Sunday, August 20, 2006

Quick Nutz n Suds n Back to School

Flamingo Rain  Happy Sunday to all!

I am happy to say that Saturday's Nutcracker Auditions went well and quick too.

 My Kid is the worst to get out of bed in the mornings....she is uncoordinated to say the least....I tossed her tights to her as she sat on the bed 'waking up'.  A few minutes later I stopped by, looked in her room and said "well???".  She says to me "I don't know what to do"........

Sing with me here..........."You put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you stretch the tights do the hokey pokey" and start all over again with your LEFT FOOT!  Come on!  Don't know what to do.  How many years have we been putting on tights and leotards for dance classes and Nutcracker too???? HELLO!  By the time we were walking out the door I was swearing that she wouldn't dance in the production this year!  5 miles later I said "where's your shoes?"

th_ani_nutcracker003.gif  Mind you I have the audition forms and parents information sheets with ME....people are waiting for us at the studio.  Turn around, get dance bag, hurry up and get there!  9am and I already need a drink!

  (last year) Tara wanted to try out for the Young Clara part and I encouraged it.  (Knowing that they might only have ONE Clara this year and it wouldn't be Tara.)  Once in the audition she said it was really too hard (it is) so we told the production assistant just to scratch her off as a candidate.  I wanted her to have some "bigger" girls roles this year instead of the same old Party Scene, Angel, and Buffoon.   th_83549f1c.gif So we put down "Waltz Interlude" and "Winter Sprites" and guess what.................she got those as well as being a guest in the Party Scene!  Wooo hooo!  What a nice opportunity to shine....these 2 new parts will be challenging, but I know she will enjoy doing these. 

Flamingo Rain They kept asking was I going to be the "Lady of the House, Frau Silberhaus" and I said sure unless someone else really, REALLY wants to do it.  I will concede...I will alter my skirt for anyone else!  We begin rehearsals on Sept 9th.  Is it over yet?  It takes up most of our weekends.  That is the only draw back.  I do enjoy the fellowship with the other parents and it is nice to see such talented, beautiful performers.

Miss T really liked my hair extensions, so I took her to Shelly for a hair cut and they talked about doing some for her, but I said not till after Nutcracker.  Then it was home for a nap for me!  Major sinus headache in the right eye area.  My Nanny came and got Miss T and I swear I don't remeber it at all.  T said "I asked you and you said yes".....I was asleep...ask me anything! LOL!  Then it was into the pool.....called my Nanny to come up and get the T-bone (she loves the meat left near the bone, she's part dog!)  Then called my Mom to come join us in the pool.  A very relaxing evening and good conversation with the girls.

Dance classes start up this week.  So far we're busy T,W,Th and possibly Fri's for solo practice.  This Friday is BACK TO SCHOOL DAY.  Oh this will be a transition......4th grade!  Gotta go to bed early and rise n shine.....I told her under no circumstances was I putting up with the "I don't know what to do" statement....duh, get up, get dressed, eat breakfast & get outta here....same old same.

Now, guess who says he doesn't feel appreciated?  Hmmmm.....Mr Man.  Say WHAT?!  Guess now I have to start praising him daily for getting out of bed and watching the required amount of TV.  LOL....well, he does do a lot, sometimes, he has been Mr Mom all summer, taking care of the house and pool.  I know I take him for granted most of the time.  Gotta mind my P's N Q's. 

Hope y'all have a great week!



garnett109 said...

The last time I did the hokey pokey with the old ladies tights I broke a hip!
I could use some appreciation in this house too, I watch tv and clean house and wash clothes and iron but not a one thank you!

jckfrstross said...

hope you have a good week:)


angcrewswife said...

Congrats on recieving such wonderful parts in the nutcracker! I was considering putting my girls in dance but right now things are just a little bit crazy and they want to do cheerleading and girl scouts this year instead. Maybe next year...
GL on her first day of school!

lifes2odd said...

What? Whaddya mean have a good week? We ARE going to see you over at the J Land Ball tonight aren't we? I've been partying over at my journal since 6 last night! (The whole front page of my journal!) Come on by!
Martha :-)

deshelestraci said...

Glad she got some challenging roles this year.  Sounds like y'all will be busy.

am4039 said...

Congrats. on your daughter getting some great party in the play how exciting. Yep it sounds like a lot of pracite but it will be well worth it. Hopefully everyone can get up and dressed for school on time.

eml625 said...

Congrats !!! What a  great production this will be !!!


inquestoftruth said... have got your whole next 4 months mapped out, don't you!   I'd get tired just thinking about all that rehearsing!  lol   I bet they do a wonderful job.

mumma4evr said...

you sure are going to be busy!

onecrabn3lilfish said...

HE doesn't feel appreicated??!!!  Oh don't get me started!  LOL.

Anyway, Miss T is a busy young lady.  Can't wait to see more pictures.


chat2missie said...

Congrats to the little one for getting those parts!