Tuesday, June 19, 2007


   ......sorry about that......

I was in the middle of an entry and realized I had to go out to one of our job sites; a home the boss is building for himself....his wife keeps saying she WON'T move into it. 

Was a funny trip....3 story home, drywall stages.   I arrived and there were 2 south of the border's there.  I waited in my car till my co-worker showed up. 

Our mission was to get roof slate tiles.....she wanted several for her turtle aquarium and I just wanted some broken pieces as well as solids to play with.  I'm thinking PAINT on these, just for fun.

Anywho, she, being the ditzy one, was looking around the ground floor and said "where's the stairs?"

We went all around the bottom "looking" for the stairs.....now, I had noticed a large piece of plywood nailed in place when we entered and I remembered from the plans --- stairs.  She says "must be where the elevator goes".......remember she's the ditzy one, not to mention that she had already noticed the slant in the wall.  She says "no wonder wife doesn't want to move in...there's no stairs to the other floors....!"

After she rounded the 3rd time I said "ya know, the stairs are behind that piece of plywood.  It keeps the subs from going in and pissin and crappin in the toilets and tubs....".

    Well....I'm not sure I remember where I was going with my summertime story.............guess I'm getting C.R.S.

 I do remember summers as a youngster (under 12) were spent along the sound at Wrightsville Beach near the Coast Guard Station.  This was long before the luxury homes invaded the sands. 

      There was plenty of roadside (free) parking; we walked over and through sandspurs to our usual spot.  I dared the depths of the sound here....swimming out past one of the lengthy piers from a home (oh prob only 100') and almost making it out to one of the channel markers.

The water was shallow enough to play in, up to the waist for several feet out.  The wake was very light, no threat of being knocked down.  Once in a while we'd get a large yacht through and it would produce waves enough to body "surf" on especially if the tide was coming in.


Mom liked to grill hot dogs to take with us....chips and melons and plenty of drink came along too.  One of the worst things we had to watch out for was the dreaded jellyfish.......one touch and you were having a major hurt.  They always said meat tenderizer worked best.  I never was stung so I cannot comment.


The common thing to find was hermit crabs.  I'd find several and take them home for "pets" only to have them die after about 2 days.  What did I know about fish???

Normally I had a friend come along.  We would walk around the inlet and back up towards the then Crystal Pier.  I am amazed that we walked so far ..........that Mom let us.  There was a Jetty just past the Coast Guard Station and sometimes we'd walk out on it.  It's a wonder we didn't slip and fall or get snatched up.

We would be so hot and tired by the days end.....and no air conditioning in the car.  What a nasty ride all sandy and sticky.  Sometimes we'd take my Papa's truck and ride in the back....that was fun.  Once home a pound of sand would fall out of our suit into the tub because of so much body surfing.

  I still love to walk along the beach and pick up shells.  The crazy thing is, the beach house is empty and I haven't even gone over there since April, and that was just to ride by and check on things.  Something's wrong with this picture.  Maybe after Tom's heel is better we'll get over there - hopefully BEFORE school starts. 

Why don't we spend weekends there?????????????  You know why...it's a lot of trouble to pack up EVERYTHING from clothes to food.

What a crybaby excuse....so I have to take some comfort items and necessities.  Big deal!  I should just DO IT!!!!

(BOY did I almost just screw up this entry!!!  Hit a wrong button, but recovered!  Whew!!)


jckfrstross said...

have a good hump day:)


am4039 said...

she does sound a little ditzy that lady, lol. I remember summer time when I was younger. Just going out all the time, every single day. Riding bikes and playing till dark.

eml625 said...

Things were so much simpler when we were kids, dont you think? I say the same thing, why dont we go to the beach more, I do live on an Island, surrounded by water !!!!
Enjoy your day!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((HUSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))Have a nice day.

springangel235 said...

Hey, things happen...no apology needed.  I've been in the middle of an entry...left came back, forgot what I was going to say...LOL.  Memories of the beach are wonderful to share...thanks for sharing yours.  Hope your midweek is the best...many hugs and love,

queeniemart said...

i like reading about a beach and your memories!

deshelestraci said...

Great memories.  We used to go to the beach in Glouster, MA.  Great times.

madcobug said...

You have great memories about the beach. It might be a good idea to make some memories with your family now to hold on to for later. I stepped on a jelly fish once not being used to the ocean and beach and didn't know what it was. Talk about stinging an hurting that I did. Helen

mpnaz58 said...

You have a beach house and you don't use it??????  Thats just WRONG!!  Give me the addy, I'll use it!!  Thanks for taking us down memory lane...I love to hear about others' childhood memories...we all have different ones, but they're all the same.  Family.  Take care..
xoxo ~Myra

ktkamanski said...

Love this entry~ Brings back so many memories for me! I love the water, whether it be ocean, lake, pool or pond, I want to be near it! We too have access to a beach house that we are welcome to visit anytime, but don't seem to get there as often as I would like to (kinda for your same reasons). Hope you are enjoying your days! Take care of you and yours! Love your chosen graphics!

newsworthy822 said...

I liked your story!  I grew up on a lake, and although it was not the ocean.. I can relate. LOL. Instead of hermit crabs, we would get "pet" clams. We would get a bunch of them and put them in a gallon ice cream bucket.  It was cool how you could see tracks in the sand where they actually moved.  I also had two turtles and numerous sunfish as pets.  Man, I miss living on a lake! If I had a beach house, you can bet I would be there EVERY weekend!

dondieroy said...

SUCH GREAT MEMORIES.  I remember going to the Beach a lot too.. Lots of great times with my family.
take care,

chat2missie said...

Summertime memories as a kid are the best!

randlprysock said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories Sharon!!!  I think summer childhood memories are among the best of the best... Hugs,

bookncoffee said...

Oh what a nice memory.....except for the hot and sticky part at days end.  LOL.
Glad you recovered your entry.  I often do not.

mumma4evr said...

I remember going to the beach with my mom..getting there as the tide was going out,,,,and hten having to walk so far to get back to Mom....