Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ok, I'm Frappin now! 

Gotta work on the My Page stuff, but hey, it's a start!



queeniemart said...

i am on my way there. LOVE,lisa

jckfrstross said...

heading that way:)


oquinn2004 said...

Ok I like that I think I might have to try it.  Thanks for sharing

Take Care,  Liz

randlprysock said...

Okay, I'm lost.  I think someone told me what frappin was but I can't remember.  Want to see the My Page stuff.  Please tell me when ya get a chance.  I'm having journal land withdrawals.  I think I was here for ten minutes in J Land since like last week sometime. Hey I think I got your order.  Avon sent it to me so I will send it to you.  LOL.  Geesh.  I didnt' know how it was going to work so pleez forgive me since I'm trying to remember how it worked from two years ago when I sold it.  I am catching on fast though.  I will get it ready fast and out to you lightening quick now that I know how to do it.  
I will probably send you an email tomorrow or the next day about it to confirm.  Hugs,

cacklinrosie101 said...'ve done at least five of these but can't get mine to add for the life of me.....SOS when you get some time.  HUGS  Chris