Friday, May 19, 2006


Here I sit at this computer tired as I can be.  I haven't slept well in a number of days.  Part of that is my fault.  I sit up and enjoy some quiet time alone while the TV is on and everyone else is in bed.  The other part is complements of DH....ya'll know what the D stands for these days.

I came home from work with a crazy headache and laid down.  Miss T was at Nanny's and when she got home she checked on me and asked if I would like an ice pack (sweet child) and of course I said YES!

Tom had left a note about his concerns about how he feels like I'm not being supportive of him in his court quest (UGH!).  And how he hates to ask me to transfer money into his account.  Hey, if I didn't have to hide it from him we wouldn't have to be this way.

So I left him a note while he was out getting our dinner (Chinese).  It said basically that we never do anything anymore (that either!); that I have to work and think and decide for everyone; I have to keep behind him and Tara about her homework; I have to be the banker and holder of funds due to his past indescretions; and mostly that when he drinks he becomes loud, irrational and obnoxious.  He said he'd work on these things.  (Same old song and dance, my friend - Aerosmith)

I had my dinner on the deck, alone, in the peace and quiet of my backyard.  It was nice, no TV noise, no kid noise, no hubby music or fartz or other noise...just me and a few birds. 

(There goes my motorcycle friend...he is on his way home and I always listen for him between 11:20pm and 11:45pm...if I don't hear him I get worried because this road is long and dark and full of deer).

Anyway, after dinner I took a ride to the mall.  I needed some Clinique so I stopped by Belk's.  Then I went into JCP just to look around.  I picked up a couple of shorts for my nephew, Chase.  Then to Target where I got him a couple of shirts to match.  It was nice to be out alone.  The day here was beautiful...not a cloud in site and about 77 degrees with a light wind.  This made the night even nicer.

Usually when I'm angered or in a bad mood, I listen to an old Aerosmith CD from way back.  "Draw the Line" and "Kings and Queens" usually get me out of my bad mood.  But I didn't have this with me darnit.  So I settled for Train.  I like Jimmy Buffet too, but it wasn't that type of night.

Saturday night I am supposed to sit with my nephew (he goes to sleep at 7:30pm - he's only 10 months old) while his mom and dad are out to eat with some friends.  I told Miss T that she could go with me.   She loves her little cousin.  I think that when he has his one year pics made in July I'm gonna take Miss T too and have their pic made together.  She'll love that and so will my Mom. Hey that could be Mom's birthday gift...her b-day is just 4 days after his!!! Wooo that nipped in the bud!

Well, the eyes have had it....and if I don't want another headache tomorrow I'd better say Adios! oops, I mean Nite Nite.


jckfrstross said...

Have a good weekend:) try and relax


randlprysock said...

Hi Sharon!! Wouldn't it be great if money grew on trees and alcohol didn't affect men at all?  I am wide awake at 3AM and thinking I am so glad to be here in J Land reading all my fav journals ... FINALLY.  DAAAANG what  a week... but we made it eh!!?  And hopefully it will be a great weekend, starting with Rob and I are sleeping in til NOONish!! YAY!!  Hugs,

mastersblynn said...

Sometimes it is nice just to be quiet and alone.  Hope you have a great weekend! Barbara

imgr8phil said...

I hope your weekend goes better.  I'm sorry you have to go through what you go through, but keep the number to the wambulance handy LOL..  Take care.


newsworthy822 said...

i love aerosmith. one of my absolute faves. in order for hubby to "score me" he bought tix to an aerosmith concert. I love their old stuff, but one of the songs that really speaks to me is "amazing." i have their autobiography "walk this way.." it's a great book. I love it that they were junkies & alkies & they got clean! such bad boys...LOL
have a great weekend!

allisonm96 said...

isnt that late night alone time wonderful?  so well deserved! im glad to hear that you got out alone, thats a blessing too..... have a good weekend.

chat2missie said...

I've been doing the same thing late at night.  Staying up while everyone else is sleeping enjoying the quiet time.  Not a good habit to get into.  I sure hope you have a good weekend.

springangel235 said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for stopping by my journal via Lisa Jo's...she is the best.  I really enjoyed your journal...hope you have more energy today...Saturday.  We are having a beautiful day here in Virginia.  Hope your weekend is the best...hugs and love and again, thanks for the comment.

pennietoonz said...

I used to love that time to myself when I had a hubby and my daughter was little. Now I`m divorced and she`s at college most of the time, so I have plenty of "me" time. I do enjoy it. Right now my daughter is home and I love that, too! :)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh, no wonder you have a headache.  Life can be a pain in the butt sometimes or should I say DH's, which is why I don't have one anymore.  Hope you work this stuff out.  HUGS  Chris

daniella12800 said...

Me time what is that?  LOL!  It is nice though...I sometimes stay up late just to get a little bit of time to myself.

I wish I had some useful words of advice about the DH but as usual lately I am at a loss for words.