Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lazy & Pageant news

On this beautiful Sunday in NC I am nothing more than lazy. 

Still no word from Cindilouwho.  The rehearsal is on for Friday then the big event Saturday and it's OVER!!!


After last night's pageant I was megga tired.  I applied makeup and curled hairs, gagged on hairspray and changed costumes.  One of the girls we dance with was 1st runner up......our other dancer (that I was working with) did not place.  This was her first pageant and you could tell she was quite nervous, although she did WOW them with her talent.

Miss T went with me for support.  She actually let me do her hair in a French Twist before going.  I stuck in some pearled flowers too......just for fun.


Mr Man had decided to run down to the restaurant to get his pay and see his friend "J"....then was home and fixed himself dinner.  Only he wasn't home when we came in at 10pm.  I called, left a voice mail.  At 12:50am he came in, saw me on the couch and said "OH"........"oh?" I said.

He had decided to go BACK to the restaurant, then to "J's" house.  Claims "but I wasn't drinking".....funny odor emitting from his breath, hmmmmm, smells like, walks like, must BE drinking.

I hate to be lied to.

Today he missed going to the sports bar to watch his GIANTS because of last night.  I wouldn't drive him and he WON'T drive there again! 

Plus....I counted the $$$$ in his jar that he's saving from the j-o-b....there's only $160 in it.  Roomie said that's all that was in it last week.

So that means the $50 check he just cashed from a side job AND the $$$$ he picked up last night he spent ....... not that I care, but why lie about it????

That I'll never understand.


On to better things...................

Miss T and I made homemade biscuit dough for Pigs in a Blanket for Tom's football food then we watched "Are We Done Yet".   It was cute but not as cute as the first show "Are We There Yet" (as usual).  There were some funny moments but, come on....who buys a house on impulse like that?  And what town has ONE man that is in charge of EVERYTHING???

Then she and I went out alone to one of our favorite restaurants and shared Chicken Milanese with a salad.  My friend, the local sheriff and former school mate, and his family came in too and sat by us.  The waitress picked up our bills at the same time and I thought "watch her switch the tickets when she brings them back" and sure enough, she had!  I looked at mine and looked up and said "C....give me back my card" to which held it up over his shoulder and then he replied "but I liked your total better".

The waitress was apologetic but of course there was no harm done.


Bossman is away for a 4 day cruise, left last Thursday.....I'll never understand that.  He and wifey don't get along, yet they take these vacations together, ALONE, each year at this same time.  Anywho, he'll be back late Monday so coworker and I will have all day to clean out our boardroom before he comes in.  Then it's back to the daily grind. 

I so want to get my desk and office cleaned up of its packrat status.  Maybe if we jump in early I'll have some time for that in the afternoon...............maybe.

Oh....look what I snapped a shot of at my Mom's on Saturday!  Isn't this cute???  Nope that's not Mom's's her neighbors.  Those houses in the back are on Topsail Island.



barebytes said...

Take the rest of the night off. you deserve it. Hugs Lanny

imgr8phil said...

I hope you took a picture of Ms. T with her hair that way.  Obviously Mr. Man doesn't care if you know or don't know he is drinking because he isn't stopping and must know you are going to catch him.  Send some of those pigs in a blanket this way, oh wait, I'm only eating saleds these days.  LOL  You live in a very beautiful area.  Have a good Monday.


cuteallison1980 said...

Everytime I hear about Mr. Man.  I think I'd through him out if he were mine.  Not saying you should, but that is just me.  I'm sure little Ms. T  was really cute . . . everytime you post a picture of her makes me feel maternal and want to get pregnant.  Not ready for that yet.  : )


katie39041 said...

I can not understand myself why husbands my x could and can lie for England, your not alone. I hope things go ok with your friends wedding

love and hugs

ktkamanski said...

You are to be admired - Love is a wonderful thing in and out of what everyone thinks it should be - Through the thickest skin comes the love you so deserve! Hope your tomorrow is all that you were hoping for!

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


eml625 said...

Glad the pageant is over, now it's the wedding !
Just keep a close eye on Mr. Man, if theres a F up you will be there.
Love the picture.

chat2missie said...

Wish it was me on that little boat!

garnett109 said...

have a great day now get back to work!

deshelestraci said...

I can understand a young woman behaving like Cindilouwho, but someone who has been around the block a few times needs to get a life!!!

randlprysock said...

Please share the recipe for the homemade biscuit dough!!!  Hugs,

nhd106 said...

Seems like you have a jam-packed life...mostly filled with fun.  That's a very good thing!


buggieboo1 said...

homemade biscits! yummy!
I am sorry "Mr man" lied to you!

~make it a great day!~

emabecmar said...

hope you have a great week, and get your desk cleared. I hate being lied to also. That is a beautiful picture. ((((((hugs)))))))

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))I love pigs in a blaket.I remembered making them one time.Sounds like you had a nice outting with some friends.Have a nice day.

queeniemart said...

Topsail Island, NC? I went there on vacation when i was 15....1983. One of the best vacations of my life.
I am sorry he is still drinking.
I am glad you were lazy, you deserve many lazy days my friend.