Thursday, May 4, 2006

Whatta Day!

 MaxineGoHome.jpg Was this a day or what?!?!?  I knew this morning when I woke up and before my feet ever hit the floor that I should have stayed home....more like I really wanted to stay home.  And I always said I'd follow my instincts....well this end stinks!

I get to the J.O.B, dramaville, inc., to work with the wacko co-worker.  She can't remember her name half the time.  I was trying to use the VISA, and the guy on the phone says "sorry, it says it is declined, reported stolen/lost"....HUH?????  Try that again...same message.  The boss'es mom had reported it cause she can't find her card.  Thank GOD we have another card.  So we're going over the recent Visa statement and boss says he doesn't know about the satellite radio say's they don't have it....I said YES THEY DO...and she says "yeah, I know"......HUH????????  Did she not just say no? then yes in the same breath.   Remember we went to the wine tasting???  Well, it was sponsored by a Land Trust company and that charge was on the Visa as well...she asks about it, I say "yeah, that's the wine thing"...OK....5 minutes later she says "I don't have a clue what this land trust charge is" ....HUH????  So my smart self says "I've just told you 3 times that was the wine!" (Under my breath it's %^#$&%$*^%(&^*()^&)^&$#@!@!!!!!)  It was crap like this all day!  Like she was in la la land.....that's why we call her ditzy.

MaxineBeats.jpg  And I'm being serious.  It's at least once a week when I say "I'm gonna shoot you" to her!   She understands why I say this and we get a good laugh.  We actually work well together.  She has her strengths and I have mine and this makes for a good balance.  But she's just so scattered I can't stand it sometimes.  There are memory problems but geeesh, how did she ever raise her kids without incident!?!?!?! soon as I got home today I went to work on putting the Kilz on Tara's 2 walls....the other walls have been painted already and we've just bought her a new armoir.  So I said let me in there to finish the paint job before we put that big thing in there...I don't wanna be moving it!  ( come SHE gets the armoir and I don't???  I'm the one really really needing one! )  Tomorrow maybe I'll stop and get the 2 paint colors she needs to finish up.  She wanted her room 5 different colors on 5 different walls.  Yep she has 5 walls....her door sits on an angle creating a small, 5th wall.  One wall is yellow, and the other is aqua.  The others are to be pink, purple and blue.  Hey, it's her room!  She calls it the rainbow room. 

  Two walls     The mess...

She had me take the brass headboard off the bed...which I like much better I must say.  See all those animals?  And there are more in a different room.  I moved her bookcase to the end of the bed to paint these walls......more "junk".  And that's just a little of the mess in her room.   I hope to finish painting tomorrow or Saturday and have a bit more organization to her stuff.  And some of it is going to say BYE BYE!!!!  I'd love to pack up the Barbie houses etc and ship them off.

Whew!  I'm going in for a nice hot shower!  I deserve one after this day!  Nite nite all and sweet dreams.


mtrib2 said...

I read that you are doing some painting.   I have been trying to paint some soffits that I cut for my new addition to my cabin but it has been forecasting rain and I have to paint outside on saw horses.    I hope the credit card thing gets cleared up.    mark

oquinn2004 said...

Sorry to hear you had such a hectic day.  Hope tomorrow is a better one for you : )

Have a great  night....Liz

daniella12800 said...

You are too funny!  I know all about dealing with not so bright people!  I can't deal with it!  I don't tolorate stupidity from my kids and I sure won't from a grown adult.  It is good though that you are able to get along with her and she is not always like that!!LOL!

That sounds like a neat room!  My girls would love it!   YOu go mom!


chat2missie said...

I sure hope you post pics of the room when your done.

debbiewebb4465 said...

You had a day of it at work for sure the sound of the rainbow room, lovely idea :-)......looking forward to the pics ! Thanks for your comments on my garden :-)
Take care, hugs Debbie~xxx~

njmom72 said...

What a day you had hun! I hope you have a better weekend! :-)

~ Susan

lifes2odd said...

I like the idea of a rainbow room. Be sure to show us the final results! Byw, what happened to the other pictures?!!

pennietoonz said...

Have a good weekend. :) Good luck with the painting of the room.

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...sounds like a real fun day.  Sounds alot like most of my days.  The room sounds like it's gonna be so cute.  Lucky Tara!  HUGS  Chris