Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Fla Trip!!

Would you all mind if I said I am so glad that 07 is outta here?

I'm hoping that '08 will rhyme with Great!!

Florida.........such a delight.  It was such a pleasure to get away from the aggravation of hubby etc and really "get away" with the girls.  Meeting Angie, Martha and Shelly was just as I had expected.  Authentic women....real and loving people, which I already knew that from "just visiting the life and chaos of a Roxy world".

How refreshing to be with these ladies and their families on the beach just chillin without a care in the world.  I would have never left!  That's just how wonderful it was.  I wanted to reach out and envelop each of them and just hang on to the moment.  It felt good to be surrounded by their love and friendship.

Saturday was an early start for me and Miss T as we meandered down I-295, over the "enormous skyway bridge" with a stop for pictures of course.  We checked in to our hotel and took off for "Pops" by the water to meet the gang.  I was first to arrive....then Martha & kids, then Angie, then Shelly & daughter.  All the "boys" arrived later on the beach (except for Martha's 2 who were already with us).

These families are beautiful people.....inside and out.  And I mean that.  I love you all!!!

The sound from the Drum Circle was mesmerizing and soothing.  The water equally as tranquil.  And the colors of the sunset here at Casey Key overlooking the Gulf of Mexico was gorgeous.....much better than up by FIL's.

I did notice that the sand felt and looked very different from ours on the Atlantic Coast.  Our sand is more fine and golden....theirs light and course.  Martha - I think Miss T and I found something of yours on Sunday --- see if you can find it in the pictures above.

There was buried treasure, er I mean, boys....hula loopies....champage toasts, a ball of light, foggy spotted pictures, pink shoes, laughter and lifetime friendships bonded that night.

It is certainly a tradition I want to keep for many years.



chat2missie said...

It looks like you all had such a good time together!  Thanks for sharing your pictures.

gaboatman said...

The pictures look great and it was easy to tell you were all having a great time.  I'm glad you got to go and be with your online friends in person.  Glad to have you back, though.  As I said in your last post, Happy New Year!  Yes, it's okay to say you are glad 2007 is over and done with.  Let's make 2008 a much better year for all!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((TPIEZ4ME))))))))))))))I am so glad you had a good time.The pics are great.Happy 2008.

madcobug said...

Those pictures were great. I am glad that you all had so much fun. Glad that you made it safely back home. Happy New Year. Helen

lifes2odd said...

It was a great time! I'm so happy that you were able to make it this year. I can't wait to do it all over again next year and tell Miss T I challenge her to another hula hoop competition!
Now, what is it of mine you found? Is it that strange thing in the sand? What is it? It looks oddly like a spatula!
We all love you too!
Martha :-)

luddie343 said...

Enjoyed the pix, 6, 9 and 11 were great.  Sounds like you made lasting memories Sharon, glad you got to FLA & met the ladies.  Buried treasure and hula, who needs more lol?  2007 had negative connotations for numerologists all over, but you should hear them all going nuts about what's coming up.  Described as the year of "Mystery, Balance, Light and Magic."  I'm up for it, yea!  xoxo CATHY

queeniemart said...

i'm so glad you were able to meet these SPECIAL  Jlanders and get some ME time in there....you look BEAUTIFUL in the pics!!! What a lovely time and memory for you to think of now!!!! Love,lisa

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, any room for stragglers next year?  I love, love, love Florida.  Here's hoping that 2008 is a better year for so many.  2007 was nuttin to write home about.  Love ya, Chris

xxroxymamaxx said...

That is one scary bridge isn't it?  I get scared every time I go over it.  Man you got some GREAT pics!!  I love it.  I may have to snag some if that's ok.  love you too!!  

deshelestraci said...

OH man, looks like so much fun!!!!

imgr8phil said...

Enjoyed the pictures. I hope your 2008 is Great!  Remember, tomorrow is hump day already.  Take care.


am4039 said...

I hope you have a great 2008 and I'm happy that 2007 is outta here too.

ksgal3133 said...

Happy New Year :)


robinngabster said...

Yep, looks just like Forida!  And it looks like you had lots of fun! Happy New Year!

garnett109 said...

Loved the Pics, it felt like I was on vacation

fasttrack58 said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Florida and how cool you got to hang out with jlanders!! Shelly is the best!!
Happy New Year!
Linda :)

alphamoon65 said...

it's all sad but true...lmao. Florida...now were talking. Love the pics. Hope all is well. luvs ya
p.s. I used to love the color pink...tsk tsk

eml625 said...

What great pictures.
I want to go next time !!!!!!!
Ok. I'm better.
You all look great, the kids too. What a blast that must have been.
Be well this new year my friend.

luddie343 said...

#6 and #22 best pix, Sharon.  What a great time had by all.  Yes, count on 08 being great, it's in the stars, already written in brilliant light.  The universe doesn't lie, everything points to an upward, positive balance ahead.  Neat!  CATHY

daniella12800 said...

Wow how exciting!  I am so happy you had a great time and were able to meet fellow journalers.

First and for most...THank you so much for the Christmas card.  We have moved but I received it on a forward...I was so happy to receive it!!!

Well I am back again, I just started writing in my journal again!!!


The ups and downs of me

grofsand said...

Great Photos! and YES you are invited back!

Glad to know that Florida had such a warm and positive impact on you. Now, what to do with all the plastice aligators and shell ornaments you purchased while down here!

Have a happy and enterprising 2008!
Marc :)

queenb8261 said...

Wow how fantastic that y'all got together. Wish I'd been there. I need a  trip....or maybe electrochock one of the two. The photos are fantastic and I be you all had a blast. You go girl
Hugs, Barb

peytonswater said...

GIRL, you took the most AWESOME pictures! May I snag some of them! I love the seashells and the POP's sign. YOu must have a GREAT camera!
It better be a tradition to carry on, you gals are the BOMB!