Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend's Review

Glad to read that everyone had a grand time this weekend!  My good news is that both of Miss Tara's dance teams won Gold 1st Place Saturday night at the competitions!  Woo hoo...way to go girls!

Well….it’s over.  Mother’s Day has come and gone.  My weekend was the pits thanks to my little girl and her bratty attitude towards her friend.  It started before they picked me up at work Friday (3pm) I’m sure, cause as soon as I got in the driver’s seat I had to turn to her and say “It is NOT too late for me to take your friend home if THAT’S the attitude you’re going to have!”….grrrrrrrowling.  My Miss T would say to her friend Kassie “don’t do that” and “stop it” and “no!” and “I don’t want you to”………HELLO!!!????  The poor kid was just trying to see things that Miss T had brought with her.  Even wanted to try on her shoes, but would she let Kassie???  Noooooooooo.  Then there were issues over the pool.  K wanted to be in the outdoor pool; T said it was too cold; then one wanted to be at the lazy river and the other wanted to be in the indoor pool….I swear they did more walking from area to area than they did swimming!

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Poor Tom…..I left him in charge of them most of the time.  He was my referee this weekend, bless his heart.  Even he was surprised at T’s attitude.


My punishment?  I am writing 500 times:  "I will not invite one of Tara’s friends to go anywhere with us ever again."


I kinda felt like Amy over at onecrabn3lilfish/LivingaWeeblesLife .  I could not control my otherwise nice and kind child.  It was like PMS had attacked her.  She snapped almost every time her mouth opened.  K would even ask her “how am I bugging you?” and she would ask me why Tara was like she was.  I couldn’t really explain it except to say that maybe T had not gotten enough rest this week.  I felt so sorry for Kassie.  T was so bad that I made her take a nap Saturday afternoon BEFORE going to the dance competition.  Told me “only for 30 minutes” and I quickly reminded her that her attitude would determine just how long she was to be there.  She didn’t like that one bit…as a matter of fact, when we layed down, she turned to her side and began tapping me with her foot.  I let it go…figured if I ignored her she’d quit and eventually fall asleep.  She did.  I had a more calm kid when this one woke up. 


K had never played miniature golf – ever - so we went over to one of Tara’s favorite courses.  T had 2 hole in one's.  We had just enough time to get in a game before we had to be at the auditorium.  Tom didn’t want to do this first, but I said “hey, maybe it will lighten T up and she will be much nicer and relaxed and we can get through these dances tonight without incident”.  Yeah baby, I was right…….T was in a good mood, hung out with her friends from dance.  But she still answered Kassie with that “ugh” attitude every time she asked a question about shoes, costumes, makeup etc.


I thought Sunday, Mother’s Day, would be better…………


………..WRONG!  We checked out and it started before we could get in the truck!  Tom had to take Miss T to the side before we were seated at Red Lobster and have a talk with her.  I don’t know what was said, but T came to the table in tears and Tom says “not good”…..hmmmmmmm.  After a while, she was fine.  We went to the outlet – I was in pursuit of shoes, of course, and they were OK.  Guess they were glad to be going home.  Sad cause they are such good friends.


I called my Mom to say HMD and tell her that I was shocked over T’s attitude.  She was just as concerned.  I began to wonder, is this related to the panic attacks?  As I think back, I used to get snappy when I was in a “different” situation, out of my comfort zone.  Could it be that T was uncomfortable having Kassie along?  Must jot this one down for thecounselor.


Happy Mother’s Day to me huh?



madcobug said...

Sorry you didn't have a good Mother's Day. Hope she got over being ill with her friend. It does sound as if your day was sorta ruined. Hope the rest of today goes well for you. Helen

barebytes said...

Ah yes, life as we know it hahaha Now if you hadn't taken one of her friends along, what fun would that have been? Besides, looking back is always stranger than looking forward, it's never how we pictured it hahaha Hugs Lanny

queeniemart said...

I HATE it that you had this happen this weekend! I would bring it up to the counselor and i hope your daughter feels better and her attitude is better too. You deserve the best Moms day too!

allisonm96 said...

im sorry you had a damper on your weekend! and on mothers day are funny that way...well,  dont know if you can call it    heres wishing you a late happy mothers day!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Congrats to Tara's dance team and the gold.  As far as her attitude, it's hard to tell.  Girls, even little ones, can be catty and snooty.  She may have been nervous or just  I've seen this many times with both my daughters when they were younger with their friends.  My 19 year old gets this way sometimes still with longtime friends.  They are the same way.  I would mention it to the counselor but not worry excessively about it.  Girls will be girls.  HUGS  Chris

mastersblynn said...

I hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!  Sounds like someone is becoming a teenager....Barbara

lifes2odd said...

Well at least the dance teams won! Gotta look at the positive :-)