Friday, July 27, 2007

Thurs Myrtle Beach

I went back to Myrtle on Thursday to pick up Tara.  Nanny rode with me....I figured she needed to get away too.  It is not always easy being with her on trips like this.  She doesn't like to stay longer than 30 minutes ANYWHERE and is always wanting to stop and eat LOL.  But she'll be 85 this November and I know I need to spend time with her.

Some of the pictures I took on Thursday were funny and I thought I'd share some with you.

I took a couple of shots from the balcony looking front of us there are only a few umbrellas and people......then there is the North View with LOADS of people and the pier.  I am glad our beachfront here is not crowded....very lucky to have it that way.

There is a lonely Southern view.  The condo is on a peninsula, that's the biggest reason for the diversity of people.

You see my LA step-Bro taking a last walk before getting ready to fly home.  He keeps telling me to bring Miss T to LA for about 2 months for pilot season to get her in the biz.  (He's been in movies, musicals, soap operas, commercials etc)  Says we can stay with him and he'll show us the ropes.

Tara is running into the water and you see my youngest little brother walking towards me in the same picture.  Then there is little bro doing his sexy me pictures and shots of him body surfing and getting creamed by the wave with Tara and our friend from Tennessee....we've known them for 23 years and they are always in MB the same week.  Makes it like old home week.

Then there is the lifeguard stand picture.  I like that shot and the one of T alone in the chair at the water.

The temperature could not have been any better this year for this week.  Mom was dreading going because it is usually so hot.  But it was very pleasant beachside - a nice, welcome change.

Enjoy the photos.

It helped for me to get away those 2 days.  I'm still in mono-mode.  Talking with LA bro was great....his 31st birthday was Tuesday and we all went out to eat together.  He was very encouraging about my thoughts of the new biz...said "Do it!".  I was glad to hear him say this especially in front of the 'rents.  Maybe they'll give me support too.

Now where's the money?

Where's the location?  He suggested renting a home instead of a storefront.  Ya know, that made sense with commercial rent prices these days....could be $1000 vs $5000.

Still working on the name.  My media guru specialist says "Dancer's Dream Boutique" and a "fairy tale" type of logo.  I'm not so sure the guys would like that.  I like "dream" but in more of a "cloud" or "star" motif.  She says stars are "old".  I understand the "dream" concept due to little girl's dreaming of being a prima ballerina....or the "dream" of being a star, or even having the merchandise everyone "dreams" of having access to.

I still like Accent Dancewear.  It sounds modern and to the point.  Doesn't limit me to "dreams" or "clouds". 

I don't know.

I've a lot processing inside my brain these days.


Miss T




Cindilouwho's wedding

Cruise (which I still may not go on thank you Tom)




queeniemart said...

Tara could be a soap opera star, WOW.  I think its great you went to the beach and got to talk to your brother. I hope Tom is you!! lj

katie39041 said...

Oh that beach looks fantastic, Now that would be my little dream, instead i am in the dreary UK, storms, rain and a tad bit of sunshine, but hey a girl can dream.
I hope you get your problems sorted out.
love and hugs

barebytes said...

Get your butt on that cruise!! I have spoken hahaha Hugs Lanny

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))Looks like you all had a good time,wish I was at the beach right now.Have a good Friday.

quiltsnroses said...

Just looking at the blue-green ocean made me feel cooler.  Neat picture with all the umbrellas on the beach.  Keep the faith, all things work out eventually for the best, and the answers will come to you.  But you know that already.

chat2missie said...

The ocean looks just beautiful!!  

lifes2odd said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! So, where did you and Nanny stop to eat?
I still like Dazzle Dancewear the best -- but of course I'd like my own idea the most, ROFL!  

eml625 said...

Awesome picutres !!
Let's remember MY idea was Accent Dancewear!!!!! Just a reminder !! hee hee
love ya

mpnaz58 said...

Very cool pics...sounds like you had a good time!!  You will always have these memories of time spent with Nanny, so cherish them.  Sounds like you're at a crossroad in your life and what to do next.  Trust your instinct.  
xoxo ~Myra

lisa41076 said...

Sharon, awesome pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great time, Hugs Lisa

xxroxymamaxx said...

sharon, I love the pics.  Awesome.  You know i love the beach.  It looks like such a fun time and you got to see family too.  And what a great idea for a dance boutique. I wish you the best of luck.  I've always wanted to learn to do manicures and pedicures and I have the name already but not the business. lol  it's "Fingers and Toes by Shelly" lol.  Again, I wish you the best.  Hugs and love, Shelly

randlprysock said...

Ya know, that "Dancer's Dream Boutique" is kinda growing on me.  I like it....

nay0114 said...

That's cool you want to open a dancewear business. There are only two over here in the big city. I thought about doing that a long time ago in our little town when my daughters were big time dancers. We lived there four nights a week, but my husband was not supportive at all and didn't want me to leave my job. I think between all the dancers I knew young and old I would have had a great business.
I know I could have gotten our studio to come and all the other knew my daughter, but that was a long time ago.
I always thought of opening a children's clothing store in our town too just because there was no place to get anything. But now they have WalmartSC and supposedly we're getting a Kohl's so I would have been out of business fast.
Take care, Chrissie