Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crack & Can't Drive

Our life and times are never dull…..


We attended a going away party and dance for one of the instructors at the studio where Miss T takes dance lessons.   They didn’t want gifts, just come and enjoy yourself.  Well….I tried. 


I’m sitting by the front door with a couple of friends, in comes a mom carrying a toddler.  This mom was wearing below the hip hugger jeans, which were under the beginnings of a “spare tire”.  Now that was bad enough you think………NOT.  Mommy puts down the toddler and lo and behold …..



4 inches of BUTT CRACK! 

I kid you not!


My friends and I do a “what???” look followed by and “OMG”.  Surely she felt the draft!!!  My favorite saying is “some things should NEVER be seen” and this was one of those things. 


We’re sitting there doing the usual talk and OMG again……the mom comes in front of me, bends OVER to get a cup and drink of water from the cooler.  RIGHT IN MY FACE…. I’m yelling “no she did NOT just do that to me?”  I got a face full of 4 more inches of BUTT CRACK.


Hubby said “yeah, she’s done that before”….do what????  It’s intentional???  He said had he seen this he would have been ready with some change to play the slots…..ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!  A real Vegas show!



The Boss’s wife gets to me….bad.  She has no clue about the “real world” – as a matter of fact, neither of them do.  Real world = work, struggle to make ends meet, plan around a budget, kids will be kids stuff.  I can’t get a decent raise this year, but they can have 4 vacations with 3 kids.  She is now complaining about the pre-nupt.  HELLO!!!  It’s 16 years old….what’s the problem??  Problem is she’s just now realizing how little it will give her in the event of divorce……which I foresee and soon.  (She doesn’t work and has NOTHING to do with the business at all.)  They think spending $5,000 miscellaneously per month is “normal” expenses….and this does NOT include house/car payments or insurance or utilities….ugh…..



On a sad note, my stepDad’s brother has lung cancer and has been taking chemo etc.  He has had a wonderful, upbeat attitude about this and I think that is great!  But today I get an email from my mom:


Just to let you know Uncle Earl is in hospital, coughing up blood.  They hope to stop this episode, but told him to expect more and that this is going to kill him.  He said that was hard to hear.  Praise the Lord for Xanax (he takes it).

Love you – Mom


Poor fellow….he and his wife lost a baby (stillborn) in 1965 and their only blood kid (son) overdosed some 10 years ago.  Their adoptive daughter lives nearby and has a 13 year old girl.  This will be a sad time for them.  There was a 50th wedding anniversary party planned for October 21…..wonder if he’ll make it that long?????



Mr Man’s birthday is Saturday…….55.  Remember the song?  “I can’t drive 55”…well it suits him.  Because he refused to submit to the breathalyzer in March, they automatically take the driver’s license for a year…he was due to renew them this year, but can’t…so he really CAN’T drive----at 55.  Even though the charges were dismissed he still can’t get he license back till March.  Ahhhhhhhhh….what a wonderful world.



Miss T….hmmmm, math is gonna do her in this year.  Decimals – adding, subtracting, making fractions.  This is tough stuff for 4th grade.  Gotta keep up with her multiplications.  She is also working on her Jazz Solo for dance, only it is intimidating her, she is getting scared of “forgetting” it….luckily she is good for making up her own stuff.




garnett109 said...

so you think that was bad , try picturing me in speedos lol!
so soor to hear about the uncle , my x brother inlaw died last year around this time from that, !

emabecmar said...

when i was doing chemo, i coughed up blood also, after numerous tests and cultures taken, they found out i had acid reflux. the chemo was eatting the lining of my esophygus causing it to rupture when i coughed and therefore producing blood. gave me a prescription for KYTRIL and it cleared up. Milk shakes helped alot with the acid reflux I learned. I do hope it is nothing more serious. lmao on the butt crack, as for me I'd of told her about it, especially if my hubby was with me cause he'd of been drooling, lol. Hope you have a good day. ((((hugs)))))

nelishianatl said...

I was laughing so hard about the girl who keeps mooning you!  Crack kills. Other people who have to look at it.  Lol  I have known people like bosses wife who are clueless about the real world because they've been so spoiled and when something REALLY bad happens to them, they cannot cope at all!  Your uncle may live alot long had he not heard that from the Dr.s as it may be acid reflux.  Former hospital aid.  I know alot of stuff about hospice too.  Quality of life is important right now.  Sweet little daughter stories.  She's gonna be alright.  This is a tough age with new struggles.

rayne1123 said...


mrsm711 said...

Who says life is dull?  You paint picture of each subject and I and I feel as if I were there.    Glad to see you find the bright side of things.  Funny Stuff!  :)

madcobug said...

Why would someone want to show off a drooping belly and a butt crack? LOL. Hope Uncle Earl gets better soon. I was never good at math either. Good luck to Miss T. on her math and her Jazz solo. Helen

mpnaz58 said...

ahhh...and life goes on doesn't it??  Myhusband works for a family business, and the boys, 38 & 34, have no clue what its like to "work" in the real worls, read:  not for daddy.  They can't get a job anywhere else, because they only come to work 30% of the time, and daddy can't fire them cuz momma will get mad.  The one kid who works in the office, his primary job is to answer the phone, but he doesn't cuz he's on the internet all day!!  So everyone picks up the slack for him.  Ahhhh, and life goes on!!  Take care...
xoxo ~Myra

mumma4evr said...

eww...just lost my appetite....ewww...butt crack!

sugarsweet056 said...

Yep, I hate getting an eyeful too! LOL
Sorry about the family with lung ca, pray he goes easy. My mom had lung ca when she died...they thought she'd bleed out. But thank God she just went into a coma then died peacefully a few days later. My prayers for the family.
Have a good remainder of the week.
Hugs, Sugar

angcrewswife said...

I would have died laughing at that girl. That is one of my biggest fears, pants today ugh, I hate them.

I am sorry to hear about your stepdads brother. My prayers and best wishes are being sent.

allisonm96 said...

Dont ya just hate that? I love your hubbys response with the coins! lol... too funny.....So if this bosses wife is soon to be the ex wife and she can spend all that money per month.... can you point me to the man so hat I can get on a spending plan like that??  lol.....Sorry about your uncle... sounds like he has it bad all accross the board. AHppy birthday to hubby!!

chat2missie said...

Life is never dull!  Have a great evening.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((TPIEZ4ME)))))))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you having a rough day,week,I am sorry for your uncle,you and your family will  be in my prayers.Happy Bday to your hubby.

eml625 said...

On that crack......eeeeeewwww..........who needs to see that????
Happy Birthday to your man!!!

newsworthy822 said...

I always have "butt crack paranoia." When I am sitting in a chair with a space in the back, I am constantly reaching around to touch the back of my pants to make sure my butt crack is not showing. LMAO. I do this in class a lot. Reach back, tap the back of my pants,  I do it at least 45 times an hour. LOL!!

Hailey's math is quite a challenge too. Least common multiples? factors? I forgot all about those!!

Good thing they still love the dancing!!


mastersblynn said...

I am so surpirised you didn't say anything to her.  I would have...I would have said...Girl you crack me up and laugh my head off!!!! Barbara

queenb8261 said...

Crack...too funny. I would have had to have said something.  Happy birthday to your hubby.  Good thing my kids got math.  I suck at it.  Have a good upcoming weekend.

cacklinrosie101 said...

ROFL...and you didn't say anything at a crack in your face..I'm shocked.  Happy Birthday to da Mr. Man!  HUGS  Chris

daniella12800 said...

I still do not understand fractions!!!  Unless of course we are looking at a measuring cup!!!  Poor Miss. T.  I wonder what would make it fun and easily learned.  She does like cooking maybe you can use the measuring cup!

Happy Birthday to you....

I don't like growing up..death never seemed to bother me as a child.  Then again only two family memebers passed away and it was explained to me in a way that did not seem so bad!  Now that I am adult the true meaning of death scares me!  I am so sorry your "step-uncle" is so sick.  

Bosses wives are too funny aren't they.  I get along with mine but secretly I think she is fake and a phoney!

You should tell that lady that "you have been trying to keep your kids away from crack"

Ok enough sorry so long!


randlprysock said...

I will gladly have the honor of slapping boss's wife fer ya.  LOL.  That is my NC or TN accent.  I'm practicing early.  LOL.  So sorry to hear about your uncle with the lung cancer.  I better quit smokin'.  Not lately though, I smoke more and more everyday.  Ya oughta see me today... paying bills... my office will be on fire shortly.  I just wanna say again, I think we ought to start a club called Slap the Boss's wife.  Man, talk about the life.  What is she complaining about?!  Hugs,

mtrib2 said...

I thought that your husbands comment that he would have had change ready to play the slots was hilarious!    The wife who does nothing but spends money like mad is an example of capitalism gone wrong?     I'm sorry I have not been visiting the journals but have only been on the computer very little.      mark