Saturday, December 1, 2007

Welcome December!'s official. 

The shopping NUTZ were out yesterday!

Cars everywhere.  Going nowhere fast.

First of the month payday recipients....military, corporate america, elderly... all trying to be first.

All I wanted was a festive blouse to wear or maybe even a cute dress.  I think I've decided on jeans for the boss's hurrah!  That posh country club would roll over!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) is the dreaded office party. 

Not one person enjoys going.  Boss has a food and beverage minimum in the gated community he lives in, so he "spends" it on our Christmas Gala.  Whooooopeeeee.

Today (Saturday) Miss T had solo practice and for the first time she actually seemed to enjoy the song.

Maybe that's because we had a talk before going.

Now that the choreography is done, it's time to "clean it up", work on the technique and emotion.  The teacher looks so wonderful demonstrating it.  I've pointed that out to Miss T that she could WOW the audience if she would put the emotion into it.

Later she was invited over to a dance friend's birthday party from 6 - 10 pm.  Tom and I dropped her off and headed for the Chinese restaurant.

I had not planned on him joining me on this outing.  He had worked all day on my stepDad's plumbing in the new building --- who'da thunk he'da wanted to spend 4+ hours with me? shopping or whatever???

He didn't!  ROFLMAO!!!  We ate; went into AC Moore for a new holiday flag; then TJMaxx----that's where he pooped out on me!

I said "from now on just sit in the truckster while I peruse the stores".  After TJMaxx, I had him take me over to BooksGazillion; then to Baskin Robbins for an Eggnog Shake!

Then Walmart!  He came in with me here...needed a towel bar for his bathroom ....I needed some hairspray and I picked up some candy for T's stocking.

Have I mentioned that Santa is only ONE item away from being finished with Miss T's goodies? 

You KNOW it's the Pirates of the Carrib DVD which comes on sale DEC 2nd!!!

She has asked for the Webkinz animals that she doesn't have, but I'm so sorry....Santa just can't see bringing her anymore.  She is the owner of about 15 already.  She also wants an American Doll or 3.  LOL!!

Kirstin, Elizabeth & Emily, and the Just Like Me one and some accessories.  Trust me, she's only getting is on order with 3 extra items.  It comes with a book.  If she wants another one, she'll have to take her birthday money and any other money she gets for Christmas (my Mom usually gives her some) and buy it herself.

That, a CD and the movie is precious plenty for one Fat Guy to have to deliver.

Now her Mom and Dad have her some new Heely's; the movie "Hairspray"; a fleece throw and the Scene It POTC DVD game.

We are still undecided about going to Florida for the after Christmas season.  I'd like too, but.........well, gas is $$$$; and I don't want to be with the FIL long cause I'd like to get to "tour" a little some things I want to instead of my vacation being "all about HIS family". 

(Selfish me!)           NOT!

Tom says that since he's going in June '08 on the cruise (and us girls aren't) that he doesn't want to go and spend the money at Christmas on getting there.  He wants some spending money for his cruise, plus he needs to pay for the cruise.

Miss T wants to go.......and she doesn't even want to go to Disney or anywhere like that!!

She must be sick!!

OK, I've rambled long enough and I've got the yawns....time for my beauty rest!  Ciao y'all!


imgr8phil said...

Sounds like you are in pretty good spirits for this beginning of December.  Try to have fun at that party.  Take care.


chat2missie said...

I haven't even started Christmas shopping. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

queenb8261 said...

YOU have been one busy litttle elf. I've gotten a few things bought. I'm having ttrouble with the feet right now, so I'm ordering everyting I can. LOL Sounds like Miss T is going to have a  very nice Christmas.
 Sorry I haven't been by in a while. haven't been feeling much like journaling & then I sit down and get maybe one or 2 journals read and something disrupts me. LOL  
Have fun with all your holiday preparations!

garnett109 said...

bah humbug!

eml625 said...

Oh the dreaded American Girl Dolls (I swear our girls are sisters seperated at birth)  My G had circled quite a few "Accessories" To go with her TWO dolls she already owns (Elizabeth and Nicki). Santa is an amazing dude, isnt he?

My party is today also !

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))I heard thoes American dolls are not cheap,my neice wants one,my Mom,grandma is giving money to all the kids,She is going to spend it on that.Eggnog shake,hmmmmmmm,may have to try that one.Have a good Sunday.

springangel235 said...

Hope you have a great time at the office party....sounds like you are right on target with your Christmas shopping...mine has not yet begun...have a great week...hugs and love,

cuteallison1980 said...

I'm not a big fan of shopping when it gets too close to Christmas.  So many weirdos out there.  LOL  I hope you will have some fun at the offic party.  MMM  Baskin Robbins sounds good right now!  Glad that Miss T is almost covered by Santa.  I hope you decide to go to Florida and have some fun.  I'm sure if Miss T is close to Disney World she will change her mind.  LOL  Have a happy Sunday!


ukgal36 said...

Sounds like fun!

ljjellybean71 said...

The nuts are out.. but I love this time of year!!      ( wink)  A.C moore has the best flags!!  :  )  


acoward15 said...

Don't you just hate the xmas chaos!

queeniemart said...

do you think a 19 yr old would like a weblink? I saw them, a moose, at CB for $12 and i thought Megan might like it. Hell, i might like one. LOL
I hope the Christmas party went well...did it? I am so sorry i am so far behind, bad week.
I can just see you and DH at WM shopping on the 1st! You are insane.

randlprysock said...

If you do go to Florida take some shorts.  Sometimes it is downright warm down there at Christmas time.  And take your swim suit.  Everyone goes swimming somewhere or another.  Hugs,