Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Cards

Finally ---- you're all addressed and stamped.

Yes you're getting the American Flag.....have you seen those ugly stamps they have out for Christmas?  The Knit ones.  Geeesh, how festive is that?

  If you're not on my NICE list and want to be just email me your address!

The tough part about cards this year was when I got to Penny's name.

I had to do a double take.

It's not easy realizing that someone is not here anymore and you can't send a greeting....I see her name in my sidebar or in my fav's under my J-Land folder.

But I'm sure that Penny is having a Merry Christmas in Heaven!!!


This morning my Mother and I are having a conversation over what to do for Christmas eatin and visitin.....she wants to visit each of our homes and bring over gifts AFTER we have lunch at her house on Christmas Day.

OR she may put the birds in the oven and head over to my nephew's house to check out his loot from Santa before lunch!

My Nanny insists that her family all gather at her home Christmas Eve for dinner.  Last year was soup if you remember.

I told her NOT this year!!!  That's NOT Christmas.

So Mom and I have decided on heavy finger foods etc.  I know who will end up cooking most of that!

I don't mind at all.  Just wish the SIL would help out more.  (Did I say that out loud??)

Today is the 10th Anniversary of Tom's Mother's passing.  The entire family is sad of course.  I never had the pleasure to meet her.  (if you remember an entry on this was that Tom stood me up on our first date and blamed it on his Mom's passing later - what an excuse!!)

Earlier today Tom was watching a home movie -one made in August before his Mom died.  She was on dialysis, had other issues.... I guess she "knew" she was handing Tom over to "good hands" by leaving this world and leaving him with me!!

(Gee thanks Mom)

So, here's to Betty!  You raised 6 and taught them well!  I wish we could have had the chance to meet! 


randlprysock said...

I sent you an American bell stamp.  LOL they said they were out of Christmas stamps, can ya believe it?!!!!!!

garnett109 said...

It's Christmas Already?
When I'm Good I'm Good  But when I'm Bad I'm better!

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your evening.

queeniemart said...

sorry to hear of the sad anniversary....Tom is a lucky man to be loved by an awesome woman like you. I miss Penny too!! She is up above smiling down on us, guaranteed. LOVE, lisa

imgr8phil said...

It's sad to missing someone at Christmas time.  This is the first year we will be without Warren here.  It is an empty feeling of sorts.  I hope you have a good Thursday.  Take care.


cuteallison1980 said...

I have to say that I agree with you about the knit stamps, they really don't do anything for me.  Where are the Santa stamps?  I remember the first year after my grandpa died, it was awful for me.  He was so sweet to me and we were very close and it just wasn't the same.  At least Tom has a home movie so he can remember her bye.  Have a terrific Thursday. : )


eml625 said...

It's hard at Christmas, when your missing someone. I feel it too.
You have my address from last year, right?
Love ya

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))During the Holidays is the worse time to miss someone you love.You just have to remember all the good times you shared.I hope you have a nice day.I dont know if you got a card from me or not?

gaboatman said...

Thanks for stoppping by my blog and leaving your nice comment.  Lots of memories for you at Christmas time!  My you and your family be blessed with peace and happines this Holiday Season.  BTW finger food beats soup and night of the week, LOL!

springangel235 said...

What a nice entry...happy you got your cards done.  I am sure it was hard when you came to your friends name.  Hugs and love,