Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday & Off Today

After my fishing expedition yesterday, DH & I logged on to check out the bank account online.  Looking for a specific transaction, I was surprised to find TWO bogus debits (5-16, 5-18) from :

VISA LSM5-us-pa 866-2215391 / Pos Debit  

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So I dialed the 866# listed here and a lady answered.  I said "what company is this?" and she replied "are you calling about a charge on your account?".  When I said YES, she said "you'll have to tell me the first SIX digits and the last FOUR digits of the card involved so that I can verify before we begin".....I hung up.  Told hubby and said lemme see if I can "search" for this LSM5-us thingy here.   Low and behold this is what it said:  Frontier Scams Again!  Huh???????? 

           madmad  mad


Well I said to hubby that he was to go to the bank first thing in the morning (today) and trace this mess.  He took my ATM card with him just in case and what do you think?  Yep....somewhere online someone had gotten hold of that number.  Now, I am very cautious when I'm online ordering and I haven't ordered anything with that card in forever.  I have my own bank card at a totally different bank.  Plus in the fraud report it mentioned American Airlines, which is the flight that Tom took to Florida last month.....only I paid for that with MY card from MY bank, so this didn't make sense.

Anyway, the lady at the bank cancelled my card and I had to sign an affidavit stating I didn't make nor authorize these charges, so we'll get them back.  It was $20.95 and $19.50.


                      be happy

Whew, now that this was done, I decided to take a vacation day.  I went over to my Mom's and played with my lil nephew for a while.  Then when we were feeding him, my Nanny shows up with fresh potatoes and onions and cabbage from the garden.  I taught Chase a new word...."car"...  he liked the "k" sound it makes.  He is walking everywhere and he's so cute.

      good_luck bear             Good Luck

Here's a little good luck bear for Miss T.   Tara begins end of grade tests tomorrow.  I think she will do just fine.  Tonight she said "oh no I'm getting a little nervous" and I assured her will all her A's & high B's she'll do just fine.  Her homeroom teacher had sent an encouraging note home to her saying "I know you are ready and will do fine".  I thought that was sweet, even if she did send the same note home to each kid.  So Tues, Wed & Thurs they will be testing in reading & math......very big school stuff, like a final exam!  Actually it is the deciding tests to see if they graduate to the next grade.  Amazing, you could make D's all year and bang out this test and pass your grade....or quite the reverse.


Thanks Shelly for making this quilt block...I can hardly wait to see the new ones!


jckfrstross said...

i do not agree with little kids taking tests like this shaking my head in the upper grades yes not elemantary. oh well good thoughts to Miss T she will do great :) have a good week Sharon


pennietoonz said...

Sharon, I had a friend who had someone use his debit card to make a big purchase online. He finally got his money back, but never did figure out how it happened. I know banks are now creating entire departments to work on this stuff since there is so much fraud going on this way.

queeniemart said...

The new ones say love is....
that ought to be interesting! I use the PC to pay all my that is really scary to know someone could hack into your account. I hope its resolved the RIGHT way.
Glad you got to spend time with your nephew!

imgr8phil said...

I can understand your anger over those charges.  I'm glad you were able to straighten it out.  Have a good week.


mtrib2 said...

I know it is necessary to delete temp files from the browser/computer after using a credit card.     Someone must have gotten into your files.     It's good you caught it right away and cancelled the card.   That is a different testing method than when I was in grade school.    mark

chat2missie said...

I'm always nervous using my cards online but with so many great shops, what's a person to do?  Thank goodness you found them and had your card closed.  Have a good day.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I can still remember the stress of the end of school test.....i sure do not envy her....Wishing her all the luck in the world...but it sounds as if she will do great....I bet you are proud....Wow!...that scares me about your card....I need to check my account out better...Thanks for sharing that...Good luck with everything....have an awesome week girl!!!! Hugs,TerryAnn

alphamoon65 said...

that freaks me out...I try not to use my card too much online for that exact reason..but it's dang  Hope the tests go well...I'm sure she will do great. I was a nervous test taker, better at homework.  Take care,

delela1 said...

Lots of losers out there preying on thousands of innocent people.  The internet is a mixed blessing and like everything else it has a bad side.

So, what does DH stand for?  I keep seeing it used in journals.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, that's scary!  Does anybody have any idea at all how it happened since you didn't use that particular card in so long.  I hate even paying my bills online but I pay two credits cards online and always wonder about that.  HUGS  Chris

onecrabn3lilfish said...

That is horrible!!!  Imagine if it was hundreds of $$.  Sorry it happened to you.  Very smart not giving them those numbers and hanging up on them.

shellee1901 said...

I do not do internet shopping, only once Have I used my debit card through internet and it was with Tower Hobbies to buy my dad some rc airplan parts. I do not buy anything over the phone. I only use my card for gas and bills along with the occasional pop up town or dinner. I noticed that my account has not been adding up so I started to look into the error. On 7/24/06 at 7:00 p.m. I noticed a charge for $20.95 to from my bank through my debit card. I called my bank which is the one who gave me the name of the alleged company and a ph# which, when you call, most of the time the phone usually states something to the effect that "the number 236-5254 is being checked for trouble". I then went online and tried a reverse phone directory but could not some up with anything. I then put in LSM5-us-pay in my search and pulled up I could not beleive what I found.