Thursday, June 7, 2007



Green is the color of paper money in the great old USofA.  Going along with my "savings" entry of yesterday I should say that at the beginning of the year I decided to save my silver coins.

         I've been good at it.....the change in my pocket goes into a container.  One time I have rolled coins - placed them away safely.  The gold mine is in the bottom of my pocketbook....sometimes there is $15 in there.  I keep the coin rollers at work and occassionally stack and roll them.

I was hoping to have a grand sum at the end of the year.

Now I know I'll need to !!!!  

Tom's Dad will turn 80 next year.....the kids want to take him on a cruise.  So there's a minimum $3,000 needed right there.  I will NOT be in a room without a window or balcony .... claustraphobia. 

         The problem is that they are looking at doing this in May right when the kids are having the end-of-grade tests.  I'm not about to let Miss T get messed up here.  Either they go the month BEFORE or the week after.  Otherwise, it will only be Tom going.

Unreasonable?  I don't think so.  We're talking 5th grade EOG's of reading, math and science -- 4 days of tests.  She stresses out enough over them anyway.  I wouldn't want her to have to do them AFTER this vacation on the make up day.

Guess I'll just have to work reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy hard to make sure she is prepared one way or the other.

(Isn't Shelly just da best!?!?! Thanks girlfriend!!)


emabecmar said...

I have been saving coins and dollar bills for a few months now. I told Jim it is our vacation fund for next year. I want to go to Ohio and visit a couple JLanders. (((((hugs))))))))

deshelestraci said...

That is a great plan.  I only wish I used cash enough to make a go of that!

randlprysock said...

A cruise sounds like fun but I am with you.  As a mother, there is no way my child would be missing the finals.  I like the idea of saving all silver.  Great idea.  You would probably have quite a nest egg for Xmas presents that way if not the cruise.  Hugs,

chat2missie said...

I agree with scheduling the cruise before or after.  Have a good night.

madcobug said...

Ken has a money change jug. Me, I never have any money to put in it. LOL. I hope they will not schedule the cruise until after school is out. Helen

quiltsnroses said...

I have never gone on a cruise myself, but they sure look like fun!  Last year, my honey bunny saved all his change, and he ended up with over $300 which we used for extra spending money on our trip to the mountains.  The change can add up fast!

ktkamanski said...

You'll be surprise what loose change can offer a vacation! You sound like you have a great head start! No Cruise is a cruise without a balcony! Hope plans work out for all! Love your reads and your freshness! Hope your enjoying your day!

eml625 said...

I am DYING to go on a cruise. I hope yours is timed right so you can go.
Keep saving those coins , they sure add up.

queeniemart said...

i hope whoever is planning the cruise waits on you so you and T can go!
love, lisa

dcmeyer420 said...

We have a big jug of change and we figure we probably have at least a couple of hundred in it. We did a cruise to the Caribbean last Christmas. It was our first time and we enjoyed it tremendously. We're thinking of doing another one to the Bahamas this August. I hope you all get to go. Hugs.  

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))Its so hard to save mone.I hope you have a nice night.

springangel235 said...

I hope it all works out for you...May is a pretty time of the year..
Have a great weekend...hugs,

gehi6 said...

Arranging a reunion can become hazardous, too.  My cousin and all their family went on a cruise together, which they said was great sport despite the fact one or another could not get away to go.  I can usually always feel when a get together will result in more ups than downs, a replenishing of the energy it takes with the results. My trip planned to Utah definitely started to go sour in so many ways, I deemed it wise to cancel, first time I have  had to cancel after advancing so far into my plans.  And this was mostly due to everyone falling apart around the same time, too many surgeries, too much pain, and tempers flying.   Ouch.  Gerry