Sunday, May 7, 2006


Good Sunday evening J-land.  Today has been dark in many ways.  The sky was grey all day and it has just now decided to boom & rain.  Tom has been in a funk since last night…he’ll grow out of it.?


I’ve been journal surfing……looks like everyone has had a decent weekend……enjoying their traditional Pizza night and household chores…ugh laundry!  The only thing that constantly multiplies and I STILL have nothing to wear!!   Hadon still teases me, saying we’re “much more than friends” yet I think he’s still looking for his keys!  Our friend  buggieboo1 has taught us a new word this weekend……Meningocele.  Denise’s reading said:  Decisions should be guided by what is just, true and honorable.  This is what I tried to tell my DH this weekend only it got him acting like a child.  But I still think I’ll make this a poster for our house!  Thanks Denise!  

I so want to be neighbor’s with a lot of you……some will have to move South cause I’m just not into cold weather.


Me?  I can’t seem to get motivated enough to get out and work on my yard like the rest of you, even though it needs a touch.   Speaking of motivated…I just love Shelly’s quilt she made from all our comments …WTG !!! 


Motivation……….OK I got a little this past week.  I began that miserable feat of finishing the paint job in Miss T’s room.  Each wall is now a different color.  The new armoir was put in place and I spent a lot of time rearranging her drawers and clothes and washing and ironing.   Whew!  Ironing! 


Tom & I were going out Saturday night since Tara was at a friend’s house.  As we were preparing though, she called for me to come get her.  Seems her friend began watching a movie that Miss T didn’t want to see because it was scary and the friend wouldn’t turn it off.  I tried to explain to her that this was rude of the friend, but it didn’t matter at this point because Tara was well into panic mode.  So today, Sunday, she and I had a mother/daughter day of breakfast, shopping and watching one of the many Peter Pan movies.  She is admitting some of her anxiety is from the “d” word (she won’t say DIE).   That is her fear at night and of course she is fearing something will happen to me.  I blame this on fairy tales….none of them have mother’s if you think of it, except Sleeping Beauty.  The new doc gave me a Rx for Xanax for her just in case we’re away again like before when she has these attacks and the “show must go on”.  Man I hope she gets a grip soon.  It breaks my heart to see her suffering these attacks.  We have a new CD by Lori Lite that has 4 stories on it….T’s favorite is Goodnight Caterpillar.  I’m thinking I’ll burn that to a separate CD for her to take to school.  Her teacher said she could listen to it if she needed to.


Childish hubby.  DH….call it what you will…dumb hubby, ****head etc, but I gotta say sometimes he just is 5 shy of a 6 pack.  Since kid came home, we couldn’t go out together.  He wanted to go alone….hmmmm.  OK, here’s my take on this.  He can go, but he can’t be hanging out with the plumber friends (the ones who drink & drug and get him into more trouble) AND he can’t be drinking.  HELLO!!!  March was a stop for the DUI and he wants to go out AGAIN!  Now he’s pouting.  I can’t stand it when a grown man pouts……and he refuses to talk to me….even NOW and it’s 11:45pm Sunday night.  There is no rationalizing here.  I’m just letting him be.  If he wants to ruin his weekend, then so be it.  He won’t even talk to us.  His loss.  Hey, at least it’s been quiet.


Well, everyone here’s to the start of another week at Dramaville, Inc.


oquinn2004 said...

I absoulutely love Shelly's quilt also!!  Sorry you missed your time out alone.  Men sometimes dont understand us women and the attachment and commitment we have to those children.  He will get over it dont worry.  Hope you have a good week.

Take care,  Liz

alphamoon65 said...

lol....dramaville...oh how I can relate.  I hope your daughter feels better.  Panic attacks are the worse.  I recall nobody really believing...or understanding what I was going thru.  We did not have insurance at the height of these attacks..and I would get so bad we would have to run to the ER.  I felt like I could not breathe, my chest was tight, my throat felt constricted...I would get dizzy, break out in a cold sweat, sick at my stomach, and my heart would race.  The list could go on.  I still have hints of it....and sometimes it can get the better of me.  Talking with someone helped, exercise of some sort helps me now.  I garden  Death was a big factor also.  I hear yogo can help center you.  I hope something helps.
Take care,

mastersblynn said...

What is it with the men this weekend?  Mine was being a butt the other day too.  He got over it as I am sure yours will too.  I guess we just have to love them anyway.  Hope your daughter feels better soon.  She just needs you.  It is great that you saw this and took her out. Hugs, Barbara

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hello mate, sorry your hubby's not talking to you! Bit awkward when you're in the same house!! Hope he gets over it soon. Sorry to hear about Miss T, big hugs to her, I had panic attacks many years ago but will never forget how awful they made me feel....wishing her well. I have a square on Shelly's quilt ~ isn't it beautiful?!! Have a Happy Monday!
hugs Debbie~xxx~

onecrabn3lilfish said...

Deep down men are like small spoiled rotten boys when they don't get their way.  At least you had a great mother/daughter day.  I say if he wants to be a butthead, ignore him and enjoy yourself.  :-)


xxroxymamaxx said...

LOL...I think I have had to go and pick up one of my children from sleepovers too.  Don't remember why but I did.  Sorry you didnt' get to go out though.  and I am still looking for those graphics you requested.  Those are older stuff and I have them saved on disks but unfortunately I am not that organized and the disks aren't labeled. lol  So I'm searchin.  Have a great week!  GBU, Shelly

chat2missie said...

I know what a meningocele is.  My son has one!  I wrote your friend a quick message and told her I can maybe help with some of her questions.  Have a good monday.

queeniemart said...

My DH was an AH this weekend....i have no clue why and i didnt really care. I hope your hubby shaped up too.
I hate to hear that your daughter had a panic attack. I hope she feels better soon!!
Have a good Monday.

newsworthy822 said...

i used to have panic attacks as a kid..didn't know what they were for many years. At least you know the prob so you can treat it. I used to be deathly afraid of "people falling asleep on me." My parents didn't take it seriously and always called it a "stage" I was going through. They were out at the bar drinking.  I am glad you are taking it seriously. I don't think my mom even believes to this day that I have panic attacks..LOL

daniella12800 said...

I don't know what I would rather the silent treatment or Kevin in my ear all weekend cause he was mad.  Well since I get the in my ear part maybe the silent treatment would be wonderful!!LOL!

Men can be so frustrating!  I know all about it!  Your poor baby girl I feel bad.  She is so sensitive, that is nice be proud of that!  Most kids these days at the ripe old age of 7 say the word die and curse the whole is nice she wants to keep her innocence also!!:0)  Good point about fairy tales!

Talk to you later!


pennietoonz said...

I hope the hubby stayed home and behaved himself. Like you said, at least with the silent treatment it stays quiet! Hope things are well with your daughter.

randlprysock said...

Oh my word in heaven you IRON?  I gave up a long time ago and just iron as needed.  I am such a bad laundry woman.  As soon as I get to throwing out some more clothes I will iron again.  Until then... it's a lotta polyester no iron blends around here and wrinkled tee shirts for us.  Maybe I will grow into dusting too...  Hugs,