Friday, January 25, 2008

Shea Butter Me Up

(attempt #2)

It's that time of year when we all have the same troubles known as dry-skin-itis.  That is exactly what the dermatologist described me as when I thought I was experiencing poison ivy.

Remember I thought I had the mad itch?  Seems it was STRESS and Dry skin.

She told me to hydrate; no more HOT showers (the heat dehyrates - but I love hot showers!!!); stay moisturized and keep the stress low!!!

In doing so we all have to be mindful of the ingredients in the lotions.  NO Alcohol, very little perfume and color; full of oils and refined natural butters like Shea butter, almond and Jojoba etc.

Some of my favorite indulgences are:

  Oh yeah!!

Canyon Sun....yes Angie I stole the picture!!  Talk about baby smooth!  Love the Moisturizing Balm - it is especially good on extreme dry areas such as elbows.  I've used it on my hands in extreme situations. 

The Body Butter, Brown Sugar Scrub and Lip Balm are also very, very nice.  Great for everyday use and especially for those "oh so wonderful" nights out!!

Plus you don't have to use handfulls of this stuff.....just a dab'l do ya!

Another product I've used daily this winter was Keri Nourishing Shea

 It is light, low on fragrance and leaves the skin silky.  Plus it's not very expensive - I got a large bottle at Big Lots for $5.

Shower time is when I like to use the scrubs in place of my Dove soap.  Love Dove soap!!!  Less harmful to the body, no deodorizing elements to dry the skin.  But it just doesn't cut it when it comes to having silky smooth skin.

Some of the shower scrubs I like are


  Ulta Coral Sand Scrub.  This has grains of sand in it....gotta be careful not to scrub too hard or it will scratch ya.  This has a delightfully light, beach type scent.  About $17, but if you shop right you can catch these on the buy one get one free sale.

It goes well with the Water Lotus hydrating gel they have too.

One I found recently that I liked was at Bath & Body Works "Be More Pacific" a tropical shower cream with Tahitian Monoi Oil ý an ingredient used by the best island spas for its deeply moisturizing, supremely soothing effects.

Nice!!  Smells good too.  Leaves a light silky smooth feeling.  I like it better than the other one, although it is nice.

Since we use a lot of heat in the winter, the air is dry in the house as well.  If I were smarter than I looked I'd use a humidifier, but....

I'm very picky about my face and the products I use on it.  I am a former Mary Kay user turned to CLINIQUE.

I like the lipsticks of Mary Kay and Clinique....they seem to hold true to their color the best for me.  Just can't wear the cheap stuff on my lips.

Don't even get me started on my hair and nail products.  AOL doesn't have enough room for me to write about that!!!


imgr8phil said...

You should be on an infomercial about skin care.  LOL  Have a good weekend.


emabecmar said...

I love Angie's Canyonsun products. I use them everyday. Even my Rebecca loves them. ((((((((hugs)))))))

deshelestraci said...

Love the tour of your skin products!  I'll have to try some of them!  Fun.  This year I haven't been as itchy as past years.  Which is good.

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


peytonswater said...

I love it when people pimp products!  I am gonna get your goodies done tomorrow!  hot showers should always be avoided, especially in the winter months.  Warm okay, not no.
I love SoftSoap bath scrubby gel in Shea Butter, MMMmmmmmm
Hugs and Love

jillannemarie said...

WoooHooo!  Sounds great, please send my free samples ASAP!  LOL
Have a fantastic weekend!

Jill Marie

cuteallison1980 said...

I hate dry skin.  I use oil of olay body wash and assorted products.  These sound pretty awesome as well.  Have a happy weekend. : )


mastersblynn said...

You should do a commercial :)

garnett109 said...

My ass itches what kinda cream should i usr for that?
Have a great weekend!

am4039 said...

thanks for all the tips on dry skin. My legs get very dry.

eml625 said...

I love Canyon Sun stuff  ! Ang's stuff rocks !
I had no idea about the hot shower , wow. I will lower the temperature for sure on that. thanks for the tips!
Love ya

queeniemart said...

Gee, did you write this after seeing my face?!! LOL

I wrote all this down...Rick and i are going face cream shopping today. I may end up at the dermatologist but i hope not. I loved this entry. I LOVE Angie's stuff too!!


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))Thanks for the info on dry skin.Have a nice weekend.

chat2missie said...

I suffer from dry skin too.  Thanks for all the info!

ljjellybean71 said...

You Product whore!!  :  )   Since my knuckles and fingertips are cracked I might have to try some of these products.    
Thank you for the tips.


randlprysock said...

You and I love all the beauty care stuff... we are too much alike.  I think that is why I keep selling Avon... so I have an excuse to buy it.  LOL.  They are having sales on all the winter lotions for dry skin... I am gonna stock up.  Hugs,

lifes2odd said...

Me -- I just slather on the tanning oil and go to the beach :-P
Hope you are having a nice weekend and have a great week too!
Martha :-)

luddie343 said...

Interesting commercial - er I mean post lol!!  Nivea and I'm done.  CATHY

cacklinrosie101 said...

ROFL...I'd need a second mortgage for all that stuff.  I'm always getting screamed at by the dermatogist but I do use the Keri Shea on their reccomendation.  I can only wear Loreal or Lancome on my face.  I'm allergic to everything so Loreal it is.  BTW: I hate winter.  HUGS Chris

onehenn3chicks said...

Keep the stress low???  How do you manage that one! LOL.


springangel235 said...

I am one that knows what stress can do to the body for sure....thanks for all the names of creams and lotions...I will take the skin is dry too!
hugs and love,

acoward15 said...

Dry is all anybody wants to be here!

xxroxymamaxx said...

girly girl!! : )  I need to use some moisturizer but I never do.