Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jinxed it & sick!

I was finally getting over that nasty cold I had last week...no more snotz, sniffles or hacking cough.

Until last night.  Just before bedtime I noticed my throat getting scratchy.

Today....full blown allergy attack of the throat, sinus running and I sound like a man!

Tharyngitis the Doc will call it.

I know why........Sunday we were down at Wrightsville Beach looking at the boats for sale, in the wind. 

I even said "I shouldn't be out here in this wind so soon after my cold" but did I listen to me?


Even the pelican thought so too!  He has this look about him like he's pissed off!

So today I'm lunching on Salsa and chips just for the salt and vinegar to "kill" whatever is going on in my throat. 

Monday was a warm 70 degrees here....and today 77.  Yesterday I spent the day "praising" Tom for his great attitude since our big talk on 2/22.  Mom wasn't aware of his "change"; neither was my friend DJ, who came into the office with 3 sales contracts; neither did my pal Dick.  So I sang praises........


........and jinxed it.

The norm is that Tom takes Miss T to dance.  Dance on Monday is 6-7:45pm....she calls me at 8:05 and says "Tom's not here....he said he's at the mall and is on his way"....OK.  At 8:10 I call him & he says "I'm at the mall, I'm on my way"....the mall is 5 minutes away.

At 8:40 Miss T calls back "he's still not here" so I said OK I'm coming to get you.....from home....20 mins away.  I called one of the dance mom's to be sure she'd be there till I got there.  I was there by 9pm....stayed and talked a bit.  At 9:10 I call Tom and he says "I'm almost to her" and low and behold he's behind me as we're leaving.

Needless to say I was NOT HAPPY.  She had not had any dinner; she was about to panic -- after all, he said he was coming an hour ago....on a school night!

She wanted KFC....he followed us there.  I gave him hell over the phone.  WHY?  Why didn't he follow through?

He claims he just lost track of time "looking" in the mall.

While at KFC I asked him for some cash....he began looking in all pockets, then panic came over him and he couldn't find any.  I said "oh? lose it out the window?"  And he said that must have been what happened as he pulled his cigarettes out of his shirt pocket --- the money came out too.

I don't buy it.

He swears by it.

Why tell Miss T & me you're on the way........if you KNOW you're not?  I should have kept him on the phone and waited while he walked outside and got in the truck and cranked up.

But I shouldn't have to.

Oh she gave him a fit.

Strike ONE .... in the bottom of the 9th.

After 10 days of possitive.

He hasn't read any of his book since oh maybe Thursday.  Said he was taking a break.  Well, obviously the reading material was keeping him focused on GOOD behavior. 

Still keeping one eye open........


cuteallison1980 said...

A leopard can't change his spots.  I hope someday something doesn't happen that will put Miss T in peril because of his actions.  Hope you feel better soon and some guys think a raspy voice is sexy. : )


garnett109 said...

moon shine does wonders on a sore throat

deshelestraci said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon.  Not cool to be messing with picking up a child.  Follow through!

imgr8phil said...

I hope your voice gets back to normal soon.  You know how I feel about what is going on in your life.  I hope and pray you make the right decisions . . . Miss T is counting on you.  Take care.


gaboatman said...

Sorry your allergies are giving you fits and sorry Tom's halo has slipped again.  I would encourage professional help, but I know you said Tom will not go.  If he won't, he won't, but your relationship is great jeopardy until he does.  I wish you all the luck with this, sincerely!

sunnybethe said...

::sigh::  Yep, I'd say keep both eyes open!

~Bethe  http://journals.aol.com/sunnybethe/palm-harbor/~

onehenn3chicks said...

That is so sad and awful.  Poor Miss T.  She doesn't deserve his.......short comings. :-( I hope he starts getting hsi act together and keeping it together.  (((HUGS))) to you!!!  And feel better soon!!!


cacklinrosie101 said...

Hope you feel better and hope Tom opens up that book again and starts to read.  I hate seeing that one eye open again.  Love ya, chris

queeniemart said...

ok, HE SUCKS. How dare he leave her stranded basically at the mall with no ride. I had parents who did that to me as a kid and i remember the FEAR i felt. I am sorry you and Miss T have to put up with that.
I hope you are feeling better soon.

jckfrstross said...

oh no! i am so sorry miss T had to go through this Tell him get his act together or his daughter will grow up and be gone and hate him


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYUOU)))))))))))))))That is a terrible thing you and Miss T had to go through and I hope never happends again.

eml625 said...

((((((((( SHARON )))))))))
I am so sorry about this. This truly sucks for you and Miss T.
This was a big strike against him.

Be well

chat2missie said...

Poor Miss T!  At least she knows she always has you she can count on!

newsworthy822 said...

my dad did that all the time when I was growing up..never kept his promises. I grew up with a feeling of distrust about everyone, and thought everyone I loved would eventually leave me or fail me.  I'm 35 and I still vaguely feel that way... and it all started with Dear Old Dad.

randlprysock said...

Look at that gorgeous picture with the boat ... I am so there in mind and soul.  Hugs,

ljjellybean71 said...

Just keep at it Sharon!!  

Glad you are feeling better!


bookncoffee said...

Oh I love the pictures.......I love boats and the water...I like your "coastal comfort" pic in the sand.  That is awesome.  Hope your cold is better by now...seems everyone has something....

rgossett4195 said...

Great pictures...makes me feel warm all over...it's finally 50 here.  Oh poop regarding Tom, hopefully his slips will not become a habit.  rose