Monday, June 25, 2007

I must be psycho!


Friday's entry about the Redrum must have been a sign........

For when I got home my part time roommate mentioned a smell of "not mouthwash" on Tom's breath....

She and I had been talking about the level of alcohol in the bottles and how we should mark them (something I've done in the past) and she noted that the Redrum was at a certain level of just under the REDRUM front label.

Well upon looking it over, lo and behold the level had dropped.  Now Tom had run down to the pizza joint to see his life long friend.  By 6pm he was NOT home, so she and I decided to go out to eat.

When we returned he was home and quite inebriated and denying it.

DUH....he must really be dumb or think I'm stupid.

PLUS he had picked up Miss T from my Mom's and drove her to get a pizza (different restaurant)



I made a point to tell him I knew he was telling a lie about drinking at the Pizza joint earlier and about what he had BEFORE leaving the home.

Guess what?  We spiked the Redrum..........

............with Texas Pete!!!!  

Next time, he'll get a bast for sure, then I'll have proof with da pudding.

 (That's a CAPTITAL "B" thank YOU!!)


  It rained off and on this weekend, we needed it badly.  Only had pool time on Saturday afternoon just before the storm.  We are going to need to get a new filter - even after cleaning it I think it is going to be the best solution to spring for a new one.



I found a cute pair of dressy, black & rhinestone sandles to wear in Cindilouwho's wedding,...I shall take a picture of them to share.  I did finally try on my will need to be altered (YAY) as it is a bit big in places....not that I've lost any weight, but in the way it is cut.


My step-Dad's birthday was on Saturday and Miss T baked him a German Choc Cake...I had bought him 3 DVD's and a gift card to the steak house.  Mom took him out on a dinner boat cruise.  He's da big 69 this year.

Saturday was an expected yet unexpected call from my friend "T" saying that her mother had passed that morning.......we had just been talking about this on Friday because Hospice was coming in the home to help take care of her.  How sad.  Funeral is Wednesday.

So I'm rambling.....must mean it's time to sign out!

Have a great week y'all!


robinngabster said...

If it is hard for him to resist why not get rid of the alcohol in the house?  I know if I was on a diet and there was chocolate cake on the counter it would be very hard for me to resist.

katie39041 said...

What is Texas Pete? I know for a alcholic to stop drinking he is going to have to admit the problem. I may be getting my wires crossed does he drink and drive and then pick MissT up? I would be putting alcohol away from him  in a cuboard with double paddlocks on. Although thats not the solution because he can get drink any where.  The German choccy cake sounds lovely
Love and hugs

jckfrstross said...

ok what is texas pete? the cake sounds yummy have a good week


mpnaz58 said...

Texas Pete??  Happy bday to your dad, sounds like a great time was had by all...'cept Tom...can you say busted??
xoxo ~Myra

randlprysock said...

Wow way to go Miss T on baking a cake for your stepdad!!  He will love the movies and the steak!!!!!  Gift cards are the bomb!!  Only I think they spell it the "bom"  these days??? Dunno.... Anyhow, hope ya had a good weekend.  And bad Tom.  Bad Tom.  Yes, lock up those bottles.  LOL but I think he is so huggable from all you've described.  Give him a good hug and tell him here is your caffeine free sprite and there's the pool test kit, and then after he cleans the pool have him vacuum and then tell him you want sex LOL and just keep him busy as ever...  Hugs,

chat2missie said...

Okay, I must be dumb, what's Texas Pete??

rayne1123 said...

sorry to hear about your friends mom. good idea to mark the bottles, i would just empty every bottle in the house and every new bottle he brings into the home

good luck with it

queeniemart said...

oh wow, Tom will be in the potty if he sneaks any of that Redrum. lol
You are wicked and funny.
XO lj

eml625 said...

Your good !!!!!   Cant wait to hear how that pans out !

ukgal36 said...

you are very it!

springangel235 said...

Oh know what Texas Pete is...!!!