Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Need input.......


I am so unhappy.....I've been in my job for 7 years.  It's the same old same every day.  Granted, I do have certain liberties, flexible schedule when needed and the boss is basically good to us.

My background is in real estate law, and accounting plus many years in family owned business........I need a change.  Guess I'm really just bored.

Miss T wants me to open a dancewear retail store.  There is only 1 other in our fair city.  Plus there are at least 15-20 studios in the surrounding area.

There's a lot of info on the web about grants for women, I just need to write a proposal, submit and wait........wait.

What should I call this store?  I've thought of several ideas with "dance" or "dancer's" as the lead name, Dance Boutique.. Pointe.... Appeal....World.

There is Exchange, Express, Elite and Works already taken in the area.  "Choice" went out of business....don't want to go there.

LOL I just had a thought...."The Dance Bag"  I'd be known as the dance bag!!!!   Had thought of Dance Barre...but someone might come in looking for , er, um, poles and drinks.

Someone suggested "Starmaker Dancewear".....what a long name.

I have a list of things to do if this is to happen.  Any tips??


lisa41076 said...

Hey Sharon, I think Dance World has a nice ring to it, Hugs Lisa

ktkamanski said...

I say "Go For It" what a great idea - and change!!!!!!. Not good with naming things - Had a hard enough time naming my child!  If I think of something fun, I'll send it your way! Hope your enjoying your day! Take care,

randlprysock said...

The names for it sound great... but I seriously think you should do it part time and keep your job... times are hard...gas prices are up and Bible says it is only gonna get worse from here.... and being a small business owner I can't begin to describe to you the ups n downs we've had and we do just about anything to make money... we've even cleaned bathrooms.  But when it is down it is all the way down and there are NO customers and NO money.  Sometimes people can't even afford to hire a cleaning lady.... I'm even having trouble at times finding Avon customers... so be CAREFUL!!  And they do national advertising!!  When it is up it is UP and it's great.  Keep it part time.  Do it on the side.  But DON'T LEAVE your job unless you are sitting on hundreds of thousands.  Hugs,

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))Good luck to you know,I am not very good advive on things like this,but,I will say a prayer for you that everything will work out for the best for you.Have a nice night.

ab45yui said...

I was wondering if you've checked out your local college ot see if they offer small business helps?  Our local college has a wonderful small business program.  

lifes2odd said...

I'll have to sleep on this one. It has to be something really special and unique. I hope you decide to go for it. It sounds like a great idea to me and change is good :-)

mpnaz58 said...

Not for a name, but kudos to you for following a dream.  Boredome sets in when you're not challenged, and that can be wasteful.  Take a chance, dare to dream, and jump in.  You can do anything you want!!
xoxo ~myra

emabecmar said...

Buy and Dance? Shop and Dance? Tip Toe Boutique? lol I know silly huh? (((((((hugs))))))))

eml625 said...

I suck at names...but the dance school my niece goes to is called Accent on Dance- AOD for short...maybe something like that??
I know what you mean about work. I was there so long,  I felt like part of the furniture.

deshelestraci said...

I like the idea of a college course for small business owners.  My hubby has been trying to get his home inspection business going for over two years.  It hasn't been easy.  Don't ask me about names.  I am creative in other ways! ;)

queeniemart said...

Follow that dream and get out of the rat race and be your own boss.

julydarby said...

My brother and his wife are both ballet dancers... I think a dancewear shop would be a ton of fun!
Just cruisin' jland and saw your journal... put you on alerts... stop by and see me sometime!