Friday, May 19, 2006

TGIF! I need Calgon!

This is my life these days.....  What a crazy week.  Miss T had her dance pictures taken yesterday afternoon, well it was more like evening when it actually happened.  We were to be there 30 mins early (4:30pm) than our scheduled time.  As always these things run 6:30 we were beginning to take the shots.  Geeez....try to keep 12 kids in make up and costume calm without smudging or worse.  Finally at 7:30 I'm leaving the parking lot and heading for home.  T wants chic-fil-a, her favorite thing next to pizza.

Once home, my DH had indulged in a martini and was on number 2.  Mind you that the martini glasses that I bought, I measured them with my chest to insure proper size.  I'm a 40D.  So that tells you what the size of his drinks are.  Tom is a heavy pourer....even his family makes fun of the "tommy-knocker" drinks.  He didn't believe me when I said this, but he called his bro & dad and they confirmed.  Nevertheless, Tom was on drink 2 when I got home. 

It totally changes his personality.  He can be fun.  But he can be ill and last night he became ill.  Growling about wanting a passport for identification purposes (since his driver's license is revoked due to March ticket and refusal to blow).  His atty is telling him since he's on such heavy meds for his knee pain that he might be able to pursuade the judge to see that it was Medicine and not booze that impaired him that night and that he always walks with a stagger because of the knee (total replacement surgery Jan 2005).  "Oh puh...leeeez, you were drunk and you know it and now you're just trying to weezle out of trouble.  You got caught and now you're whining" came out of my mouth.  That started it!  "You don't stand behind want to see me put in jail for 2 years.... " yadda yadda.  Yep .... 2 years due to his priors.  I call it habitual.  He hates that.


He hates NC.  Claims he never got into trouble until he came here.  HELLO!!!  He was a NY cop for crying out loud...they "look after their own".  He pulled his share of "stuff" up there, and it was "OK".  But nooooooooooooooo, coming to NC, well, they are just after him.  Now can't you just see that the whole state of NC is focused on just Tom.  Someone call the whaaaambulance!


Then he says that I took all his money (from the recent SS benefits back payment), says that's all I want, is to see him in jail so that I could have all his money (he has NYPD retirement income too). 

(YAWN)  Then in bed he mumbles "I'm gonna sell this house".  Oh the drama.


So the maniac calls me this morn to "see how you're doing".  He says he is sorry for getting mad last night.  I said "why were you so mad?  What makes you so mad??  Make a list and tell me why".  I think this is a good starting point for him.   We'll see how that goes when I get home from work.


I say YAY because it is TGIF and I can leave this j-o-b behind till Monday.  Dramaville, Inc. has it's moments too.  My co-worker is taking belly dancing lessons.  Trust me, she's 49 and it is a funny thing.  She is a wacko by nature, but to imagine her in this class......ew!  Our subcontractors take off early on Fridays, so I bang out early too.  Usually around 2pm.  You'd think I could go home and get a lot done, but no!  I'm so tired I usually take a nap!

I don't think I've ever told ya'll that each and every day my feet hurt.  Well, yours would too if they drug my fat assssss-piration around all day.  I have fallen arches and of course I don't wear proper supportive shoes.  I WILL NOT WEAR ORTHOPAEDIC SHOES - I REFUSE!  But I do wear tennis shoes with good support alot and I love flip flops or other soft bottom shoes.  I take MSM daily as well as calcium and this seems to help.  What frightens me is that my Granny died in 2000 and I learned just 2 days before her death that she had bone cancer.  And her feet hurt her every day (she was a hostess for a long time).  Do you think I'm going to see if I have cancer??? No way!  I don't wanna know.

Anywho, that's my beef for now!  Hope youse guys have a grand weekend!


allisonm96 said...

the calgon doesnt sound half bad! i hope you have a pleasant weekend... get earplugs to block out DH...mine does the same little whiny telling you...earplugs, then just smile and  TGIF!

chat2missie said...

Calgon sounds good to me right now too!  Can you believe I never had a Martini?  Maybe I should try one this weekend.  Have a good weekend.

jckfrstross said...

let calgon take you away and have a wonderful weekend


daniella12800 said...

Well at least you can say it with a smile!  I know how drinking can affect a person...I grew up with a father!  He was sooo mean!  I am not saying that is your husband...just that I can relate!  Everyone has their reasons why they do what they do...for my father he is one big useless excuse without a care for anyone but himself!  Ok I am done!!!

I would have been so frustrated waiting so long just to get pictures done!  Miss T did she handle it well?  And what is a Chic-fil-a?


newsworthy822 said...

you are too damn funny. i love the comment you left in my journal about my hubby's towel.LMAO!
I am sorry your hubby is being difficult. it sounds like he's thinking his misfortune is everyone else's problem. i don't want to seem judgmental, but i come from a long line of drunks...LOL Sometimes it's for the best when people have to suffer the consequences. i had two DUI's in the same year. Yay me...LOL The first one I was convinced was a mistake...the cops were out to get me..but then I got another one 7 mos later!!
But he is your husband and everyone is different... so I don't claim to know it all, hope I don't come off like that!
have a good night!

debbiewebb4465 said...

LOL every time I hear Calgon ~ over here it's a descaler for your washing machine lmao !!! I love your graphics today ~ so funny and so apt!! sorry hubby's giving you a hard time but it sounds like you give as good as you get WTG girl !!!!! Hope you have a peaceful weekend!
love n hugs Debbie ~xxxx~

queeniemart said...

Rick had a DUI about 8-10yrs ago. It almost caused a divorce. I am still not over it. Men who drink will use anything as an excuse.
My feet hurt awful too. I have to wear New Balance tennis shoes. You should talk to your doc about the feet and your grandma.
PS- i got my surprise, go read my journal.
You are an unbelievably awesome person.
love,lisa jo

randlprysock said...

Oh man, I can't believe I missed all this drama this week while I was repeating my lines 5000 times over the phone getting those donations.... LOL!  I just know we are two of the happiest girls on earth that it is FRIDAY!!    Hugs,

mastersblynn said...

We could be married to the same he there right now?  Because Rick is here....and if he is there maybe they are long distance twins like us... Makes you want to grab your pillow and scream don't it?  Love ya!  Hang in there because like Rick Im sure your DH will say he's sorry...did you know that this cures everything..AAAAAHHHHH Barbara

mtrib2 said...

I'm sorry you are having difficulty with your DH.   I will just guess what the initials stand for.  lol    I have chronic back pain from a bad wreck.    I'll send you the photo from the newspaper in 1973 if you would like to see it.    A truck driver passed out at the wheel and drugs were found in his cab.    He was "out of the country" when it came time to go to trial in 1973.    I got a $2000 settlement for having my scapula fractured, and I got $600 after the lawyers and expenses.    I was crushed between the steering wheel and roof of the car.    My back has been in pain ever since.    Anyway, I went through the whole drinking thing, and I went for 10 years without a drink.    I may take a small drink rarely but I no longer have the desire.    I was recently put on Lyrica which is a anti-seizure drug made for epilepsy but is being used for chronic pain, etc.    I had been on Neurontin which was awful.    I am also taking Lexapro which is an anti-depressant.    It is the first anti-depressant that has really helped me.     I have a non-narcotic pain reliever Tramadol, and a muscle relaxant Baclofen, and I take tylenol.     I don't feel drugged like some medications made me feel.     It's an every day thing with chronic pain.    I had both my knee's replaced in 2000 and 2002.    My knees are doing fine with no pain.    Thanks for visiting my journal and I have 2 of them, just click my screen name for the links.     mark

cacklinrosie101 said...

It's probably the alcohol speaking when Tom gets pissy.  Been there; done that.  It's a tough situation.  I hope he realizes this and straightens up.  Doesn't make life very easy.  HUGS  Chris