Wednesday, September 6, 2006

AOL Hump Day & Post Cards Too

Well as I hear it AOL is "aware" of the humps from these non alerts and are "working on it".  So we'll just have to let our fingers do the walking and go through our sidebars or favorites to get there!  I didn't have everyone in either of these spots so I've been "clickin and savin" and rearranging.

I decided to finish the last 5 days of my Rx for this sinus mess....good thing too, cause now my cough is down and I'm not so congested.  Yesterday though I was about to get a migraine--nipped that in the bud.  The thing with taking the anitbiotics is they sure drain any energy one may have, and these days I don't have much.

Took Tom to Dillards yesterday while T was dancing.  They have great sales this time of the year.  I bought him 3 pullover golf type shirts $9.50 each and was gonna wait till his birthday (Oct) to give them to him.  But I couldn't stand it.  He had picked out a pair of pants and a shirt to match and picked up a red polo shirt.  All dressed up and no where to go this guy...........I'm going back to do some Christmas shopping for some of the men in my family while selections and prices are good.

Times they are a changing at my house.  I can see it happening in Miss T.  No, she's not growing "those" yet, but there are references and questions and just the normal things growing up brings.  (Deodorant, shaving etc)  We read through the book "All About Me" which is put out by American Girl.  It is awesome.  We stopped at's just before the Aunt Flo section, but we have skimmed through the whole book.  Just one chapter/section at a time.  I will tell you she is NOT looking forward to some of the changes.  Boobies yes, blood NO!

She used the phrase "man bag" Monday.....I bout fell over!  She was refering to the messenger bag one of her Bratz Boy dolls was carrying.  I said "no, that's NOT a man bag" at least not by my definition!

So about the post card tour.....I still have some from NC if anyone got left out and still wants to get in.  Shelly, yours is on it's way!




eternallife23 said...

How does this post card thing work. I keep hearing about it. I want in!

canyonsun04 said...

I sure you get, okay AOL gets there fixing in high gear soon ;) I am dreading Xmas shopping <sigh> $$$$$$$  I can't even imagine what having a girl is like, I know I was a handful....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

barebytes said...

What's a man bag ??  hahaha  Oh boy, the joys of being a parent hahaha You have a lot to look forward to...or maybe not. Hugs Lanny

allisonm96 said...

LOL... man bag.... I do think I have heard it called that someplace... very cute!  I wonder if you can geta  book like that for boys?

queeniemart said...

i updated both of my journals today. Man bag, huh? T sounds like a totally normal girl growing up!! For us ladies with the, it only gets worse.
Love you,lisa

garnett109 said...

Hope you get this on your alerts!

bgilmore725 said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for visiting my journal this week and leaving a comment. It was fun being the guest editor... getting to write about favorite journals. I wish I could have said more, but there was a limit. And so here I am checking out your journal... I hope the alerts get taken care of soon. Lots of people sound unhappy about it. I can't seem to read my comments on the journal page, which is funny because I've never had so many comments like I've had this week. Well, I expect it will be soon. Those journals people usually fix things as soon as they can. I have faith in them. I like your journal, and I will be back. How sweet.. your little girl is growing up. bea

queenb8261 said...

Well, you made it over the hump, eh? Hope you continue to feel better. Have a good Thurday. Barb

ukgal36 said...

Hi Sharon,

Yay!!! Alerts are back!! Woo hoo!! Doing the Happy Alert dance here in Florida!!  ;-)

ukgal36 said...

Hi Sharon,

Yay!!! Alerts are back!! Woo hoo!! Doing the Happy Alert dance here in Florida!!  ;-)

newsworthy822 said...

ha ha! that's so funny about the "man bag!" Isn't it amazing how the Bratz dolls have all those tiny little accessories that get lost the cracks of the couch, doorways, underbeds, behind furniture. LOL. I am always finding tiny shoes and purses. Hailey has the Bratz campfire set, and they even have tiny water bottles & Power Bars!! LOL

I heard something funny about men's fashion underwear, they are now called "manties." LMAO!!

Have a great Thursday!
(the video is on the way...)

xxroxymamaxx said...

Yay, haven't received the card yet maybe today!  Your's is in the mail too!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

nelishianatl said...

Hi; My name is Nelishia and I stumbled across your journal through someone else's journal, I don't remember who, but I like it so far.  You write very well and are funny too.  I've definitely put you on my alerts and look forward to coming back and reading you often.
Nelishia in Atlanta

pennietoonz said...

Yep, your baby is growing up!
Glad to hear the alerts are back. I just keep everyone in my favorites.

rbrown6172 said...

thanks for stopping by my journal....i've only been journaling a couple of months, but enjoying it immensely!  i've put you on my alert list.  i would love to exchange postcards if you still have some extras.