Friday, August 4, 2006

Frunk Dingers & Post Card Friday!

As I noted above, my fingers may be a bit inebriated so forgive me if I go astray.  Hot HOT HOT! today and I do hate to sweat.  Had to pick up Miss T and a friend Savanna from the waterpark and I must say it was just toooooooooooooo damn hot.

I cannot believe DH is standing here asking me if he can go out with THAT look on his know the one.....the "I've had one too many already" but I still wanna go out and DRIVE even though I don't have a license and still waiting on DUI decision from MAY!  Is the "stupid" moon out tonight?  After dinner I had 3 small Dak's and I have 2 10 year old's in the pool....I'm done. 


Awwww, now he's upset....he said he wanted to hear other people's answers to his question about going out.  So I just scrolled through some of my archives.  John & Lanny you say it best and you are guys.  Dwana too - when you drink you have a driver.

OK guys, time to do your best.....give him HELL!  He wants comments let him have them.  Yes, he read what I was typing above and was laughing about it........that is until I went to the archives.  Guess he realized what a bozo is.

Ahem......ohmmmmmmmm....calming down now.   Ahhhh.

Where was I?

Ah.  Yes, Post Cards.  I've been slack in posting but I'm putting my pictures in.  I am having a blast with this.   So far Florida is in the lead, with PA in 2nd and WA & OH are tied for third.  I think....remember, dingers are frunk, so mind may be a bit foggy too.  Now the cards have had some awesome pictures and information on them and it makes me want to visit each and everyone of these places.  Guess I should head down to the local B&N or Books Gazillion and get travel info.....better yet AAA will give you stuff for free if you're a member!

What?  What are the girls doing in from the pool so early??  Guess I'd better see what the plans are for the rest of the night where these 2 are concerned.  Talking them into getting into the shower right now is probably out of the question.  They've been watered down since about 11:30am....they should be prunes by now!  Ah the life of a kid.....

Have a great weekend gang!



barebytes said...

Tell him to go take a dip in the pool instead. Only a real stupid nut would put himself and his family at risk. Tell him he's a family man now and it's not only his life his decissions involve. Hugs Lanny

emabecmar said...

a little math  drinking + driving = stupidity. And a whole lot of time with no license, and beings he is already waiting on decision for the last time of the DUI, this time if caught or an accident it's jail time. So what means more, going out driving while your drinking, or being able to sit at the dinner table with your family, hearing your children laugh and seeing the smile that is on their faces, cause if you drive while drinking, dinner is served on an ugly tray slipped through your cell door. How do I know? I have 2 brothers in prison now. Sorry but drinking and driving is a no no in my book.

robinngabster said...

Nothin I could say would change his mind.  All we can do is hope and pray he doesn't hurt anyone else while on the road. look so beautiful in that last pic.

inquestoftruth said...

Hi to your journal.     If I could convey just one thing to a drunk man wanting to drive is that the NEVER-ending pain of losing someone to the stupidity of a drunk driver can never ever be repaid by some jail time done by the drunk, even it is for the rest of the drunk's life.   The pain that stays with the ones left behind never ever goes away, and the bitterness and resentment that follows the survivors for the rest of their natural lives ruins any chance of happiness.   And all the drunks that killed on our highways didn't think they were THAT drunk, and that it would never happen to them.    But it does happen, and the survivors lives are forever altered, just as the drunk driver's is.

jckfrstross said...

he should know better don't drink and drive!!!!!!!


randlprysock said...

I am way behind on post cards.  It is on the list though.  Hugs,
have a great weekend and hope we both get some rest and some R & R.  

hugsdoodlewacky said...

Hi there,good moring,I love your journal,I added it to my alerts.You do post cards to?I would love to swap address with you.So far I only have am a writter,I love to write,I love having pen pals.Hope you have a great weekend.Oh yah,I am still trying to figure out you can add journals to the side bar,I have trobule with that.(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))Thanks for your comment :)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Tell hubby not to ask a question if he doesn't want to hear the answer....unfortunately, the only thing to do is hide the keys.  Sounds like that pool was a very good idea 'cept for playing lifeguard.  Have a good weekend!  HUGS  Chris

eml625 said...

You tell hubby NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE ....thats how my BIL died. In an accident after he'd been drinking. Left behind two little kids...a newborn and a one year old.

PS was that harsh enough?????

deshelestraci said...

I think that someone who habitually wants to get behind the wheel after drinking needs to head to the nearest AA meeting.  My hubby is a recovering alcoholic and he has been mostly clean and sober for more than 13 years.  But there are times he thinks he can be "normal" and have a drink.  There is no more normal if you are an alcoholic.  Alanon is a good group for family members of an alcoholic.  (you wanted harsh, it is being said in love, though)

bookncoffee said...

Poppin' in to say hi.  So did DH go out after all?  
Have a wonderful weekend.

rayne1123 said...


lifes2odd said...

No drinking and driving!! He has to learn to hang out at home to do his partyin! Maybe he could sit around with frunk dingers instead like we do! :-)

brimasta1 said...

Have him stop by my blog if he wants to see some pics of what drunk driving does..


onecrabn3lilfish said...

Don't want to step on any toes but in my opinion anyone who gets caught drinking and driving whether they've been in an accident or not, should be charged with attempted murder.  When he's sober ask him if he wants some drunk guy on the road the same time Tara is out.  


schoolgal040 said...

I haven't visited your journal in quite awhile....I'm so sorry. I do love it though :).
Your silly husband in my humble opinion has NO business driving----end of story. If you want to drink, you must have a driver. What's a matter with him? Does he want another DUI? lol I don't think so...... Drinking and driving couldn't possibly be that important! LOL He has such a pretty wife right there at home to be with and maybe he should stay put.

Hope you got him all straightened out there :)


am4039 said...

he better not drink and drive. Geesh men. He doesn't want to go to jail does he? I love the water. When I was a kid I could never stay out of it.

mastersblynn said...

Hi Tom...please don't drink and drive ok?  Because I truly care about you and your precious family.  As a friend I am asking you not to do this.  If you want to drink please stay home where you will be safe.  I would be so sad if something happened to you.  Love ya, Barbara

springangel235 said...

I agree with the others...please do not drive and drink...think of yourself, others and family...also...the lives saved by not being on the road.  Our heat has cooled down some...feels wonderful outside here...can't say I miss the high 90's and 100 degree temps.  I love the post card thing everyone is doing...just wish I had gotten in from the get go!  Wonder if it is too late for me to get started...sounds like fun fun fun.
Hugs and love,

newsworthy822 said...

I am probably too late since this conversation is over....BUT...I sure hope hubby Tom didn't go out drinking & driving. My dad drank all of his adult life, ended up with 3 DUIs and was dead at 54. (liver failure). I drank from 15-30 & had two DUIs. The first one did not phase me at all, and I didn't learn a thing. Sometimes people have to injure or kill someone before they wake up. I hope that is not the case with you. Please do your drinking at home, if you must.

God watches over drunks...or else I would be in jail now.

(I say all of this with love & compassion. LOL!)


dondieroy said...