Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Worried, Sad and Happy too??

I don't know where to begin.

Our dear Penny (Penny`s Pieces of Ohio ) is gone from this world and rejoicing with God.  She will be missed by many in J-land.


Then there's my situation with Cindilouwho.  I know that right now this wedding is ALL she can concentrate on.....I know she wants it just perfect.

I wrote an email appology/explaination to her about my decision to leave town abruptly last Saturday.  Haven't heard anything from that.

We were going to take her picture on the beach in her wedding dress.....I need to email her and tell her that I am available this Thursday or Sunday if she wants.  Trouble is, it is calling for possible t-storms Thursday and Sunday is looking the best.  That is subject to change as we all know.  Her wedding is Oct 13th so we don't have much time left IF she wants this picture before hand.

Otherwise she wanted her and beau to dress up the day after the wedding in their "suits" and have shots made at the beach.  Sounds like I've become the unofficial official portrait taker.  LOL.  Me.......imagine that.  The one that "disappointed" her.  Problem with the day after the wedding is that is Tom's birthday.

Oh well.

Miss T.........now there's a good subject.

Came home with her interim progress report.  Guess what.....ALL A's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even a 97 in Math!!  Last year's worst subject.

Way to  GO!  

AND................she even TAPPED last night in that "dreaded" tap class....no tears!!  She looked like she was getting it and having fun.  Her friend "K" helped her a lot.....even "S" offered to help her on an off day.  I told her to give it a month and she'd see that it wasn't as bad as she was thinking.

Plus, helping out in that Thursday class has really boosted her spirit and confidence.

There may be a Ginger Rogers replacement after all!

Roomie has become smitten with a certain local gentleman.  Today should be their 3rd date.........you know what they say about the 3rd date. 

I won't wait up for her ROFLMAO!!!!

Today is my baby brother's BIRTHDAY!  Da Big 26!!!!  He's a cutie........single, available, has a good job, responsible, hint, hint.

Yesterday was my cousin's birthday, 38, still lives at home with her daddy.....she's available too.  That's about all I can say.



deshelestraci said...

Ha!  "That's about all I can say"!!!!!  Too funny!

garnett109 said...

No I don't know what they say about the 3rd date please enlighten me on this subject or better yet let us all know ok?

queeniemart said...

so happy that Miss T is becoming comfortable with Tap. Did you dance as a child? Your buddy needs to get over being upset with you and realize the TREASURE you are....
love,lisa jo

chat2missie said...

I think we're all missing Penny already!  Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope you hear from Cindylou soon.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Thank you for writing about Penny.  I will miss her too and thanks for your comment in my journal too.  You're too funny trying to hook up your brother...and your cousin. lol Happy birthday to them both!  And good for MissT.   She makes her mommy proud.  Love ya!  Shelly

robinngabster said...

Glad to hear things are "calm" in your neck of the woods!  :)

jckfrstross said...

so sad about penny:( good luck with the wedding and the pictures she should be glad she has you


imgr8phil said...

We're all sad about the loss of Penny.  Don't let Cindilouwho turn into Bridezilla!  LOL  Have a good Hump Day.


mpnaz58 said...

We'll see how this whole wedding turns out...cuz ya' can't be mad at the "unofficial/official" photog...lest you get some funky wedding shots!!  Congrats to Miss T for some awesome grades!!  Like mama, like daughter??
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

Sorry to hear about Penny.
I hope things are better with your wedding friend. I'm glad Roomie is moving on....ok what happens on the 3rd date? LOL OOOOHHH...this is NY you know, That could happen sooner here !!!! LMAO !!! *kidding*

emabecmar said...

It is so sad about Penny, but at least we know she is free of pain now and in heaven spreading her wings. I hope your friend contacts you soon. And congrats to Miss T for an excellent job on the grades. (((((hugs))))))))

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I am sorry about Penny.I didnt know Her well.I hope your wedding friend and you is doing better.Happy Bday to your Brother.Have a nice evening.

cuteallison1980 said...

I've read in many journals about Penny passing.  I didn't know her but from all accounts she was a fantastic lady.  I sincerely hope she is sitting in heaven next to God where she can look down on all that loved her.  Hope you had a good Wednesday.