Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Welcome to the Dog Days

th_weekday9.gif  Here we go, another month and August to boot!  Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer.  We are expecting 108 heat index today and 111 tomorrow!  Joy, joy!  This is the only part of Summer that I dislike.  The intense heat.  The inability to do ANYTHING but sweat!  However, I'll take this over ice cold freezing any day!

I haven't mentioned much about Miss T's panic attacks of late because it's just been the normal "having trouble getting to sleep" kind.  And I know a lot of the intensity of them comes from diet and sleep/lack of sleep.  Like today for instance.  Late to bed last night, calling me from dance camp at 11am today with troubles.  So I head over there to talk with her......I gave her 1/2 of a Xanax just to cut the edge for her.  Dropped off her Gameboy so she could occupy her mind when not participating.  Showed her the "breathing in the paper bag" trick, to see if this would help some too.  So far so good.

th_upset.gif I'm getting a bit frustrated with the therapy for Tara....just because I want immediate solutions.  Just not gonna happen.  I know this takes time, but I don't SEE progress. 

I had lunch with my friend Ray today...he's a sweetie.  He reminds me of a teddy bear.  He also needs a good woman, but I don't know any!  He said I should have called him to swim with me the other night!!!!  I told him the offer was always open!

th_inspiration.jpgI have a "7 Days of Inspiration" list on my computer.  Since today is August 1, I'll leave y'all with Day 1's comment:

Think good things about yourself - other people do!



barebytes said...

Yes, It all takes time. But she'll grow up and hopfully out of the panic attacks. As for your heat....all I can say is, better you than me. I'll take the cold and you can have the heat, deal? As for the sub sandwiches, we can share those hahaha Hugs Lanny

cacklinrosie101 said...

Tara will learn to deal with the panic.  It takes lots of time.  LOL...I would take heat any day.  We get so little of it in western Pa.  I tell ya, I was born to be southern.  ROFL...you'll have all the single women in J-Land begging for Larry's number.  HUGS  Chris

chat2missie said...

Your daughter will learn to deal with the panic attacks.  My daughter Nicci is now 16 and really only starting to understand the panic attacks and how to control them.  She's been having them since grade school.  I know what your going thru.  Hang in there.

jckfrstross said...

It will get better with time:) try and stay cool


mastersblynn said...

Sending hugs to Miss T from Miss Barbara!  xox

allisonm96 said...

ITA about the summer heat! I never understood why people acted like hot summer days were something great...lol.
I'm sorry about what you're going through with Tara. It must be very hard for her.... Take care!

queeniemart said...

it is very hot in Ohio too, miserable weather.

I pray for Miss T's panic attacks and hope for fast results too. Poor soul does not deserve to have this in her life.

deshelestraci said...

I like your thought for today.  It's a good one!  
Sorry to hear about Miss T's anxiety.  I never understood the whole thing until I started having them after my second child was born.  Then I realized that I've been having them on and off my whole life!  Grrr.

nammajulie said...

Hi Sharon!
How are you? It's hotter than hell here in Michigan as well, it was 110 with the heat index today. I don't know how how much more I can take, lol. I am leaving on vacation to Nova Scotia on Saturday and am really looking forward to feeling the nice cool sea breeze....aaaahhhhhhh, it's what's making me hang in there, lol. I'll check in and say hey when I get back in 2 weeks. Don't be a stranger. Take care.

am4039 said...

I feel so bad for your daughter. It's hard on your and her. It sounds like you did a great job in  helping her today. Thank heaven.  I hope it gets better soon.


dondieroy said...

It is hot here too...  Sorry that Miss T is having panic attacks..  I am sure it is hard on you both..  I like day # 1 on the Inspiration list.  thanks for sharing..  take care, Dondie

daniella12800 said...

Believe me we are suffering here in New York also..Heat Index to be 105 today this is day number two of this!  Supposidly by tomorrow we will be back down to 85 and sunny no heat index!  

You know the doctors has told me similar stuff about my Kaitlynn's behavior!  Well the lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep really affects children more than you would imagin!  

One plus is there is some stuff you can do for Miss. T to divert her attention and to calm her down!  Maybe that stems from the theropy!  Or maybe not..you would know you have dealt with this yourself!  Do you think a new theropist would help?

Talk to you later!


eml625 said...

100 degrees here in NY !!  A bit extreme !
Hope you see results soon....hang in there.

lifes2odd said...

What's up with all this severe heat? I guess that's what happens when w hit "delete" on the ozone layer! Been really bad here in Florida too! Martha :-)