Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Get me over this HUMP!

Where's the damn "tired" mood selection???

th_humps.jpg I cannot get with it.  I am in a funk and I can't seem to get from one project to another either home or work!  Of course I do it to myself most of the time, like going to bed late.  But lately I've been restless, waking up at all hours,'s the well water.  I will be so glad when they finally hook up the "real" water.

When I got home on Tuesday all I wanted was to be left alone.....let me vegg, chill out.  So I asked Tara "wanna get in the pool?" and she thought that meant play with her too.  She didn't understand why I asked her if I didn't want to play at least.  Oh well, neither did I, esp if I wanted to be alone!

I really wanted to crawl in the bed and sleep. 

Didn't do that either.

 Uploaded some of the pics from my digital camera of the trip.  Gotta put the 35mms in to develop.  For some reason AOL didn't want me to "add pictures" to anything, so, I'll just have to do it later.....maybe.

  Nothing on my desk at work is making sense either.  Of course it's just paper, but when I look at it, it doesn't compute.......funk.

I'm gonna enter the payroll now, maybe that will be harmless.  Needed to take a break and say HI to y'all! 

PS - I am editing this to tell ya to head over to this for a beautiful sentiment to our friend Pam/Head Noise



garnett109 said...

now take the funk to the 70's that'll get you past the hump!
yep been way tired also!

maybe we gotta pull an elvis?

robinngabster said...

Maybe it is just the winding down of summer that is making us all tired.  I am ready for Fall!!! Bring on the crisp. clean, yellow and red leaves!!!

randlprysock said...

Love that Calgon graphic.!!

chat2missie said...

I think with school starting and summer coming to an end, everyone's kind of beat. Have a good night.

inquestoftruth said...

Reckon it's the heat?   It's sure draining me.   I'm looking forward to Oct. so it will cool down around here and put us all in better moods!

imgr8phil said...

Words of wisdom . . . Remember not all camels have one hump, some have two, so some of us have to get past two hump days LOL.  Whatever the heck all that means I don't know but just had to share it.  Anyway, take care and have a good Thursday.


lifes2odd said...

Sounds horomonal -- go shopping (you need your J Land party outfit!!) while you're at it have chocolate covered strawberrys and champagne followed by candle light to go with that calgon :-)

rayne1123 said...

i do hope you get outta this funk. i know what it feels to be stuck in one of those moods.  hope you are feeling better soon

queeniemart said...

Dont go getting in a depression damnit.....i have no way of getting to you to help you out of it. I have days like this 8 days a week. I LOVE YOU..pray you are doing better.
XO lisa

am4039 said...

don't forget to put me on the payroll. LOL. I hope you get out of the funk soon. I know what you mean. I have been in a little one to. I hope you got some good sleep.

allisonm96 said...

I hope tomorrow is better for you.... its one step closer to Friday!!

dondieroy said...

Hope today is a better day for you..  I am having one of those weeks..  I am waiting for the weekend.  take care, Dondie

pennietoonz said...

I have to say, I do enjoy my time alone - just to think or do what I want.
By the way, I love your sidebar pic. You`re so pretty!