Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 Tribute to Rosenthal & Henry


Here is a sweet tribute sent to me by my friend Garnet109

It is not an easy view.  It is hard to believe it has been 5 years since the world woke up to the 4 tragedies of that day.  We're focusing on the Trade Center Twin Towers in NY, but we should not forget the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania incidences too.  I have a friend whose son was at the Pentagon (working) that day.  Luckily he was not in the affected area.  Still, his voice surely shook as he told his Dad, "I'm OK".

My own friend John, remembers watching a low flying aircraft that day in PA.....only to learn that it crashed just minutes later.  He was looking at the last moments of their lives...I hope they felt that someone below was praying and wishing and hoping.


In the 2,996 web site I was assigned Richard David Rosenthal, age 50. Place killed: World Trade Center. Resident of Fair Lawn, N.J. (USA).


What a beautiful, happy man.  I'm sure his family was very proud of him.  To the Rosenthal's, THANK YOU for Richard's service to his people.  May God continue to give you His peace that passes all understanding. 

I think we all have grown to a deeper respect and value of our Police force, Fire Fighters & EMS teams since the 9/11 attacks.


My Hero that I picked to Honor is our very own:  Joseph P. Henry, age 25. Place killed: World Trade Center.  9-11-2001  Resident of New York, N.Y.

Now as Tom puts it: "I remember Joey and my daughter going to school together PS-212 and playing in the playground in the neighborhood of Waterview Towers.  (Joey's sister would also babysit for Tom's daughters)  Tom's family along with Joey's family and others from the area would spend summers in upstate NY,  the kids rode their bikes, went swimming in a creek and a was such freedom to the kids to be out of the confines of the city and the apartment co-op.  Big Ed (Joey's Dad) was the youngest Battallion Chief in the fire department at the time of his promotion.  Joey and 2 of his brother's followed their Dad and Grandfather by joining the team."

Tom called his daughter that night after the towers were hit.  She told him "Dad, Joey was there".....his heart dropped.  Tom was already in tears because 'his city' was being attacked.  Imagine his pain having found out one of "his kids" had given his all.  I must also mention that my Tom is a Retired NYPD--so this truly was "his city" in all aspects.  It could have easily been him, had he still been working, and even if he wasn't working, I'm sure he would have felt it his duty to respond.

Joey.jpg This is Joey in his probation hat (on the job training).  To YOU Joseph P. Henry we remember you proudly and fondly.  Edward "Big Ed" & Alice Henry, Eddie Jr, Michael, Danny, Mary & Kathleen, the LaRocca's say God Bless YOU and thank you for your service to the people.  NYFD & Ladder 21 lost a great American.  May God continue to give you His peace that passes all understanding as you remember Joey.   

Love & peace to all the families, Tom & Sharon.



queeniemart said...

beautifully written.....and the only one where the blogger had a real connection to the person who died.....thank you so much for writing this!
LOVE, lisa

sugarsweet056 said...

Lovely tribute! I have cried so much today, & will more tomorrow. TY!

emabecmar said...

what a wonderful tribute. ((hugs))

jckfrstross said...

very nice tributes:)


am4039 said...

your tribute was just beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for doing it.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Beautiful tributes, Sharon!  It must have been extremely hard on Tom being from NYC and also retired from NYPD.  Thanks for sharing this.  HUGS  Chris

eml625 said...

Sharon....May they be resting in peace. God bless them on this tragic day .

canyonsun04 said...

A very nice tribute :) Thank you for sharing with all of us

garnett109 said...

God Bless Rosenthalds And Their father and loving husband!
Mr. Joesph P. Henry God bless you sir you gave them your all , the ultimate price was your life ! Sir I will never forget!

chat2missie said...

That was a beautiful tribute.

deshelestraci said...

Excellent tribute.  So many people touched, in so many ways.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((((TIPIEZ4ME)))))))))))))))))Beatiufl,you will never foget what happend,ever.Have a good day.

queenb8261 said...

What a wonderful tribute.  Thank you for doing it.
Hugs, Barb  

dcmeyer420 said...

Thank you for sharing this tribute, Sharon. 9/11 surely was a sad day for America. Hugs.

xxroxymamaxx said...

I just have chills all over.  May God bless the family and friends of this dear man.  Thanks for your contribution!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

sueables3 said...

What a beautiful and touching tribute.  I came here via Guinevere who also did a tribute to Joey.  I did a tribute also to a victim from Cantor Fitzgerald.

I cried so much all over again while researching, writing the tribute.  Then again cried yesterday.  

We will never forget and my tribute will always be there.

God Bless You.


randlprysock said...

What a lovely tribute Sharon.