Thursday, May 18, 2006


Just mixing up a Happy Potion for everyone in J-land.  Hope your Thursday is a good one! 

I had a short talk with Miss T last night about "worrying".  She said the therapist told her to "thump" way her bad thoughts (like the conscience good / evil guys on your shoulder).  I said this was a good idea.  Plus I told her that the therapist told me that what T had said about the preacher's comment "worrying is sin".  I told Miss T that I did not agree with this and some other things that preacher has said before.  She looked surprised and asked me "does Grammy know that?" and I said yes.  More surprised.

Tara puts a lot of faith in her Grammy and my Nanny so I guess it did come as a surprise to her that I did not always agree with my own mother.  Trying to explain to her that everyone has things they worry about, but don't do it is not easy.  We all worry.  But we must decide between good and bad worry.   It is OK to worry about an upcoming storm....if you're in a boat, not if you're in your own home that God has designed to shelter us.  It is OK to worry or be concerned about a test, or a tooth that hurts etc.  We should not be so consumed that worry causes us to become sick or overwhelmed.  Or become so obsessed with it that it leads us to do evil, backslide or "sin".  Maintain some self control.  Rationalize I guess.  It is hard to be rational or logical at 9 years old.

OK, I'm done rambling!


Now for more wizardry and magic.......Queeniemart : I predict you will receive a surprise.



newsworthy822 said...

i predict queeniemart will receive a surprise, too...WOW this is going to be a big day for our girl..LOL

chat2missie said...

Gee, I should listen to your advice about not worrying myself.  Have a good evening.

mastersblynn said...

Hey!  I want a surprise! Barbara

madcobug said...

Good advice you gave your daughter. Helen

barebytes said...

Very well put.... Hugs Lanny

jckfrstross said...

i am so glad you talked with her and she learned that you do not agree with grammy lol hope you have a good friday


queeniemart said...

A surprise? What are you talking about?!! lol    Lord i hope its a good surprise, i dont like the bad ones. Sometimes worrying can take on a life of its own and get way way out of hand. I know about that.....those panic attacks are just awful.

Have a HAPPY Friday!
HUGS and LOVE,lisa jo

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...and what a beautiful surprise it was.  I saw the picture in her journal.  That was so sweet of you...HUGS  Chris