Friday, December 21, 2007


I dunno.....


I think I may be getting the Spirit now.  Christmas is upon us.  My shopping / wrapping is done.  One of my last items was to put some cash in my lil brother's picture frames I'm giving him.  He's a tough one to buy for a lot of times.  He recently fussed because I gave him some pics without them being in a frame!

Maybe it's the chill in the air....we've had rain for 2 days.  But we're expecting to be 70 this weekend...haven't checked on Mon or Tues' temps yet.  Cool weather is good at Christmas....right?  At least it isn't snow!          


I am LOVING all the Christmas cards we've been receiving from Y'all.  It is facinating to see the many different styles....and not one duplicate in the bunch.  How amazing is that?


Tom and I hit the grocery store today.  He's making meatballs for Christmas Eve ... I'm making a cheesecake (brother's are begging) and I think I may make a small cheese ball too.


I asked Mom what she wanted me to bring for Christmas dinner...she said "just make the brocolli casserole".....she's trying to keep it easy for me since we're leaving later that night for


I need a vacation!  So bad!  I'm booked in the Hampton Inn on the 29th for the shin dig with the girls. (Shelly - you can crash with us!  I can totally agree with you too on the homeless roommate thing.)  I hope we have great weather.

The good thing about going to FLA is that I can pack now for the most part.....capri's, short sleeves, flip flops! and a light jacket.

I am hoping to run by the AFB area and have a drink with Robin - that trashy trailer park princess!


I'm a bit worried about the $$$$ this trip....I'm not as comfortable as I would like to be.  I've transfered some cash-ola, but I'm still hoping that Santa-somebody will come through with some after Christmas shopping loot!!!  I'll be alright, I'd just like a good cushion.

And, by the way, I've turned off my alerts due to the season and travel.  If there comes an emergency just email me.  I will be checking in from time to time.  I don't have a laptop, so I'll be on my BIL's computer when I can....when he's not working on it.

OK, enough rambling.......I need a snack!!



am4039 said...

how nice to be done with the shopping and wrapping. Hope you have a wonderful christmas. Florida sounds nice, I hope you have a great time.

imgr8phil said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Christmas, and of course that chick shin dig!  Can I come?  LOL


lifes2odd said...

Sorry, I didn't send Christmas cards this year - but I got yours! Can't wait to see you! Martha :-)

lifes2odd said...

PS -- did you say you are packing a jacket -- it was 80 degrees here today! :-)

madcobug said...

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a good visit in FL with your friends. Be safe.  Helen

gaboatman said...

I hope you enjoy the family meal, you got my attention mentioning the cheesecake, LOL.  Good luck and have fun on your Flroida trip.  I'm glad you are getting to see your online buds in person.  Above all else, come home safely.  Merry Christmas!

ukgal36 said...

have fun and don't forget to wave to me...;-)

garnett109 said...

enjoy your holiday!

eml625 said...

Glad you in the spirit ! Have a wonderful Holiday and a safe trip.

chat2missie said...

I'm running away and coming down to FL with you!  I can wish can't I? LOL

tampa0503 said...

I'm so sorry I'm going to miss you when you come to Florida.  And soooo close, too!  Have a great holiday and I'll see ya next year!!

hugs, Bethe

queeniemart said...

Go and enjoy yourself. Take lots of pics.
LOVE, lisa

barebytes said...

I'm glad that you are finally feeling the season. I know that it gets hard at times but it comes and takes us over when we least expect it. Or in my case, late! Have a merry Christmas and be safe out there. Hugs Lanny

jckfrstross said...

Merry Christmas:)


xxroxymamaxx said...

Who's Robin...she here?  Okay, well have yourself a merry little Christmas and I am soooo looking forward to seeing you guys.  Love you lots and I really appreciate your friendship more than you know!!!  love, Shelly

cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh snap, lol, I wish I lived closer.  Boy, would I crash that Fla. party.  Have yourself a wonderful time and take lots of pictures.  Merry Christmas, Sharon, to you and your family!   Love ya, Chris

cuteallison1980 said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  Be sure to save some of the meatballs and cheescake for me! LOL  : )


ksgal3133 said...

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've dropped by. Thank you for your support as always. Sending you and your family many Christmas blessings :)


mpnaz58 said...

Have a great time with the "girls"...sounds like fun!...and great weather!
xoxo ~Myra