Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hump Day Humor

It was entertainment night at the Senior Center. Claude the hypnotist exclaimed: "I'm here to put you into a trance; I intend to hypnotize each and every member of the audience.
The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a beautiful antique pocket watch from his coat. "I want you each to keep your eye on this antique watch. It is a very special watch. It's been in my family for six generations"
He began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly chanting,  "Watch the watch, watch the watch, and watch the watch ..." The crowd became mesmerized as the watch swayed back and forth, light gleaming off its polished surface.
Hundreds of pairs of eyes followed the swaying watch, until, suddenly, it
slipped from the hypnotist's fingers and fell to the floor, shattering into a hundred pieces.
"SHIT" said the Hypnotist............. It took three days to clean up the Senior Center

Friday, January 25, 2008

Shea Butter Me Up

(attempt #2)

It's that time of year when we all have the same troubles known as dry-skin-itis.  That is exactly what the dermatologist described me as when I thought I was experiencing poison ivy.

Remember I thought I had the mad itch?  Seems it was STRESS and Dry skin.

She told me to hydrate; no more HOT showers (the heat dehyrates - but I love hot showers!!!); stay moisturized and keep the stress low!!!

In doing so we all have to be mindful of the ingredients in the lotions.  NO Alcohol, very little perfume and color; full of oils and refined natural butters like Shea butter, almond and Jojoba etc.

Some of my favorite indulgences are:

  Oh yeah!!

Canyon Sun....yes Angie I stole the picture!!  Talk about baby smooth!  Love the Moisturizing Balm - it is especially good on extreme dry areas such as elbows.  I've used it on my hands in extreme situations. 

The Body Butter, Brown Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm are also very, very nice.  Great for everyday use and especially for those "oh so wonderful" nights out!!

Plus you don't have to use handfulls of this stuff.....just a dab'l do ya!

Another product I've used daily this winter was Keri Nourishing Shea

 It is light, low on fragrance and leaves the skin silky.  Plus it's not very expensive - I got a large bottle at Big Lots for $5.

Shower time is when I like to use the scrubs in place of my Dove soap.  Love Dove soap!!!  Less harmful to the body, no deodorizing elements to dry the skin.  But it just doesn't cut it when it comes to having silky smooth skin.

Some of the shower scrubs I like are


  Ulta Coral Sand Scrub.  This has grains of sand in it....gotta be careful not to scrub too hard or it will scratch ya.  This has a delightfully light, beach type scent.  About $17, but if you shop right you can catch these on the buy one get one free sale.

It goes well with the Water Lotus hydrating gel they have too.

One I found recently that I liked was at Bath & Body Works "Be More Pacific" a tropical shower cream with Tahitian Monoi Oil ý an ingredient used by the best island spas for its deeply moisturizing, supremely soothing effects.

Nice!!  Smells good too.  Leaves a light silky smooth feeling.  I like it better than the other one, although it is nice.

Since we use a lot of heat in the winter, the air is dry in the house as well.  If I were smarter than I looked I'd use a humidifier, but....

I'm very picky about my face and the products I use on it.  I am a former Mary Kay user turned to CLINIQUE.

I like the lipsticks of Mary Kay and Clinique....they seem to hold true to their color the best for me.  Just can't wear the cheap stuff on my lips.

Don't even get me started on my hair and nail products.  AOL doesn't have enough room for me to write about that!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold N Crazy / Distant N Aggravated


Temperature: 33°F 1°C
Conditions: Fair
Winds: NE 8 MPH NE 13 KPH
Relative Humidity: 35%
Barometer: 30.82 Steady
Visibility: 10.00 Miles 16.09 Kilometers
Feels Like: 26°F


And it's NOON!

I know this isn't as cold as yesterday's Green Bay / NY game but geeeesh!

I'm a summer girl.  I want and need my warmth!


Happy MLK Day to those of you sitting at home with the day off.  Me?  I'm at work, but you can't tell it eh? 

I would have LOVED to stay home today.  There is lots to do there.  Managed to get the tree in its box and back in the closet.  Still, that one room needs my attention in the worst way.  It's where everything ends up.  Craft tools, my serger and sewing machine, an extra table and computer.  Boxes of who knows what.  Gotta do an early Spring Cleaning in here!!

I spent 10 hrs Friday and 7 hrs Saturday working on Dance Costumes.  We still have a long way to go yet.  Rhinestones; bows on barrettes; slip stitching way too low bodices.

Why did I volunteer for this?  I'm still asking myself that one!  I must be nutz!

Dress rehearsal is February 2nd that's why.  And even then there will be straps and skirts pinned for adjustments.

February 15th is the first Dance Competition.  We have to be ready!


 Tom and I have been very distant for quite some time.  No "touchie feelie", no emotion (except when he's bad), just existing together.  We talked briefly Saturday morning about whether or not we were "happy" and I flat said that NO I wasn't.  I can't be.  I can't get to that plateau without waiting to go over the hill in a downward spiral.

I was in an even mood when he wasn't home Thursday night.  Because I'm in a leveled off mood with him.  If I were estatically happy I would have been crushed as in the past. 

I cannot change him and I cannot babysit him.  He even said to me "well if you had a feeling that I was gonna....." and I said "I can not babysit you!  You have to take control of your self!"

We sat and talked for quite a while.  It's the same conversation.  I explained that the reason I made the comment on Thurs "I can smell" that he'd had a drink is because #1 I can smell it and #2 everyone else can too #3 and they would question why he was drinking and bringing Miss T to dance and #4 if he were stopped by a cop...........well, I'm not interested in losing my daughter because he can't control himself.

I mean, come on......why have a beer with lunch KNOWING you have a duty to drive my daughter to a function?  What's wrong with a soda, tea or water?  Use your brain man!!  That's all!

Then he's mad cause Miss T's mad at him, so that gives him an excuse to go out and buy drugs.

Come on!

I told him I'm already looking forward to the plans I may have to be making very soon.  i.e. living arrangements. 

He needs to decide real quick like what he wants and needs to do to save his family. 


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hubby's in Heaven as NY wins NFC!!


Well, I can't believe it!

Sorry Scott...........guess Green Bay is staying home!!

Lot's of noise coming from my Tom right now.

Yes, he had to stay home and watch the game due to recent extra curricular activities!!!!

Funny thing, cause his brother has tickets to the Bowl Game.

Hmmmm.....wonder if I can send Tom to him and...........

I just went online and ordered THE black hat and THE grey t-shirt "as seen on TV" ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008



Hey Y'all! 

It's been a weird kinda week for me.  Lots of mixed emotions. 

First, I did speak with Mr Ryan on Friday.  We shared information; he told me some personality traits about his daughter and I shared with him my personal experience with xRoomie.  He mentioned "drums" and I told him to google "drum circles".

(Martha - the kid loves drums!!!) 

He will talk it over with his wife and consider xRoomie's offer to help.

My bestestfriendinthewholewideworld is upset with me STILL about me not attending the "batchelorette" night.  I sent her an email "what to do when...." and I received a short, curt reply to it which began an email exchange.  I was near tears!  I could have cried my eyes out, but I held it back.

I hope we got that straightened out.  Still, I AM guilty of not being a very good friend as of late.  I haven't seen her since Oct!  (bad me and I feel like crap for it)  Seems her X is refusing to help pay for their daughter's wedding; and her current is being a butthead.

    Sigh.............I can't fix everybody.

xRoomie is not so comfortable in her current situation.  We had lunch this week (yay!) and talked.  I told her that her room was always available.  Well, of course, 90% of her stuff is still here LOL!!!

Thursday Miss T had a half day at school so I told her to come to my office and I would put her to work!  I let her file (I hate filing) while Mr Man went for lunch.  He came back and I could SMELL that he'd had a drink and he didn't even have to get close to me.

He said One Beer. 

He took Miss T to her dance class, then they came back and she was bent out of shape!!

Seems she had an issue with him and motioned that it was "his breath". 

He then says "she thinks we're going to fight" and I said"NO, she's been told and is learning things for herself and in school about people who drink and their actions so don't be so surprised that she's acting this way!"

It bothered him because, as he put it "it was only one beer" and he feels like she and I are over reacting.  So he leaves her with me.

She and I go out to eat, then I realized I had to be back at the dance studio to help hang and tag the costumes.  They needed to be ready for Feb 2nd's dress rehearsal.  I called and left him a msg on his cell.

We got home at midnight!  No Tom.  Not till 3am.  I checked his account online...............


I had told him on Wed that I transferred $300 into his personal account, for gas, etc.  He had wanted to go to Myrtle Beach for a boat show on Friday and Saturday.

Remember the incident just before Christmas?

De ja vu!  Mirror --- Ditto --- Encore performance.

Friday morning after meeting with Mr Ryan, I picked up Miss T from Nanny's --- got a call from boss's daughter asking if I could pick her up from  College and take her to a friend's house.....SURE.

Picked her up at Noon and then went BACK to the dance studio.  Miss T and I were there until MIDNIGHT.

Once home, Tom said "I'm confused.  That's all I have to say right now, so let it be."


I said "I think you have that backwards --- I am the one that is confused.

It's 11am on Saturday and raining.  Gonna rain all day.  He's still in bed, no surprise.

Going to be an intersting day.

Should I stay or should I go???  I need to stay home and work here.  I am also needed to help with dance.

I need Calgon.

I need ME time.

I wanna run away.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ryan Update - still missing & a little preaching

I keep scanning through the local radio station and newspaper websites but there is not an update there.

However, Miss T was back in school today (she was out recouperating from previous night's anxiety attacks).

She said that Mr Ryan did NOT find his daughter.

So heart ached when she said that.

I IM'd my xRoomie who said :

"I told ya - it's not good for the girl"

Of course I don't want to hear this.  But she picks up that the girl is with an older male and "not able to escape, can't call home".  The male is a person known (local) to the girl, and not a nice person she says.

xRoomie has said I could offer her services, but she in NO WAY wants any publicity.

I am going to see the Dad face to face and give him a copy of our conversation.  I hope he will accept her offer.  He is a Christian, so he might have difficulty with it.  On the other hand if any of what she told me rings a bell with him to begin with, he may just give it a try.

What could it hurt?

As a Christian myself, belief is based on faith.  I have faith that there is a God; one that created this Earth.  I cannot see Him in the human form, and I cannot answer "how" I "know" He is real except to say FAITH.

Aren't there people in the Bible who could "see" things?  Prophets?  Yes.  Didn't it say there'd be others with such gift?

I have witnessed my dead X fall to the floor like a rag doll after I began singing "Jesus Loves Me" while he was out of his mind trying to harm me.  Just by speaking the Name of Jesus.

I have witnessed xRoomie telling me something to be true before I could prove it more than once.

(Tom's arrest area and the missing Caddy for example)

Do I believe in her abilities?  Yes, I do.

She is not evil or out to harm anyone or cause them harm.  Her gift is utilized for GOOD.  She has helped the police and such in missing persons cases.  Who steers her?

I cannot explain her gift or why she was given it.  There are questions that cannot be answered as our minds conceive.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Omissions, Confessions & Scolding

   It was brought to my attention that I did not reveal my bowling scores of yesterday. 

That's because the first 2 games were pathetic.  I don't even remember the first score -- something stupid like a 96 and the 2nd game was 111.  Then by the time I was good and warmed up, my third and last game was a 136.

All in all not too bad for someone who rarely bowls anymore.  Maybe once, twice a year.  I haven't league bowled in over 12 years.  Teresa said that I needed to "join" and get a sanction card so that I can substitute on teams when needed.

I need to practice a bit more.  Plus I really was worried about - OK, you're gonna laugh at me ..........

.........breaking a nail.  I know, I know. 


When I was league bowling I held an average between 135 and 143.  Once I had a 200 game!!!!  Never did I ever get a perfect game.  I chipped many a nail too.

But........these acrylic's held up.  Maybe, just maybe I can bowl again.

Today my legs and back are a bit sore.....yep!  I need to work out.  I need to bowl more.  I need to do more things for ME and get out of my rut.

Last night the kids were OK.  My child was the worst it seemed....very loud even after I called her on it several times.  I spoke to her about it this morning.  But they were down by midnight and quiet.  One fell asleep about 11....the other 2 were watching a movie and fell asleep soon after.

Hubby came in about 11:30pm.....decent.  Proud of himself.  I basically ignored him and he went on to bed.  I had warned him not to come in acting all stupid with a house full of kids.

Don't need any kids going home talking about how T's Dad acts....

I still feel like he was fibbing to me last night though.  I'm having a hard time with that.

Scolded.  YES, ME!  Scolded by LJ..... we all know how stubborn she is, right Angie???.  She is a great gal who deserves the world!  And well, she had a small item on her "wish list" that Santa didn't get, so.........bad me, I found it and sent it to her.

So spank me!  I'd do it again...... and you can scold me all you want! I'll still be standing right here tapping my foot with my arms crossed!!

I figure my payback will be when I'm screaming at her for HELP as Miss T heads into the teen years.  After all, look at what a great job she did with Megan.

Don't worry......Martha, Shelly, Melissa, Missie, Chris and many more ..... I'll be yelling your way too as I'm grounding T for the rest of her life, taking away all her worldly possessions and forbidding her to talk to "that" boy and hang out with "those" girls!! 


Friday, January 11, 2008

Pre-teens in da house! & Bowling


I have 3.....THREE pre-teens in my house tonight.  My kid, and 2 of her friends. 

When did I agree to this?  I dunno.  Miss T mentioned it a couple of days ago and I guess she just ran with it.

Screaming 11 year olds....calling out each other's names at the top of their lungs.  Junk slung all over my "big room".  Looking for I don't know what under my couch.

They found a pair of my black panties (this is where I FOLD clothes people - NOT anything else, trust me).

At least they are home and happy.

awww! Shelly!!

My friend Teresa called me this morning and wanted to meet at noon for Bowling.  I love to bowl and Teresa is a gem.  I said OK. 

I wondered how my acrylic nails would hold up, especially since one was trying to lift.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  No chipping and no lifting. 

My first game sucked big time!  2nd got better.  My 3rd game I bowled my average, almost.  Not bad for an old, fat lady that hasn't bowled on a league in 12 years.

Then we had lunch together and she gave me my belated Christmas gift.  A 'hooker' for my pocketbook (to hang it from a table); some potholders; a pine reed difuser; and a lavendar/chamomile theraputic wrap. 

Sweet!  I racked up!


Then I decided it was time to get my nails filled.  So I tried a place between work and home and it was nice.  Met up with a lady I hadn't talked with in a long while....she's actually our Representative from our district. 

Ourfamilies were friends for a long time, well, still are for that matter.  My bigger little brother and her oldest son and my little brother and her youngest son were friends throughout school.

Well that's about it.....except

I think Tom was lying to me tonight when I got home.  He "seemed" to be acting like he'd had a drink....but he said NO.  I kept saying "be honest" and he insisted he was.

But my instincts are good ----real good.

Then he left.  Said his friend "J" was having a get together to celebrate his birthday of this week and he wanted to go.  And he left.

We'll see what comes home.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ryan UPdate?

I was just on the phone with Miss T's science teacher talking about miscellaneous school stuff (he's a hottie by the way - 60 and single).

Anyway I asked if there was anything we could do or needed to do for Mike (music teacher) .......... he said they found her! 

They found Ashley!??!  Seems the TV screen ran a ribbon on the bottom saying she had been found and all was OK.

I have googled, but can't come up with anything saying for certain.  I hope I haven't jinxed the search. 


Local Paper's Detail & Friends

    - Ashley Ryan

Thank you all for your kind words regarding the RYAN situation.  I know the family appreciates it and can use all the support.  JLAND IS THE BEST!!

At dinner last night, Miss T said she knew why Mr Ryan wasn't in school.  I said "so do I".  We talked about it just a bit.

I asked Tom if he would "go on a hunt" if Miss T were missing and he said "in a heartbeat".

Then I told her I would "beat you bloody" (a funny term of ours of course) if you run away and I catch up with you!! 

We also said that there wasn't ANYTHING that she couldn't ever come to us about no matter how bad, sad, insane, hurtful or silly, and that running away wouldn't solve any problem whatsoever.

She said that when she heard of the runaway she said "that's just stupid".  Smart kid, but she's only 11 and we know what comes in the teen years.........  "but Mom I 'love' him".


Please Dear God give me the wisdom to deal with a teenage girl!

Running away can only get you into worse trouble --

Meeting up with the wrong people, people who "act" like they want to "help and be your friend" -- these are the kind that could cost you your life.

("Little girl, I've lost my puppy - will you help me find him?")

From the article, at least Ashley went to a church for help where I'm sure she felt was a safe choice.

 I talked to the xRoomie yesterday.....she's loving life in her new Job/living quarters.  Said she was having"withdrawal symptoms" though and I told her it was ditto for us too.

I miss talking with her and knowing she was close.  She's not too far away, but, it's not the same.

  Also got an IM from the xCo-worker today.  She's doing fine in TX - still unpacking and getting settled in.  I miss her too.  We had some great talks and became close friends while we worked together.  We worked well together too.  It would be hard to replace that kind of relationship.

Speaking of work......I'm trying my best to stay on top of things.  There is a lot to do -- stuff I'm sure the boss isn't even aware of.  We finished all the bills on time and are working on a new home quote.   Hopefully soon the water moritorium will be lifted in this county and we can begin to build again. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ryan 3

Just got off the phone with xRoomie....says "this doesn't feel good".


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Part of the Ryan story

Authorities are still looking for a 17-year-old girl who went missing on New Year's Eve.

Family members say Ashley Marie Ryan, a senior **** High School, went to the movies with friends at Mayfaire cinema and walked out the back door of the theatre.

They say she then went to a pawn shop to trade in an iPod she got for Christmas.  She used the money to buy a bus ticket to Kissimmee, Florida, just outside of Orlando. A spokesperson for the Wilmington Police Department said Ryan is most likely a runaway.

Her parents have gone down to Florida to try to find her. In the meantime, family members here are devastated.

"Ashley is seventeen. She's naive. She's a sweet little girl and we just want our kid back," said Ahley's Aunt. "She's just a kid. She's just a little girl. And we want her home. We want to get her where we can help her."

Anyone with information on Ashley's whereabouts should contact the Wilmington Police Department at 343-3600.

As submitted to the FORUM section of the News Site: Ashley  Submitted by The Ryan Family (not verified) on 7 January 2008 - 11:37pm.

Thank you Hampstead and Wilmington for all your prayers, and thank you WWAY for your accurate reporting. We received calls today that she was reported found, but sadly that is not true. Please continue your prayers and good thoughts for Ashley. Yes, we checked her computer. She is traveling alone.

Prayers for Mr Ryan

This young girl belongs to our local band director.  This is the first sign of her sighting.  Hopefully it IS her and not someone using her identity or debit card.

I know the teacher wasn't in school on Monday and I suspect he isn't today either.  Miss T confirmed that.  I didn't say anything to her about why he wasn't at school.

Now if she hears anything, I can tell her the bigger picture, not the one of "abduction" and fear of murder/death; but one of a runaway thinking "life is greener on the other side" or having been lead astray by God knows who.

Of course we will discuss both sides of this story in theory only.  We do not know the whole picture.  I do know that the father, the teacher, is a loving man....loves kids and his community. 

He was probably the "worst Dad" in the world - you know the one - he makes you "eat brocolli" and "brush your teeth" and "be home at a certain time" etc.

Thank God for "worst" parents like that!  I'm one!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just say NO begins.

I'm just going to come out and say it!

My kid is perfect.

OK, now let's get real.

Miss T had a friend over last night "M".  I don't care for this kid much.  She's one of those know the kind.  Spoiled-er and not as mature acting as T is.

I had an issue with this kid some 5 years ago....seems "M" had talked T into a compromising situation and T said she "just didn't know what to do". 

So last night they're reeeeeeeeeeal quite, playing with Barbie dolls (something "M" never was interested in doing before).  No TV, no music.  Just quietly.  This M is never a quiet kid.

Yep, I kinda figured that!  One of those "let's play house with the dolls" kinda thing.

I called Miss T out on it this afternoon....said " that game you and M were playing last night that you probably really shouldn't have been doing in the first place, right?"

Another "talked me into it" answer.

So we've had the talk about "just say NO and walk away".

I know Miss T doesn't like fights or confrontation, but she's gonna have to learn to say NO.  That it's OK to say no.

Also overheard last night was "I don't have to, I'm the guest" when it was time to clean up before starting another activity.  I walked into the room, T said "she's not helping" and I said "well, then she just doesn't get asked back ever again".


I know how very awkward it can be to be asked to do or say something that you're just not comfortable with.  Many times in my youth , hell, adult life too, I wished I'd had the gumption to "just say" something without fear of rejection or being embarassed.

Miss T has begun to "bud" a bit since beginning school.  Before long the inevitable relative "Aunt Flo" will be doing her monthly rounds.  Hormones will rage.  She already has temperment! 

"No" is going to HAVE to find a home in her vocabulary when it comes to friends.  

One night when I was, oh, 13-14, I was asked if I wanted to go to the drive in movies with a girlfriend.  Little did I know I was gonna be "left" in the car with the older brother - I had never met this guy before.  He thought he was gonna put the moves on me.  No way.  I was set up!  I think his sister's were off somewhere probably "watching" to see what happened. 

They wasted their money is all I can say.  And I resented being put in that situation.  Plus when I got home, my Mom had called the other brother's house wondering when we'd be home - the one the sister's and I were supposed to be with - he knew nothing about it.  Mom was not happy.

Neither was I....I explained to her how I did not have any idea that it was the OLDER brother going with us and not the one she had called (he worked for them).  Lucky for me she believed me.

Never again did I go out with this crew.  Although one of their cousins ended up being a good friend, and still is to this day.  I was his study buddy - so he could pass Physics. 

Why did they call History Physics?

(ps...check out the other ME journal link on my sidebar)




Friday, January 4, 2008

xRoomie & Link

Now x-roomie.  Check her out at the above link.

Some have asked me in the past about her.  No, she doesn't "read" me or us.  Unless I ask lol....and I don't ask. 

Except one time a couple 3 years ago I did get a call from her one night while Mr Man was "missing".

She said "hmmmmm......I see the number 4."

Then she said "and some kind of bird, large bird" and that's when I knew where he was.

4th and Swann........and it was on his arrest warrant when I got to the jail.

She studied in the parapsychology dept at a prestigious university; has a nursing license and an extremely high IQ.

Do I question the "why and how" of it all?  Sure.  Has she ever given me a heads up.....yes.  Do I always listen?  No.

Remember April of 07 when Mr Man pulled one of his all nighters with his so called pals? and after that he was going to TX to "think"?

She had given me a warning.  Did I listen????

Anyway she's really a sincere gal,  totally trustworthy.... a real great friend.  Would be here in a minutes notice if I needed her.

While here she helped out a lot!  Cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, groceries etc.  I was glad to be able to help out while she was in between.

Miss T is missing her terribly.

Anger and Hope

Mom called around 1pm to say that my stepDad had gone to his cardiac rehab appt and the nurse there did not like what she was seeing.  Therefore she was taking, yes, taking him to the ER to be checked out.

Mom called back to say that they offered to admit him if he agreed, and he did, and run tests often.  Seems his heart enzymes were up a bit and an EKG showed some difference.  He will see a Doc Connoly on Sat and then Doc Holt (the last surgeon) on Sunday then possibly a cath on Monday.

Angry?  You bet.  This Holt doc is the one who before the latest bi-pass was reviewing the "wrong chart" and telling them all was "good" then his "ooops" when he realized "wrong chart".  Now here we are again, in the hospital, less than 3 months after the surgery. 

When your car is tuned up or the engine is replaced, don't you expect another 100thou out of it? 

I know stepDad has been back to his daily routine as much as possible knowing that they told him it wouldn't be a normal 6 weeks recovery...more like a 3-4 month one.  I also know that he has admitted to having 1or 2 cigarettes since surgery.

My Mom was hurt and furious at that one.  So were all us kids.

We are also ANGRY that this is sounding like malpractice and that our family is being HURT again by the fact that our Dad is suffering.  We expected the recent bi-pass to "fix" everything.

I can only HOPE that by Monday all goes well with the weekend tests and Monday's catherization.  I HOPE that this cath won't be like the last one --- leading to emergency surgery.

I HOPE and PRAY that all is well. 

2007 was not an easy year.  I so want 2008 to be GREAT!

X-roomie (who is a RN and a psychic as well) has said "doesn't sound good".  I don't want to believe that we could receive bad news.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Fla Trip!!

Would you all mind if I said I am so glad that 07 is outta here?

I'm hoping that '08 will rhyme with Great!!

Florida.........such a delight.  It was such a pleasure to get away from the aggravation of hubby etc and really "get away" with the girls.  Meeting Angie, Martha and Shelly was just as I had expected.  Authentic women....real and loving people, which I already knew that from "just visiting the life and chaos of a Roxy world".

How refreshing to be with these ladies and their families on the beach just chillin without a care in the world.  I would have never left!  That's just how wonderful it was.  I wanted to reach out and envelop each of them and just hang on to the moment.  It felt good to be surrounded by their love and friendship.

Saturday was an early start for me and Miss T as we meandered down I-295, over the "enormous skyway bridge" with a stop for pictures of course.  We checked in to our hotel and took off for "Pops" by the water to meet the gang.  I was first to arrive....then Martha & kids, then Angie, then Shelly & daughter.  All the "boys" arrived later on the beach (except for Martha's 2 who were already with us).

These families are beautiful people.....inside and out.  And I mean that.  I love you all!!!

The sound from the Drum Circle was mesmerizing and soothing.  The water equally as tranquil.  And the colors of the sunset here at Casey Key overlooking the Gulf of Mexico was gorgeous.....much better than up by FIL's.

I did notice that the sand felt and looked very different from ours on the Atlantic Coast.  Our sand is more fine and golden....theirs light and course.  Martha - I think Miss T and I found something of yours on Sunday --- see if you can find it in the pictures above.

There was buried treasure, er I mean, boys....hula loopies....champage toasts, a ball of light, foggy spotted pictures, pink shoes, laughter and lifetime friendships bonded that night.

It is certainly a tradition I want to keep for many years.