Thursday, August 31, 2006

He's Here!


Ernesto Aug 31 2006're full of, well, water.   Not much in the wind department that I can tell.  HOLD IT (editing) - NEWS FLASH - I HEAR THE WIND NOW (10:15pm) Seems we've had about 7" of rain since the heavies started around 11am.  Rain slowed down this afternoon and have in the last hour grown heavier.  So as I see this satelite at 17mph he should be above us in about 4 hours and we'll wind it down.  School is on a 2 hour delay Friday.

This crazy weather and the barometric pressure is giving me a headache.  Gonna dope up and hit the sheets soon.

Miss T & I made some homemade apple banana muffins and I mixed up a box of triple chunk chocolate brownies.  So much for a diet!

BTW, I forgot to tell ya that Tom had court this past Monday for the March DUI.........cop didn't show up and neither did the so called witness, so the judge DISMISSED it.  Go figure.  He swears SWEARS this is it!  I reminded him how many times he's said that before and "never say never".   We'll see.....

He also had a Urologist appointment this morning.  Doc said the prostate wasn't "that big" and gave him some meds for BPH and samples of Cialis.  Guess he's getting the picture when I've told him "there's plenty more where you came from".  Sex has NOT been the extra curricular of choice around here, at least not for Tom hehehehe.    I know he's been worried about court and all but damn, he'd better be worried about me!

I did speak with my doc last week about changing my hormone meds.  I don't have the energy that I should have.  She suggested what she takes and I told her I'd be willing to give it a try.  Tired of being "blah" about everyday life stuff.

Well,'s all folks!  Nite!

Flamingo Rain

Heeeere Comes Ernie!



                          th_hurricane.gifth_hurrica2.gif  th_hurricane.gif  th_hurrica2.gifth_hurricane.gif th_hurrica2.gif th_hurricane.gif

Thursday: Showers and thunderstorms...becoming windy. Some locally heavy downpours are possible, especially during the afternoon hours. High near 80F. Winds E at 15 to 25 mph. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected. Localized flooding is possible.
Thursday night: Windy with thunderstorms likely - locally heavy rainfall is possible, especially early. Low 74F. Winds S at 25 to 35 mph. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.
Friday: Partly cloudy and windy with isolated thunderstorms possible. High 81F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

Flamingo Rain Wet n wild I guess....this one's a baby.  Just a big ball of rain.  With all the heavy rain we had last week I would not be surprised to find some large trees uprooted.  We'll be asleep when the "worst" is here, at least I hope I'm sleeping.

 th_Rain.gif So what is your favorite thing to do in the rain?  When I was a young girl I used to sit on my Papa's screened in porch in a rocking chair and just listen to it.  There is something soothing about a steady rainfall.  Nowadays it puts me to sleep!  Most people say they like to read or "enjoy" their mate.

th_iqbz2s.gif In southern NC it'sth_iqbz2s.gif not uncommon for a th_iqbz2s.gif T-storm to pop th_iqbz2s.gif up in the late afternoon th_iqbz2s.gif during the summer, which th_iqbz2s.gif while I'm working seems to be th_iqbz2s.gif 5pm...just when you wanna get th_iqbz2s.gif out of the office.  God has a funny sense of humor here.  Guess He's just insuring the Insurance company will have business.  Lots of wrecks here - why is it that these people can't drive in the rain or snow?  Duh...HELLO!  Friggin slow down!

                                  th_RainDrop.gif th_RainDrop.gif th_RainDrop.gif th_RainDrop.gif th_RainDrop.gif th_RainDrop.gif


Monday, August 28, 2006

ME (of course)

Linda suggested a 25 things about me list beginning the list with "I". She did her's

.....hmmmmm....I can toot my own horn.

1.  I am friendly....rarely do I meet a person I cannot talk to.

2.  I can play a piano and a clarinet and the radio.

3.  I love to you! and myself!  Sitting in a mall people watching or overhearing a conversation - I can find something funny.

4.  I am having more fun as a blonde!  It is true!

5.  I have been married 3 times!  The first was a high school sweetheart; the second doesn't count; and the 3rd time's the charm!

6.  I love to take pictures....normally my camera is at my side because you just never know when there might be something to remember.

7.  I have had fun this year with my family, going on mini excursions to dance conventions or our recent trip to the mountains.  Sometimes you just gotta stop, drop and go!

8.  I began this journal this year just to put my thoughts and happenings in reach out and meet others who had similar interests or experiences.  Boy have I met some characters and I wouldn't trade any of YOU!

9.  I am patiently waiting for some warm, homemade cookies.

10.  I have never been on a cruise....we keep talking about it, and talking and talking..........

11.  I am blessed to have the sweetest little girl.  Tara is so smart and sensitive and talented.

12.  I really want to win the lottery.  Or at least be the runner up!

13.  (I don't do 13)

14.  I grew up in a rural, country area with neighbors that were more like family "where everybody knows your name".

15.  I did not have sex until after I had graduated High School.

16.  I enjoy the music of the 70's and some of the 80's...not so sure I remember the 90's LOL!  Disco was cool!

17.  I have never lived in a City.

18.  I love the color red and yellow.

19.  I love chocolate and cheese, but not together.

20.  I usually have 1000 white lights on my Christmas tree.

21.  I have never been on a commercial plane.

22.  I am totally enjoying my pool.

23.  I am obsessed with grammar, spelling, alignment, coordination, balance.  Thank God for Prozac!

24.  I love to hear the sounds of the ocean and feel the sand beneath my feet.

25.  I think I will go and find a snack now. 

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Feeling better thank you!

Thank you EVERYONE for sending me your well wishes.  I am truly blessed to have such a great extended family.  My head is still stopped up and the nose is running like a race horse and of course there is the cough cough / pee pee syndrome, but it is getting better.

Today is the first day I've felt more like myself since last Monday.  I even aggravated Tom real quick like, so I know I must be feeling better LOL!  We went into town for the afternoon stopping in at Old Navy (Tara 2 shirts & 1 pr pants) and the mall at Limited Too (lace shirt, tank & skirt Tara again!).  I only let her get one outfit in Limited Too - crazy prices in there.  The only time we get more is when we buy off the sale rack for next year!  We did find some steals in Belk where she bought 2 skirts and a shirt for $15 total!  That's right $15!!!!  They were on the 50% rack & take 40% more off!  LOVE IT!

All I got was a cookie slice from the Great American Cookie Company.

And dinner at the Longhorn.

And a Tangerine Frappy drink from Starbucks at Barnes and Noble.

Tom bought a book about aircrafts of the wars.  Tara got herself a 2007 wall calendar of cats.  I love book stores....I can stay in them for hours literally!  But I always get a crick in my neck.....why can't they lay the books down so that the titles read normal instead of us ALL reading with our heads cocked to the right like some weirdo?

We look funny as we pass...."hey how ya doing?"  Well I'd be alright if I didn't have to search the books with my head laying on my right shoulder, how are you?

I like the books on history.  Especially local stuff....I was thumbing (why do they call it thumbing?) through a picturesque memory book of Wilmington: The Way it Was....I remembered some of those pictures, like when Belk was downtown where the library is now.  The F. W. Woolworths on Front Street, my Nanny worked there!  I even showed Tara a picture of the hospital where I was born "James Walker Memorial"....they turned it into a nursing school then later apartments.

There was a neat book about Topsail Island.  Old pictures, before Hurricane Hazel in the 50's and even the recent destruction there of Fran in 1996.  Told of "who was who" and "who founded what" and about the war missle barracades.  I should go back and purchase that little book.  Tara's librarian submitted some information to it and she is listed in the credits.  She'd get a kick out of "autographing" it for Tara!  There is also a picture of my old boss in it.....250 lbs ago! 

I do want to plan another weekend getaway....thinking of Sept 15-18 time.  Possibly up to Kings Dominion just outside of Richmond Virginia.  There is a special on tickets right now - 2 days for the price of 1.  We could take our time!  Do the park Saturday and Sunday then leisurely ride down to Williamsburg to "tour".  Tara has been asking about glass blowing and I remember a place there that they still did that as well as pottery right before your eyes!  Must consult the wallet usually only laughs at me.  Hmmmm, should hit the parents up for some fun money.   After all, can't have them spending my entire inheiritance!

Guess I could just NOT go and SAVE money for CHRISTMAS and maybe go in the SPRING when there's not a lot of PRESSURE going on in our lives like NUTCRACKER and DANCE and probably FLORIDA for CHRISTMAS week........ugh.

I might be talking myself out of the VA trip.............


Friday, August 25, 2006

Houston...we have a problem

Well, I take a few days to get over a nasty, NASTY sinus infection and I come back to J-land to read that one of our favorite readers wants to throw in the towel.  Aw come on now......... don't tell me someone pissed in his cornflakes....whoever it was had better come forth!

Drop a note to our friend and tell him to get back on the horse!  See, I'm a NYYankees fan, so I gotta tread lightly, but others, well, y'all step up to the plate here and knock some sense into John.  There are many days when we all need to read his entries - some are right on the money, some make ya sit back and say "hmmmm", others quite outrageous.....keeps us in stitches!  OK GANG GIVE HIM YOUR BEST SHOTS!

Now, back to me and my nasty, NASTY troubles.  It hit me like 10 tons of brick and mortar.  Started with the sore throat, then grabbed my voice and made me sound like mickey thing I know I'm in bed, face is in constant pain from hair to chin and ear to ear.  Nothing, repeat NOTHING gave me relief.  I tried it all and even overdid it a bit with mixtures of meds....hydrocodone cough syrup, sudafed, benedryl plus my Rx stuff, advill, you name it.  Then my tummy said "Woah - if you don't quit I'm gonna hurl on ya!"....I hate to Ralph so I agreed.

Went to the Doc Thursday morning for my semi-annual antibiotic.  This time she doubled the dose for me.  I took the first day's worth in one shot and by dinner time the pain was gone!  God love medicine!  Now if this darn coughing and peeing on myself would just stop!  It's so nice outside and my pool water is perfect, but Noooooooo I gotta be sick!  Maybe by Saturday or at least Sunday I'll feel like a dip! (That's taking a dip not "a dip" you dips!)

Today was Tara's first day of school.  I usually take her, but not today.  I had to break tradition because of my funk!  4th Grade WOW!  So Tom went in with's good for him and her to bond like that.  Speaking of that, we had a family meeting with the therapist on Wednesday morning - we've been set free!  She says that Tara has come a long way and recognizes the panic and seems to be able to divert herself.  But we still need to monitor as things go along.  YAY!  If she acts worse, we will always call and go back.  She really praised Tom for "stepping up to the plate" because now Tara has come to really depend on him.  Whew!  I am pleased with that.  She also told me to keep pushing the envelope where Tara was concerned and make her "face" the issues.  So I'm top Mom too!  Guess we're all growing up.

Pre-season football has started....I hate football.  The only good thing about it is it is a short season!  Now baseball, that's my game!

OK why is my head beginning to hurt again???????  Guess I'd better quit thinking so hard here and start checking in on y'all.  See ya in the comments!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pimping My Frapper

Well I feel like crap....there is not an entry in the mood section for CRAPPY....AOL needs to update and get modern.  Tis the season for my allergies to attack me and my throat is feeling like head feels like a boulder.....did I mention that I feel crappy?

I am overdoing the antihistamines, well, only taking one benedryl instead of 2 every 4 hours or so.  Just had an omlet full of sausage, ham, bacon, onions and tomatoes....gotta pile of pickle strips here to eat on all day (vinegar and salt to kill the throat funk).  Popping Advil every 4....I'll get better........I hope.  It should go away in a couple 3 days.  If it's not substantially better on Friday I'll go to the doc for Rx's.

Shoot me now.

So I was just looking at MyFrapper site and some have been there, some have know who you are....don't make me come and get you!

Time for the chiropractor....ttyl!

Monday, August 21, 2006

This Past Year In J-land

Wow....I haven't even been in J-land for a year yet.  Only 6 months lol.  I have always jotted down things that happened, written out my feelings or worries.  Seemed to help "resolve" my feelings....being able to read them again and decipher it.  Validation.  Sometimes I became more calm once my feelings were actually "said" on paper.

One day while at work I stumbled into the PEOPLE section of AOL and noticed Journals.  Curiosity being what it is, I had to check it out.  I read through some things, did a search on some of my favorite areas, ie Florida and NC.  Oddly enough I liked what I saw and decided to give it a try. 

My first entry was  

in March after going back to work from just having a complete hysterectomy.  I needed (need) to lose weight, so did others, I needed motivation, I needed to see if I was the only person who thought a certain way, guess I needed some validation of my own, was I the only one who went through these issues?  It seemed there was a huge support group "out there".  My first commenters were Alphamoon65 and you guys!  From there I found other very interesting journals.  I must say that I have grown through each and every one of you!  Y'all kick my butt sometimes and that's just what I need!  Love ya, mean it!

Let's see...this "year"....hysterectomy/recovery; dance competitions; Tom's malfunctions/legal battles; Tom's SS issues; Tara's panic attacks; losing Pam/fellow journaler and inspiration; capturing great graphics and tags; survived 3rd grade EOG's; FIL's surgery; weekend at the beach house; Hurricanes Stanley Cup Champs; new pool; Nephew's First Birthday; hanging out in Myrtle Beach; trip to mountains; Nutcracker preparations; Post Card Tour Across America!

What a lot in 6 months....still going strong though!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Quick Nutz n Suds n Back to School

Flamingo Rain  Happy Sunday to all!

I am happy to say that Saturday's Nutcracker Auditions went well and quick too.

 My Kid is the worst to get out of bed in the mornings....she is uncoordinated to say the least....I tossed her tights to her as she sat on the bed 'waking up'.  A few minutes later I stopped by, looked in her room and said "well???".  She says to me "I don't know what to do"........

Sing with me here..........."You put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you stretch the tights do the hokey pokey" and start all over again with your LEFT FOOT!  Come on!  Don't know what to do.  How many years have we been putting on tights and leotards for dance classes and Nutcracker too???? HELLO!  By the time we were walking out the door I was swearing that she wouldn't dance in the production this year!  5 miles later I said "where's your shoes?"

th_ani_nutcracker003.gif  Mind you I have the audition forms and parents information sheets with ME....people are waiting for us at the studio.  Turn around, get dance bag, hurry up and get there!  9am and I already need a drink!

  (last year) Tara wanted to try out for the Young Clara part and I encouraged it.  (Knowing that they might only have ONE Clara this year and it wouldn't be Tara.)  Once in the audition she said it was really too hard (it is) so we told the production assistant just to scratch her off as a candidate.  I wanted her to have some "bigger" girls roles this year instead of the same old Party Scene, Angel, and Buffoon.   th_83549f1c.gif So we put down "Waltz Interlude" and "Winter Sprites" and guess what.................she got those as well as being a guest in the Party Scene!  Wooo hooo!  What a nice opportunity to shine....these 2 new parts will be challenging, but I know she will enjoy doing these. 

Flamingo Rain They kept asking was I going to be the "Lady of the House, Frau Silberhaus" and I said sure unless someone else really, REALLY wants to do it.  I will concede...I will alter my skirt for anyone else!  We begin rehearsals on Sept 9th.  Is it over yet?  It takes up most of our weekends.  That is the only draw back.  I do enjoy the fellowship with the other parents and it is nice to see such talented, beautiful performers.

Miss T really liked my hair extensions, so I took her to Shelly for a hair cut and they talked about doing some for her, but I said not till after Nutcracker.  Then it was home for a nap for me!  Major sinus headache in the right eye area.  My Nanny came and got Miss T and I swear I don't remeber it at all.  T said "I asked you and you said yes".....I was asleep...ask me anything! LOL!  Then it was into the pool.....called my Nanny to come up and get the T-bone (she loves the meat left near the bone, she's part dog!)  Then called my Mom to come join us in the pool.  A very relaxing evening and good conversation with the girls.

Dance classes start up this week.  So far we're busy T,W,Th and possibly Fri's for solo practice.  This Friday is BACK TO SCHOOL DAY.  Oh this will be a transition......4th grade!  Gotta go to bed early and rise n shine.....I told her under no circumstances was I putting up with the "I don't know what to do" statement....duh, get up, get dressed, eat breakfast & get outta here....same old same.

Now, guess who says he doesn't feel appreciated?  Hmmmm.....Mr Man.  Say WHAT?!  Guess now I have to start praising him daily for getting out of bed and watching the required amount of TV.  LOL....well, he does do a lot, sometimes, he has been Mr Mom all summer, taking care of the house and pool.  I know I take him for granted most of the time.  Gotta mind my P's N Q's. 

Hope y'all have a great week!


Friday, August 18, 2006


I just wanted to do a little pimping and say head over and meet Mandy and say HI to her at:  She is really a sweet gal.

I finally dropped off the 35mm film and developed it.  I'll go through them and show off a couple of my favs.  Geesh there were a couple of me and boy o boy do I really need to work on my humps, my humps, my not-so-lovely lady lumps!!!!  I keep saying "head n shoulder" shots people, not ASSATALLS.

Lisa Jo I just wanted to tell you that your toilet story was the 2nd best thing I had heard yesterday.  Tears, I'm talking TEARS running down my face!

Tomorrow morning (9am) is Nutcracker Auditions so I'm off to bed early (yeah, right) and make sure Miss T is in bed.  She wants (or thinks she wants) the part of Young Clara.  I hope she's not disappointed if they don't pick her.  Maybe they'll let her be the understudy.  I do want her to participate in the bigger girls roles this the last year....we'll see.

Nite to all!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm Blue.......

......well, my HAIR is blue.  Today I decided to lift my spirits and got my hair cut and ..... extensions!   


Well call me crazy but I've been in such a funk, guess I decided to go totally funky.  My kid thinks I've gone nutz.  Hubby wanted to know if I was going to buy a Buick......(a "blue hair" car - old folks)!  Imagine the subcontractors faces tomorrow when they come to pick up their checks.  Hey.......somebody's gotta liven up the joint.

I'm going to attempt to upload the mountain pictures.  If I can't "Add Pictures" (AOHell) send magic joe some hate mail for me will ya!

So far so good.  The pictures loaded.  We got to Boone early afternoon on Friday and found the Inn.  It was quaint, old and I guess we'd stay again.  The room was musty so off we went to get some Frebreeze.  It rained Saturday, so we stopped at a Gem mine to "pan" for whatever we could find.  I have a bag full of goodies, citrine, garnet, limestone, tigers eye and something blue...hey BLUE!  Since it was to rain all day I said we'd drive towards Bristol TN.

We got to Mountain City, stopped by a stream to take some pics and snag some rocks.  Had lunch, gassed up and went into a boring little museum.....drove in about 45 miles, then headed back to the home state.  Back about 4pm, dropped Tom off for a nap, then T & I headed to Tweetsie to ride the train and see the Saloon show.  Pick up Mr Man and head for dinner.

Sunday was beautiful.  Grandfather Mountain here we come.  I was so proud of Miss T for not being afraid to go over the bridge and out to the tip of the mountain.  Then we headed South to Linville Falls where she and I hiked up the 1/2 mile to the falls.  Left Tom in the truck...he couldn't make this with his bad knee.  Once we got back it was off to Linville Cavern.  A rock cave.  They turned out the lights.  I thought T would go nuts.  I had wanted to do these things on Saturday, then head out on Sunday maybe to Asheboro Zoo or to Cherokee.  Next time maybe.

Soon I'll get the 35mm film developed and share more!

Nite all!  Enjoy!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Grrrrrrrrrr..............had an entry done and POOF!  Another AOL snack!

Plus, AOL won't let me access ADD PICTURES and I don't have the time or patience for photobucket tonight!

And I came home to find Tom had left a pot of water on the stove on HI while playing his drums....yep....pot is ruined, cause HE decided to toss cold water in it.  Uhhh DUH....don't you guys know that will cause WARPING?

Did my stars get alligned crooked or something?????

I'm going to bed!

Get me over this HUMP!

Where's the damn "tired" mood selection???

th_humps.jpg I cannot get with it.  I am in a funk and I can't seem to get from one project to another either home or work!  Of course I do it to myself most of the time, like going to bed late.  But lately I've been restless, waking up at all hours,'s the well water.  I will be so glad when they finally hook up the "real" water.

When I got home on Tuesday all I wanted was to be left alone.....let me vegg, chill out.  So I asked Tara "wanna get in the pool?" and she thought that meant play with her too.  She didn't understand why I asked her if I didn't want to play at least.  Oh well, neither did I, esp if I wanted to be alone!

I really wanted to crawl in the bed and sleep. 

Didn't do that either.

 Uploaded some of the pics from my digital camera of the trip.  Gotta put the 35mms in to develop.  For some reason AOL didn't want me to "add pictures" to anything, so, I'll just have to do it later.....maybe.

  Nothing on my desk at work is making sense either.  Of course it's just paper, but when I look at it, it doesn't compute.......funk.

I'm gonna enter the payroll now, maybe that will be harmless.  Needed to take a break and say HI to y'all! 

PS - I am editing this to tell ya to head over to this for a beautiful sentiment to our friend Pam/Head Noise


Tuesday, August 15, 2006



 A man and his wife were working in their garden one day and the man looks over at his wife and says "Your butt is getting really big, I mean really big. I bet your butt is bigger than the barbecue grill.

 With that he proceeded to get a measuring tape and measusure the grill, and then went over to where his wife was working, and measured his wife's bottom. "Yes, I was right, your butt is two inches wider than the barbecue grill!"

 The woman chose to ignore her husband.

 Later that night in bed, the husband is feeling frisky. He makes some advances toward his wife who completely brushes him off.

 "What's wrong?" he asks.

 She answers: "Do you really think I'm going to fire up this big-ass grill for one little weenie?"


Monday, August 14, 2006

The Why's of MEN

The Why's of Men<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


   (because they are plugged into a genius)

    (they don't have enough time)

    (they don't stop to ask directions)

    (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) 

    (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties)

    (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy)

    (don't never happened)

    C'mon guys, we laugh at your blonde jokes!) And my personal favorite:

    (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn)

Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laughter in your heart......Then you are just an old sour fart.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

Where's the "tired" mood button?  Computer time says 12:11am Monday morning that is.....arrived home 11:30pm.

We had a nice time. 

Drove up Friday, found the High Country Inn in Boone NC, took pictures, hit the grocery store for air freshener, dined & hit the sack!

Fri night it rained and continued thru Saturday.  After a quick donut, we stopped in a Gem Mine so Miss Tara could stake her claim.  Not a bad deal.  Since the rain was continuing 80% in the area, we headed on West into Tennesee on a rural road.  I do mean rural.  Had lunch, dropped by a (pitiful) museum, then headed back to Boone. 

Dropped Mr Man off for a nap and T & I headed to Tweetsie Railroad....we were there at 4:20 and the girl said "if you're not planning to come back tomorrow, wait till 4:30 and I'll only charge you $10 each".  Oh yeah, I'm waiting!  Beat the heck outta $46!  HELLO!  Next train was at 5pm, so we browsed.  After the ride, we went into the saloon for a cute show.  Back to the Inn at 6:15!  Dinner out at LoneStar. 

Sunday.....Up and let's go.  I already had tickets for Grandfather Mountain, so that was our FIRST stop.  Nice day too!  65 degrees and a light wind.  Tara not only walked over the swinging bridge she went on to the tip of the mountain edge.  Some clouds rolled by and that always excites her.  Now down the mountain a bit to the Museum for Lunch and then the Animal Habitat.  Bears, bears and otters, and deer, and cats....that's about it.  Lots of greenery.

Heading South on 221/105 runs us into Linville Falls.  I jumped on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit to get us over to the Falls.  Tara and I hiked the .5 mile up to the falls, took pics and back to the truck.  Tom & his bad knee wouldn't have made it at all!  

Then it was back on 221 S to Linville Cavern.  At least they only charge $6/adults $4/kids....just a big, cool, orange cave.  I know, I know...there is history to it, but NO WINDOWS HELLO!  Had to keep re-assuring Tara that it was OK.

Wanted to get to Little Switzerland, but time was running out.  If it had not rained on Saturday then we could have made the Falls & Cavern our FIRST stops instead of the last. 

Well, maybe next time we'll head over to Cherokee and Maggie Valley.  That's much more fun, especially if we go back to the Biltmore House.  Believe it or not, Tara loved that place.  I want to see it at Christmas all decorated.

I'll post some of the pictures later.........right now I need to count some sheep..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Getting older......


1. Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.
2. You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go along.

3. Getting a little action means I don't need fiber today.
4. Getting lucky means you find your car in the parking lot.
5. An all-nighter means not getting up to pee!

Who says growing old isn't fun?!!!!!!!


1. Sag, you're It.
2. Hide and go pee.
3 . 20 questions shouted into your good ear.
4. Kick the bucket
5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over.
6. Musical recliners.
7. Simon says something incoherent.
8. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy.

How sad ...... I think I'm already playing this game!


Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Mountain Bound

Well I just did it.....been contemplating heading to the Mountains of NC for a little while now and I just booked our rooms for this weekend.  WOOOO HOOOO.  Now I'm not a mountain girl, but Miss Tara wants to visit, so, why not.  Everyone needs a little get away every now and then.  Boone here we come!

Not sure where we'll start....Grandfather Mountain is a beautiful site and so is Blowing Rock.  Also Linville Caverns are just up the road and so is Tweetsie Railroad.  Gonna leave early enough Friday morning to be able to get there and still have time to take in the area.  It's about 6 hours from home.  Up 40 to Winston Salem (RJR Tobacco country and home of the Wake Forest Deacons) then hit 421 to Boone (Appalachian State Univ.).

I said a while back that we needed to quit lazying around and take little get aways.  That's what I'm gonna plan to do.  We'll see how it goes.

September I'm thinking of a trip either to Charlotte, Richmond or Williamsburg to one of the theme parks.

October & November will be busy weekends with Nutcracker Ballet practice.

December of course is Christmas, that will be a trip to TAMPA!  I've always wanted to see the Biltmore House in Asheville NC all decorated for Christmas, but....I'll be glad to have my weekends back in Dec after Nutcracker!

Let's see how many of these things I actually accomplish!

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Some things just stick with you!

Seinfeld is not my favorite watch.  Elaine just gets under my skin sometimes.  However, they keep running clips on a channel where George turns around to a lady who has just walked in on him and, to his and her surprise, he says in sheer embarassment "I was in the pool!".

DH was just out of the shower and putting on his pantaloons and says to me, in humor, (and in truth) "but I was in the pool!".  My quick wit comes back with "and what's your excuse in December?" ROFL!!! 

He said "shower".

Another clip is when Raymond's Mom tells him "one day you're gonna turn around and I won't be here"...he does a spin and says "not today!".

I tell Tom "you're gonna miss me when I'm gone" he says "so leave already".  I get no respect!

My little nephew was a hoot last night.  He calls Tara "ta-ta" and so loves her.  She was a big help.  His mom still has him in a baby tub (!) but Auntie Sharon took it out!  His daddy came in and said "look at you in the big tub!" and me and my mouth of course says "Daddy, we're a big boy now and we don't need a baby's tub - we're Big Timers!"

Chase peed on his carpet while running around nude after his bath.  When you ask him where is the flower, he sniffs like he's smelling it.  It is tooooo cute.  I remember these things from when Tara was a baby.  We used to tell her "smell my nose" and she would press her nose to mine and sniff like it was a flower! LOL!!!  Chase calls shoes "hats" because POOP (for you LisaJo) is shoo shoo...and you don't walk in your shoooshooo. 

Because we had to be there so early Tom brought us a Pizza.  I was sure he'd go out somewhere after leaving us, but he came on home.  ?????  What's up with that?  No wife, no kid till who knows when.  Free opportunity to go out.  He'd even said he was.  Hmmmmm, guess your comments worked!  Amazing what a sober mind will decide.

When he was abusing drugs, he told me his "mind" told him "let's just go out for a hit, no one will know" backwards is that?  Um #1 where've you been all night; #2 why do you stink; #3 where's your money? ALL OF IT?   Thank GOD I kicked ass upon ass and showed mine a couple of times and got this taken care of.  Whew what a long battle.


I tend to remember a lot of the bad times, and I'm bad about bringing it up.  Tom will say "I'd wouldn't...." and I'd say, "well what about the time...." and he'll say "that was a long time ago" and I'll say "it was last month/year" or "you did one time".  I should just let it go.  But I can't.  I see patterns and sometimes they scare me.  Luckily now I don't see a lot of patterns.  I want to give Tom the pat on the back, but sometimes even praises caused him to "celebrate".  See my problem?  Guess it's the once scorned twice shy theory. 

Things just stick with me.


Saturday, August 5, 2006

It's Saturday!

Thank you all for your comments last night and this morning regarind the DFH.......fill in the F for whatever you will.

Trouble with this guy is he goes off on a tangent......alcohol affects the brain and body functions.  But he says "it's just as bad to be on a cell phone or eating ..."  Yeah right!  So there is no rationalizing with him at that moment.  I will however print out or re-read the comments to him.  I am all for "learning your lesson" - get caught now sucka and spend time in jail like you say you don't want to do....then HELLO! don't put yourself in the position.  Ugh!  Unfortunately pictures of events or stories about "other" people have no affect on alcoholics.  Sometimes even destroying yourself (financially, mentally etc) or others (mangled, death) doesn't always make a difference for some.  Yet each time he's been stopped for the DUI, he's nervous, scared he's going to jail.......not, "OMG, what was I thinking?  I could have killed someone......".

The kicker is ........he IS and ex-cop!  Go figure.

Last night Tom was so annoying to the girls, loud....aggravating.  They don't understand.  I do....I know the alk affects your whole demeanor.  Gives you the superman (woman) syndrome; invincible; untouchable; funny (not); you think people are hard of hearing so you speak loudly.  I for one was glad when he went to bed.  It so frustrates me when he won't listen to reason, then I have to remind myself HE CAN'T.  And no, AA won't work for him, because he won't allow it to.  Been there, done that.  Been twice to "drunk school" to get the license back in the  9+ years I've known him.  Oh well..........enough of that!

Anyway, the girls are up and in the pool early.  I've made them come out because, well DUH, it is hotter than h-e-l-l and I don't need them getting sick!  They need showers and lunch and Savanna's Mom will come up here to pick her up.  This kid has been an awesome guest.  She is a good kid.  We met her early last dance season, her Mom is a single mom and thank goodness has a decent ex where the kid is concerned.

Lemme say that there is such a GREAT difference in this kid and the other friends Tara has had house is NOT trashed! Not one bit.  She asks before she does anything or eats anything which is a good trait.  But when you are a guest at my house, you are welcomed to 75% of everything....just stay outta my bed/bathroom and living room and don't touch my piano or the drums.  You can eat/drink anything you find except for my SUNDROP.....u toucha that and I breaka u fingas! 

I will have the joy of hanging out with my nephew tonight.  His Mom is in a wedding and I'm going over to his house about be taking me a good book.  Speaking of books, I'm becoming addicted to's quite challenging, not to mention aggravating!

Guess I'll save laundry and ironing till Sunday.  Tom did a real good job cleaning up the house this week while Tara was at dance camp.  Let's see how long it lasts LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 4, 2006

Frunk Dingers & Post Card Friday!

As I noted above, my fingers may be a bit inebriated so forgive me if I go astray.  Hot HOT HOT! today and I do hate to sweat.  Had to pick up Miss T and a friend Savanna from the waterpark and I must say it was just toooooooooooooo damn hot.

I cannot believe DH is standing here asking me if he can go out with THAT look on his know the one.....the "I've had one too many already" but I still wanna go out and DRIVE even though I don't have a license and still waiting on DUI decision from MAY!  Is the "stupid" moon out tonight?  After dinner I had 3 small Dak's and I have 2 10 year old's in the pool....I'm done. 


Awwww, now he's upset....he said he wanted to hear other people's answers to his question about going out.  So I just scrolled through some of my archives.  John & Lanny you say it best and you are guys.  Dwana too - when you drink you have a driver.

OK guys, time to do your best.....give him HELL!  He wants comments let him have them.  Yes, he read what I was typing above and was laughing about it........that is until I went to the archives.  Guess he realized what a bozo is.

Ahem......ohmmmmmmmm....calming down now.   Ahhhh.

Where was I?

Ah.  Yes, Post Cards.  I've been slack in posting but I'm putting my pictures in.  I am having a blast with this.   So far Florida is in the lead, with PA in 2nd and WA & OH are tied for third.  I think....remember, dingers are frunk, so mind may be a bit foggy too.  Now the cards have had some awesome pictures and information on them and it makes me want to visit each and everyone of these places.  Guess I should head down to the local B&N or Books Gazillion and get travel info.....better yet AAA will give you stuff for free if you're a member!

What?  What are the girls doing in from the pool so early??  Guess I'd better see what the plans are for the rest of the night where these 2 are concerned.  Talking them into getting into the shower right now is probably out of the question.  They've been watered down since about 11:30am....they should be prunes by now!  Ah the life of a kid.....

Have a great weekend gang!


Thursday, August 3, 2006

Still Laughing! & Birthday Wishes

I am so bad.........still laughing at that lady wadding up a piece of 3x3 paper and throwing at me with all her might across a counter.  It was right out of a Chevy Chase movie!

This is for YOU John!  (my brain is in pain)  I am sure there is a party going on in your backyard!  Wish I could join y'all!  Anytime I need a good chuckle or common sense kick in the ass, John is there!

 And because I may be amiss on Saturday a big HAPPY DAY to Dwana  Moonlight Drive ......oh talk about a party to be had!  If I was living near you I'd be in sooooooooooooooo much trouble this weekend!  Live it up babe!  Hope you don't have to work!

This is day 4 of dance they will pick out their audition number for tomorrow and then go to the skating rink.  I'm letting Savanna come home with us tonight so her Mom can have a night alone and sleep in.  Miss T seems to be in a better mood today, didn't wake up cranky like M-W.  Boy was I ready to trade in a kid!  Nasty!  I know it was because she's been real tired since could see it in her eyes.  I had Tom pick her up at 2pm yesterday and take her home & confine her to her room so that she could just chill out!

Tara picked out Sloppy Joe's for dinner and invited my Nanny to come over and try them.  Later we practiced letting her put on her competition makeup by herself.  She battles with me most every time so at least this way she can see IT'S NOT as EASY as she THINKS! 

Then I cleaned her room!  Made her put all the stuffed stuff away and took out a lot of trash....where does it come from?

OK, now I'm back in bitch related....gotta go kick some arse..............................Sharon

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Bitch slappin!


Whatta day!  Dropped Tara off at dance camp and had a run in with the lady in the building next to dance....she was upset because I was parked in HER spot.....HELLO!  There are not assigned parking places in public I had a handicap plackard in my window, so for all SHE knew she was discriminating against a disabled person.  Anyway, she called me "bitchy" (yep that's me) and wadded up a piece of paper and threw it at me!

 Oh yes she did!  I said "girlfriend, I KNOW you didn't just call me that and you can keep your trash to yourself"

She went on about how "SHE" (dance owner) doesn't have "authority" to have that many cars in the parking lot.  I told her "you need to check your property owners documents because YOU are in violation of them, trying to assign parking" plus she didn't need to be coming into another business harrassing the owner or her customers (me).  I said "besides, you saw me sitting there when you put out your little no parking sign and you didn't even bother to ask me to move; and furthermore, I was HERE before your operating hours; and why would you bother with us anyway when we're just dropping off kids?"

She ranted a little more about the excess of cars at the dance studio.  That's when I just looked at her and said.............

..............get yer GD head out of your ass lady! and left.  Whatta bitch!  Not me, HER!  Well, yes, me too, but HER MOST!

And Day 2's Inspriation Quote said:

The future is something wonderful waiting to happen!

Well, being August 2nd started out with a fight I wonder where the wonderful is?


Bossman arrived at work and wanted something off the wall done by one of our super's and I said "super said HELL NO" and told him why.  We have a landscaper that is just refusing to show up and we have a closing scheduled.  I said to bossman that WE were not going to pay for any related costs if the owner couldn't move in....I was taking that expense out of the landscapers check!  He quickly decided he'd let me deal with the landscaper, since I'm in such a good mood today LOL!!!

H a Ha Ha....Day 3's inspriation says

You are known for your compassion!

On that note, I think I'd just better stay in bed tomorrow!