Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2-fer Tuesday

Hey gang.......it's getting close, that famous day of the week we all look forward to.  Yipppeee!!!


I put 2 new things on my sidebar...one was a Birthday Alert where you can enter your birthday and it will email me and say "Yo...say happy day to _____";  the other was a little quiz I made up after I did Hadon's.  My co-worker of 6 years failed it LOL, but she didn't do too bad; actually she knows me quite well.  I do like history, but mystery is my fav...and I do like rum, so I figured if I was gonna be in a hammock I'd already have some rum....now where's the breeze???



2 more things for 2-fer Tuesday.  We've got a couple gals in J-land needing support and prayers.  One medical and one emotional.  Let's lift them up.


Shoes, now I do love shoes.  There was a 1/2 off sale at the outlet this weekend and wouldn't you know it they only had ONE pair in my size of any color...and I wanted 2.  Grrrr.  My poor lil girl now has 10 pair of shoes, mostly flip flop stuff.  Shoe fettish ...... that's me!


I would like to say a big ththankyoublinkie.gif for all your well wishes and comments about my Miss T and her panic attacks.  It really means a lot to know there are others who have been through this and come out on top.  I still have attacks from time to time, it just depends on how life it treating me.  When these happen to Tara, I try to remember how I felt and what worked for me and then get her to try those.  This weekend's attitude I believe is part of her anxiety.  We have a counseling session in the morning, I'll see what she has to say about it.  Thanks again my great J-land family.                      dabomb.gif...............Sharon


daniella12800 said...

I need more shoes!  I can never find any I really really like though!  I am a very picky person..but on the flip side am not a fashion diva or anything!  I just don't like the new styles these days..well I love the wedge shoe look.  Need to buy some of those!  I guess I am just not hip to the groove.

Hopfuly Tara will be able to over come these panick attacks..what causese them?  Is there a cure of any sort?  


debbiewebb4465 said...

Ooh I have the shoe fetish too lol....and clothes, bags, make up, perfume etc etc lol.....Hope Miss T is doing ok and good luck at the counsellor's tomorrow :-) thinking of you!  Love your graphics today!
hugs Debbie ~xxx~

chat2missie said...

I must say I love shoes as well!!  Have a good evening.

imgr8phil said...

I entered my info at your birthday site and tomorrow is Hump Day!  That Hammock looks relaxing and all it needs is me and a margarita and it would really be happening LOL.  Take care.

Phil the Thrill

cacklinrosie101 said...

Tara will make it.  I also suffered from severe depression and anxiety/panic attacks for many years.  Hang in there.  LOL...I want that hammock and some rum.  HUGS  Chris

newsworthy822 said...

i am considering getting on some meds for panic/anxiety. i thought it had "passed" but now I am not sure sure.
Glad your weekend was good... it's so fun having a "dancing girl!" I have one of those, too. Her big recital is next month & I can't wait!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!