Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poor Lil Ronnie Riches
(seems to be my MO this week)
Please refer to the entry above and you'll get an understanding of my work drama.
Work, yes. 
Boss's daughter got a job as a hostess, not too much money involved here.  It was not her first choice...she wanted a job at a small department store (she applied and was accepted and daddy made her take the other because the "money" would be better).  The smoke filled restaurant was causing her headaches etc.  So now she is working at a car wash.  She turned 18 early this year and opened her own checking account.  Her debit card was mailed to the home and daddy confiscated it.  We've (all) had a small war about "invasion of privacy" and how "illegal" it is to open an "adult's" mail.  (There is a step-Mom).
The kid is spending what little money she makes....eating out at McD's, KFC, etc.  Daddy made a comment to me that "she doesn't need to be spending her money going out to eat" and I asked WHY? when that's the way she has been raised.  (History:  Daddy's Credit Card has way too much spent on it in restaurants and not your everyday McyD's or Pizza either - I'm talking more high class style.  Step-Mom ?  Please!  Her CC is so outrageous it stinks).
Daddy made kid write HIM a report (500 words) on Poverty (go figure).  He asked me yesterday to read it for clarity and spelling.  Let me tell ya.....the first half of it was technical.  The second half was more of her Grandma's words followed by her own synopsis. 

It was so far OFF what real poverty is all about.  Which brings me to my point of reference from the entry above by DARE TO THINK.
Bossman has not allowed this family to know hard times.  He can't expect kid to write a "proper" paper (as punishment) when she has never been exposed to the real world where friends or family have actually been destitute for bare living essentials.
I have experienced food stamps and medicaid when Miss T was young and her bio-Dad was NOT paying for our home needs and then NOT paying child support. 
It actually made me mad.  And still does.....they have no clue.....the car breaks down, they CC it and we pay it; $1000 spent on a skateboard ramp (12 yr old); $1000 on a surfboard (15 yr old); both have cell phones which one of these kids swims with regularly - replaced by daddy; $1500 last month on clothes; dog grooming; (wife doesn't work) pool boy; lawn care; and the best of all............
............"I can't afford to give you a raise".................
However, we did notice that since OUR last raise 3 years ago, wifey has had a 50% increase......................hmmmmmmmm.
Time for a change.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))i am sorry to hear your going through so much.You are in my prayers.Have a nice day.

eml625 said...

The rich get richer , is that it? They suck. Why is it the more they make the less they want to spend on the employees ? THat's just how my old boss was. We are known in the business to be the worst paying company around. Glad I'm gone, and maybe you should think about leaving too.
big hugs,

ktkamanski said...

Why do people think it's ok to treat others like this! Maybe someday soon, he'll realize what he's got and it will be gone! Hope you have a better tomorrow! Smile and enjoy your night!

ab45yui said...

I hate credit cards!  I hope tomorrow goes better!  Its the dang heat! ;-)

queeniemart said...

your boss sounds like a selfish ass who is a bit out of the loop.