Sunday, August 6, 2006

Some things just stick with you!

Seinfeld is not my favorite watch.  Elaine just gets under my skin sometimes.  However, they keep running clips on a channel where George turns around to a lady who has just walked in on him and, to his and her surprise, he says in sheer embarassment "I was in the pool!".

DH was just out of the shower and putting on his pantaloons and says to me, in humor, (and in truth) "but I was in the pool!".  My quick wit comes back with "and what's your excuse in December?" ROFL!!! 

He said "shower".

Another clip is when Raymond's Mom tells him "one day you're gonna turn around and I won't be here"...he does a spin and says "not today!".

I tell Tom "you're gonna miss me when I'm gone" he says "so leave already".  I get no respect!

My little nephew was a hoot last night.  He calls Tara "ta-ta" and so loves her.  She was a big help.  His mom still has him in a baby tub (!) but Auntie Sharon took it out!  His daddy came in and said "look at you in the big tub!" and me and my mouth of course says "Daddy, we're a big boy now and we don't need a baby's tub - we're Big Timers!"

Chase peed on his carpet while running around nude after his bath.  When you ask him where is the flower, he sniffs like he's smelling it.  It is tooooo cute.  I remember these things from when Tara was a baby.  We used to tell her "smell my nose" and she would press her nose to mine and sniff like it was a flower! LOL!!!  Chase calls shoes "hats" because POOP (for you LisaJo) is shoo shoo...and you don't walk in your shoooshooo. 

Because we had to be there so early Tom brought us a Pizza.  I was sure he'd go out somewhere after leaving us, but he came on home.  ?????  What's up with that?  No wife, no kid till who knows when.  Free opportunity to go out.  He'd even said he was.  Hmmmmm, guess your comments worked!  Amazing what a sober mind will decide.

When he was abusing drugs, he told me his "mind" told him "let's just go out for a hit, no one will know" backwards is that?  Um #1 where've you been all night; #2 why do you stink; #3 where's your money? ALL OF IT?   Thank GOD I kicked ass upon ass and showed mine a couple of times and got this taken care of.  Whew what a long battle.


I tend to remember a lot of the bad times, and I'm bad about bringing it up.  Tom will say "I'd wouldn't...." and I'd say, "well what about the time...." and he'll say "that was a long time ago" and I'll say "it was last month/year" or "you did one time".  I should just let it go.  But I can't.  I see patterns and sometimes they scare me.  Luckily now I don't see a lot of patterns.  I want to give Tom the pat on the back, but sometimes even praises caused him to "celebrate".  See my problem?  Guess it's the once scorned twice shy theory. 

Things just stick with me.



garnett109 said...

i still pee on the floor after a shower and run around nude!

allisonm96 said...

I don't really care for seinfeld either, but that scene is pretty funny.... I also tend to remeber things and bring them up later. It's a gift we women

angcrewswife said...

Your nephew sounds adorable!! I remember when mine would run around naked after a bath and when they would pee on the floor they would stop and watch with this hilarious look on their faces. Of course you dont walk in your shoo shoo thats just gross besides I like hats for feet better now LOL.

lifes2odd said...

Your nephew sounds cute -- no pictures?!! Glad Tom stayed home!
Martha :-)

emabecmar said...

awwww how adorable your little nephew sounds. So glad Tom decided to stay home, it's a start, let's hope and pray it continues. I just loved this entry, you had me laughing and awwwwing with the way he talks. ShooShoo, I love that, lol. (((hugs)))

robinngabster said...

I am a huge fan of both those shows and I know both of those scenes!!  Too funny!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Your nephew is way too cute.  Living with an addictive personality is never easy.  There is always second guessing.  I give you a huge pat on the back for hanging in there.  I gave up.  HUGS  Chris

eml625 said...

Your nephew sounds adorable... glad Tom stayed home, baby steps right?


imgr8phil said...

It must be tough having those kinds of doubt in your mind.  I think Seinfeld was one of my favorite all time shows . . . couldn't wait for Thursday "Must See TV".  Have a happy Monday and take care.


am4039 said...

I don't know what to say about Tom, I know he's trying and I give you lots of credit for sticking with him. I sure understand why you can't always trust him. LOL. I love Seinfeld. Shrinkage I love that. LOL. Chase sounds like such a cutie pie.

deshelestraci said...

I guess you can take what you can get for now, huh?  Chase sounds too sweet.  I love that age.  Shrinkage!  There was shrinkage!