Tuesday, May 9, 2006

A Quickie

Just a FYI comin attcha.....I like walmart.com music downloads.  So yesterday I picked out some to go along with Tara's "relax" CD that I'm making for her.  I ripped 2 that I had, made my choices and added some from dot com.  Last night as she was listening to it, she called me to come to her room.  When I got there she had tears and gave me a hug.  She said "oh mommy that song makes me happy and sad".....it was "I Can Only Imagine".

One of the "tunes" was a story by Lori Lite called "The Goodnight Caterpillar".  It tells of a caterpillar in a hurry to prepare for his cocoon and how a little girl helps him slow down, breathe and relax.  This is her favorite.  She said she had to use that story a couple times in school on Monday.  So today I suggested that she take the CD with her.  She didn't need to listen to it at school today!  That is good.....she is able to cope and get herself through the day at school.  At least she will have it if she needs to focus and calm down.  Her therapist suggested this tool and her teachers are all OK with it which I think is awesome!

Plus I have an herbal cream that my Mom had made especially for Tara's anxiety.  I dunno what's in it, but you massage a little into the bottoms of the feet before bed.  We did that last night.  Didn't have troubles in the getting to sleep department!!  WOOO HOOO!  Gotta have mom get some more from that herbalist.

Oh, Tom decided Monday to call me at work and growl "there's nothing to eat in this house"......he's talking to me, how shocking, and I said as much.  Told him I was surprised to hear from him, thought he was acting childish.  He kept up his growling attitude and I said "ya know, you need to grow up!" and I hung up the phone.  Tara called back asking if we could go out to eat...sure.  When I met them, Mr Man was sweet and quiet and very pleasant.....WHO IS THIS MAN??????


chat2missie said...

The herbal cream sounds like a life saver.  You've got to let us know just what it is.

madcobug said...

I need some of that cream if it helps you sleep. Helen

debbiewebb4465 said...

Glad the cream and music is helping Tara.....and that your husband is talking to you!! I'll never work them out lol
take care, hugs Debbie ~xx~

barebytes said...

Music is always the key to peace. Hugs Lanny

imgr8phil said...

I feel for Tara and her anxiety.  I like the idea of the CD and it seems to be a hit with her already.  Have a great Hump Day.  Take care.


randlprysock said...

Oh what a great idea to make her a relax CD!  Smart mommy!!  I could use some go to sleep herbals over here at times too.  If I had an hour of rest for all the ones I lay in bed praying and thinking... I'd be a much younger woman!!  I love the out to dinner idea.  Sure cure for no food in the house.  Oh and thanks for stopping by the Avon site!!!  You are a good friend!!  I am still playing around with it a little.  I updated the about me and the why I love Avon section tonight.  Hugs,

daniella12800 said...

That is so awesome that you have found an avenue for Tara to have to control her anxioty.  It has got to be so hard for her, and she is such a big girl for handling this situation.  The situation itself would cause anxiety!  God bless her!

Man I still am wishing for the silent treatment from my man...happy he got over himself in time for dinner!!!  Kevin will call and ask me the dumbest questions.  Like yesterday...he calls cause he was taking the baby to the doctors..what should she wear...me..what I sent over to your mothers house (his mom watches the kids for us)  he says but that is just a shirt...um no it is a one piece outfit...well it looks like a shirt what should she wear...mind you her dresser full of clothes is right next door..if you don't like what I picked then find another outfit....that conversation seriously had me so stressed out!!!  My gosh!LOL!


queeniemart said...

I love that song...it can really make a person think and cry when you first hear it!
Love,lisa jo

cacklinrosie101 said...

That's really cool with that herbal cream.  My SIL swears by her herbalist physician.  My son had incurable stomach problems that went away with laser accupuncture so I'm getting away from traditional doctors.  HUGS  Chris

mtrib2 said...

That is great that the CD has such a positive effect.    The herbal medicine be a charm.    Did you tell Tom to do some hunting and gathering in the forest?     I am just being silly.     mark

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!! I came upon your journal while reading the journal " The Hadonfield Myers Experience ". I was glad to come upon your journal I find it wonderful and interesting. I like reading your entries. I also keep a journal titled " Dear Diary ". Anyway.......I just had to come and say hello. Take care.

pennietoonz said...

I Can Only Imagine sure is a beautiful song.
LOL, hubby decides to talk when he`s hungry, huh??