having fun, not getting all caught up in some stinkin boy"...that kind of stuff.  Then I gave her my real answer (which is really still 20) and told her oh about 16.

I keep saying that I wish I had not dated until I was 30!

I like Dr Phil's comment.  Sometimes I say it to myself!!