Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ryan Update - still missing & a little preaching

I keep scanning through the local radio station and newspaper websites but there is not an update there.

However, Miss T was back in school today (she was out recouperating from previous night's anxiety attacks).

She said that Mr Ryan did NOT find his daughter.

So sad....my heart ached when she said that.

I IM'd my xRoomie who said :

"I told ya - it's not good for the girl"

Of course I don't want to hear this.  But she picks up that the girl is with an older male and "not able to escape, can't call home".  The male is a person known (local) to the girl, and not a nice person she says.

xRoomie has said I could offer her services, but she in NO WAY wants any publicity.

I am going to see the Dad face to face and give him a copy of our conversation.  I hope he will accept her offer.  He is a Christian, so he might have difficulty with it.  On the other hand if any of what she told me rings a bell with him to begin with, he may just give it a try.

What could it hurt?

As a Christian myself, belief is based on faith.  I have faith that there is a God; one that created this Earth.  I cannot see Him in the human form, and I cannot answer "how" I "know" He is real except to say FAITH.

Aren't there people in the Bible who could "see" things?  Prophets?  Yes.  Didn't it say there'd be others with such gift?

I have witnessed my dead X fall to the floor like a rag doll after I began singing "Jesus Loves Me" while he was out of his mind trying to harm me.  Just by speaking the Name of Jesus.

I have witnessed xRoomie telling me something to be true before I could prove it more than once.

(Tom's arrest area and the missing Caddy for example)

Do I believe in her abilities?  Yes, I do.

She is not evil or out to harm anyone or cause them harm.  Her gift is utilized for GOOD.  She has helped the police and such in missing persons cases.  Who steers her?

I cannot explain her gift or why she was given it.  There are questions that cannot be answered as our minds conceive.


garnett109 said...

you killed your x do the cops know?
Hey every avenue of hope should be used.

peytonswater said...

That is horrible about the girl <sigh> I hope he accepts the offer. What about the police? Many police have been known to work with the gifted.
I didn't know Miss T had anxieties :( Poor baby

deshelestraci said...

Hey, if you read scripture you will notice that Jesus was psychic.  He knew stuff before others etc.  WE are supposed to be like Jesus in every way.
I'm sorry the girl hasn't been found yet.  So scary.

chat2missie said...

I sure hope Ryan is okay!  I was hoping to hear you tell us the dad found her.  Such a shame.

imgr8phil said...

Whatever can help, that is what is important.  The bible also says beware of false prophets.  I hope this all gets resolved soon and in a good way.  Take care.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))You are doing a good thing by helping them out.I do hope and pray they find Her.have a good night.

cuteallison1980 said...

This isn't so good.  I hope that this will end soon.  It must be something awful for the dad, I can't imagine going through something like this.


rgossett4195 said...

How horrifying for this family!  I can't imagine their fear.  I believe in God, and I do believe we have abilities...funny I was just talking to girl about this at work last week.  Sending prayers for this family!  rose

randlprysock said...

Sending many prayers.  Hope they find her!!!

queenb8261 said...

Sharon, Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Having trouble keeping up with journaling. Sounds like things are busy as ever at your household. Brave you are with all those preteens.
Sad about the missing girl. I pray they find her soon.
Have a good  Wednesday.

ukgal36 said...

wow..i have been offline due to illness and hadn't read all the updates..i will be following this as it's in Florida i may see something on the news etc...
Still hoping for the best..

queeniemart said...

i am a Christian and i believe that your XRoomie is real and that many like her see and know things we do not. I pray that Ryan is ok....i am praying for her.
Love you girl


eml625 said...

I found out that my nephew goes to that school and knows her (he's in the band also).  If you recall, I have family near you. So sad. I hope the dad talks to Xroomie, couldnt hurt the matter .
God Bless

lioncage@bellsouth.net said...

I know Ashley, talked with her almost everyday at school, and in fact live just down the road from one of the houses she stayed at. A month before she disappeared I had a dream that she came to my house, upset about something. I gave her a sleeping bag and went to the kitchen to get her something to drink came back and she had vanished.

Recently I had a dream that she was found, but i didn't get details and there was something about someone taken in handcuffs. I've only have three dreams with her in them, the third being her kissing a guy on the cheek during one of my dreams which she did in front of me within two days of that dream.

I get Deja Vu alot, but there a specific details about the events I remember from a dream, like my friends were in the library, and i remembered being in that exact situation in the dream from two night before. placement of objects, the mood, everything. Scared the living crap out of me (not literally).

I am not one to believe in this kind of thing, but I have to say that looking back on my own experiences I'll give it a chance. I just hope one thing, that both your xRoomie and I are wrong, and that she's still travelling alone.

-Lioncage (Prophet?)