Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No, I didn't kill her.......trick or treat?


I know y'all been wondering if I actually "did the deed" and had to disappear...LOL...well...........not this time.  Coworker is a good egg most of the time. 



It's one thing or another around my world.  Boss went out of town, had to call and tell him about wifey's overspending again. 

Bluewitch.gif  Nutcracker is kicking my butt!  I've given up my role as Mrs Snooty and have slipped into the "guest" role.  Whew!  Now I don't have to worry about dancing.  But guess who fills in at each practice because not everybody shows up!!!!!  Miss T is disappointed but understands that I just can't do it this year.  My ankles have been swollen since Saturday.....not from anything other than poor diet and being overweight.  On top of being IN the production I have become the somewhat "bookkeeper and keeper upper of things" and that is a chore.  Lots of people with lots of questions.

thWhatADay-LMG3.jpg  I was so ill this weekend....every little thing set me off.  It is almost like having PMS (if I remember it correctly).  Snapping at my kid...I even spanked her 2 times...for arguing with me.  Then I totally went off on a little boy on Sunday......he deserved it.  He had already been told by another mom that he "shouldn't be throwing things" in this studio and he might break something.  His comment?   "Who are you to be telling me what to do"  well guess what the answer was! 


I put that boy in the biggest time out he's ever seen, yelling at the top of my voice "you don't do things like that...you could hurt/break etc.....who do you belong to?  where's your people?".  His mom finally owned him and made him appologize...I got one of those snottly little "I'll get you my pretty" appologies-----whoop de do!  What he needed was an old fashion trip to the wood shed.

coffeekiller.jpg Who do I think I am to be telling him something....??


Mr Man is not well.....it's his own fault.    He's been coughing for about 2 weeks now and it's not getting any better.

animalwar.gifHe doesn't take his meds properly, then he drinks too much.   (hmmmm Rx+alky=dissaster).  He has big time night sweats Sunday night/monday morning so I say You ARE going to the doctor....no I didn't go in with him but I should have.  I said "are you gonna tell him EVERYTHING?".....

walkinFrank.gif  Who am I kidding.........needless to say the answer was NO, so I'm upset and saying that I don't trust the Doc because, well, hell, he didn't have all the facts.  And why should I worry over this when DH doesn't.  If he's on a mission of death, oh well.  TOM DOESN'T GET why I'm so upset.

So here it is.....6:30pm Halloween...I guess I'd better head home and pick up Miss T...she's out with my nephew on his first Trick or Treat experience...he's only 15 months old.  Should be cute pictures.  Have a grand evening all!!




mumma4evr said...

silly men!

mrsm711 said...

Nutcracker would be a bit much iwth swollen ankles.  :(  Sounds like the boy needed to be yelled at.  I have 3 nieghbor children next door that are mean a devilish  The parents are to blame.  You did good, maybe the mom will watch her kid with a closer eye next time.  :O  
http://journals.aol.com/mrsm711/LatteDah/     Tracy

garnett109 said...

trust me the docs know! you can tell them every thing they know, hell they got me putting shit on a card now! Happy halloween

jckfrstross said...

have a safe halloween:)


allisonm96 said...

Happy Halloween!

springangel235 said...

GREAT TAGS...Happy Halloween!!

deshelestraci said...

Drives me nuts when kids act like they own the world.  Hope his mom was completely embarrassed.  He did need a trip to the woodshed.  Monday was our bad day.  Emma, who never gets spanked lately, had two spankings and the little one, who knows!
Hope it gets better!
Happy Halloween!

nelishianatl said...

I never got the mom's who were blind and deaf to their child's antics.  They are the very one's who say my child wouldn't do that.  Give me a break!  That kid needed his butt beat and I don't care what the psychologists say about it.  He needed humbling.  

mpnaz58 said...

Men never tell their doctors everything...they're afraid to find out whats really wrong!!   Unlike us women, who tell everything, whether its pertinent or not...hey, we want to be well...BOO!!
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

Disrespectful kids ! I hate that. Good for you .

rayne1123 said...


chat2missie said...

Hope you had a good halloween night!

newsworthy822 said...

LMAO@ rx+alky=disaster. My dad was the exact same way. everytime he went to the doctor, he acted like everything was sunshine & roses, and he never wanted my mom to go along. I WONDER WHY? LOL

Love the trip to the woodshed. I usually got a boot in the ass when I was bad as a kid. Once I stuck a flaming stick into my dad's back ( we were outside making a fire) and I got the boot. I never did it again..lol

I haven't seen you  in my journal in a while. I miss ya. But I know you're busy. sniff. sniff. haha!!

randlprysock said...

Sorry to hear mr man is not feeling well.  Love the graphics in this entry Sharon!!!  Feels good to take a look at journals for even just a few minutes!!  Hugs,

xxroxymamaxx said...

OMG!  I have a nephew who says "I don't have to listen to you!"  I would like to hurt him sometimes. lol  But his mom would just get mad at me, even if I said something to him or put him in time out.  The child has no discipline and I keep telling my brother and SIL that they are going to be sorry someday.  Happy Belated Halloween Sharon! : )  Thanks for using my graphics in your entry.  Big hugs and GBU, Shelly

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((TPEIZ4ME))))))))))))))))You should see my Mom sometimes when my neice acts out when Her and Her brothers stay durning the day here on Sats all the time.Boy,does She act up,Shes a good kid thoe.They say Shes got that ,middle syndrom attention thingy.lol.But you did a good jog with that boy.Have a nice night.