Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No, I didn't kill her.......trick or treat?


I know y'all been wondering if I actually "did the deed" and had to disappear...LOL...well...........not this time.  Coworker is a good egg most of the time. 



It's one thing or another around my world.  Boss went out of town, had to call and tell him about wifey's overspending again. 

Bluewitch.gif  Nutcracker is kicking my butt!  I've given up my role as Mrs Snooty and have slipped into the "guest" role.  Whew!  Now I don't have to worry about dancing.  But guess who fills in at each practice because not everybody shows up!!!!!  Miss T is disappointed but understands that I just can't do it this year.  My ankles have been swollen since Saturday.....not from anything other than poor diet and being overweight.  On top of being IN the production I have become the somewhat "bookkeeper and keeper upper of things" and that is a chore.  Lots of people with lots of questions.

thWhatADay-LMG3.jpg  I was so ill this weekend....every little thing set me off.  It is almost like having PMS (if I remember it correctly).  Snapping at my kid...I even spanked her 2 times...for arguing with me.  Then I totally went off on a little boy on Sunday......he deserved it.  He had already been told by another mom that he "shouldn't be throwing things" in this studio and he might break something.  His comment?   "Who are you to be telling me what to do"  well guess what the answer was! 


I put that boy in the biggest time out he's ever seen, yelling at the top of my voice "you don't do things like that...you could hurt/break etc.....who do you belong to?  where's your people?".  His mom finally owned him and made him appologize...I got one of those snottly little "I'll get you my pretty" appologies-----whoop de do!  What he needed was an old fashion trip to the wood shed.

coffeekiller.jpg Who do I think I am to be telling him something....??


Mr Man is not well.....it's his own fault.    He's been coughing for about 2 weeks now and it's not getting any better.

animalwar.gifHe doesn't take his meds properly, then he drinks too much.   (hmmmm Rx+alky=dissaster).  He has big time night sweats Sunday night/monday morning so I say You ARE going to the doctor....no I didn't go in with him but I should have.  I said "are you gonna tell him EVERYTHING?".....

walkinFrank.gif  Who am I kidding.........needless to say the answer was NO, so I'm upset and saying that I don't trust the Doc because, well, hell, he didn't have all the facts.  And why should I worry over this when DH doesn't.  If he's on a mission of death, oh well.  TOM DOESN'T GET why I'm so upset.

So here it is.....6:30pm Halloween...I guess I'd better head home and pick up Miss T...she's out with my nephew on his first Trick or Treat experience...he's only 15 months old.  Should be cute pictures.  Have a grand evening all!!



Wednesday, October 25, 2006


............in the office that is.

My coworker drives me nutz.........really!  Bless her heart (it's a southern thing) she has ADD but can't add...you know the kind.  2+2 can be right in her face but for the love of it she wouldn't see it.....and she's the AP lady and keeper-upper of house building quotes etc.  But when I say "did you get the fax from xxx?" she says NO, then lo and behold what do I find on her desk?  Yet she'll call one of the super's and say "I got that fax for ya!   

One day I'm gonna kill her.......I've been saying it for years and I say it at least once a week.  Today was no exception.  Mulitplicity.

She bought me a rubber band gun back from her hiking trip because "you're always saying you're gonna shoot me"....how thoughtful.

Plus she sings, well pretends to.  Bless her heart (there's that southern thing again that actually means "she's stupid") but she's off key.  Flat as a board, bless her heart.

The boss is sending me to court on Friday......to take care of his daughter's accident ticket.  Well, they are leaving on a jet plane that morning so she can't do it herself....hmmm...do you smell something spoiled here?  She only had her license for 6 days, then crash! her fault.  Anywho, they'll be on their way North, so I have all the paperwork in hand and ready to go in and tell em, we've got it covered, paid for, here's the proof.  But he'll owe me big time..........

Like the time I kept him from getting arrested when he was in Jamaica ......and I sooooooooo wanted to let him get arrested (evil laugh) just to teach him a lesson.  BUT, again, coworker.....said Nooooooooo.  So I fixed it....and rubbed it in!

Gotta shoot that coworker...................

but then again, who else could put up with ME? 

Choices, oh choices.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ahhhh Nutz n Wedding Stuff!

(praying) AOL be good and let this post, AMEN!

           Going with a Halloween Theme...Look at this fog that rolled in over our field between me and Nanny...kinda spooky.

  Here we are at the beginning of another exciting week....someone SLAP me!  What was I thinking when I said I'd dance in the Nutcracker again?  Ok, Ok, so it IS the final year, and my kid's lip was puckered out in that "pleeeeeeeeez" look.......

Yeah, I like being in the limelight too!

Saturday 9am sharp - PRACTICE; break for lunch 12-1.  I'm planning on leaving early to go to a friend's wedding.  BUT,

yes there is always a BUT.........Saturday was the last chance to pay your fees, order the T-shirts, DVD's etc...and guess who is stuck answering questions and taking the money and the forms?  PLUS,

yep there is always a PLUS too....it was costume day for everyone.  I decided not to wear my skirt and blouse from last year that I made.  Instead I picked out a deep green dress that they had....it looks like a tent. 


So I was late leaving (4pm instead of 2:30pm), Miss T went home with little Savanna.  I rushed into the house, washed the pitz and splitz and my hair, dressed, dried n styled the hair and viola!  Out the door in perfect time to arrive 30 minutes before the outdoor wedding.

Lady In Red=coworker        Groom's back & Tom

  The weather was PERFECT!  The bar was open when we arrived, we drank and we mingled and then "here comes the bride" - Beautiful!  The groom wore his Rainbow sandles...damn I wish I'd know cause I would have much rather been in mine! 

Denny&Donna       Short n sweet, kiss the bride and everyone began a big party....booze n food n chocolate fountain and did I mention booze?  The bartender was a friend of the couple's daughter...get all that?  Well, I've met him many many times and he is such a fun, sweet fella.

 Here's me and Mo, the bartender....I think he tried to get me drunk!  I arrive at 6pm and get
"HEY Sharon.........." (hugs, kisses) "Whatcha drinkin?" 
Mo is da man!

 (DJ Chris)   As soon as it was "here is Mr & Mrs" Chris kicked it off with some shaggin beach music.  He played all the right stuff, Billy Joel, Beach Music, Michael Jackson, Louis Armstrong, you name it...even some of the new hip stuff...well at least me and Mo and the kids (20 yr old somethings) knew it.
I know I kicked off my shoes and danced the night away, grabbed some "stuff" (front & back mind you), ran my mouth off.  Boy were my feet aching!  Fell in my house about midnight 30!  Whew!


Sunday was just as busy..........sleep late, up and wash the pitz n splits and hair again.....kids arrive at 11:30am....jump in the truck, grab a quick lunch and it's off to more Nutcracker....

This time it's Adults Learn Your Dance!  Now this much is easy for me because it ain't my first rodeo.  But we do it over and over and over and.....my feet are killin me from last night!  And it's HOT!  72 outside & as much inside!  Sweatin out that booze from last night.

Waitin on Savanna's Mom to get back to town (she went to a funeral), we rode over to Wrightsville Beach then came back across the bridge and stopped for a bite to eat at an arcade/restaurant place....got the kids each a $10 game card (and Kid's eat free when you buy one of these!).  Finally home for my 3RD SHOWER in 24 hours........

You would think I slept well last night


I don't know what it is these days.  Medicine?  Lack of the right medicine?  I don't think my hormone supplement is quite right.  Get this ... I was dreaming about....


are you ready............?


Triangle shaped, flat eggs.......and I remember thinking in my dream, "Wonder how THAT came out?" 


Thursday, October 19, 2006

And the 2006 VIVI nominees are..........

Posted!  Wow, what a tough job this must be!


Yep, venture on over to siennastar's list and see who's who!  I am glad and proud to say that I am friends with several on the list.  I also noticed some that I've got to check out.

In the meantime, a few on my long list of favorites keep me busy:

Our friend ( Joyce-Treasure ChestFull of Life ) needs prayers for her daughter who is out of the country and wishing she were home! 

Melissa's book ( Melissa's Motivation ) is almost done and I've already requested my autographed copy.

Lisa's list of stalkers is growing LOL!!! ( Damaged Goods )

Dave claims that it was a surfing accident and had nothing to do with police work........hmmmmmmm. ( Dead Investigations )

Jumpin Johnny ( my brain is in pain ) and Santa have something in common - they both have a list of all the naughty girls in the area!

I could keep going, but I'd begin to sound like Editor's Week.  Now I'm off to check on some of those I've just found!

Nite all!


Here's eggin you today.....

What's eggin you today?  Me?  My darn head.  I've had this pressure behind my right eye all week....sometimes it blurs my vision a bit.  I know it is the change in the weather and sinus related.  And have I told y'all lately that I hate my cat????  She's another reason my head feels like rolling off my shoulders.  She's really a sweet cat, loving and all, minds well - except for the occassional Ralph on my carpet - but I find myself more and more wanting her out of here.

I agreed with Miss T that we would not get rid of her on one condition:  That T take care of her, feed, water, scoopy the poopy...well since school and dance have started she hasn't held up her end of the bargain.  Am I being harsh when I say Katie has to go?  She's been with us for 4 years.

The boss's wife came into the office to pick up her mail.  I have fake blood on my windows and she said she "didn't approve" - I said "it's my window"......she has nothing (legally or otherwise) to do with boss's work.  Sometimes, OK most of the time, I just like to yank her chain.  One of her kids downloaded "I'm in love with a stripper" - the song - to his Ipod....have you heard the entire song??  I watched the video - it is disgusting.  ("she be grinding on my *** with her *** all up in my** ")  Needless to say she said she had him remove it from his playlist.

I have absolutely no energy or motivation these days.  I look around and I see things that should be done, at work and at home, but I just can't bring myself to accomplish everything.  These are not the things that TnT can help with, these are the things that I deal with, mail, nutcracker paperwork, bags for Goodwill etc.  I don't even want to dance in the Nutcracker this year.  One good reason?  I'm out of shape.  One dance and I'm outta breath like I just ran one of Melissa's marathon's.  Oh it's all my fault.  Sedimentary lifestyle.  No other reason.  There is the beach where I could walk or run, but do I?  I used to love to ride a bicycle but do I do this?  NO, I don't own one anymore.  And when I mention to Tom that I'd like to own one I get "for what?".......... I don't live in a subdivision, but there is one just around the bend that I could peddle through.

My diet sucks and this is probably 95% of the reason that I feel the way I do.  Breakfast is grab n go, if any.....Sundrop is a MUST in my hand first thing in the AM and Coffee....so you'd think there would be enough caffiene to crank me up!  I toss in a handfull of pills:  MSM, B-complex, nasatab (rx).  I get my vit C from the sundrop hehehehe.

Lunch has been burgers/dogs/sandwiches with onion rings kinda stuff lately.  YUK the greasy spoon meal.  I'd much rather go and have a salad.  Dinner?  Hmmm Mr Man is not much on lots of veggies (like I was raised) so when he cooks it's Italian (pasta's n bread) or steak/baked beans/ salad.  I have got him to where he'll cut up some cukes n tomatoes.

Exercise? Yeah, I run out the door and jump in the car and race off to work.......and after work I race over to the dance studio where I promptly plant my butt in a chair and watch T dance.

Time for a change!  I think I need to clean house in more ways that one!


Another year has passed
and we're all a little older.
Last summer felt hotter
and winter seems much colder.

I rack my brain for happy thoughts,
to put down on my pad,
But lots of things that come to mind
just make me kind of sad.

There was a time not long ago
when life was quite a blast.
Now I fully understand
about "Living in the Past".

We used to go to friends homes,
football games and lunches.
Now we go to therapy, to hospitals,
and after-funeral brunches.

We used to have hangovers,
from parties that were gay.
Now we suffer body aches
and sleep the night away.

We used to go out dining,
and couldn't get our fill.
Now we ask for doggie bags,
come home and take a pill.

We used to often travel
to places near and far.
Now we get backaches
from riding in the car.

We used to go out shopping
for new clothing at the Mall
But, now we never bother...
all the sizes are too small.

That, my friend is how life is,

and now my tale is told.

So, enjoy each day and live it up...
before you're too darn old!!

You pass this way only once so enjoy it while you can,
Live Laugh and Love!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

P.S. Sundrop is....

Oh my....absolutely........

Only in NC (but it's spreading)


This is one awesome drink.....my hubby KNOWS that it MUST be in my house (or reach) at all times.....especially when we are travelling.  And I MUST have it in the CAN....those plastic bottles make it taste gross.


It is so delicious, made from orange juice, some people compare it to Mountain Dew or Mello Yello (ugh too sweet), I think it excells above these.  It has the best blend of juice and carbonation.  Served ice cold or it mixes well with bourbon, spiced rum or even with Peach Schnapps and Vodka!  Oh yummmmm.

Someone actually stole a case outta the back of my truck (hydraulic lid covers the bed) in the middle of the Night off I-95 in St Auggie Florida (I was asleep in the hotel)........you know who you are out there cause now yer wanting some more of that redneck juice aren't ya?   I hope you choked on it....Those Polly Pocket toys you stole didn't get you very far either did they???  And that suit didn't fit HA!  It was a 52 portly and if I know street thieves y'all ain't no bigger than a goober!

Ahem....sorry bout that......

I told the cops to be on the look out for empty Sundrop soda cans and they'd find the thief........guess they never found them. 

Have I told you lately that I love my SUNDROP???????



Playing Q&A

Playing along with the latest Q&A.  If you'd like to play too, just copy and paste these to your journal entry.  ENJOY!

Rainy days ~ are good for reading or sleeping.

My favorite toy ~ hummmmms!

Symbiosis is ~ something I don’t know about.

Your enemy will ~ always envy me.

Your friend will ~ do anything if I need her.

I will never ~ leave my family behind. 

I share ~ my time, my love, my wisdom, but never, NEVER my Sundrop or Chocolate!

Every time I ~ sit by the ocean the wind whisps my troubles away.

My biggest mistake ~ not finishing college!

An open book ~ takes us to anywhere we want to be.

Give me ~ my Sundrop and no one dies!

As John Patrick Henry said....   "Give me Sundrop or I’ll give you Death"...........what?  That wasn’t him??

I admire ~ all of my J-land friends, they bring me laughter and keep me thinking!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Look out.........

th_deadegg.jpg  th_dickegg.jpg

Be warned for all you Happy Halloweeners across J- Land, I'm going door to door And Egging you!  I dare you to egg me back!!

th_Eggs.jpg  th_eggs.jpg


Friday, October 13, 2006

Bitten by Fri 13th bug.....

It seems that the evils of Friday the 13th has zapped my ability to access most journals.  Anyone gotta brew, potion or cure for that????

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trick or Treat thru J-Land


It's that time of year again to spread some cheer or some fear!    I like tricks about as much as I like the treats!!

Make a journal entry titled "Trick Or Treat Through J-Land" and copy these instructions so others can play along.  Visit as many journals as you can with the "Trick or Treat Through J-Land" title and leave them your link.  Hopefully all those who actively participate will get many trick or treaters and meet some new J-Land pals!

Happy Haunting! Hope to see you soon!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crack & Can't Drive

Our life and times are never dull…..


We attended a going away party and dance for one of the instructors at the studio where Miss T takes dance lessons.   They didn’t want gifts, just come and enjoy yourself.  Well….I tried. 


I’m sitting by the front door with a couple of friends, in comes a mom carrying a toddler.  This mom was wearing below the hip hugger jeans, which were under the beginnings of a “spare tire”.  Now that was bad enough you think………NOT.  Mommy puts down the toddler and lo and behold …..



4 inches of BUTT CRACK! 

I kid you not!


My friends and I do a “what???” look followed by and “OMG”.  Surely she felt the draft!!!  My favorite saying is “some things should NEVER be seen” and this was one of those things. 


We’re sitting there doing the usual talk and OMG again……the mom comes in front of me, bends OVER to get a cup and drink of water from the cooler.  RIGHT IN MY FACE…. I’m yelling “no she did NOT just do that to me?”  I got a face full of 4 more inches of BUTT CRACK.


Hubby said “yeah, she’s done that before”….do what????  It’s intentional???  He said had he seen this he would have been ready with some change to play the slots…..ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!  A real Vegas show!



The Boss’s wife gets to me….bad.  She has no clue about the “real world” – as a matter of fact, neither of them do.  Real world = work, struggle to make ends meet, plan around a budget, kids will be kids stuff.  I can’t get a decent raise this year, but they can have 4 vacations with 3 kids.  She is now complaining about the pre-nupt.  HELLO!!!  It’s 16 years old….what’s the problem??  Problem is she’s just now realizing how little it will give her in the event of divorce……which I foresee and soon.  (She doesn’t work and has NOTHING to do with the business at all.)  They think spending $5,000 miscellaneously per month is “normal” expenses….and this does NOT include house/car payments or insurance or utilities….ugh…..



On a sad note, my stepDad’s brother has lung cancer and has been taking chemo etc.  He has had a wonderful, upbeat attitude about this and I think that is great!  But today I get an email from my mom:


Just to let you know Uncle Earl is in hospital, coughing up blood.  They hope to stop this episode, but told him to expect more and that this is going to kill him.  He said that was hard to hear.  Praise the Lord for Xanax (he takes it).

Love you – Mom


Poor fellow….he and his wife lost a baby (stillborn) in 1965 and their only blood kid (son) overdosed some 10 years ago.  Their adoptive daughter lives nearby and has a 13 year old girl.  This will be a sad time for them.  There was a 50th wedding anniversary party planned for October 21…..wonder if he’ll make it that long?????



Mr Man’s birthday is Saturday…….55.  Remember the song?  “I can’t drive 55”…well it suits him.  Because he refused to submit to the breathalyzer in March, they automatically take the driver’s license for a year…he was due to renew them this year, but can’t…so he really CAN’T drive----at 55.  Even though the charges were dismissed he still can’t get he license back till March.  Ahhhhhhhhh….what a wonderful world.



Miss T….hmmmm, math is gonna do her in this year.  Decimals – adding, subtracting, making fractions.  This is tough stuff for 4th grade.  Gotta keep up with her multiplications.  She is also working on her Jazz Solo for dance, only it is intimidating her, she is getting scared of “forgetting” it….luckily she is good for making up her own stuff.



Thursday, October 5, 2006

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

PA Murders and other schools too

I'm going to say DITTO....




If you people have such cowardice that you have to end your lives then go ahead and do it.  The world will probably be better off without you.  But DON'T, I repeat DON'T, harm others in doing so."  Phil the Thrill

WTF?????????  Who is allowing these people to continue to roam the earth??  In today's world I cannot have anyone committed to a mental institution without an act of congress.  I have to "prove" that the person is harmful.  How do I do that?  I wait until something really bad happens.  That really bad thing is usually a death or near death.  People that are as sick as these who keep terrorizing our schools should not have any rights!  They have issues that need to be dealt with from the forefront!  Parents, aunts, uncles --- you know there is something wrong with that kid --- get them the help they need RIGHT NOW before they turn into a one person army of destruction of innocence.  Stop turning your back on the kid saying "oh he's just different, just expressing himself" --- bullshit!  He's touched in the noggin and needs professional assistance and probably should be put away!

Victims SOUND OFF!  If Uncle/Aunt/Neighbor/Friend/Pastor So & So touched you or threatened you RUN TELL YER MOMMA OR DADDY OR TEACHER OR A TRUSTED FRIEND'S PARENTS RIGHT THIS MINUTE!  Don't be afraid - we will love you no matter what and help you to cope.  Deal with it right here and now and not 20 years later because you've had "bad dreams" and such.

I'll say that if some sicko held my kid's school hostage....well I won't be held accountable for my actions.   This Redneck Southern Gal would not be following any rules but her own.  Trouble is I'd go to a stinking dirty jail for life while the sicko gets to sit in a cushy padded cell playing basketball & tiddlywinks eating jello ----- with fruit!


Monday, October 2, 2006

Rambling Reflections.....

Growing up we were "forced" to go to church…as Mom would say "as long as you live under my roof". Her philosophy was that I could not date a guy that "did not attend church" (geeesh). This did not seem fair to me at all. So needless to say anything I ever thought about was "wrong", or at least that is how I was brought up to believe. Bad thoughts, bad deeds would somehow doom me to HELL forever and this terrified me.

I was given a lot of misinformation about life. Germs can "kill you" which lead to my OCD of hand washing and spitting out the "germs" that somehow came in contact with my food, utensils or from just plain old breathing. Upon moving to a new home and school in 1978, a classmate and girl my age developed Ovarian cancer, thus losing her life at a tender age of 14. Holy Moly! Was I thrown on a roller coaster with that one! If that could happen to HER at our age…then what would/could happen to me?!!

I lived in fear. Not because I had abusive parents or lived in a crime area or any of that stuff. I lived in fear of LIFE. Other kids were wild and crazy and I was scared to do anything. Dating was a pain. I would get to our destination and a wave of panic would overtake me. I couldn’t understand it and I couldn’t explain what was happening to me. I wanted to do the things that other teenagers did – good or bad – I wanted to enjoy life, but I couldn’t. I missed out on a lot. Blame it on my conscience.

These feelings lasted a long time…..through my first marriage to my high school sweetheart; my abortion prior to this marriage; living alone (single life IS good); dating again; almost affair (all but sex!) with a married man; marrying #2 - the wrong man.

What is my point? I don’t know. Only that I don’t wish for my daughter to suffer this way, afraid. She is "rule oriented" so it may be inevident that she strive to always do the right thing. She stuffs her shirts for "boobs" while playing dress up and doesn’t mind showing off….I didn’t want anyone to know I was doing such a thing, so maybe she won’t have the cloud that I had. Her panic attacks are very real to me since I have suffered them as well. I now understand that you have to "grow up" to overcome some of these things. She is far from grown up. I want her to be happy and I think she is. I don’t want her to miss out on opportunities due to fear. Dancing helps.

Maybe if I had more opportunities when I was younger things would have turned out different, but we were not by any means "well off". My Grandparents made sure we were clothed and fed if necessary. My Grandfather saw to it that I had piano lessons, my Mom couldn’t afford them and my Dad was an alcoholic deadbeat.

I’m done rambling………………..for now.